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Home Street

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  • Current Version: 0.7.5
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Supersolid Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
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Home Street App

Want a virtual simulator and home decoration game rolled into one? Build your dream house on Home Street! Supersolid brings you a brand-new Home Decoration and Life Sim Game where you can build your dream home, be who you want to be, and bring it all to life in a town built on friendship! Live in a city of your own design with a character that reflects your style. Enjoy your virtual neighborhood and make friends with players from around the world in Home Street! HOME STREET FEATURES: CREATE YOUR DREAM HOME • Build and remodel your house to create the perfect pad • Decorate and fit your home with hundreds of designer styles, gadgets, and goodies • Sing karaoke, relax in a hot tub, lounge by your big-screen TV, and much more! So many choices! DESIGN YOUR OWN CHARACTER • Express yourself in Home Street! • Create your own character with customized face shapes, eye color, hairstyles, makeup, body shapes, fashion styles and more MAKE AWESOME FRIENDS • Join the community and meet your new neighbors from all around the world • Build meaningful friendships by helping your neighbors, and earn relationship rewards • There’s always someone ready to lend a hand! A FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD AWAITS • Join a Neighborhood and chat with friends in real-time (Level 10) • Collaborate with neighbors and play fun Neighborhood competitions to win awesome prizes • Look out for new and exciting Neighborhood Events with lots of themed decorations and outfits!
 PLAY AMAZING STORIES • Dive into life in Home Street where there’s always something going on • Meet interesting characters and follow their fun stories and adventures • Be the star of your own story by guest starring on a TV game show, starting your very own business or more! DISCOVER YOUR TALENTS • Unlock your inner artist, musician, baker, fashion designer and more! • Turn your talent into a living and earn rewards to upgrade your abilities • Learn new skills, unleash your creativity, and live your dreams! Your new life and a friendly community await on Home Street! Build your dream home and make lasting friendships with neighbors from around the world! Stop waiting to have the perfect life and just create it instead! Download Home Street now for FREE and build your virtual life! NOTE: Home Street is free to download. However, purchases can be made in the game for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device settings. A network connection is required to play. --------------------------- SUPPORT If you’re having problems with Home Street, we’re very sorry. Our friendly team is ready to help! You can reach them at support@supersolid.com Privacy Policy: http://supersolid.com/privacy/ Terms of Service: http://supersolid.com/tos/


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Home Street app reviews

  • Whyyyyyyyyyy 3/5

    By fnaf four
    How do I build walls,I want to make a room and I want to know how to marry people if you even can or it is not like sims freeplay
  • Great game 5/5

    By Leslie40008
    Love this game! Very addictive!
  • I friggin love this game 5/5

    By Lolo_TheMonster
    I can't wait for more updates with clothes and stuff I love how I can edit my persons weight c': it would be cool if I could earn money a tiny bit easier ._. But other than that I love it ^o^
  • More variety in terms of designing home. 3/5

    By shitamazesme
    I just downloaded this game yesterday, and at the moment, I currently enjoy the app so far. However, I’m starting to get bored of it since there’s not much that you could do besides completing tasks and creating things. My first impression of it made me think of MySims, so I was excited to play this since the graphics look a lot better than MySims when it comes to how the people look. I was thrilled thinking I’d get to make good looking characters for once that wore modern day clothes and all that jazz, make a good-looking family / group of citizens—but nah, that wasn’t the case. All you’re really doing in this game is creating things to complete major/minor tasks and designing your home. But here’s the problem for me when it comes to designing my home. The items it offers are limited—not limited where it’s hard to get some, but limited as in there’s not much to choose from. How am I supposed to design my home when it doesn’t offer me a huge selection to choose from? Because of this, I have multiple furniture and decorations of the same kind—and that’s not good.
  • Fun, but... 2/5

    By nailz4lyfe
    I’m enjoying the game. However, I seem to be stuck on level 11 and was finally able to join a group that anyone can join, but I’m stuck once again on the storage issue. I’m up to 60in storage but I can’t figure out how to clear the garden items and I’m stuck in the Halloween event where I can’t collect or produce. I get visitors and such, but it’s frustrating to be stuck at a single level for so long. Please help us out with this storage issue! I feel I may have to delete the app and I do enjoy playing. 😔
  • Robbed by “Game Show Challenge” 3/5

    By Mygal💖
    I’ve just started playing this game! It’s a fun game! I’m on level 14 now. Problem with the Game Show Challenge in the game play. You are suppose to rank the highest and be guaranteed a special prize at the end of the Challenge! The higher you rank, the better your final prize. Well, I rank in 2nd once and after that, I ranked 1st. I’ve never received the prizes that was owed to me! 1st place: 5 Gems and 10 brown tickets...it’s owed to me! Also the 2nd place as well! They had the nerves to give me 2 gems and 1 ticket😡 All that time and energy I put into that! Please give me what is owed to me! That’s why I gave 3 stars💔 Thank you! Mrs Gail Washington
  • Game issues 1/5

    By Mrz.purple
    Ok first let's say I saw a video of the game and I looked interesting. I also play sims freeplay and I like games like that but I can't even get pass making me a character in the game cause it keep kicking me out and idk why. I really want to play this game to see if I will like or love it. And if I love it I will spend money on it like I do all my other games. Just please fix its so I can play I even uninstalled it and reinstalled it back to see if it had messed up on downloading. 😔😔😔😔👸🏾 sorry I imma rate it a one star until I can play it.
  • Constant game crashes 3/5

    By Colbycooper
    Game crashes all the time
  • Quick little question 5/5

    By iam mee
    Will you ever be able to add baby's? I haven't gotten even past half the gameplay so sorry if I'm asking a bad question that can be answered by playing.Overall great game!
  • The Best SIM game in the App Store 5/5

    By FAT $$$ CHICK
    This game is wonderfully written and animated. You don’t have to break the bank to have a lot of fun. In fact if you play well Real money isn’t necessary. The best thing I like is no long wait times. 90% of tasks are completed in no more than 5 minutes. Most in under 2 minutes. You also have the option of joining a neighborhood to increase your fun level, achievement, and ultimate ranking in the worldwide game. Only been playing one week and my neighborhood is ranked number seven and I am number one in my neighborhood... not too bad for a beginner. Watch out though because this game can be quite addicting.
  • Great game but some things need changed. 4/5

    By HalloweenFreak28
    Home street is fun i have had a great time but the things we need like the measuring tape and power tools are way too rare for the storage upgrade. This needs changed same goes for the memory upgrade i’m at a point in the game where it’s hard to advance because of this please consider making these drops less rare thanks.
  • ... awesome! 5/5

    By Larryh58
    I like the game it is similar to sims in a way and it’s just really fun to decorate your house and also get rewards for the event challenges! IF ANYONE WANTS TO JOIN MY NEIGHBORHOOD ITS IS CALLED “CITY FRIENDS” JOIN PLEASE but this is a great game and great to pass time easy
  • Events,Friends & More 5/5

    By Magyloves
    I wish I could stream this game, it is very well made and fun. Ofc there is always room for improvement but so far I have not experienced glitches or bugs. I love the group of 20 people I am in. The first event is exciting. My complaints: I think it’s difficult to get energy drinks. Difficult to upgrade the sheds. The world market should have people from your level and add more spaces. It’s not impossible for coins to add up but it does take time. (: Would love more clothes in the future & pets. The fortune wheel gives out stuff I don’t need, but you can always sell to the market. One should be able to sell stuff quickly without people buying it OR TRASH IT. You don’t have to spend cash on this game but I do want to support it in the near future.

    By coolgirl3456
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Home Street Homie
    Hidden Leaf Community Friend Code: 745941424
  • Fun Game 👍🏽 4/5

    By Bear💗
    I love the sims and I wanted a game on my tablet like the sims 4. And well this was the closest thing I could find. I do enjoy the game and think it’s very fun however there are a few complaints. One is you can’t have a family, now I’m not positive you can’t do it but I can’t figure out how. Second thing is that you can’t really control where your avatar goes. For example you can’t make it sleep or eat like in the sims. I also wonder how to get a pet if you even can. But yeah I think it’s a pretty fun game for all ages.
  • I love this game. 5/5

    By HarelyQ
    It would be nice if we as players were able to sell our household items on the market place.
  • Addictive 5/5

    By Anger B
    I absolutely love this game it’s fun, interesting and I never get bored, which I normally do with games, I can’t stop playing...👍🏾
  • Better than sims 4/5

    By Lynnbb
    I started playing and 2 hours later I was level 11. It said to join a neighborhood so I put in english as my language and 5 came up and I was rejected by all even though they weren't full. When I hit refresh, the same 5 comes up. I don't think as many people are playing this game as the reviews want you to think there are. It's a barren wasteland at this point. I could make my own but there isn't anyone out there to join it seems. Other than that the concept is good but very new and not ready for play. Update: Thank you for response and change. I was finally able to get into an "anyone can join" neighborhood. I'm addicted. Just wish items for enlarging inventory would drop more often.
  • Storage Issues 3/5

    By Trying to surprise someone
    I like the game but the storage stay full and I can't get rid of the items, there should be task created to get rid of the items in storage, just like there are ways to get rid of thoughts. Other than that so far I like the game but I'm at a stand still I can't move forward please advise.
  • Fun little game! 5/5

    By FeyFey94
    I suggest this game to anyone who loves crafting, decorating and competing (Not in a too stressful way) with other people!! You get all the vibes from The Sims and all those farming/crafting games out there! It gets you as soon as you start it and then you won’t put it down anymore xD
  • Okay 4/5

    By BeyondLaME
    Game is okay so far, but the storage is an absolute joke! Changing review down to one star. The market is an absolute joke along with the storage. Have had to dump customer orders for over two hours to try and clear something out so I can play. I dont spend money on games right out of the gate for this reason. Most likely be deleting within the next 24 hours. Okay so once you join a group and get the cruise ship its somewhat easier to handle the market and storage issues. Im closing in on level twenty with zero cash spent. Halloween event is fun as are the other game elements. The tickets could come a little quicker and finding people who have active items is a little rough. Now that I feel like Ill stick around a but Ill make an in app purchase. Game does freeze up quite a bit between building and playing. Ive had to restart the app often.
  • Good game but... 3/5

    By Pin13
    If you're expecting to directly control your character you sadly can't. But the graphics, building feature, and tasks still make it a good game.
  • Fun game 5/5

    By starfuhl
    Kind of overwhelming with so many events going on at the same time but overall it’s entertaining!
  • Gmae 5/5

    By thomas sena
    This game is the best ga,e you will ever get
  • Addicted 5/5

    By Sabrinadanielleee
    I downloaded it yesterday, & since then I have probably spent 4 hours on it... that explains itself. I absolutely love this game! My new favorite
  • PETS 5/5

    By gammy08
    where’s our pets? i’m a dog lover myself {{{hint hint}}} 😜😜😜
  • horrible 1/5

    By CKB CKB fun games
    you cant control your character, your character walk on its own and you cant walk it anywhere, and the character just randomly does stuff like use the toilet or take a shower and you cant even control them. so annoying😡
  • Keeps crashing 3/5

    By Jennileec35
    Looks like a fun game, took several tries to customize my character but keeps crashing 😢
  • Looks fun! 3/5

    By The Diamond Cupcake 💎
    While waiting for sims mobile I can play this I can't wait to check it out!
  • Home street 5/5

    By Mystic4266
    New to it but fun
  • Instagram T_nasty9 5/5

    By T_nasty9
    It’s straight so far. Passes by time.
  • Could be better 1/5

    By Fmlfddd
    I want us to make a second charater a love interest or best friend or both and we get to name and customize it as well and actually have pets and go to clubs
  • Great game 4/5

    By Beyonetta84
    So far I love this game So much to do❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Would be a 5 Star but... 3/5

    By KokoroNoTakara
    Game keeps crashing which is really irritating when you are editing your house and all that work was for naught...
  • Addicting 5/5

    By Halabet
    Cuts out the tedium of filling your characters basic needs, as seen in Sims Free Play, allowing for uninterrupted adventure, while visually appealing. Gives EA’s take on the concept a run for their money.
  • BEST GAME but.... 5/5

    By Sweetstrawberrry
    Every time I open the game it shuts off... I’m level 10 and I’m addicted please fix this mistake so I can play!

    By JrizzyPie
    I'm glad that finally someone developed a similar game to the sims freeplay. This game is fun and has a hayday meets sims vibe. Two of my favorite games. I haven't liked sims freeplay for a long time now because of the outrageous amount of time it takes to complete tasks, and just how overwhelming it got in general. I've been looking for a good replacement for a long time now and am happy to see developers finally put this out. There's not a lot of competition in this category and I can't figure out why as it seems to be a popular game concept. There are a few issues with the wallpaper option where I've lost coins because it's crashed after a purchase (not real money). Hopefully the developers can work to fix this issue as decorating your home is a major part of the fun in this game. --Marketplace problems? I had the same problem. I deleted the app and reinstalled it. My suggestion is to do what i stated above, delete then reinstall and only make the products that your "job inbox" is asking if you. That way you will eventually get rid of and profit off of the things you have produced and you'll be making room in your storage. I am close to level 14 and I've had the game for 2 days. Good luck!
  • Fun, but... 3/5

    By Arizona Brain
    For a game that depends on neighbors there is little social interaction. I couldn’t even get into a neighborhood...My application was declined from 8+ neighborhoods, around my level, and with no way to message them to find out why the only reason I can imagine is that I am a guy as the majority of players seem female.
  • Crash 4/5

    By Zzz ate
    I love this game and it does remind me of the sims except it won't work and it won't stop crashing and then it loses my data please fix this.
  • How do I sell items 4/5

    By RSain10
    It seems we are all having the same issues, can't we just add each other and buy from each other? Maybe we can try that, anybody?
  • Good But Keeps Crashing 4/5

    By Itzmeluci
    It's a really good game but it keeps crashing no matter what I do. I got pretty far into it but now every time I open it it crashes. Really disappointed.
  • GREAT GAME 😎🤞🏾 5/5

    By Shy 🙂🤞🏾
    anybody who thinks this game is trash just don’t know how to really get into the game , i was checkin out at the reviews to make sure i wouldn’t download anything irrelevant & by the comments the game seemed pretty irrelevant. but i still decided to give the game a try , & i can say i am IMPRESSED ! it isn’t better than sims but it’s A VERY NICE GAME 🙂 , i enjoy playing it ! i’m a fan of any simulation game , & anything that’s close to sims .. only thing i have to say is that the thoughts take to long to decrease the storage ! & i actually think that there should be no storage at all 🙄 , but after all that it’s perfect ! it would be EVERYTHING , if it didn’t require an internet connection 😕 ..
  • Interaction .... 1/5

    By Bby shay._
    I want to be able to interact with people and have kids and actually be able to sleep , shower , eat, sit, relax , etc.
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By Thegamergirl246
  • Amazing 5/5

    By MomToodles
    .<. I get boerd so I play dis
  • Pretty disappointed 1/5

    By SarahHimeSama
    Keeps saying connection lost even though I’m in my house on my WiFi... cannot get in to play at all just keeps loading or crashes
  • AWESOME ....But 4/5

    By #1 Gymanst Fan
    I gave it a four star because you need more storage I always have to restart the app because I can’t do anything when the storage is full, I would have gave it a five star if that problem was already fixed . Thank you for your time,please fix this in future , hopefully very soon .
  • A few things 3/5

    By Jessica07070
    So I love this game so far but whenever I spin the wheel my game crashes. Whenever I go to my closet my game crashes. It also won't let me log into Facebook and I really don't want to lose my progress. Please fix these problems
  • It’s a great game..but..... 3/5

    By Tinytinkk
    Maybe you can make it so we can delete items we don’t need?? I have so much stuff and can’t delete anything. I need room...help?!

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