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HomeAway & VRBO Vacation Rentals

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HomeAway & VRBO Vacation Rentals App

Find and book the perfect vacation rental in just a few taps! With the HomeAway & VRBO mobile app you can quickly and easily access all the tools you need to plan, book, and manage your stay. Dream your perfect vacation: - Browse popular destinations and vacation rentals in more than 190 countries - Discover whole homes, from apartments to villas, or even tree houses and castles among our 1,000,000+ vacation rentals - Save and manage favorites - Share with people traveling with you Book your vacation rental: - Book and pay directly on the app - Access all your conversations from your inbox and receive notifications when owners answer your questions or confirm your booking - Send payments safely and securely … and Enjoy your stay! - Manage your reservations - Keep your trip's details with you when you travel to your dream destination - Access your check-in information when you need it - Browse nearby restaurants and activities recommendations for a great stay Currency is displayed as USD, GBP, and EUR in the property listings, unless otherwise noted. For more information please go here: http://www.homeaway.com/mobile

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HomeAway & VRBO Vacation Rentals app reviews

  • Great Experience 5/5

    By Bftichg
    First time using App to find rental. Worked great!
  • Great way to plan a get away! 5/5

    By Fun & good strategy
    We travel with our pets. We love that home away has a number of pet friendly options. The app is easy to use, put in your preferences and the number of owners willing or able to accommodate you pop up. It's amazing!!
  • Homeaway website & app is behind the times 1/5

    By Host17
    The Homeaway website is difficult to use and lack basic logical intelligence. For example: if a guest reduces his number of days of stay, the total amount due does not change on the website. The host has to calculate the price difference manually and email the guest of the new total due. The app has very limited features. Overall, the website & app are a disappointment.
  • Worthwhile App 5/5

    By Biker3007
    It's functionality is good enough for most of my needs to manage my property. I recommend it.
  • T 5/5

    By Tdc3673
    This is a great app
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Juan45
    I'm not a property manager...just a home owner. This app allows me to respond to requests quickly...which is the difference between a rental agreement and a vacant weekend.
  • Nice 5/5

    By Og_chy
    Nice places to go and places to stay it's a cool app
  • Love it 5/5

    By 77 Brad
    Best app ever
  • Still buggy... 3/5

    By Sekirnjak
    This app needs work. Often, tapping a notification takes me to the app but stalls on the launch image and I have to force quit the app.
  • Good app that covers the basics 4/5

    By Ahtasva
    I have been using this app for 2 months now. The notifications work fine. The interface is simple. The best thing about the app is that it lets me respond to potential guests is almost real time. Does not let you see or edit quotes as it would in the full site; not a big con for me as my rates are mostly fixed, but having the option would be nice . Overall i am very pleased.
  • Lacks features, but great at what it does 2/5

    By jsbull
    They kept bugging me in the app to rate it, so here it is. For renters, it's handy, but features are very limited for owners. All you can do is reply to inquiries and block off dates on your calendar. You can't edit the listing, update pricing or any of those key features. I'm also quite frustrated that I pay $850 a year for placement in my city and I'm listed #22 in the app when I'm #3 on the site. I'm being ripped off by the app.
  • Good app 4/5

    By ipodmartin
    Have booked several stays thru the app. So far, no problems.
  • Easy to navigate and send messages on the app 5/5

    By Jrotc brat
    I like this better than the website!
  • OK App 2/5

    By Yuser$
    The App is only good to reply to emails, but can't accept payment, can't see the dashboard, can't go to other properties. The most annoying thing about the App or the website are(1) reservation comes with phone number only and can't tell who is renting. No address, no ages so are we renting to high school graduates or family? (2) they tell you, to increase the search on your property pay more and use our paying system what a scam! (3) 4 months before your add expires they want you to renew. Do they give you credit or refund for the 5 months when you renew? Hec no!
  • App does good job. 4/5

    By Nowata61
    There are a few annoying glitches, but primary issue is with VRBO owners not posting accurate information.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Nikkig526
    Great app for vacation hunting!!!
  • Very helpful and Improved my Process 4/5

    By CheeZzyChase
    I wish it didn't always attach a request for payment when I reply to an inquiry. I like to build a relationship before asking for money and sometimes I forget to remove it from my reply. If I forget to remove the request it can lead to me actually scaring the potential tenant away before I have the chance to sell the unit and provide reasoning to our monthly rental price.
  • Good for a quick response only 3/5

    By Cousin Mario
    There are so many variables that happen when working with guests. It's not always easy to make changes to quotes or add charges. So many times you need to go back to your computer and follow up. So the app is really only good for immediate and simple responses.
  • No longer owner friendly 2/5

    By Owner 20 years
    Homeaway focusing on being big business. While some of their new functionality is good they are more focused on stuffing their pockets than servicing their customers. We have been with homeaway for as long as they have been in business. They have moved to representing commercial properties versus home owners by pricing themselves so high that smaller owners properties never show up in a sort. They no longer work with us to make us successful. The newest thing is to now charge renters a fee for using their site. We are shopping for a new cottage rental service.
  • Best owner manager app ever!!! 5/5

    By cpogliano
    Easy and safe
  • Updates jam! 1/5

    By CherylRiggle
    Whenever there's an update, this app gets stuck updating and cannot be deleted. Can't seem to get a link to app support so leaving this review. This is the third time. Otherwise, I'm sure it's great!?
  • Like this app 5/5

    By Caheber
    Great to find rentals all over the USA
  • Not good at all. Needs updating big time. 1/5

    By Chadwickjamescorcoran
    Not good. More functions on the web site. This is garbage for the manager/homeowner side.
  • Villa Cabomar 5/5

    By Puntarenas Getaway
    This fabulous home was in a great location for being able to arrange sightseeing jaunts to Monte Verde, Arenal volcano, coffee plantation tours, crocodile tours, Curu, and the cloud forest. Puntarenas has some great restaurants, & it provides a real opportunity to experience authentic Costa Rican culture. Also, take the ferry across the bay to Nicoya Peninsula. It is the best value ever! Our home was a great value & Teresita, our housekeeper made us feel very welcome. Her breakfasts were delicious. She is a jewel. We highly recommend the Villa Cabomar if you wish to visit Puntarenas.
  • Great app and great service for vacation home owners. 5/5

    By Paparudy
    Excellent product
  • Great site for vacations! 5/5

    By Mamaoftwowildsons
    This is a great, user friendly vacation site. I've used it as a vacationer and as a vacation home owner. It's my number one choice!
  • Love to travel 5/5

    By Mbeckerman
    Anyone who likes to travel and rent homes with piece of mind, this is the App for you! I have used it for years and appreciate the convenience of the App when I am on the go. Highly recommend ✈️🏡⛱
  • Serves it purpose 4/5

    By kallison002
    Aside from the additional functionality requested by others, I have had a very good experience (as a renter and then homeowner) on both Homeaway and VBRO. The App does not have all the functionality as the website (or it's not as easy to find) which is a drawback, but it does allow me to quickly respond to renters and book rentals when needed. It has made managing my rentals very easy. There is one quirk in that I don't always get an alert on my phone home screen that a new message has come in (especially if a follow up message). This can cause a delay in my response time for which I am evaluated. A minor issue as I usually catch it through the email alert eventually, but something to examine. As others have said, I would like the ability to rate renters and respond to renters ratings to keep them honest as well. Also, having the full functionality of the website on the app would be perfect. Other than that I like the App a lot.
  • Love the app, but has a few bugs still. 4/5

    By oppjopp
    This review is for the app (which is what the review is supposed to be on). This app needs the 'notes' to show up without having to click on edit (it used to) and sometimes it won't let me respond to inquiries so I'm forced to go online. A lot of times it won't sync and shows me that a paid reservation is not paid. But it's nice to have to look at my calendar quickly and pull info I need up quickly. It's not at the point of efficiency that I can use it as a standalone in replacement of the website though, it still needs work. Unlike some people, this review is for the app only (as it should be), not for the website. The complaints about the website are not useful reviews for people who want to know about the app. Don't waste our time and take your complaints to the source.
  • Superb resource 5/5

    By Marlin2222
    I cannot imagine renting vacation property without using the HomeAway app. We have used it extensively over the past few years and have never had a surprise when arriving at our vacation destination. We rely very heavily on the "review" section and can immediately get the gist of the rental property and owners. Don't leave home without consulting it!
  • Not a happy customer 1/5

    By wanderluster50
    The app, like the company, is difficult to deal with. When you click on the reply template it does not allow you to see the page to edit or verify the information. I still get spam / phishing emails because they don't filter bogus phone numbers and email addresses. Their map does not show my property until you expand it to gigantic proportions yet it shows all my neighboring competition in a much smaller scale. Even after a renter has booked my property online, they still block their email address from me! They bury my listing even though I have continuously anted up to the tune of almost $1000/yr now. I could go on all night, but these are the most annoying issues.
  • Limited. 3/5

    By justjane.
    The HomeAway app works fine on my iPhone but is limited in its capability. When I send payment requests it always consolidates it into 1 payment. It should have a broader scope. On the iPad it is slow to load and process and again, has limited capability.
  • Helpful app for owners 4/5

    By KP-HP
    As an owner who uses VRBO to rent our place, I find this app very helpful. It does not have all the capabilities of the regular website (few apps do) but it helps me keep s constant eye on reservation requests and my calendar. I have mine set up to send me notifications on my phone so I can respond to guest inquiries quickly.
  • Not ready for use 1/5

    By Greenthumbhawaii
    Same review as written months ago, with no improvements, except that no nickname was requested: First, every review I wrote was deleted because of nicknames already in use. Decided to try once more today. This app needs so much work to be user friendly; it does not work in landscape/horizontal mode, which is a huge deal. It does not allow you to go back without losing whatever you typed. Why go to this app when it doesn't allow you access to the dashboard? A rep replied when I complained about it that they're aware of it not being very user friendly and it's being tweaked. Much better had the "tweaking" (design) been completed before asking us to use it.
  • Good app 4/5

    By Abbaa Milkii
    As an owner I think the app is good and easy for communication with renters fast, but it freezes a lot. It is not as fully functional as the web site.
  • Guest House Owner 4/5

    This app makes bookings for our guest house so much easier. I am texted when potential guests inquire about renting. I can then get back to them within minutes which increases our success of booking reservations. Easy to use.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Spade4400
  • It's a Living! 5/5

    By oksailing
    The APP truly makes managing a property a dream. Five stars as a property owner.
  • Useful 4/5

    By Bellasweet
    I have used the app as both a property owner and a vacationer. Could be a bit more user-friendly for vacationers, but I have found it a GREAT convenience for owners.
  • Just not up to par 1/5

    By Hudiewho
    As a property owner, It's hard to evaluate the app separately from the website. However, overall, this site and the app as well are falling short of my expectations. It is difficult to work the calendar, communicate with potential renters and manage the listings. The buyout and merger of VRBO, Homeaway and other short term rental sites makes it nearly impossible to ignore, yet homeowners will do themselves a favor by staying away and choose to do business with other sites who has better sites and better apps.
  • One issue 3/5

    By MaganB
    My only issue is every time I update I have to have a code sent to resign in. Huge Pain!!!!
  • Excellent and Intuitive 5/5

    By InsepKnowl
    Very simple and easy to use, yet it has all the main features to take care of business on the go.
  • Review 3/5

    By Chalmetion
    As a VRBO owner, I have a few comments/recommendations: 1. Responses to guests' reviews cannot be addressed in the app. 2. An email from HOMEAWAY states my listing quality is low. Is this something the customers see? Or is it a marketing tool between HOMEAWAY and myself. Since I have 90% occupancy, I am quite satisfied with my marketing. Please respond. 3. I have overwhelming 5 star ratings. 4. Also, I have my own credit card processor. I have zero negative experience using my own processor. Hence, it's none of your business who I use and this should have zero impact on my rating. Please respond. I have previously made these complaints with NO RESPONSE FROM HOMEAWAY. hence the 3 star rating.
  • Vacation Made Easy 5/5

    By Live oak peace
    Love this app. I have found locations to rent all over the United States and the Caribbean. We have never been disappointed in our rentals. Once you use this app and rent your first vacation property, you will be hooked.
  • Wonderful App 5/5

    By Hymee316
    I used to use Craigslist for all of bookings. This really streamlines everything. It's so easy. It has made my life easier. Thank you VRBO!!
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Ctw1825
    Love this app! It allows me to quickly respond to inquiries and manage reservations. The recent changes that were made have greatly improved its functionality.
  • Floralkay 5/5

    By Floralkay
    Great app. Have been renting through VRBO for quite a while and now with this app we can search and rent easily.
  • Great resource! 5/5

    By favorite aunt julie
    The app is easy to use and very reliable. We have been able to communicate with our guests well using this app and the VRBO/HomeAway site. Thanks!
  • Nice tool for vacation planning 4/5

    By Mandersjilly
    Easy to use, wish it would show a more detailed location on the listing title but overall very nice
  • Great App 4/5

    By Zoozoozebra200
    This app is amazing for finding the perfect rentals for you. I have had wonderful experiences with it. I highly recommend it. I would've given it 5 stars but it's just a little inconvenient because you have to go back and forth from messages to viewing the actual house and search it every time unless you save it in a folder. Other than that, amazing!

HomeAway & VRBO Vacation Rentals app comments

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