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Everything you love about HubSpot in one place...your pocket! - Digest: Manage your full HubSpot stack in one powerful app. - Marketing: The power of inbound marketing goes where you go. - Sales: Your sales team performance is in the palm of your hand. - CRM: Every deal in your funnel, every contact in your queue.


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  • Great with a few tweaks missing! 3/5

    By Moe9052
    Hoping for a new update soon! Leader boards arent working properly. Digest as a whole needs work on!
  • Useless 1/5

    By Chewbympm
    I can’t even sign into the app. What’s the point?
  • Solid 5/5

    By Madison Jonas
    I primarily use the desktop and iPad version of the app. HubSpot has taken my follow up game to the next level. I love being able to create my own sales funnels and create the steps to the sale. I know where I am at with all my opportunities.
  • Doesn’t do the platform justice 1/5

    By Kingofrandb
    The app does not do the platform justice. First Growthbot is temperamental, the reporting can learn a thing or two from Intuit with the fluidity of their app. Having the ability to blog and send a monthly newsletter would be great. If there was a template to insert content and launch through the app that would be awesome. Just my two cents.
  • How is it so slow? 2/5

    By juan90
    Agree that integration isn’t what it should be
  • Hubspot support 5/5

    By husli08
    Hubspot support was able to quickly solve my problem. Thanks!
  • Good god... 1/5

    By Afhxgjj
    Some of the worst software I’ve ever used. UX takes a while to figure out. Important features completely missing like file attachments. Tons of bugs: Form navigation does not work. Reselecting a field clears the other fields. Typing a long email will jerk the view up and down with each keystroke. Do I need to go on?
  • Low feature parity 1/5

    By D2Rhino
    This would be a great app if it had feature parity with the desktop version. The ability to alter any and all settings that I can change in the desktop version should be in this app. Otherwise it’s a toy, and not very useful for productivity. Oh and the famous “cannot update properties, check your internet connection” bug. Ah, Hubspot, so many versions, yet still no fix...
  • Buggy IPad app, desktop is great 2/5

    By Thakurland
    Desktop version is amazing, but iPad/iPhone is so buggy and inconsistent. This review in anyway is against hubspot, because it’s hands down the best CRM you could use.
  • Can’t even log in 1/5

    By Doofbag
    Their web app is bad enough not sure why I tortured myself with this also.
  • Inter app integration is subpar 1/5

    By Dschlaino
    The data marts are not integrated or synchronized enough, which causes a user to repeat data entry from companies to contacts. For example, if I add a contact within a company record, I have to enter company information which leaves potential for error. If I am in a company record and select add contact, it should be apparent that the company data get auto populated with the company data. But noooo, I have to re-enter all of the company data again. This adds too much time and complexity to a simple process. This is one of many examples that make HubSpot too difficult for me to use. Reporting is clumsy and too Facebookesque with the timeline. Please go and look at other CRMs to get id as on how to display data that is easy to read. For example, the contact lookup is a timeline. Not optimal for salespeople to navigate.
  • Desktop verses iOS - big disparities 2/5

    By Mdm653
    Absolutely love the Internet based desktop version. The iOS version needs lots of love. Bit buggy and doggy. I know you will get it right. Once you do, I will be your evangelist and bring on a lot more subscribers to Hubspot! Merry Christmas and after the holidays, get to work!😉
  • The concept is good but the app is full of bugs 3/5

    By Tichito
    Very useful tool, intuitive but plagued with bugs that make it almost unusable. Fix the bugs and you’ll have a great app for CRM
  • Multiple account frustrations 3/5

    By Toyotanutz
    Singed up for free. Purchased upgrade. Now I had two accounts. Joined my company. Now I have 3 accounts. Notifications no longer show on phone. Was tracking emails for a month to wrong account. Had to export/import to other account. Still not getting notification on phone. Frustrating. Should have stayed free version...
  • Hubspot free version is great 4/5

    By tommylinsley
    The free version lacks some functionality of course, but it is great for tracking email opens straight from Gmail.
  • So I want to love... 3/5

    By Shopping list
    But you can’t toggle front a contact to a company...really need this feature to be truly affective!
  • Good app, but very buggy 3/5

    By Edmund Smith
    This app is great to manage all activities from HubSpot but I find it to be very buggy. It is slow at times and oddly enough things show on iPad version that don’t on iPhone version and vice versa. I have an iPhone X and would like to see it formatted for that as well.
  • Excited to watch this improve 4/5

    By Raleightl
    I really wish this app was more robust. Can be a little buggy too... Overall with a little configuration its handy though! Thanks Hubspot!
  • Not as good as the desktop app 3/5

    By Familia Osorio
    I will love to do more stuff with this app. But it is more a info app than action app!
  • Terrible, I’ve sent in many complains, but it’s still extremely buggy. 1/5

    By Princework
    Love desktop app, but this not a usable app, very frustrating.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Fox Industries
    Can’t even use it. Piece of crap
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Silato
    The application is essentially unusable. When you open the app it freezes with long lags that eventually stops working
  • Constantly have to delete and re-install app 1/5

    By tatk
    App opens to ‘settings’ page with no access to rest of features. Easy to use when working but rarely does on first try.
  • Simple to use but very buggy 3/5

    By wesocialmarketing
    I just started using Hubspot CRM for my company and really like it. The desktop version is great and the mobile app has a nice interface but it’s pretty buggy. I will be creating a task or adding a contact and it shuts down without warning. It’s done it daily since I got the app. Luckily the data is easy to put in again but it’s very annoying how it does that. I also wish I could connect it to my calendar. I use Zoho and have managed to connect my mail account but don’t know if it’s possible to sync my calendar as well. From my research it looks like it only connects with google or outlook calendars.
  • Minimally Useful 2/5

    By its_bmo_time
    The HubSpot desktop app is highly useful with great functionality. This mobile app needs A LOT of work.
  • Improving quickly 5/5

    By HDJTraveller
    I’ve been happy with the desktop version of HubSpot. I travel extensively, so I use the mobile version a lot. The mobile version has been less stellar, but I’m impressed that it is being upgraded rapidly. That is a confidence-builder in this brand.
  • Crashes on launch iPhone 5s 1/5

    By Salvador7410
    App worked before update. Now it crashes and doesn’t start. This is extremely frustrating. I have an iPhone 5s with iOS11.0.3... hasn’t been working well since the update to iOS 11.
  • Love desktop version and issue solved for iOS 4/5

    By Wataeli
    *edited My issue has been solved! I wasn’t able to log into my account on the app for my iPhone 6s. Found out the reason was that I was adding a space after my email address. The solution was so simple! The customer support team really helped me out. I was getting frustrated after a few days, but I’m so glad they figured out what was wrong! So in the end I feel dumb because there’s no problem with the app, just simple user error.
  • New version takes too long to load 4/5

    By fake is the new real
    EDIT: Much better:) Ugh. Got worse. Takes like 20-40 seconds to load. Also the update logged me out. Third, if you click a notification stating that someone opened your email, it will take you to the app, nothing more, not even to the contact that opened it ! Finally, templates never load, But about the loading icon animation: seems they put a lot of effort. If only the app worked...
  • Insanely Underpowered 1/5

    By 21thetruth
    Becoming less and less impressed with Hubspot. Mobile app is poorly done and last update made it completely unusable. May be time to switch systems.
  • Opens to blank screen. Cant see any content. 1/5

    By Fordeeseven
    Update seems to have destroyed the app. Can’t see anything on the screen and have nothing to tap on. We rely (relied) on the app every day but it is totally useless right now.
  • Not a great representation of the web app 2/5

    By Favrice2000
    While most of the app functions properly for me, I’m confused as to why you cannot publish social content from within the app. I’m trapped, when I’m away from my laptop, to falling back on Hootsuite. I would love to know if this is in the works and adjust my review accordingly!
  • iOS constant crash 2/5

    By Obi 1 Nairobi
    I absolutely love HubSpot. But the iOS app is not ready. Constantly crashes and it takes longer than usual to find a contact in the search mode.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By DWH03
    Heard a lot of great things about the app, and was excited about its potential utility. I was very disappointed to find that there a weird little bugs that make it unnecessarily frustrating. For instance I can’t update my Clint’s profiles without internet connection? I tried to delete the profile (assuming that the contact import maybe wigged it out?) Tried to manually enter the info and then the app just shorted out.
  • Latest update makes it basically useless. 1/5

    By Rickd12
    Key functions aren’t working with latest update. Freezes when attempting to add deals, send emails, add tasks, or even access properties. Basically it doesn’t even work right now to get basic contact information. I’m a fan of HubSpot in general, but I really need a functional app again.
  • Update seems to have core issues 3/5

    By BCCTeam
    Upon update, the iOS app freezes in key parts of its function. Upon entering Contacts, and looking to add new via import from the iOS contacts, the app completely freezes. The only way back in is to fully force close the app. (Double click of home, swipe up of hubspot app.)
  • HubSpot disappoints 1/5

    By csg2618
    HubSpot on a desktop isn’t bad. If you sign in with Google, and have multiple accounts, it will eventually merge them even though they are separate company’s. The app doesn’t even work! I can’t login and it’s just a waste. HubSpot can be a good crm but they have some major issues to fix both in app and online. However, I will say being able to see when people open emails is invaluable.
  • Glitchy 3/5

    By bipedalmammal
    I love Hubspot on my computer, but this app is a bit to glitchy to work as a substitute. When you view an email chain, there is no way to exit out of this view besides closing out the app and restarting it. Quite a miss.
  • Bugs 3/5

    By ChrisB96
    When you view an email associated with a deal, you can't return back to the deal without closing the app down and reopening it.
  • Horrible app!! 1/5

    By Bob Hanes
    I wouldn't bother downloading this crap!
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By DEJJR1
    I love being able to use my app to log my activities.
  • I ❤️ HubSpot, but the iOS app over-promises and under-delivers 1/5

    By Bill Peach
    Every new release seems to introduce two new bugs for each one it squashed. The app is billed by the sales staff as having a lot of feature parity with the browser web app, but that has never even been close to reality. It functions best as a hubspot contact browser and contact timeline review tool, but it even fails at that mission at times. The interface feels unstable and disconnected from the data the app is trying to display. Elements appear out of place, and new work is frequently lost on save. Sometimes incorrect information is displayed on static views. I've seen notes attributed to the wrong author within my organization. (In this latest version, duplicate "cancel" and "save" buttons appear on the contact edit interface.) Bottom line: It's very hard to trust this app for data entry, and at times it's even untrustworthy for reviewing information already in my database. I love hubspot in the desktop browser -- my business couldn't run without it. But I really wish this mobile app was less sizzle and more steak. It needs major additional investment.
  • Needed this!!! 4/5

    By Aura Lu
    Works really well with the desktop. Really helps me keep track of tasks. I do a lot of work from my phone, so it's great not to be tied to my laptop. Really needed this to help keep track of what's going on with my prospectives... no matter where I am! Hubspot is awesome!
  • Agrees with Kate 4/5

    By gumdrops8722
    Learning tutorials are beneficial, enjoying the experience.
  • Great!!! 4/5

    By Katy Day
    Allows you to add clients while away from office as well as update stored contacts notes. I've found it to be a life saver.
  • One star at best 1/5

    By geez, nickname
    Yeah, it's free. That's the best part of this app. We pay for HS and having to use their CRM is a drag on productivity rather than a help.
  • Not Quite There 1/5

    I absolutely love Hubspot. Great tool, use it on my desktop all the time. The app on the other hand, is absolutely terrible/unusable.
  • Best CRM for the price 5/5

    By JustinHBoucher
    HubSpot integration with WordPress is great. Tiered pricing with basic free version is good for most size businesses.
  • Stay away from it 1/5

    By Midwilshire
    If you want to succeed, just stay away from it.
  • A work in progress 4/5

    By Suzyq9999
    I love hubspot and this app is great... but some functionality still needs to be fixed (i.e. actions from within a task such as call or email). Happy with so many things though!!

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