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House Flip with Chip and Jo

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House Flip with Chip and Jo App

Play alongside Chip and Jo to renovate and design with a variety of construction & staging skills. Discover new houses and architecture, and learn how to buy low and sell high in our fun real estate game! FEATURES • Design hundreds of different houses in beautiful 3D detail • Watch offers roll in for homes you designed with Chip and Jo’s magic touch • Learn the basics of real estate by paying attention to ‘Neighborhood Comps’ • Specialize in a wide variety of renovation capabilities to unlock more colors and new skills • Renovate and design houses using Magnolia® items with new furnishings added all the time • Build capital and experience so you can flip bigger homes and all varieties of architecture • Visit famous landmarks as you adventure through new cities across the world • Unlock achievements and complete missions to quickly earn ‘Hearts’ and ‘Elbow Grease’ to make fast progress • Watch exclusive videos of Chip and Jo describing every element of flipping houses • Text your friends and family using Chipmoji’s and Jomoji’s with our iMessage sticker pack included in your free download! • Experience gorgeous 3D graphics on all Retina displays including the newest iPhone X’s Super Retina! Like us on Facebook: @HouseFlipTheGame PLEASE NOTE! House Flip is free to download and play, but some game items can be purchased with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download House Flip. A persistent network connection is also required to play (network fees may apply). Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Last but not least, thank you to our family and friends who supported us as we worked those long hours. Special thanks also to our partners at Section Studios and Chip and Joanna’s Magnolia teams.


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House Flip with Chip and Jo app reviews

  • Love this game but it has some downfalls 3/5

    By Madenkate kc
    Parts of this game allow you to interact with Facebook friends to gain hearts, but when you send requests there's no way for your friends to accept them. Ads get repetitive. And worst of all, there's no way to gain more money, you can buy hearts and use hearts to buy monkey grease, but you're stuck with the money part! I do love the added opportunities that are open for 24 hours. Would like if the them requirements were shorter for the more advanced stages, I get bored with game when it's 9 hours to wait.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Gorgeous 21
    We’re do I start. I’m an 11 year old and I love chip and jo there are such an amazing inspirational couple Bc even since I started watching there show I alaways had the passion that I want to Reno houses or be a real estate agent when I grow up . And now I can do that with this amazing app that I love Bc it’s 3D and it’s like I’m actually inside the house that I’m renovating. Now last but not least the videos . It’s soooooo inspiring that chip and jo have videos to give there feed back and why the floors , sinks , etc. Are nesceary and important. If you don’t understand why u have to renovate the house certain things in the house they explain why it’s important . Well that is the end of the review and I hope that u love my review chip and jo bc this app is amazing and I hope you guys keep on renovating for years to come !!! Sinsirely- Jojo
  • Takes to long 5/5

    By babyjasm1n3
    I understand costing more in big towns but shouldn’t take longer to do the same size house that didn’t take as long it should stay the same for each room that is the same size takes 6 hrs for some things so takes me 2 to 3 days to do a house because of the amount of time for each project in a room
  • Wasting time 3/5

    By Ciara1023
    I like be the game but I do t like that you have to do sit with nothing to do while your jobs are being completed. Also it would be nice if you could further customize the houses with your own design touches not pre-chooses color schemes.
  • Good game but..... 2/5

    By Nonie4LMR
    I really enjoyed this game the first few flips. Then, you run out of hearts and elbow grease. There’s no way of gaining hearts unless you buy them. I refuse to spend money on games! Even when I click on the trees, I get one, maybe two hearts. Not enough. There needs to be a secondary way of gaining both. Unfortunately, I will be deleting this game because I’m stuck in a flip with no way of completing it. Great concept, but definitely could be better. Keep improving and I’ll keep checking back for updates.
  • Pleasant 5/5

    By Monster Rio
    Very pleasant to play
  • Interior design options 3/5

    By great intro to Crash
    I’d like to see more options for staging. I like interior design, so to have more options in decorating the homes would be nice.
  • Fun game 5/5

    By Corv61blue
    If you like the show, this is a good simulation
  • Was obsessed now disappointed 1/5

    By Cait94
    Liked it a lot I was addicted but without paying attention I spent more money than I had and there is no way to get more money unless you spend more to achieve goals.. so I was very disappointed I am now stuck and cannot do a thing in the game.. no option to buy more money or even restart house renovation.. not pleased.
  • doesn’t work 2/5

    By Nickiminaj lover
    this game doesn’t work
  • Fixes? 4/5

    By KierstynRenee1994
    I’m loving this game. I think it is super fun and fairly realistic? I think One of my comments/suggestions-when you are looking at the construction thing and you get a check mark if you have done that-I think that there should also be a way to tell you which update you did.. especially for paint color. That way if you change your mind and want to paint the entire house one color later one, you’re not redoing rooms that are already the correct color. My other suggestion is to be able to redo the hall ways. It annoys me so much when I paint every room grey but the entire hallway is green. Or when I redo the floors to be super nice, but the hall floors are the basic flooring. It just doesn’t flow. Other than those things, I love the game!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By lizzza koshy fan 3
    It such a good game
  • Fun, Too slow-paced to hold attention for long 4/5

    By Dana Z from Austin
    I’m on my 5th or 6th house and constantly find myself going back and forth between other games I play because the in-app time it takes to stage or renovate each task is time-consuming with no option to multi-task. I also play games like Hay Day, Ramsey Dash, Sim City, etc. and all of these have various tasks or places you can go within the app so when you get to a stopping point/standstill in one area, you can bounce to another to remain within the app allowing for more gameplay. I would play this game more if I didn’t feel the need to constantly pop out to play another game while I wait 4 minutes for something to update. Suggestion is not to limit the the amount of tasks you can do based on contractors. It’s way too much to buy the 3rd contractor. In Hay Day, you can produce hundreds of crops and goods at the same time. Some take seconds, some take days but at least you have the option to continue to produce and grow your farm without being tightly restricted. I prefer games that don’t restrict you to buying lives, hearts, etc. to continue gameplay. I am more loyal to games which allow you to play at your own pace. With some improvements to the structure of the game and heart and grease amounts versus costs to buy with real money and the price of contractors, etc., I’d play this WAY more often. Needs some rebalancing in this area.
  • I can buy more hearts but why cant i buy money?? 5/5

    By The rockstar27
    Please make an update with in game purchase of money
  • Love how I don’t need to pay for everything 5/5

    By Phan1591
    This is the best game ever I’m addicted higher the level the more design option
  • Ehh 4/5

    By Prettyvae
    I really like this game I really wish there was a was a way to counter an offer just like the show
  • Hearts 2/5

    By Can't buy coins!
    There must be a better way to get hearts, other than purchasing them. You really shouldn’t have to spend real money to play a game.
  • I’m stuck 1/5

    By Jfkfjkdkdjk
    I can’t buy or list any more. I’ve flipped about 5 houses and now I can’t continue. 😔
  • Gets boring 3/5

    By Kierstyn21
    I like the game but I often forget to go back because there are not enough missions or goals so it gets boring just clicking buttons not really looking forward to much... MORE MISSIONS/ GOALS
  • Stuck 1/5

    By Janietatt
    Did one house and it’s been stuck at 26% ever since. App support takes me to FB page???? Seriously???
  • Love it 5/5

    By Aubrey Conner
    Great but could use some more options when it comes to colors and furniture and such
  • Hmmmm 1/5

    By YeppppppptkgkgyhfrhjbvJUSTIN
    The game is super fun, but now my app doesn’t even work lol. It literally just loads on the intro screen and that’s it.
  • Almost Great 3/5

    By Frozen chill
    I love this game it’s an amazing type of design but at the beginning the designs are kind of repetitive and the floors like hardwood don’t go the same direction throughout the house which is very unrealistic. Lastly I would like to see at least four options per staging style as the current two are very limited.
  • Fav. Show now fav. Game 5/5

    By kimono25
    Fixer upper was an amazing show and showed a lot. Now there’s a game. OMG it’s amazing shows how to renovate and design homes.
  • Good home design game 5/5

    By Austin 1432
    I can’t get enough of this game l love the fact that when you finish the to do list you can do whatever you want with it and sell it. You should give this game a try please.
  • Not much fun 1/5

    By signgirl
    I thought this would be a great game, but it’s not that great! It takes too long waiting on projects to get finished. Also you really can’t design rooms in your own style. I am really disappointed in this game!
  • Eh, indifferent 🤷🏼‍♀️ 3/5

    By JaimeCifrese
    You’re forced to complete expensive tasks and then when you go to sell your houses the target price is literally never anywhere near the offers?
  • UPDATED Review - Was a good game with glitches 1/5

    By 22Michelle
    UPDATE: Unlocked San Diego and it made me delete the app. Countertops and appliances take almost 7 hours to install at 84,000💧’s a pop! Hanging a bathroom mirror, placing a fruit bowl on the counter or placing a laundry basket takes almost 2.5 hours at 28,000💧’s a pop, etc... The odd part about this “game” is the further you advance (more cities, more money, more hearts, more💧’s) the further back you go. The more you achieve, the slower the “game” moves and it takes SIGNIFICANTLY more of all named resources to “play” the game. Ultimately there really is no reward for advancing. Kind of pointless. The game has potential, but it’s not worth your time until they get all the glitches worked out. —————— ORIGINAL: This is an interesting game with clean graphics. However, there are a few things I hope they fix. Once different cities are unlocked, the houses take much longer to finish and the only way you know the income level of the house is by purchasing it. It would be great to know the income level prior to purchasing it. ALL houses in Waco and Kansas City are very low or low income level and most are low income level in Phoenix and Salt Lake City, but the price of the houses are between $250,000 - $450,000 (not very low level income, to me) and take significantly longer to complete. One of the biggest glitches I’ve noticed is buying a house in a city that actually has a few medium to high income houses and using higher quality materials (aka more money and time) to renovate, only to finish and go to flip the house, and find out that the potential buyers are in a very low or low level budget bracket and the house you just flipped is actually low level, but you just spent significant money on quality materials. You lose a lot of money (I wait until the market is on fire and use hearts to go thru many offers, quickly) and no matter how many offers you get, the highest is still much lower than your target price. Again, good game, but could be better and hopefully it will be as the kinks are worked out.
  • Fun! 4/5

    By Twilightrain
    This game is fun. It’s a bit repetitive and I’d like to see color choices for decorations that are more varied. But all in all, I’m enjoying it.
  • Big fan 4/5

    By Stephy93
    I love the videos from chip and jo, renovations options, levels, easy to navigate, heart and grease meter, but the app is very slow
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Livmatt456789
    Terrible game, you can’t really do much, or have a opinion about it. I was expecting more of it. Also, did I do something wrong or there is no menu tab so you can turn off the annoying music?! And it doesn’t save what you did before, I finished the house and put it for sale then rejected the first offer right, as is the only option than we have to wait for 5 minutes for the next offer? Heck no, so I decide to check Facebook in the meanwhile, when I went back to the game app and started all over and wanted me to buy the same house all over again. Very very disappointment, have no patience to wait to see if it gets better or not when you level up. I just deleted the app after downloading it 30 min ago.
  • waste of time 1/5

    By blkmedic419
    If you have nothing but time on your hands, then this is the game for you. It’s fun, but seriously waiting 9 hours for a washer and dryer to install so you can finish a remodel is ridiculous. I’ll spend my time playing wheel of fortune or uno. I love Chip & Jojo, but this app is not worth the trouble.
  • Repetitive and needs improvement 3/5

    By Mombly9802
    Game gets very repetitive after the first few cities and has way too many glitches. I constantly lose connection (regardless of playing on WiFi or through phone data) and have to wait for game to reload. Not really a game you can just sit and play. Lots of waiting for work to be completed, so more of a get on and play for a couple of minutes, then come back to it later. Really wanted to like this one.
  • Hearts 3/5

    By Rmm1212
    There needs to be an easier way to get more hearts faster and also more options in decorations
  • Takes way too long to load. 2/5

    By gae0357
    It looked like it would be fun, but I’ve been sitting waiting for it to load. Won’t go past 41%. Oh well. 🤷‍♀️
  • Needs work 2/5

    By Rae_1989
    Good concept however it takes to long to do anything! Need to have better ways to earn hearts and elbow grease especially if it takes over a hour to add a light bulb and you only have 2 contractors. The games graphics are beautiful but I need a better play experience to keep going.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Megemaud
    Just keeps loading for 3 days now each time I try to open the app it gets stuck at the picture of Chip and the game WHEN AND IF it works
  • ❤️ 5/5

    By Jada mf p
    I’m inlove with this game it’s absolutely fantastic and fun
  • The wonders 5/5

    By Modern Envy
    I love the wonders of this game, it’s like I’m actually Chip and Joana
  • Money problems 4/5

    By Sd2376
    It’s a pretty good game but what about when you don’t have enough money to finish a renovation? I purchased the cheapest house in that city and I can’t finish renovating. Does this mean you lose and have to restart or something?
  • Way too long to earn 💧 2/5

    By Luff324
    I have been playing this game and I am now in Salt Lake City. It takes WAY too long to earn any elbow grease. There have been times I have waited DAYS just to get enough elbow grease to finish a house to sell. This seems very unreasonable. Great concept, great game, just takes WAY too long to compete tasks. I will delete it and wait to see if anything gets changed later on as I am just very frustrated with the amount of time this game is taking to complete tasks.
  • Fun but needs improvement 4/5

    By leahsodyssey
    Playing it for a couple of days now, and I’d like to see the following changes. The wait time for your project is annoying and I’d prefer you just make your choice and done. I would also like more style control, move furniture, more choices. Otherwise it is lots of fun.
  • Nice 5/5

    By generallee1967
    Nice game
  • Want to love it, but... 3/5

    By Applebee3
    I want to love this game, but after playing on and off for a couple of days I’m already bored. It gets redundant and is too slow paced for me. There is no option to work on multiple homes at once, so while you’re waiting for the kitchen counters to be installed there is nothing else you can really do. You should be able to work in multiple homes as your money permits. Love the concept. Some changes to give you more to do would make it great!
  • Started out fun 3/5

    By tyler anthony mcdonald
    I LOVED this game, but now after getting so far it’s getting ridiculous. Placing a laundry basket or fruit bowl can take over an hour but putting in lighting or towel bars are only 40 minutes??? It would be nice as you open higher levels that the things could change colors, such as the bedding colors or design of the dining tables, that gets boring using the same 4 dining tables and so on. Also the past 2 days my elbow grease is not refilling. Says that after almost 8 hrs it is supposed to refill and has in the past, now it’s barely moving. The hearts need to be a bigger reward, flip 2 houses somewhere and get 2 hearts, really you can’t get anything with 2 hearts. I thought it would be a fun FREE game though after a few levels you have to spend money or wait for a long time to finish 1 house. Not paying so I guess I’m not playing much longer. So disappointed
  • Love it! But new update won’t load game 5/5

    By Tanya0519
    I absolutely love this game. It’s super fun!! But the recent update caused the game not to load at all. It just has the loading screen when you first click on it and that’s the furthest it goes. I hope this gets fixed ASAP because I love this game. :/
  • Fun and addicting game!! 4/5

    By MsOrganized96
    I am completely in awe of how well the graphics are in this game. The only thing I wish was different is the listings. I wish you could table certain offers and come back to them instead of straight up rejecting them. Otherwise that, the game is super fun and addicting!!
  • Good but 3/5

    By Miranda Cook The Great
    Good game but it takes too long to load up. Can y’all fix that? Overall good job!
  • Not good at all!! 1/5

    By SurferGirl_17
    It is positively a great game, no doubt. BUT........... you aren’t supplied with enough hearts. For example, apparently you have a couple of contractors and every paint job, floor and things like that you lose a contractor. So when I ran out of contractors I had to use my hearts to buy them, but you only are supplied with 150 hearts. Contractors are 500 hearts. How is that supposed to work??? So I couldn’t finish my renovation and if I didn’t finish I couldn’t list my house. I deleted it right away because I couldn’t work or do anything after that. Waste of time. I would not recommend it to anyone. Thanks!
  • Great game 4/5

    By Wickedteaching
    It is a good game but it’s the same thing over and over. It doesn’t let you move beds or coaches around. The houses all really look the same. Their aren’t enough basic colors for interior or exterior for the same price.

House Flip with Chip and Jo app comments


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