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  • Current Version: 2.28.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Planetmedia Oy
  • Compatibility: Android
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Hotel Hideaway App

Will you make it to the top and become the most popular Hotel guest? Making friends and influencing people is the only way to succeed. Do you love leaving your mark? Perhaps you’re familiar with the art of trendsetting? Dress to impress in Hotel Hideaway with a huge array of stylish outfits and outrageous costumes. Learn secret gestures and dance moves, and then party right into the early hours! So, make the trip to Hotel Hideaway and establish YOUR tribe; there’s oodles of fun to be had and a mountain of games waiting to be played! Please note that Hotel Hideaway is for Ages 17+.  It requires minimum of iPad 2, iPhone 4s or iPod Touch 5th generation and an active Internet connection.


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  • Only one problem 4/5

    By Crazyman2392
    The game is fun I’m having a blast trying to get the stickers and achievements the only thing that is bugging me is sometimes the private messages are either not sending or receiving them a day later...
  • Please Add Some New Features 2/5

    By Laboogs
    Although, Hotel Hideaway is a amazing game and it’s very fun to play and make friends and also socialize, but maybe adding some new things to make hotel hideaway a bit better ... WAY BETTER. I thought adding trading duplicates would make this game very fun! I also would like a new room to be added something like a party room like a party! I alsooo would like more games to earn prizes such as the the loot boxes. For a idea you could add like dig by tapping somewhere in the dirt and see what you get! I think adding things like this would be a fun game! Thanks for your understanding!
  • Fun!! 5/5

    By mimicyu 1.0
    This game is fun and simple reminds me of many other games!
  • Nice game annoying people 4/5

    By Superduper me
    I love this game. It is so beautifuly designed. But the kids who play it, are so mean. You will get into so many fights and roast fights. You should play but don’t hang out with the people
  • Nice 5/5

    By F3URB
  • The Wheel Strikes Again 4/5

    By Narwhalian711
    Aka awful spins. Better chances to get what you need from the wheel would be nice. Better loot would be good to. All I ever get is a few cookies and coins, and the rare 50 gems that pays for the next box. I’ve gotten lucky a few times but the daily’s need better loot box rewards.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Armin ely
    I updated the app and it stops working
  • I can’t stop playing 5/5

    By Oli Edw
    I have progressed so far in the game it’s easy to play now and the things you go through is like irl and it’s really fun starting out and learning how to play the game and now we are getting groups and I am a founder of two and one has 500 people in it like WOW
  • Hotel Hideaway 1/5

    By Elanore Sea
    So I love Hotel Hideaway but I have been noticing that there are some people who don’t follow the rules and respect others also people are underage in this game even though it’s +17 and there is some technical issues on my device after I took the new update now I am not saying that this is a bad game so I just wanted to bring this out there
  • I love it 5/5

    By livvy91409
    Best game ever
  • Amazing 5/5

    By MiningKitten01
    I love the game! I wish they could add more clothing items and for you to be able to have more dance moves and iterations. This game is worth downloading.
  • Love 5/5

    By ¢σσℓкι∂ρσσρ
    Ok I love this game it's so cool but one thing can we plz plz do one thing, can you guys plz stop like you know twerking on people without them saying it's what the heck?! That's all thanks for y'all❤️🤣😜😜😜
  • I love the game!! But here’s a few cool things you could add though 5/5

    By XxCaitlyn😶
    First off, I want to say that I love the game, it’s a wonderful game to make friends, very special relationships, make memories, and express yourself! But the first addon is that we can decorate our own rooms, there can be a small shop in your room and other rooms in your room, and yo can expand your room if you want to to make your room just how you want it! Also so you can lock doors if you don’t want someone coming in. The second one is the addon of getting pets! I’ve heard a lot of people wanting the addon with pets, and it seems like such a good idea! We could have birds, cats, dogs, and more! And the pets will be trained to follow you and do commands. Thanks for reading this if you got the chance to, and I really hope that you can work on doing these updates. Thank you again HH!
  • I love this game :/ 5/5

    By xXMasterIncXx
    I love this game :/
  • Love ya 5/5

    By Antobja
    I love this game the only thing is could you guys make the kitchen have real food and real food to make and also make it so we can go in the water at the beaches dn also have a bathroom in our hotel and a real elavater that day buttons like beach velvet lounge etc Pthet then that i love the game
  • Diamonds 5/5

    By LilHitman919
    I wish u could get like atleast 75 diamonds before u watch an ad while at a rift ;-;
  • Really fun 5/5

    By RockN'Rollerr
    It's really fun and an interesting different game only problem is you shouldn't be able to get doubles on the wheel but other than that I love it
  • XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX 5/5

    By YellowBananazzzz
    I love this game, but why’d you get rid of the Aurora clothing color. It was there before Christmas, but then it was labeled as a Christmas color and left with it. I’m really disappointed because I made a second avatar the day after the Christmas stuff left and when I went to buy the color, I found that it was gone which I found upsetting seeing as I wanted to make both my avatars match.
  • Four star rating 4/5

    By emmabound
    The community is not kid friendly so it's not a kid game but otherwise it's just a full out fun game
  • Evan 5/5

    By Lil cheek
    Really fun game
  • Love the games 5/5

    By queenie_loves games
    I love this game you should definitely dow this game is the best I ausure you it's the best I promise it is way better than other games in the world because it's good and fun and the more you play it the more you will get addicted to it promise you guys it's the best game well goodbye hope you enjoy the game(:
  • Too much oders. 1/5

    By Sara Torrey
    This game was awesome, until I found all the online daters.
  • Cool 5/5

    By Hhteww
    It's cool
  • Fix the bugs pls 5/5

    By Nora belle
    I was just playing I was trying on clothes and when I tried to leave the store I wasn’t wearing the clothes and it wouldn’t let me leave the store
  • Please fix these 2 thing 4/5

    By Jayli041326429427741
    This game is fun and cool, but your missing some things. First why can't we have necks? I think our avatars would look way better. And second I think we should be able to decorate our room with a kitchen, bathroom, living room, and room like our own house. Anyways I love this game and play it almost all the time. Please add what I said and you'll earn five stars.
  • I hate it 1/5

    By Pilarski42
    I made one purchase with iTunes in the game and it took all my gift card money their was $15.00 on my gift card I made 2 $2.99 purchases of diamonds and it took all of my money I hate this game and I want my flipping $10.00 back
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Easy to read Gods word
    It's just so good
  • Great game 5/5

    By Bobcat229
  • Amazing 5/5

    By hvfhgfgjgfg
    I love it! It’s so fun when your bored! I think you should add more rooms and more activity’s to do.
  • Great 5/5

    By Crazy Kayla The CUTIEEE
    I saw my friends and met new friends
  • Just a fun little suggestion... 4/5

    By Vgffttregjjvfgh
    I LOVE this game but you can’t get coins or diamonds without watching videos. A lot of people are role playing in the fusion kitchen that they are waitresses and are asking for cookies for imagery food. It would be fun if you actually had the option to actually work there and get gems every time you give someone their food. Again this is just a suggestion for other ways of earning coins and gems but overall it’s a good game.
  • Daily task and cookie problem 5/5

    By Venosstale
    Hotel Hideaway is one of the best online interaction games I’ve ever played but i have a problem with giving people cookies and daily task. The cookie problem is that people will do cookie for cookie but the game won’t let me give them the cookie back. The task problem is i can’t get rewards from daily task because I can’t get people to do rift with me so I can’t get rewards but if there was a “skip task” button it would be easier to get daily task done.

    By lowerbro
  • I love this game 5/5

    By šwëët
    This is the best game that I have ever played but there are some flaws. Like sometimes my ads won’t work and when I go on Hotel Hideaway it says I have 2 pms but when I go to the Pms there is nothing there. It is annoying because it is like that every time I go on the game. And I never get Crystal Boxes from loot, I have only got it 3 times and I’m lvl 41. And I don’t have all this money to spend on diamonds and I don’t have diamonds to transfer to coins so maybe you should make a 1 time use Free Package Set, like u will get maybe 500 diamonds and 10,000 coins :). Idk just an idea!! Besides all of that I rlly rlly do love and enjoy this game. ~šwëët
  • Good game. 3/5

    By Episodeisannoying
    Here are some things I would like to see: You can decorate your hotel room with a furniture shop, When you talk to someone you can send emojis, More public rooms please! (The ones we have now get extremely boring after a while so I would like to see something new. For those of people who like role playing etc. could actually see and order from a menu in the Fusion Kitchen. Another thing: Jobs. You could work at a job and earn cookies, coins, and clothes instead of that dumb loot box machine I personally think this would be better. You have amazing graphics and all but I would like to see not only 3 sides of a public room but all 4. I would also like you to take the glove thing away when you do a gesture and replace it with something more realistic. Overall, this is a good game, but please read this.
  • I kinda love this game 5/5

    By SkyTheMajestic
  • This game is AMAZINGLY FUN!!!!! 5/5

    By Misi🍭
    I love this game! It’s fun to socialize with other ppl! When I went I got this game, I was having 2nd thoughts on it, but I’m really glad I stuck with my gut and played it. My fave part of the game is the weel. I love the weel bc every time you land on a gift, you usually get another turn!!! I recommend this game to all of you guys! It’s great!
  • Yass 5/5

    By bripotato
    I love it
  • Planet Oy (Hotel Hideaway Maker) PLEASE READ 3/5

    By Episode fan #1
    Hey,So I bought the 1 Time Offer For $4.99 and I didn't get the coins Hotel Hideaway Makers my account is Smexy Potato.Please Give Me My Coins Or At least my money back
  • It’s ok 5/5

    By Tatum Meadors
    It would be cool if we could like decorate our rooms an stuff i mean basically you go to a hotel to be in a room but there’s not much to do in it just a suggestion- Kenzie Brooks
  • This Game is going Down Hill 4/5

    By Gracie Zieber
    .....This Game is getting worst for me. You need to have SO many coins and diamonds to buy stuff, I am not spending my own money also. Also the Trash Bot and how it eats your comments if you are saying a bad word, it has been taking away more than bad words (like it doesn't know what a bad word is). I want more clothing that doesn't look bad, there is a lot of good clothing but it so expensive, and it is annoying. I want them to fix this but they won't
  • I still recommend HOTEL HIDEAWAY!!! 5/5

    By XxKaylordxX
    Well I love this game but can you at least add in the old clothes this year like the awesome bunny ears, santa in the chimney hat and if u want to add this in for a suggestion I recommend that since we can spend diamonds for more coins can we have coins for diamonds? Because it’s rare to find diamonds or can we have a diamond daily we usually have a coin daily and coins are not rare at all. Just another thing, I would LOVE to costumize our rooms so it’s not like any other rooms and what I mean by rooms is private rooms, it makes it more exciting, and so that if u walk in another freinds private room it’s not literally the same thing CAN WE ALSO HAVE CATS AND DOGS AS PETS OMG I WOULD SO LOVE THIS APP IF U HAVE THAT THAT WILL MAKE THE GAME THE. BEST!!!! (besides the tag). This is my suggestions I am hoping in the future it will happen. Thank you for the game tho very fun!! Freind me on HH name is: XxKaylordxX
  • Totally addicting 5/5

    By spobyshippers
    Says it all in the title
  • Nice game! 5/5

    By Papismami69
    If you have some free time on your hands and you like to be a social butterfly or just to get away from the real world this is a great game to play!
  • I love the game 5/5

    By H-H Lover
    Its a great game i love playing it and i like the chance of getting to meet others but theres one thing that i don't like and it is that in order to get the colors gold white and black you have to use too many diamonds which makes it hard for u to then buy something from ADORN specially because many good things you have to buy with diamonds it would be a good idea if each player had a packet for one time use in which it gave u a super good amount of diamonds and a good amount of coins and a decent amount of spins but like i said before you would only be able to use it once idk if u like the idea but u should totally consider it its not me just saying things but its what many of the players of the game think!!!!!
  • Love it except for this... 5/5

    By Avii16
    The game’s fun and forcibly interactive in a great way which induces interactions with other players! One thing that really makes the game uncomfortable (a little too often) however is how other players seem to express inaccurate stereotyping opinions that are (I’ll just say it) RACIST to other players. I think a good way to capture this behavior in game is if you can select the exact comment they typed, and an option for “reporting” becomes available targeting their name and offensive statement(s). This sadly is an often lived topic that yet still comes with all chat room enabled applications/programs. This game is otherwise still great to play and hang out! 5 ⭐️’s in my eyes! 👍🏼
  • For Those Who Don’t Understand What 17+ Means 4/5

    By CartoonLover312
    Before I start writing about this game, let me first say that I have never written a review for any app on the App Store, but I felt compelled to do so after reading others’ opinions of the game. In a nutshell, Hotel Hideaway is a fun social game in which you can talk to other players from literally around the world. It can be slightly intimidating at first, but once someone gets the hang of it, the game becomes more enjoyable. Now for my main motivation for writing this: One thing that I’ve noticed in other peoples’ reviews is that the game should be quote, “more kid friendly”. No offense to those reviewers, but the whole point of HH is that it’s meant for people 17 and older; in other words, IT WAS NEVER INTENDED FOR KIDS. The developers cannot predict, nor do they have complete control over, what players say or do in the game (i.e. cussing/inappropriate language, bullying, sex). Telling HH to be more kid friendly is like telling the producers of an R-rated movie to remove any and all inappropriateness so that kids (who have no business watching it in the first place) can see it. I think a lot of people out there seem to forget the point I mentioned above. Just because something looks colorful/cute does not necessarily mean that it’s safe for kids. Adults have a right to enjoy activities without the interference of kids, just as kids have a right to enjoy activities intended for them without the interference of us adults. What I think the developers of this game should do is enforce the age requirement of the game to filter out the underage players and remove them. If you don’t like the fact players are twerking, cussing, and talking about sex, simply delete the game and move on; no one’s forcing you to play and, again, it’s intended for adults in the first place. If you are old enough to play and want to do so, by all means, join HH! If not, find something appropriate for your age group.
  • Fun 5/5

    By Sirsmokestoomuch
    It’s a really fun and interesting game
  • LILYXD 5/5

    By xxxlil444xxx
    Omg this is my fave game! So addictive and fun! I love to earn stickers and cookies!! My user name is my nickname add me so i can reach my cookie goal!!
  • Yup. 5/5

    By Hdhjgdkmvfrjjv
    Good game. MUST Play.

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