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Watch full episodes of your favorite shows such as Vikings, Knightfall, Alone, Pawn Stars, Ancient Aliens, and many more and stream HISTORY documentaries wherever and whenever you want, right on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. The HISTORY app gives access to full episodes and clips from all that HISTORY has to offer. New content is added all the time. PLEASE NOTE: HISTORY CONTENT IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO STREAM IN THE UNITED STATES. The HISTORY app allows you to: •Watch full episodes and clips of your favorite HISTORY shows including Pawn Stars, American Pickers, Ancient Aliens, The Curse of Oak Island, Forged in Fire and many more. •Create a profile with HISTORY so you can continue watching episodes between your iOS devices and the web. •See exclusive clips from HISTORY shows, never before shown on television. The HISTORY app is free to use. If your TV provider is supported you can sign in and get access to even more content. More TV providers coming very soon! Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. To learn more about the digital measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit http://www.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more information.


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HISTORY TV Shows app reviews

  • Favorite a tv show? 4/5

    By Ryye
    Love the app but is there a way to favorite a specific tv show so I will receive a push notification when a new episode comes out? Would be a wonderful feature to have.
  • Dumb 1/5

    By adwarika
    Stupid App...
  • Mostly Commercials 1/5

    By umdterpsfan
    I get there has to be commercials, but there is an excessive amount for this app compared to others.
  • Interactive ad feature is not compatible w AppleTV 1/5

    By Embarrased Banker
    I would start watching another one of your series, but with this experience, no way. 72 commercials for a 44 minute show is ridiculous!! With the app on my iPad, I stream to my AppleTV, because the app says it is "Apple TV compatible." However, the "Interactive ad" feature is not available through AppleTV. So instead, I have to watch 6 commercials (many repeating) then get a black screen. Seems like it s waiting for a response but there is no interacting w AppleTV... just an error message. Try to find a work around and adjust where I was in the show, and I have to watch the 6 commercials again and there's 5 commercial breaks... 72 commercials for a 44 minute show is ridiculous!!
  • Glitchy horrible app 1/5

    By SpeedBump777
    The only thing that is consistent is the ad playback. Most of the time, the shows don’t load or go black, or the app just dies, but I always catch the ads! Sometimes five of the same one in a row, then a black screen! Get with it History. This app is a total failure.

    By joshserrano1
    Do not download. You are better off streaming or downloading from a pirate site. History Channel has done an absolutely horrible job with their app. Does not stream, all commercials, terrible engineering. Worst app ever.
  • iPhone X 2/5

    By Mikec9mm
    I just received a alert saying there was a update for the iPhone X and to my dismay when I jumped on the app and the picture is much better but there is still no option to expand the streaming content to fill the full screen of the iPhone X . I know everyone who got this phone did so with the idea of streaming their favorite shows on this amazing infinity screen . Not in a box in the middle . Netflix ,you tube , both made their content expandable . Is there anything we can do to help ? When I look it up I find instruction on how to update my app if I was a developer but I’m not nor do I own a cool app like yours . Thanks again
  • Please bring back live tv streaming 3/5

    By Qswasokkp
    Please bring back live streaming
  • Blank after logo 1/5

    By VeggieSue
    Like others are saying, it used to work, but now, right after the opening logo, a black screen and nothing else. OS is up to date. Updated: It’s now December and the app has updated a few times since my September 2017 review, and I *still* get a blank black screen after the logo. Why is this happening? I keep the iPad mi I OS updated, there’s plenty of free drive space. My son, who works in co punter engineering, has no idea why it will no longer work since that September update. Any advice?
  • Great find 5/5

    By Fool to play
    After down loading the app.wow so much to see .did not expect it to have so much at my finger tips.now I tell everyone to check it out .love it ....
  • Stop complaining? 5/5

    By Ghandi's 50. Cal
    It’s a free app, where you can watch a ton of shows FOR FREE. There are as many commercials as there would be if you watched it on tv. Watching the new season of Vikings now and I have one 30 second ad every 5 minutes or so. Very happy with this option
  • Ancient Aliens 5/5

    By RazerB
    Awesome show. Can’t get enough. I really enjoy your away from the mainstream approach.
  • iPad app works well 4/5

    By Stampcrafter
    I have no problem with this app on my iPad. I am sick of the same commercials over and over again though. The problems that others are describing with the freezing up, etc., I have those when trying to watch on my computer. I have tried reaching out to History.com techs without any solution, so I gave up. It is too frustrating, so I can only watch on my iPad. I would love to watch on my big monitor but until they fix those issues, that's not going to happen.
  • Commercials need to be fixed 2/5

    By Beccasaurousrex
    Other than the commercials, I’ve had no problem with this app. BUT. The commercials often end up stuck in loops where you’re watching three to six minutes of commercials in a row, or several interactives back to back. In addition, after commercials play the show does not always resume at the proper place and instead skips much further ahead in the episode. This would not be a problem if you weren’t forced into yet another loop of commercials when you drag the selector back to the proper point in the episode.
  • Useless 1/5

    By App.fiend
    Home page content won’t load. Can’t watch anything despite logging in with my cable provider.
  • 👎🏽 1/5

    By Sh2sH
    Airplay Mirroring & screen recording are as different as 5 & 1star reviews!
  • Don’t work with Apple air 1/5

    By Wakjack87
    Saying I’m I’m recording the video when all I’m doing is mirroring the app doesn’t know the difference between recording and mirroring so I can watch on my TV instead of on my phone app is trash has nothing really to watch on it
  • Don’t bother 2/5

    By Ppada237
    This app is insufferable. The commercials/ads make whatever your watching not worth it. There are 7-8 adds that are repeated every 10 minutes and at times my show would just go black with the audio going. I get that every free app needs to have an ad in order to receive funding for their service, but this unbelievably annoying and too much. Find 3 commercials and span it out. No one praises an app for the amount of commercials and interruptions they are forced to go through...
  • Way too many Commercials 1/5

    By DoesItMatterdotdotdot
    There are actually more minutes of commercials than there is of the actual tv shows. I would not waste your time. I am deleting app and will just wait for the shows to show up on hulu or netflix.
  • Stop the commercials 2/5

    By Zfdhkgedvhfscg
    Love the History channel but hate all the commercial, there are way too many.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Tzaphqiel
    iOS 11.0.3 currently installed. This app has not opened since iOS 11 was released. I have tried on multiple instances removing, rebooting, etc. Hoping this info helps troubleshooting in some small way. Thank you. Updated review 11/30/17 iOS 11.1.2 released and this app still does not work. Nothing I remove or reinstall helps. This app is totally useless.
  • Love the channel hate the app 1/5

    By Dozedy
    The app keeps on crashing please do something
  • Freezes, skips around, commercials 1/5

    By Prkrome
    I don’t mind commercials, but then the program freezes. This forces an eventually restart of the app. When the app reopens the program has jumped to a different spot and it loads 5+ commercials before you can try to figure out where you left off.
  • No AirPlay???? 1/5

    By Specialmomsrock
    I previously was able to air play! Now I can’t and get a lame offensive message “to stop recording”! Which I’m not. I watch Alone with my grandpa and air play it for us to enjoy at long term care home!!! Don’t be such a whiny pants History Channel App!
  • Why 1/5

    By Deadbeat88
    Why when I connect a dock connecter to watch this on my tv threw my phone I get something that says to stop screen recording what the I’m just trying to watch it on my tv it never did this before why now your app was great now I can’t watch it on my tv I’ll just delete it if you can’t fix this it pretty bad if your app can’t even tell ifs being recorded or if it’s just mirroring onto a tv shame to think history channel would have overlooked this bug Update 11/27 still haven’t fixed it guess this apps going down the drain all well I guess I’ll delete it
  • To many commercials 1/5

    By M.M boston
    I don’t I’m paying to have access to the channels. So when I use a app I shouldn’t have watch advertisements. Advertising shouldn’t be a on the app .
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Tim..swIL
    I have no trouble from our rural location! Love access to the shows!
  • Useless 1/5

    By RSMDR
    This app is nearly unusable. Nearly every time I try to open the app I have to go online to authorize the account. Every time! If you can log on, good luck getting through an episode. Commercials freeze. The only way to unfreeze? Restart the app. Go ahead and go online to authorize the account again. It might take a couple times because the site times out. Why can’t they just lend their programs to an app that works if they won’t make an app worth using?
  • History Channel APP 2/5

    By Treagia
    Love the app, can catch up on all of my favorite shows when I am able. HATE the repeating commercials....over and over again, sometimes repeating the same commercial 2 or three times in a row with no break. In one episode alone, the same commercial appeared at least 10 times - and whatever that ad is for, I will absolutely avoid and boycott, simply because of the irritation.
  • Good app for shows 4/5

    By Lynch86
    Good app for shows
  • App crashes all the time. 1/5

    By Sweetness1979
    App crashes too much, it's been going on for months. This needs to be fixed.
  • Does not allow screen mirroring!! 1/5

    By Wes936
    Does not allow screen mirroring!! Can not use iphone with hdmi connection to tv to view shows. Plus it’s a super buggy app and crashes quite a bit. Not well done at all!!
  • Commercials 4/5

    By mikeschranz
    While I understand commercials are vital to this app, the redundancy of them is aggravating. Seems like the same 2 or 3 commercials over and over again. Some variety would go a long way. Other than that, I think this app runs well and the issues other than the commercials are very minimal.
  • Can’t play through HDMI 1/5

    The app blocks out the video and says please stop recording before continuing totally useless
  • Why is History App released? 1/5

    By Tobyandro
    The lockout of capability to watch on a real TV with a cable or AirPlay hobbles this app. Can’t say if the commercials are bothersome or not, can’t see the app on the TV. Delete likely in the near future.
  • No problems yet 5/5

    By hatemytunes
    I don’t know why all the negative reviews at least for the more recent ones cause the app is much better then it used to be. No complaints great app!!
  • Live steam deleted.....RU Kidding. 1/5

    By NoNickNameHereNowOrEver
    One moment....watching live tv stream. Pop up says app needs update. Update app, no more live stream available. Major fail!
  • Commercials volume way too loud!!! 1/5

    By Anderson5953
    Unreal volume change in some of the commercials. First of all, too many commercials, but mainly the issue is the ridiculous increase of volume. Deleting app. Not worth it! Make the vendors abide by a volume limit. Your only turning away people from your app...it’s not helping!

    By Silver loud
    I really like watching the History channel! It's amazing all the. Different genre of shows you can view. I especially like the American Pickers. You can learn so much from them, plus they entertain you very well. You do learn 'History' from them! WAY TOO MANY COMMERCIALS! They take up more time than the actual episode.
  • Very broken needs some work 1/5

    By technicaljunky
    No new adds sometimes plays the same add twice in a row and also makes you miss some of the show you are watching. Kills your battery fast not very optimized :(
  • Hidden Booty 5/5

    By Mother load !,
    This is the most exciting treasure show.I have followed this show from the very beginning. I Am a detectorist for the past 26yrs. Finding old coins and ship items is a thrill. To the whole treasure family go for the Gold,it's there and you are getting close!
  • Commercials are too much 2/5

    By Princess niki loves this app
    I gave two stars because I really love the shows I have access to when I am away from home BUT the commercial interruptions are too much. It ruins the flow of the shows and they are back to back and it is extremely excessive and annoying.
  • The best channel in the world 5/5

    By auhayat
    The best channel in the world times 👍👍
  • WAY Too Many Commercials 3/5

    By HelpingYouLead
    I love History channel. The app lets me watch episodes even if I don’t DVR them but there are so many commercials.
  • No live streaming 2/5

    By KevTN
    Why isn’t there any live streaming?
  • Exciting App 5/5

    By Rdstamps
    I am very excited to have this excellent app on my iPad. The commercial breaks seem to come more often than I would like but that is a minor inconvenience. I would, however, prefer to see a better variety of adds than seeing the same ones over and over at each break.
  • Ok for portable us but not much more 3/5

    By Venturn_Vet
    This is a good app but you can not project it larger or tie it to your Tv. I don’t mind the commercial but not I don’t understand why we can’t be allowed to project it. Being on the road constantly i live in an RV hence, why I use the app.
  • Issues with watching full episodes of IRT 1/5

    By Tigzola
    I love watching IRT but the app freezes after watching a couple of minutes on Apple TV. I have to exit the app and reopen to watch a full episode. And now you won’t even let me stream from my iPhone to my AppleTV with my DirectTV account. I guess I need to find a bigger sandbox so all apps and devices can play nice.
  • It not history if rewritten 1/5

    By Fly much
    Big media - 0 stars
  • Too many commercials 4/5

    By Drdlg
    Like the app. Too many commercials. Haven’t had any black screen problems.

HISTORY TV Shows app comments


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