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The Huffington Post is the leading source of news and commentary for the most diverse and connected generation ever. • Stay informed with breaking news alerts and top story digests. • Browse Pulitzer-prize winning articles and interactive content. • Enjoy all 16 international Huffington Post editions in one app. • Scan our library of immersive 360 videos, virtual reality and augmented reality. • Save stories for offline reading. Have questions or feedback? Please send to and/or

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  • Fake App 1/5

    By Randy-x
    Select an article and you see an ad instead. A waste of my time. Huffpost- Fox for liberals.
  • Unable to read articles because of adverts 1/5

    By User#thebest
    Over half the time I tap an article to try to read it a pop up appears trying to get me to download an app. When that doesn't happen it takes me directly to an advertisers website. No matter how many time I tap on that article I will only be brought to some form of marketing. It's become so overburdening I just use the BBC app now. Huffpost really needs to put function over profits, because this isn't journalism.
  • Bad links 1/5

    By tjp1955
    More and more links go to ads and not the article and it's becoming more annoying every day. More and more and longer commercials before videos, watching less here and looking at them elsewhere. Edit and set up news categories, and keeps reverting back or forcing ones I deleted back into feed. Since last update the app is really sucking.
  • Adds sections I have no interest in 1/5

    By Okaru
    The app has decent content, but every few days it adds sections I did not select. I then have to go in and delete the unwanted sections one at a time. If I want content on a subject I'm perfectly capable of selecting it. The paternalistic attitude of the app creators is insulting.
  • Stop adding to "my sections" 3/5

    By MovingFree
    Again and again I have to delete the same new sections to "my sections" about once a day they reset. Annoying.
  • Doesn't work on my iPad 1/5

    By buzzyobrien
    What is the point of writing a review or contacting the webmaster if no one fixes the bugs? All the numerous reviews say this latest incarnation doesn't open on iPads with 9.0 or later updates, but the geniuses who made the app don't seem to be reading the reviews. I used to enjoy Huffington Post very much, but have not been able to access it since the latest update. Why can't you engineers fix it, or give us back the old one?
  • Poor use of landscape mode 2/5

    By Lynn3333guttrdg
    I read articles in landscape mode yet app width displays width as though it were in portrait mode wasting space on the sides.
  • Stop changing my edited sections list!!! 1/5

    By David lee wright the second.
    They ignore your edited sections list and add sections without your consent or permission. They ignore feedback and complaints.
  • Still buggy... 1/5

    By El Decapitator
    iPad locked up. Last couple of updates have created many glitches. If this continues, unfortunately, I will have to remove the app and make cnn my primary news source.
  • About to give up on HuffPost 3/5

    By Lidljo
    Have enjoyed the HuffPost for a number of years. Why am I thinking about giving it up? About 15% to 20% percent of the links go to an advertising page, not the news story that I wanted. There is no way to get to the story. I realize that advertising is how things get payed. I wouldn't mind the ads if I could get to the story. While writing about my frustrations, I started to wonder if it is my internet provider is the culprit.
  • Can't use on iPad 1/5

    By Diane in Jeffco
    I can no longer increase size of print. And the font is too small and print too light. Will stop using, too frustrating!
  • Still doesn't work 1/5

    By TheTommyToms
    The app doesn't work on the phone. Don't bother getting it until they fix it
  • Crashes Seem to be Fixed 4/5

    By Sa1l1ng
    All better now!
  • Love the Post 5/5

    By DonMower
    Huff Post is so wonderful it makes me scream with joy. I love how left centered it is.
  • Until it's fixed 1/5

    By You asked so i'm commenting
    It still deploys just fine in browser so read it that way
  • Had to delete 1/5

    By Barry565
    Was unable to open after update. Was using this app for years daily- not anymore.
  • Great coverage app 5/5

    By TDC0430
    Keep up the great articles. Unbiased views!
  • 3/15/17 ... not working👎 1/5

    By KoolDKidder7689
    Come on .... what is the problem 😕
  • New update doesn't fix broken app 1/5

    By taylo168
    Seriously? I don't understand how this happened
  • Buffering 1/5

    By Mikeskivt
    Nothing, just buffering. New update a dud. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
  • Latest update 3/5

    By Alix_g_99
    I was having the same problems a lot of others are describing after the latest update. I got desperate for my news, so I deleted the app from my iPad and reinstalled. Now it works!
  • My first choice for News 5/5

    By PaulinFL001
    I've tried many news apps. The HuffPost covers every news story I want to know about. I don't have to worry about"Fake News" when I read the HuffPost. I highly recommend this News App above all of the others in the App Store.
  • Bad update 1/5

    By gastei91
    Had to delete the app and download it again for it to work and I lost 3+ years of bookmarks. Clicking on a tweet opens safari instead of a page in the app, which is very annoying. Nothing was wrong with the app. Why make such big and unnecessary changes?
  • Unstable 1/5

    By S Bannon
    Lets get this fixed guys. It's not even starting up. 😉
  • No Longer Works on iPad 1/5

    By retired1945
    Have had this on my iPad for a long time. However, it wouldn't load any more so I had to delete it. Too bad.
  • Last update is defective 5/5

    By Bagged
    Just adding to everybody else's comments that the latest update does not work on all devices. My iPhone 7 with the latest iOS works fine. However, my iPad 3rd generation with iOS 9 doesn't work anymore. Please fix because this app is one that I use every day. UPDATE: latest version fixed the problem. Enjoying the Huffington Post again.
  • Update no good 1/5

    By Khffhbjkdddbbbvgchj
    After update, still just getting white background, and no articles load.
  • 3rd time a charm? 1/5

    By CeCe1029
    Let's hope the third time is a charm. Two tries and the app is still broken. Time to find someone else to develop, maintain and test your app because whoever you are using now is clueless. Definitely not an app I would pay for. Get your act together. It isn't that difficult.
  • Car commercials "R" us 1/5

    By Infuriating x2
    Every second story I click on, I am taken to a car commercial with no visible way of closing it to get at the content I wanted to see. This new version is terrible. I'm giving up and going back to NY Times.
  • March 14 Update No Better 1/5

    By Neonraisin
    Please fix
  • Fix your app! 1/5

    By airycap
    The last two updates cause the app to crash. I was hoping they would get it right with one update but no, it still crashes. But now it freezes for longer before it crashes.
  • Why are so many articles linked to ads, not the story 2/5

    By GBarbaraG
    Gosh, you should find a new IT company to work on your app. I've been noticing that a few articles, then tapped to read are actually linking to ads. With the latest revision, the problem has gotten worse. I'd say 1 in 8 stories that I want to read is linked to an ad. Close to giving up on this app. This is basic stuff. It should not be an issue!
  • lots of issues 1/5

    By jazyz
    Even after the update it still does not work. Incompetent bafoons are responsible for this app.
  • Freezes at "Huff Post" launch page 1/5

    By MrPDX
    Nope, still not working. Open the app, the "thinking" wheel spins and my battery runs out.
  • Love the app 5/5

    By LaZr21
    Much faster with the latest update
  • Total bust 1/5

    By 40yrsinMcClung
    Latest update simply does not work. Splash screen has green HuffPost banner, but remainder of screen stays blank. This WAS one of my go-to apps for news. Sadly I have deleted it.
  • Forced to install 1/5

    By Paperooga
    I really hate this new trend of forcing mobile users to install useless apps. The web is already designed to be universally consumed, no need to have a silly custom browser
  • Why isn't it being fixed? 1/5

    By RLA on the water
    You must know by now that it is seriously broken as the bad reviews keep pouring in. Are you killing it on purpose? Auto-play simply makes it impossible to use in public. What are you guys thinking?!
  • Bad update 1/5

    By dcory01
    App will not open after last update😞
  • Latest update crashed the app 1/5

    By Ms Thorny
    App no longer is working.
  • Awful 1/5

    By JKevinH
    Why would you put out an app that won't open?
  • Fix this app. 1/5

    By NiffyFish
    Just fix it.
  • Updated app keeps crashing 1/5

    By jland20369
    With 9 March 2017 update I can no longer use the app.
  • Needed re-install after March 9 update (iPhone 7) 3/5

    By Rippstein
    Appreciate the viewpoints but didn't appreciate the March 9 update breaking the app (iPhone 6). After deleting and reinstalling, all works well again.
  • No app since Mar 9 update 1/5

    By ASAP62
    Please fix the app!
  • Works great when it works... 1/5

    By Kaipobear
    Just installed new version and now it won't open as the other reviewers have said. Very disappointing!!! Most disappointed in that I lost my favorite saved articles. HuffPost needs to do better!!!
  • New Update Crashes 1/5

    By LB Swimmer
    Any way to go back to previous version, which worked well?
  • No news for you ! 1/5

    By damitamy
    Try to open app. Crash. Try again. Crash again. Reboot phone. Try again. Crash again. Now how will I know what mess the angry, adult sized, tangerine toddler has gotten us into?
  • Broken 1/5

    By rossgarett
    Still not working... what gives?
  • Russians hacked the app 1/5

    By NotsoRey
    Clearly, the Russians or Republicans hacked the app, because now it won't open.

Huffington Post - News, Politics & Entertainment app comments

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