Hiya Caller ID and Block

Hiya Caller ID and Block

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  • Current Version: 4.0
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Hiya Caller ID and Block App

Best call blocker and caller ID lookup for iOS10. Hiya identifies the important calls you want to take and blocks numbers that you want to avoid. KEY FEATURES • World’s most advanced phone spam protection engine. Identifies and blocks robocalls, telemarketers, debt collectors and fraud calls like IRS scam. • Call Blocker: Create your own personalized block list. Add any number or pick a contact from your address book and Hiya will block all calls • Caller ID: Identify calls from people you want to talk to and from friends who aren’t in your phone book. Know the calls from your doctor and colleagues and recognize important calls from someone trying to get in touch. • Unknown Callers: Identify unknown spam callers in real-time so you always know who’s calling. • Security: Automatic alerts warn you if an incoming call is spam, scam, telemarketer, debt collector, or spyware. Easily report spam and scam callers • Reverse phone lookup / Reverse phone search: Perform a reverse phone lookup on incoming calls to find out if it is spam, scam, malware, a virus threat, adware, or spyware. • Better Contacts: Add names and addresses from Hiya to your phone book contacts to keep them accurate, complete, and current. AS SEEN IN The Wall Street Journal TIME Magazine - "Top 10 App" CBS Evening News Fierce Wireless VentureBeat - "Future of smartphone calling" USA Today Huffington Post - "Caller ID on steroids" COMMUNITY Facebook: facebook.com/hiyainc Twitter: twitter.com/hiya Instagram: instagram/hiyainc Hiya Caller ID & Call Block (formerly Whitepages Caller ID & Security Call Blocker) is brought to you by Hiya Inc. Utilizing the power of the Hiya database that has hundreds of millions of phone numbers, you’ll know the true caller behind more calls. Hiya is committed to delivering best in class free security, caller ID, call block, spam & virus protection.


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Hiya Caller ID and Block app reviews

  • Must have app! 5/5

    By DikoObraZ
    Best app!
  • Life Saver 🙌🏾 5/5

    By OhThatsIke
    App will keep you more keen to life.
  • Hiya Rocks! 5/5

    By Blue4u22
    Not one telemarketer call or spam since I downloaded app!
  • Best free spam block app 5/5

    By ChrisR77 7
    I have had this for about 3 Weeks now. This is the best free app. It stopped almost 100% Of spam callers. Thank you Hiya, I can now actually enjoy my phone in peace lol.
  • Perfect!! 5/5

    By Pannydink
    I was getting so many spam calls. And, at a time when I was looking for work so I always ended up answering them! This is a great app. *also helped me block my cousins! Who needs.. all that drama.
  • Makes the phone ring mean something again. 5/5

    By OwnerOpRickJ
    I used to dread the phone ringing with all the telemarketers and scammers constantly calling. I used to get 6-12 of such calls a day. Since using this app I've only got one unwanted call in weeks!
  • Rating 5/5

    By Bgraggs
    Works awesomely
  • Must Get It ! 5/5

    By Cheenah52908
    This app helped so much callers from calling my phone.
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! 5/5

    By SuperLame2012
    I used to get anywhere from 10-20 spam calls a day, but haven’t received one since I installed this app. So relieved!
  • Not for Unknown, No Caller ID 3/5

    By Necrocis
    Not for Unknown Caller, No Caller ID if this is your intention don’t bother.
  • I usually do not write reviews but I had to to support development on this app. 5/5

    By Brianbesurf
    I received an average of 2-3 calls a day prior to downloading this app. Since downloading I have only received 1 to I call. Thank you hiya and your development team.
  • Needs 0 star 1/5

    By JulianaTahal
    Just does not work in my country, unknown/blocked numbers does not reveal.
  • I have no words... 5/5

    Seriously. No words. Just flat gratitude!! My boyfriend and I got calls ALL the time, no less than 5 a day!! Every day. Even though I’ve been registered on the DNC list every year for 9yrs!! I installed this app and LITERALLY that day, the calls stopped. I told him, he actually downloaded it!! He doesn’t download ANYTHING! He’s such a believer, updating it is the FIRST thing he does EVERY MORNING!! Thank you Hiya!! Just...thank you!! You make it easy to block and report new ones. I don’t worry about the ones you know...ever!
  • Works perfectly as described. 5/5

    By importantcheese
    A must-have app. I get almost no spam calls now and I can identify any cell phone number! Thank you Hiya
  • Goodbye ten robo-calls a day! 5/5

    By Addleaardvark
    I was receiving around ten scam calls a day. I altered my Hiya settings to "send to voice mail" for all possible scam calls (low and high alert) and voliá! No more BS calls!
  • Please block unknown numbers 2/5

    By Lpsspork0121
    It would be better if it blocked unknown numbers as well.
  • I love it 5/5

    By qin23
    Thank you!
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Romulan117
    Works great and helps me screen out the telemarketers...
  • Best app ever! 5/5

    By Griffin197888
    I love this app!!!
  • It does what it says 5/5

    By DaiTenchi
    It works great and it’s nice to know who’s calling.
  • Non Invasive! 5/5

    By Tjoopsky
    This has been a great app for detecting spam and scam calls. It doesn't have any messages that play or anything like that, which is great! It just let's you know that a call has the potential to be a bad one. And since new scam numbers pop up every day, it is constantly updating to reflect that. Great app! Thanks!
  • Worked a little too well 1/5

    By MickiPark
    Blocked scammers, telemarketers .... and everyone else! Gave it access to my contacts - but even my husband couldn’t get thru!
  • Does what the phone companies will not 5/5

    By dougryan
    It’s amazing to me that phone companies refuse to deal with spam the way email providers have done for at least 10 years now. Fortunately, Hiya exists to do just that. The major thing this is missing is the ability to block calls from numbers that have no caller ID. Ideally, Hiya’s features would be implemented by the phone company rather than an app on my phone, which must frequently sync suspected numbers. But, in the absence of the phone companies taking responsibility for abuse on their networks, Hiya is a must have.
  • Too good at call blocking 2/5

    By 321ADD
    This app works very well at keeping spammers and robocalls out. But it also blocks my wife’s number which is one digit different from mine. That’s kind of silly since my wife’s number is in my Contacts and I gave Hiya access to that list. I submitted a request for help to the support email a week ago. Still haven’t received any reply. I’m uninstalling this otherwise fine app until it works properly.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Doverust
    Crashes on me as soon as I open it
  • Thank you thank you thank you! 5/5

    By MChaney1111
    I can answer my phone again! I’ve been harassed every day by “Canadian Online Pharmacy” for the past five years and now I’ll always know when those cunts are calling. I basically gave up answering my phone, but now I can again.
  • Needs a working whitelist 3/5

    By Sacarrot
    App is identifying calls from family members with similar phone numbers as mine as being spoofed, even though number is saved in my contacts. If the app has to have access to my contacts to work, it should be able to recognize that I probably want to receive calls from those numbers saved.
  • Not a good app 1/5

    By Vulgar demos
    I am here writing a negative review because I literally tried to send them a message via their app and their was no send button and I had to force quit the app just to get out of the screen. Amazing experience. Well here’s the problem: they tell you to turn on notifications implying that you need to do that to keep their block list updated. Does this mean they don’t block contacts in the background? If so, that’s kind of annoying. I don’t want notifications about updating the block list. But if they do it in the background, why are they trying to trick me into turning on notifications?
  • Great App 5/5

    By RockinBrockerue
    Blocks pain in the *** calls.
  • This app is dominant. 5/5

    By Jp penny pincher
    Think about the name. What sound does a karate man make when he strikes an opponent. HIYYYYAAAAA. That’s what this app does to robo calls; it karate chops them. I never get anymore. This app is simply stupendous.
  • Great App 5/5

    By JC Brookline MA USA
    interface is clean, simple, user-friendly. It does what it says it will do. “try it, you’ll like it.”. I’m lovin’ it.
  • More Stars 2/5

    By sher521
    I’d give this app more stars if it could actually distinguish between a spoofed call and someone in my contacts. Apparently it cannot and I cannot understand why it is blocking someone in my contacts just because they have a similar phone number. The fact that they are in my contacts should override the spoofed call blocking, but no it doesn’t. Instead whenever he calls he’s sent straight to voicemail. Who’s the “genius” who didn’t program the app to not block calls from contacts? I had to change it to warning so now my phone is going to start blowing up again with spoofed calls and it’ll be time to try to find another app to replace this one unless they fix this issue. Why can’t anyone just develop an app that blocks everyone NOT in your contacts? Android has them, why can’t iPhone?
  • great app 5/5

    By vadimsss
    works fine - all spammers numbers recognized by the app.
  • Works Great 5/5

    By vikingbiker
    This app is one of the best performing software that I have on my phone. It kills about 98% of the nuisance calls. The other 2% I just don't answer if the Caller is not in my Contacts app.
  • Doesn’t work for me 1/5

    By SamT0143
    Disappointed. This app came as the top recommended for blocking spam calls and sms but it doesn’t work for me at all. I still get just as many spam calls and it doesn’t filter the spam sms out like it’s supposed to.
  • Requires your phone number to send to Facebook 2/5

    By AdLibber
    You cannot use the app without providing your phone number: “[You will] get an SMS confirmation from Account Kit powered by Facebook. Hiya uses this to help you sign in, but you don't need a Facebook account”. Facebook will use your phone number to link your Facebook account (if you’ve given it to them previously) and know that you are using Hiya. What a joke: “Help you sign in” — sign in to what?!
  • Was great, now it just crashes. 1/5

    By yellowratbastard
    Crashes every time. It no longer works.
  • What’s With the Updates 3/5

    By Belmont36
    I love the app! It is very accurate and helps me out since I work in sales with strange numbers calling regularly. I would have given them 5 stars except that I have to manually go in and update part of the app multiple times a week. I get so annoyed at that little notification to update.
  • A big help 5/5

    By Steve8pi
    Seems to flag about 2/3 or more of the bogus calls. That's enough to earn 5 stars from me.
  • Eliminated 90+% of unwanted calls 1/5

    By Sullyc5er
    Works great!!!
  • Makes no diffference 1/5

    By Aprilfool qwas
    I installed it on my iPhone. It shows less of the number that kept coming through, but now other numbers show up. In the end, I am receiving just as many calls daily as without the app. Updating it makes no difference.
  • Hiya 5/5

    By dickme once
    Does what it says. Wonder about the paid level.
  • So Far, Flawless 5/5

    By Notme11
    I have only had this app for about three weeks, but so far, it has caught every spam caller even the ones spoofing our area code. Thank you Hiya, I am impressed.
  • Life Changer! 5/5

    By iGallardoi
    Ok, I’m not exaggerating if you are anything like me and truly despise robocalls, sales marketing calls, specially those you ask to not call again yet they do? Then this app is for you. It works, I don’t know what else to say but it simply works against robocalls.
  • Calls have drastically reduced. 5/5

    By Suq Madiqq
    Good god I don't have to send texts talking Ish to those callers anymore- although some were fun making the spammers mad! I'm so glad this app works- I don't get random calls anymore and if I do, they're auto blocked anyway! Sanity restored!!!
  • DOES MORE than just block cell phone calls 5/5

    By Yousername
    You can rig Hiya to block your LANDLINE TOO. I have a CPR Call Blocker on my landline. It’s supposed to identify known spammers, but it doesn’t. I have to answer the call, listen long enough to make a judgment, then hit the “block now” red button. Instead, I send notice of the landline call to cellphone. Within a second, Hiya tells me if it’s a spammer or legit. If a spammer, I just hit the red button on the CPR Call Blocker. Never have even to lift the receiver. If it’s legit, I answer the landline. HEY HIYA TECH STAFF-- work this out and ADD IT to Hiya. Hiya is a terrific screener and filter for landlines. When my landline rings, I immediately check Hiya on my cellphone!!
  • Works like a charm! 5/5

    By Surrealquilter
    After months of daily spam calls, I installed this app. No more spam calls! Especially glad to end those annoying spam calls that share the same first six digits as my phone. Great app!
  • Great App 5/5

    By Trikerguy
    This app works great.. and easy to use. I feel much better now who is trying to scam or spam me and they are easily blocked.
  • Holy Crap 5/5

    By Emmento
    This is the most awesome app I have. I have been plagued by annoying Robo Calls, sometimes five or more a day, now I get NONE! Holy Crap I freakin love it!
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By PDQ PO
    My annoyance calls have virtually stopped! Loving it!!

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