Home Street: Dream House Sim

Home Street: Dream House Sim

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  • Current Version: 0.9.7
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Supersolid Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
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Home Street: Dream House Sim App

Want a virtual simulator and home decoration game rolled into one? Then play Home Street, the game where you can build your dream house! Supersolid brings you a brand-new Home Decoration and Life Sim Game where you can build your dream home, be who you want to be, and bring it all to life in a town built on friendship! Live in a city of your own design with a character that reflects your style. Enjoy your virtual neighborhood and make friends with players from around the world in Home Street! HOME STREET FEATURES: CREATE YOUR DREAM HOME • Build and remodel your house to create the perfect pad • Decorate your home to match your personal style DESIGN YOUR OWN CHARACTER • Life simulator lets you create your own character • Use customized face shapes, eye color, hairstyles, makeup, body shapes, fashion styles and more MAKE AWESOME FRIENDS • Meet your new neighbors from all around the world! • Build meaningful friendships by helping your neighbors, and earn relationship rewards  A FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD AWAITS • Join a Neighborhood and chat with friends in real-time (Level 10) • Help around the town and win awesome prizes like themed decorations and outfits!
 • Look out for new and exciting Neighborhood Events full of fun Neighborhood competitions PLAY AMAZING STORIES • It’s your story! Guest star on a TV game show, start your very own business or more! • Meet interesting characters that have interesting lives and fun stories DISCOVER YOUR TALENTS • Turn your talent into a living and unlock your inner artist, musician, fashion designer and more!  • Play games, learn new skills, upgrade your abilities, and live your dreams!  Your new life and a friendly town await on Home Street! Build your dream home and have the perfect life full of wonderful friends from around the world! Download Home Street now for FREE and build your virtual life! NOTE: Home Street is free to download. However, purchases can be made in the game for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device settings. A network connection is required to play. --------------------------- SUPPORT If you’re having problems with Home Street, we’re very sorry. Our friendly team is ready to help! You can reach them at support@supersolid.com Privacy Policy: http://supersolid.com/privacy/ Terms of Service: http://supersolid.com/tos/


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Home Street: Dream House Sim app reviews

  • I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5/5

    By Mrs Buckner
    you can do so much things I on level 109 and I hade for only a month and it’s the best game ever so download it
  • The games good but... 2/5

    By jayadvice
    The games good but I wish we could have a family to make Be alittle exact like sims it would of made the game very good👍🏽 that should be the next update
  • Levels 4/5

    By jsnsjdjdndhdbekenx chf
    The levels should be easier to end, so that you can play with more variety🤪
  • Challenge rewards 4/5

    By pwaggie
    I really enjoy this game. I do want to recommend that the prize at the end of the challenge be changed for there is not much to buy with the tickets . I would suggest maybe adding a rainbow ticket with a yellow and an energy drink. Something that we can use instead of what is offered.
  • Five stars 5/5

    By Fifjfjcvjjdjdokjbfj
    It's SO awesome
  • GREAT but needs to level up faster and is there only one person I can have??? 4/5

    By Emoney21223
    Ok look I have been playing for a couple days and it’s hard to get XP and I really want a dog for my house but I’m leveling up really slowly. And also I have a girl as my character but can there only be one person that you can have?????? Maybe this game would be better if you could have more than one character. Hope the updates will come to improve this!!!!!
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By Bella15243
    Hi I think you should definitely get this game because , it is fun ,enjoyable 🤩🤗👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  • Hate it 5/5

    By turtrl
    It won’t even let me play the game I got rid of it then got it back now it just is doing the same thing
  • Unhappy 1/5

    By Fluffybunny360
    This game gives you diamonds that you either have worked hard getting or spent money on only for them to take it away randomly or don’t include the fact that you use them (9 diamonds) to win a game show challenge 15 seconds before it ended knowing you’ve won only for them to still give you second place and not include the points you won. I won’t ever spend money on this game again since the developers steal form you anyways.
  • Best game ever! 5/5

    By GamingWithAntlers
    This cool game is just like the sims but on mobile.
  • Issues with this game 1/5

    By #issues
    I really don’t like this game I spent $10 on this game just to make a neighborhood the next day i come back ITS GONE!! And the Storage amount you have is absolutely ridiculous
  • Fun but having some issues 1/5

    By Lcs525
    I just started playing and reached level 8 where I am supposed to be able to do the game show challenge but every time I click on it the app closes. It’s beyond frustrating. Please fix. Update: the developer responded but said nothing about my issue! 🙄
  • More Avatars!! 3/5

    By Me MaKayla
    I think this game should be able for you to have multiple controlled avatars please!!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By superpizzadad
    This game is super fun. This is like the Sims. I recommend that you get this game.
  • Same old 1/5

    By 37689mishi1i
    One of those games that requires too many in-app purchases. I can’t rationalize buying useless virtual graphics. Either way, bought a stock of an item, went to market to sell- didn’t see or missed the ability to change price which was much smaller than I paid so in addition to coins and the 5 gems to cancel sale, Home Street kept the items.. so it was a bigger loss. Of course all designed for users who purchase round after round an unlimited amount of gamer goodies. I dled a bunch of new games cause color switch is unavailable and I’m not surprised by how disappointing the actual game play is.. Update: 1 stars now for the obvious bs with being unable to submit reviews which happens on every iPhone model and update and droid users... yeah, tends to only happen for those not leaving sparkling, redeeming reviews. Kudos capitalism😃
  • Good game but I think it should have more people to create 4/5

    By itls good
    Great game but you should be able to create a second character that way you can do two things at a time
  • Love the game 5/5

    By Star8106
    I just started this game and I already loving it. I play your other game as well game street I like that too. Like in one other review I think this one replaces Sims free play. Keep up the good work!
  • Very fun game but... 5/5

    By 💖#kawaii-girl
    This game was one of the best games I’ve ever played. It was so much fun making friends and making my own home. It is really a fun game to play and I would highly recommend it but there are a few suggestions that I would like to say. I would like to ad a few more slots in the inventory and I would think the game could be better if you can control your avatar by tapping in a random place and your avatar would walk to that place. Also you could ad a little bit more to the park like more shops so your avatar can have cars or something. The last thing I think the game should have is other places to go than your friends house or the park. I would love to go to the beach or some sort of historic place where you could se a castle or whatever. But overall a great game. I can’t wait to play some more because I can’t stop playing!🎮
  • Home street review 5/5

    By SimmonsJayD
    I love home street so much, you get to design your home, get pets, complete jobs and tasks, and so much more! Ty home street!!!
  • I like it but... 2/5

    By Itzbee
    Everything is so expensive & Tickets are so hard to get if you trying to buy all this new furniture... they just want us all to spend all our real money😑. Also those chat stickers are a waste, they should be given free without having to do anything for them. We should be rewarded tickets only & not chat stickers🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Awesome game 5/5

    By Liv301527
    I love this game so fun it's been a long time sense i've seen a game this good
  • Thanks for this Update 4/5

    By AngellicMisfit
    I really enjoy this game as well as Food street , but the storage issue was my biggest issue .
  • Move 3/5

    By semonea
    Make me to we’re you can actually move your avatar
  • Have more activity 3/5

    By sia mermaid
    You should let them take a shower and go to bed
  • Not What I expected 3/5

    By LPSlover3000
    It is a good game, but I wanted more. I wanted to play out a story, not just complete things for the people. I wasn’t so into role playing with strangers either. I think there should be options for you to choose between things and just have a story, not just do whatever.
  • 0 stars 1/5

    By notminaim
    It won’t even download for me you stupid creators 😡😭😒😒😢🤢🤮💩💩💩💩💩
  • Make it more like sims 4/5

    By Juleslovestigger1
    I know it is a lot to ask i love this game but can u make the furniture interactive and make the characters be able to get married and have kids also the quests r annoying because the people never leave you alone
  • Game is fun but problems are plenty 3/5

    By LNM32225
    I have been playing this game for a month or so. It is a fun game but the developer is not very responsive to issues and suggestions. The game still crashes periodically, which is annoying. Yesterday while I was playing all of a sudden I noticed I had lost $20,000. I am at level 34 and I was saving for the next station ($43,000). I did report it, but haven't heard anything. I hope that they While I know that people find ways to cheat and the developer can't be held responsible, I saw yesterday that someone had 9 drills on their market (sold). That is not even possible without cheating. Takes the competition of the game away for sure. Play and have fun, but beware.
  • Great 5/5

    By Mishellygp
    Loving this game. Please keep up the good work . I will continue playing it as long as they don’t get greedy like others have so I end up uninstalling the game. But so far so good. Great game clean and beautiful graphics, I love the decorations hoping for more. Thanks!
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By Kimmie7/7
    I find this game to be very glitchy. I keep losing coins. I lost over 4000 coins overnight last night, while I was sleeping. It’s not the first time either and I’ve only had the game less than two weeks. I’ve decided this morning to just delete the game. Too bad, it was kind of fun.
  • Nice 3/5

    By ellecafe
    Nice game with a lot of competitions so you get to interact with your teammates that makes this game more attractive.
  • Sims 5/5

    By Drummgirll30
    I’ve been playing the Sims for years, so I know I would love this.
  • Sad...... 1/5

    By Kamusta
    I play everyday and complete the job but still no measuring tape and power tool 😒😞😡
  • There is just a little thing! 4/5

    By Gamer_101%
    I love Home Street but the stickers is very bad designed. The market needs to be upgraded for a wider thing. The items that you need to upgrade your storage is very difficult to find and really expansive. Please change it!!
  • The worst game ever!🤢🤮 1/5

    By sweetie_world_gamer
    This game is SOOOO boring! And there are ads every minute! And what’s more? I can’t even do one task because of “poor connection”. But I have great connection. After you read this review, you will have one less human playing your game!😡
  • Until you I know I am going through 5/5

    By dcoded818
    Thank y’all so that you can have it done with your holidays in new days of the year you are so much better and will not pay anything to pay you to make do that you it is a payment plan you can do it for you you will probably be a good Morning is and I don’t will you accept
  • It's alright 3/5

    By Yourgirlnadia
    I will get this if you get bored
  • Amazing! But.. 4/5

    By MoneyCashCash
    I love this game, although I don't play it nonstop like some people. It's a fun way to get a Sims Freeplay vibe without spending $400 on a single task. Although, when I saw there was a Game Guide, it looked awesome- but when I logged in, I saw that there were only tasks that you could do in there, rather than telling you info about updates and new items in the game. My question is what level do pets unlock at? Where can I get them? I'm at level 7, and have no idea what I'm doing.... so that should explain something.
  • Rate 5/5

    By Aross is the best
    This really dose resemble a little you get to create all your outfits like casual,formal,swimwear,andpj it’s a very good game I don’t care if I have the sims FreePlay already
  • Better 4/5

    By dudleyboo
    So looks like you fixed the thoughts where it wasn't adding to inventory right away so thank you. But it keeps saying I lost internet connection, this is the only game that I have that does this.
  • Can’t have a life outside of the game 3/5

    By ScreamQueenOxO
    I love the game itself, but if you want to be part of a club/events, you might as well kiss that thought goodbye unless you’re on 24/7. I go to work & come back to being removed from the club. An idea to make this better, create an open world chat to advertise clubs for others to find one that matches or to ask for help from people not in the same club.
  • Amazing!!!😝😝 4/5

    By Jtramadry
    Home Street is Amazing!! The only things I don't like is that emojis don't work and I also wish you could by the tokens for a specific amount of coins. The game is great to play while you’re at home, but I wish you could play it on the go too. Please keep all these things in mind as you are improving Home Street!!!
  • Love it 5/5

    By JaySavage242311
    I love this game sooo much please make more like it
  • Game Idea! 5/5

    By Xoxomorgan
    We should be able to host a party and get prizes depending on how many people show up. Make it like how it is with functional items
  • Dogs 5/5

    By Summer plays
    I would love if you would get to add dogs to your household thanks
  • My character is BALD 3/5

    By Brandxi
    All of a sudden my female character, which I chose to have hair and a hat, now has a large bald spot on the top of her head. I can’t fix it by removing the hat or restarting the game. She’s embarrassed and now takes Xanax for her anxiety! Fix it!!
  • STUPID ( don't buy) 1/5

    By Dominiquek
    This game is so silly you can even make your people do anything! I would play it if it was more like the sims 4!😩
  • I like it but.... 4/5

    By guiugyvi
    I like it but I just started and I have a question can you have a boyfriend or not that is my question please respond back thanks if someone does and the game is good so far so yeah!
  • Daily/Top 100 player & neighborhood 5/5

    By Kattycake
    Sophia Star So I’ve already spent $200+ on sales and gems. I’m level 30+ and in a top 100 competitive neighborhood. Some feed back for the future from our top 100 neighborhood to the amazing devs: -PERSONAL INBOX- Direct messaging! If a member of our competitive group has to leave on hiatus or something they need to notify the group leader not everyone. Or just personal messages - Check who is online in your NEIGHBORHOOD members - Countdown for the daily spin. -Block others, no visiting or market sharing. -Picture album - expand it for gems Market indicator - to show which friends have items on sale and which do not. (Sorting takes a long time) Bugs -World trade algorithm - I will refresh the time with gems and then either all the items from everyone shows are “sold out” or when I buy an item immediately, it pops up “oops! Someone has already bought this item” right when I refresh it. “ask to join” - neighborhood leaders can accept or decline people joining the neighborhood but we can’t see their level, House, progression etc. before accepting them. Whoever did the animations and UI is extremely talented.
  • Need Friends Again 2/5

    By tiedyedowl
    I really liked this game for a while, until the issue yet again came up that you had to interact with others, you couldn’t choose to play by yourself.

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