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HuffPost is the leading source of news and commentary for the most diverse and connected generation ever. • Stay informed with breaking news alerts and top story digests. • Browse Pulitzer-prize winning articles and interactive content. • Enjoy all 16 international Huffington Post editions in one app. • Scan our library of immersive 360 videos, virtual reality and augmented reality. • Save stories for offline reading. Have questions or feedback? Please send to and/or


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  • Jerky slow scrolling 1/5

    By Glouderback
    Scrolling on my iPad is so slow and jerky that Huffington Post is barely readable now. What happened?
  • Huffington Post 3/5

    By Pedsmom
    Scrolling is so jerky . Makes it impossible to read . Please fix
  • Ugh! Can no longer open app!! 1/5

    By Dessertgirl
    Just updated and now the app won't even launch!!! PLEASE FIX ASAP!!!!
  • I gave up 1/5

    By TomSzyd
    I just got tired of the poor performance on my iPad Air 2. I deleted the app and will use the browser instead. Too bad, since I’ve been using this app for years.
  • Had to delete the app 1/5

    By GBarbaraG
    Has become an app with no analysis or news. From this app creates an image of US that is degenerates. Very depressing
  • Glitches 1/5

    By kjatkin
    Very very jerky while trying to scroll down. Not sure if it’s all the ads or what. Unreadable now. Need to fix app.
  • Don’t turn off my music! 1/5

    By cornnibblitz
    Auto playing ads turn off my music while I’m scrolling down the main screen. If you don’t stop this annoyance I will stop using this app!
  • Need to fix this 3/5

    By RCB1949
    Can load on iPad updates to newest OS. Not sure what you folks did but it’s not loading at all. Works on iPhone with latest OS. Need to fix this fast.
  • Garbage News at its Finest... 1/5

    By Picky Bastard 69
    I’ve read several articles on HuffPost... or whatever name it goes by these days. I also believe in giving the media credit where it’s due, it’s just not here. It’s sad that so many people believe this leftist garbage. The reviews say “fact based” and so on, but if CNN is the primary source of citation for writing these articles, they might as well just quote it from Facebook or some rumor they read off a random website on the internet. Okay People, if you just want some trashy gossip, this is a your app. It’ll make a great addition to your News folder icon for that purpose. Maybe you could also just gather facts by reading stuff on the walls in a rundown old restroom at some random Gas Station. That’s okay too because it’s about the same. PLEASE DO NOT CONSIDER THIS APP A PRIMARY SOURCE OF INFORMATION IF YOU WANT THE FACTS!!! You live in the day and age of easily accessible information and resources that are available at a few simple thumb taps away... Dig deep and research! Don’t buy into the phony, opinionated headlines and mind-numbing crap articles this burned-out, overrated rag post app spews out.
  • Progressive with a bite 5/5

    By Hamm412
    Aside from agreeing with the point of view of most of the HuffPost coverage, the writing styles are entertaining.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By 2010ipoduser
    Before the update I could pinch and zoom. Now that has been taken away. Please bring back that capability for the iPad. There is not even a way to change the text size. Ridiculous
  • Widget is broken 2/5

    By cmijundrew
    When clicking on a story in the widget the app just hangs and freezes and never opens. Very frustrating!
  • Unuseable 1/5

    By Lakalm
    I used to love this app and it was one of my number one sources for news. I have to delete it. The scrolling is jerky or delayed. It takes forever for articles to load. It is a waste of time. I thought after the last update it would be better but it’s only gotten worse. Peace out HuffPo.
  • Scrolling so erratic app is hard to use 3/5

    By ocanada1
    Through the last several updates scrolling stalls or becomes very jumpy. Makes reading difficult. Content is also dropping. They need to at least make scrolling work
  • Text size options are gone 1/5

    By Master Wrong
    Bring back the ability to change the text size on IPhones mainly 7plus.
  • Terrible ! 1/5

    By AppleFan07
    This App won’t scroll properly since the last two iOS updates. I have given up using it until they fix this.
  • Worse app 1/5

    By Miso_Ratty
    Doesn’t work half the time. Crappy news service, looking at the ad it basically revolves around trump. Same with the news, everything has to do with trump, it’s annoying
  • Was much better before the many updates 1/5

    By Wwspe
    This app used to be good. Too many ads and not updated often. Many times when I open the app it asks my location unnecessarily. It will crash unexpectedly.
  • What Happened! 1/5

    By Echobeat
    After last update will not launch and then crashes.
  • Huff Post update v 13.1 & app download 1/5

    By Sitksdoc
    Update just keeps spinning with no progress. I then deleted the app and tried to download it again—same thing, nothing!
  • Jk 1/5

    By BDJKaye
    Can’t open app after last update! Will delete and forget it. Too many reliable news apps available that don’t shudder like Huff does.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By Nancy from Tulsa
    I just updated and now the app won’t scroll. I’m tired of all the issues and this is the last straw. I’m done. I’ve been a faithful reader for years but I’m deleting it now.
  • Crash crash crash!! 1/5

    By Emoegeo
    Updated app on iPad and now it won't open and just crashes. Please fix!!
  • Slow 2/5

    By ccolon08
    Ever since the latest update on the iPhone the app is super slow. Delays when trying to scroll.
  • Scrolling Problem 3/5

    By iwontbehave
    I read it every day but the scrolling is annoying. Please fix.
  • Great content, app’s functionality needs work 4/5

    By Morimeh
    I love the content but the functionality is mediocre.
  • Good idea, bad follow-through 1/5

    By Jawaka98003
    The organization of tile news articles is a great idea, makes it look clean and fresh. The bad: holy crap it takes forever to load and sometimes you don't even get the whole article, worse yet, it will sometimes crash and close the program. As much as the tile system looks nice, it just isn't functional, so until this is fixed this app is fairly worthless. Also, scrolling is HORRIBLE on iPhone 6s, jerks around a LOT!
  • Can't see or post comments anymore 2/5

    By DJ Nemisis
    When I go to the comment section, I can no longer read or post comments.
  • My Morning News 5/5

    By Grayce Sr
    I get my news briefs from HuffPost before getting out of bed. So informative!
  • Text size 1/5

    By grugrubef
    Why was the option to increase text size removed,particularly now that the default text size is smaller than before
  • Please fix scrolling issues 3/5

    By Rob_70
    The latest app update resulted in erratic scrolling, including frequent stops and crashes. Please fix this bug ... I miss surfing your content. Thank you.
  • Keeps shutting down 1/5

    By sellme
    Scrolling is bad. I’m deleting... not worth aggravation
  • Please fix this app! 3/5

    By JT92101
    As others have pointed out, the scrolling is erratic and often freezes. I do the workaround by instinct, now: open the app, scroll down until it stutters, force close and reopen. After that it works. Recently, though also many instances of white screen and freeze when navigating to a story. Then you have to force quit again, as I have never seen it recover from this.
  • Can not scroll 1/5

    By Bill54345654
    All of a sudden App freezes when you want to scroll. Unusable. Total crap. Deleted.
  • Not scrolling 1/5

    By Drezy1
    There needs to be a new update that fixes the choppy scrolling.
  • They done broke it 1/5

    By blame the testers
    The content is great. It leans left but doesn't get overly whiny or gossipy as with other outlets I used to read. The low score deals more with the app itself. A few updates ago, the app became almost completely unusable. As others have said, scrolling has become erratic and jerky. It's a frustrating experience that I hope they fix very soon.
  • Very unstable lately 1/5

    By JBradySD
    Well I guess they’re not allowing you to comment on any articles anymore, because all I see is a blank white screen when trying to view the comments. Also, the app has been hanging way too often whenever I’m trying to scroll through a post. I have to actually force quit, and reopen it. Common HuffPost, you can do better than his.
  • Location updates and scrolling 2/5

    By GMAT21
    The app is challenging to use since the latest updates. Content remains strong
  • App Crashes 4/5

    By Dphotos4u
    When the App works it is fine. Right now the comment section is broken and does not allow the viewer to read or post any comments on any printed stories. Hope tech people will fix this issue.
  • comments 1/5

    By Ascook
    Comments won't load in app but do in Safari. What's up?
  • Basically unusable 1/5

    By jenny penny!
    Why is this app so bad!! I used to read huff post multiple times a day but sadly I can't even use it anymore. I can't even scroll down the article list because it lags so much. I get tired and close out after trying to scroll down for a minute and only being able to scroll down three articles. Not to mention the constant crashing. After checking this app 50 times a day, I now don't even look at it once a day. I've checked back in a couple times to see if this HUGE glitch is fixed, but it just seems to be getting worse and less useable. Seems like a bad business plan.
  • So buggy 1/5

    By Mishael53
    Worst app ever. So many bugs
  • Can't scroll! 1/5

    By katiewoj
    Scrolling has a lag, it makes using the app tedious.
  • Too many video stories 1/5

    By asdf5
    I want to read my news, yes read. I find that I turn less and less to the Huffington Post since there are more and more stories that only available as a video. Use your words!
  • So slooooooooow 1/5

    By Skelly6
    This app used to be great, but now (alt least on my admittedly older iPhone 6s) it’s almost unusable slow. Scrolling is super chunky, making it hard to navigate, and it takes forever to load. I wish they’d go back to what they had a few versions ago, it was smooth and fast. I feel forced to find another news app.
  • Ads keep opening 2/5

    By Cheazypoof
    I like to scroll as I ready. They put an Ad between every paragraph. So I’m constantly accidentally clicking on ads. That’s probably how they fool their advertisers into thinking they’re getting actual clicks. When people are just inadvertently touching the ad well they’re trying to scroll. Super annoying
  • Erratic Scrolling 1/5

    By Keith80
    Erratic scrolling with the new version makes the app nearly unusable. It’s also too easy to accidentally bookmark articles while scrolling.
  • Bad update 1/5

    Competition for the worst update ever.
  • Review negative stars by 2!!!!! 5/5

    By Gramps777
    Crashes much too often. Attempted to read an article on Piers Morgan. Site crashed four (4) times! Still have not been able to read the entire article. Why does this happen so often, especially to the articles I want to read? Grandpa78 I forget when I wrote that piece but the HuffPoost has made a lot of improvements since then. Jeep up the good work!! I go to this site when I turn on my iPad. Grandpa 78 in 2017
  • A POS. 1/5

    By Zews 01
    As always, the updates makes things worse. The app takes up 2.4 GB of space, almost twice as much a the OS. Why is this necessary? Scrolling is now practically impossible. The app constantly freezes. Old bookmarks can no longer be deleted in the bookmarks page. You have to go back to each article and do it one by one.

HuffPost - News & Politics app comments


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