HoursTracker: Hours and Pay

HoursTracker: Hours and Pay

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  • Current Version: 4.4.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Cribasoft, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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HoursTracker: Hours and Pay App

OVER 300,000 PEOPLE track their time and pay using HoursTracker ®. Try it today, and find out why it's the best and most highly-rated time tracker in the App Store! QUICK AND EASY time entry and editing make time tracking painless • Record time using timers, complete with support for Breaks and Pauses, including automatic breaks • Track your pay, including Tips, Mileage, and flexible ± time and earnings adjustments • Pick any time to start, stop, break or pause the timer (7 minutes ago, 10 minutes from now, whatever you need) • Set job locations and get clock in and out reminders when you arrive or leave or fully automate your time tracking (geofencing) • Manually enter time entries with minimal effort thanks to smart, adaptive defaults • Enter comments of any length with your time entries and optionally include them in your exports • Control timers, dictate comments, and apply tags using your Apple Watch ADVANCED FEATURES and customization set HoursTracker above the rest • Automatic daily and weekly overtime earnings calculations • Built-in reports by Day, Week, and Month and support for most common pay period schedules • Robust tagging and filtering allow you to build your own custom views • Reminders when you've worked your target number of hours per day (even takes time rounding into account) • Automatic time rounding: up, down, or to nearest (including 6 min) • Easily copy an existing job or time entry to save time and effort • Reminders you to clock in on your selected work days • Today Widget for at a glance time and pay monitoring • CSV and formatted text export via e-mail or the iOS Share Sheet • Passcode lock (with Touch ID support) helps keep your HoursTracker data private • Cloud-based backup/restore with one re-usable backup slot included free (free account sign up is required) • Web-based reporting access, including charts, graphs, desktop exports, and rolling backups available with optional subscription • Customize your HoursTracker experience in the Preferences section under the More tab. Choose only one or many jobs clocked in at a time, opt-into prompts for comments, choose an elapsed time format (hours:minutes, or decimal hours), and more "Free Edition" stores up to 3 jobs and 21 days of entries. For unlimited entries, upgrade to the "Personal" (up to 5 jobs) or "Pro" (unlimited jobs) edition. Or, erase older data and continue to use the "Free Edition" until you're ready to buy. Prompt and personal customer support is available via e-mail from within the app, typically answered within 12-24 hours. Visit our website at http://www.hourstrackerapp.com to learn more, and follow @HoursTracker on Twitter or facebook.com/HoursTracker to hear about upcoming features first. App Store reviews help users find the best apps, but they don't allow us to help you because we cannot respond. If you have a question, problem, or need help, please send us a support request via e-mail.


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HoursTracker: Hours and Pay app reviews

  • I have more than three jobs 1/5

    By Eppster
    I have more than three jobs so screw your in app purchases.
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By Zzt53
    I’ve used this app for a while and it has been great. 5 stars. However lately, the ad content has changed from a banner ad here or there to full page auto play video ads. Not cool. A banner ad is fine, but once it starts playing a video or blasting audio, that’s not ok.
  • Was great then not! 1/5

    By xRicky9
    The App is great. I used this to week track of my hours because i work a lot of overtime but the main reason i use a “hours keeper app” is because my job uses a point base system (absences). So i have to keep up with “22 working days” before i can get a point taken off. Heres the down fall about this awesome app, I’ve reached the max number of hours i can save in the “free version” now i cant save any more hours unless i buy the premium app or delete my past hours. So dumb!
  • The Best App Ever 5/5

    By Readal
    I love this app. So intuitive. Great job!!
  • I use it everyday 5/5

    By Abelledesign
    I am a freelance designer and I love using this app. It gives me the flexibility I need when charging clients for my time. I can designate a name, rate, time, make changes, keep accuracy, etc... extremely easily. I highly recommend it.
  • A must for anyone who earns a paycheck 5/5

    By Nutronn
    As an independent contractor, I have to keep track of multiple projects and bill appropriately. This app is fantastic and I don’t even use all it has to offer.
  • Issues 2/5

    By Elroyfromhp
    I have used this app for awhile now using the finger print to unlock the app. It's really great however! Fingerprint stop working and is asking me for a 4 digit passcode and can't remember it! I've email the company and still no word back! It's an easy to use app but currently lock out and need to be long in! 😡 Reaching out on comment for the app to see if maybe I will get an answer sooner!! Reason for two stars is being lock out and not able to reset passcode or an option to help me out other then email from the app store!
  • Hours Tracker 4/5

    By Opossum5000
    Works pretty well. Have been using it for years.
  • Use for construction 5/5

    By SuperDaveOsborne
    I'm a general contractor and have my employees use this. The employees need to be trustworthy as they can adjust clock in/clock out times manually. I like the option of the employee able to voice to text comments of what they did that day, so I don't have to decipher messy handwriting. They can email the time cards organized by job or date, whichever you prefer.
  • Robust 5/5

    By I Love Doritos
    I just love Hours Tracker. Been using it for almost six years and it is deep and powerful and works!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Requestofqubed
    Easy to use, allows me to know exactly how many hours I have put in at work without having to pull out a calculator.
  • Pay end date 4/5

    By ttttttttaaaaaaazzzzzz
    Awesome app but can you make it so I can put my weekly pay ends on 12 noon instead of 12 midnight?
  • Great app! 4/5

    By blacklisted2017
    Four stars only because navigating the job display functions could be a little more user friendly. Took time to figure out how to do some of the options of the app. Other than that, would be FiVE stars.
  • Deleting it 1/5

    By Review #11
    It was nice until I reached some sort of limit and they want me to pay for it...
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Hockeystar7
    Generally love the hours tracker app and have been using for nearly four years. It is flexible enough to support a number of uses and reliable with both automated and manual backups. Adjustments and comments are quickly addressed by the developer. I use this app every day and love it!
  • Great App but needs a few additions to make it even greater 4/5

    By CherryCin
    Love the app so far but it would be great if it could track time by certain increments. For example, I found out that I need to track my hours by increments of .25 and it would be great if the app had the option to track time by the amount of increments you choose. Another useful addition would be that you can clock in/clock out a break and see the exact time you did both options. Sometimes I forget what time I started or ended a break and this app could track that.
  • Awesome App 4/5

    By Sgran1
    Very useful and user friendly app. Only thing I’d like to see is the ability to include a dollar per hour “shift diff” for hours worked at certain times.
  • Was great 2/5

    By Fann200
    Been using it for many years and am now unable to open app on my phone.
  • Is the geofence broken? 3/5

    By Really developers?
    I really liked this app- especially the ability to record time based on a location. However, I've noticed with the last update I have to open the app in order for location awareness to update.... Ugh. Bye-bye dependability. Please fix this
  • Fantastic App but... 4/5

    By Cyn1231
    I love this app to keep track of hours on different projects. However, since last update, I am unable to write comments when recording hours; this was the one thing which "sold" me into getting this app. Please fix!
  • Does a great job 4/5

    By Jam3sblu3
    Of keeping track of my day, my service calls, billing, it’s perfect for my needs
  • Not “free” 1/5

    By Gtrdjittg
    This is not a “free” app with “in-app purchases”. It is only a lite/trial version which REQUIRES in app purchases to continue using.
  • Love it 5/5

    By ElLocoScienctist
    Only thing i can complain about is that you can’t do overtime based in number of days
  • Needs to automatically set a break time 5/5

    By Hot_Shot_75494
    Love the app. I use it all the time. Although I don't like having to put my break times in every day. It would be nice to set it to add a break automatically. Please add the feature on the next update! Thank you for adding the automatic break. It would be nice to be able to add vacation time or holiday pay without it affecting the hours that you work. So if you work say 40 hours in a week or you have a holiday pay and still work 40 hours, we would be able to add the holiday pay or vacation pay without it looking like you are getting over time pay.
  • Forced to Upgrade? 2/5

    By Oupiphi
    I have been using the free version of this app for over a year - and LOVE IT. However, today when I clocked in it made me choose to either upgrade or DELETE ALL of my data (just happens to be the last day of pay period, coincidentally) and I could continue using the free version... :( Since I did not want to lose 2 weeks of pay, I chose to upgrade to the $5.99 version and have not seen any difference than the free version.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Shakavicmpa
    This is the Clock in/Clock out tool for employees who have employers who are too cheap to buy a system to track hours and suddenly have Alzheimer’s when it comes to pay and how much you worked. We’ll protect your worth with this app. -Vic
  • Great app 5/5

    By Osvaldo Budet
    Really useful!
  • Used a couple years ago and now it’s even better today 5/5

    By hermi123
    A few years ago for a not so serious job I used this app. Now it’s a few years later and it’s even better. Love this app very important to keep track of your money.
  • Works great need iPad support 4/5

    By M1 Grande
    I love how easy the app is to use and the location learning feature. However, this app won’t take advantage of the iPad with cellular that I use it on. Please update the app to support these devices, and it would be perfect!
  • Travel Nurse 5/5

    By Jessrnika
    Great App to keep up with Travel Time.
  • Great Little App for Tracking Work Hours 5/5

    By RSA•671
    I love this little app. I've been using it for quite sometime now. It's great because I sometimes will be too busy to manually clock in at work and the location awareness feature will automatically clock me in when I arrive at work. I can then use this to go back and use this information to accurately enter my work hours.
  • At first it was good 1/5

    By Swn23
    Ok at fi at I really liked it but to find out it is only free for 21 days then you have to pay is for the birds.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Kaymin
    Multiple hobs and hours. Easy to use and calculate pay.
  • Event tracker 3/5

    By Dedwarmo
    I use HoursTracker to keep track of how often I urinate. No joke. I have bladder problems and the medical apps just aren’t flexible enough. When I forget to record an event I can go back and add it whether it was an hour ago or eight hours ago.
  • Indispensable 5/5

    By McMc40
    This is the only review I’ve left for an app so far. This app has become an integral part of my workflow (I am a general contractor). I’m embarrassed to say that it replaced a system of scraps of paper and cardboard with dates and times written on them. I’d be a mess without it. I highly recommend it for people with lots of clients and lots of simultaneous projects.
  • I love it 5/5

    By Lucind
    I like this app keep time good.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By yoeli app
    I love this app
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Jesse3065
    Awesome app. Easy to use, I like the user interface. It would be better if you guys added a timer. So you would know when your breaks are over
  • Mz. Theresa B 5/5

    By Mz. Tea
    Awesome app. Love it. I've recommended it to all my coworkers.
  • So fruitful! 5/5

    By ཀརྨ་yonten
    Since d day I gave it a go , I fell in love with it . Everyone should give it a shot ..
  • Gets the job done. Could be better 4/5

    By NettyZack
    It's got a bit of a learning curve...it's hard to change things if you've made a mistake but it gets the job done. I wish it would print better reports by date and times rather than in paragraph form.
  • I use this app every working day 5/5

    By Radiopoet
    Over the years that I've used this app, I've grown to love it more each job I take on. It's documentation recently helped me to get a client to pay their final invoice, as I could account for each block of billed time. Thanks for a great app! Still use this app every work day, and love it now as much as when I first started using it. Buy this and be happy about it!
  • Amazing and easy to use 5/5

    By Lady Knottian
    This app is so good I had to get the full paid version. I‎t tracks everything I need and it’s very accurate. Easy to use with my Apple Watch, and even easier to share my time logs. 10/10 would recommend.
  • Great app 5/5

    By ChezChefie
    Very easy to use and accurate. I’ve recommended this app to all my coworkers.
  • Very simple 5/5

    By meweu
    Simple and convenient! Emailing backup is easy and suites my business needs nicely. I've been a user for several years now.
  • A consultant’s gift! 5/5

    By CynD4Biz
    I am focused on delivering. It is truly difficult to to track the time it takes to deliver. This is my reality check. I track all my hours and on invoices I break out what I have billed and the hours not billed d that went beyond to deliver an appointment to exceptional result. The dark side. It is also a way to factually identify the by the project has cost more that they responsible for.
  • Works 5/5

    By Enwade
    I use it for basic hours tracking. Works well for that basic function.
  • Very Flexible 5/5

    By Brxxthe
    I use this app to track my pay and i find it very flexible with a lot of options for my job.
  • This app works for me 5/5

    By Phillip 1
    I appreciate that this app works for me as I need it to. I looked at 3 different time sheet apps. This one clicked every box I needed. Thank you.
  • Good for the independent contractor 5/5

    By Djh0405
    I have between 3 to 6 projects running at any one time this is about the right kind of product and help me make sure I keep good track of where I put my hours.

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