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Hulu: Watch TV Shows & Movies App

Enjoy all your TV in one place with a new Hulu experience – more personalized and intuitive than ever before. The choice is yours - select a plan featuring Hulu’s entire streaming library, or if you’ve subscribed through Hulu to a plan that includes Live TV*, enjoy the entire library plus 50+ top live and on demand channels. Hulu: Watch TV anywhere with a huge streaming library featuring current and past seasons from many popular shows exclusively on Hulu including Seinfeld, This is Us, South Park and Fear the Walking Dead; bold Hulu Originals you can’t stream anywhere else including The Handmaid’s Tale, Harlots, The Mindy Project, and Casual; along with current shows, hit movies, kid’s series and more from many top channels including FOX, NBC, Disney Channel, ABC, Cartoon Network, FX and A&E. Limited and commercial-free options are available for Hulu plans without Live TV. Hulu with Live TV: Enjoy the entire Hulu streaming library, plus over 50 top Live and On Demand channels, including FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, ESPN, FX, NBCSN, FS1, History Channel and TNT. Watch live sports from top pro and college leagues plus regional sports networks available in many areas. Plus, enjoy national news with local feeds available in select cities, popular kids shows and can’t-miss events. Features for Everyone: With any subscription, you’ll enjoy features that help you customize how you watch TV. • The more you watch, the better it gets. Enjoy a reimagined TV experience that adjusts to your tastes every time you use Hulu. • Create up to 6 personalized profiles for the whole household. Enjoy your own collection of shows, movies, networks, and more. • Track your favorites with My Stuff. Add shows, networks, and movies for quick access across your devices. • Browse while you watch with Fliptray for recommendations of what to watch next. Features for Hulu with Live TV: If you’ve already signed up for Hulu with Live TV, enjoy additional features: • Record Live TV with your Cloud DVR to watch your favorites anytime. • Watch concurrent streams on multiple devices • Track and record games and shows from your favorite teams with My Teams *Hulu with Live TV plan only available on Apple TV Gen. 4 or iPhone/iPad running iOS10 or later. Download the Hulu app now, and start enjoying Hulu’s Limited Commercial or No Commercial plans. If you’re new to Hulu, your base Hulu subscription fee will be $7.99/month for the Limited Commercials plan or $13.99/month for the No Commercials plan. You’ll be charged as a recurring transaction through your iTunes account starting the end of your free trial (unless you cancel during the free trial). Payment will automatically renew unless you cancel your account at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription month. You can manage your subscription, cancel anytime, or turn off auto-renewal by accessing your iTunes account. Hulu is available to US customers only. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: This app features third party software, enabling third parties to calculate measurement statistics (e.g., Nielsen’s TV Ratings). We may work with mobile advertising companies to help deliver online and in-app advertisements tailored to your interests based on your activities on our website and apps and on other, unaffiliated website and apps. To learn more, visit To opt-out of online interest-based advertising, visit To opt-out of cross-app advertising, download the App Choices app at Hulu is committed to complying with the DAA’s Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising and the DAA’s Application of Self-Regulatory Principles for the Mobile Environment. Hulu, LLC Web Site Hulu: Watch TV Shows & Stream the Latest Movies Support


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Hulu: Watch TV Shows & Movies app reviews

  • bad hulu 1/5

    By jazzyjabriaassy
    it keeps clicking me out!!
  • New to Apple and Hulu won't start 1/5

    By Mrs. Wallker
    I'm a brand new apple phone user. I was hoping for maybe the quality of my Hulu videos would be better, but instead I cannot get app to load up. Can't believe the amount of dissatisfied customers, and still the lack of a professional come through. Update 10/2017 This app will not play videos still.
  • ipad app actually is better than Roku app 3/5

    By Shutterpug
    I'm finishing up my free 7 day trial, but unfortunately will not be renewing subscription at this time. I currently pay $30/month for sling, which has a fairly good linup for me, with the exception of CBS and Freeform. I would consider paying $10 month more for hulu, except for: No AMC, IFC, Comedy Central, all of which i have with Sling. Only 50 hours of dvr recording, and a whopping $15 more a month for 200 hours. Video quality, Constant buffering on my Roku TV, and when it isn't buffering, it freezes up. More buffering issues than sling costing 30% more. I have used HULUs speed test and I'm running at 65/60mbps, substantially higher than recommended. On my ther TV, with a Roku premiere, the sound doesnt sync up to the video. Constantly. I was forced to rewind every few minutes to get it to sync back up. I also found the user interface way too complicated. The home page 'Line Up' is HORRIBLE. I'm not sure where they are getting there recommendations from, but it is not from my favorites or from my watched. Why cant we customize the page? for $40/month, i should have the option of moving things around, to suite my interests. Very difficult to watch live tv, and see what's on. I like to channel surf flip around channels, or at least flip back and fourth between two show. My channels screen is useless, with a huge logo taking up 75% of screen and actual show info in like 8pt font. Why? and scrolling through channels is a nightmare on Roku, because you must scroll all the way to the top to select another category. Very poorly designed surprisingly, with all the negative comments about the iphone/ipad app, my experience has been the most reliable and slightly better navigation-wise on the mobile app. I actually put my membership on hold, to see if Hulu can improve there service before i try it again. Being the most expensive live streaming option, I would at least expect a clear customizable interface and a service that is stable and reliable.
  • The update 👎🏽 1/5

    I do not like the new update! It’s not user friendly at all. Every time I try to watch a show it will not appear, I can see the commercials just fine. Please bring back the old look way better!
  • Terrible interface 1/5

    By Mtk1999
    Wow! This is THE worst......I don’t know why/how they chose this but it is terrible to navigate through this app. Horrible
  • Don’t Know What Happened 1/5

    By JSurge
    So disappointed. The latest update on my phone, iPad, and TV has been abysmal. I’m no longer able to determine what I want to watch, but I’m left with what I “watched last.”?
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Julie Slyter
    I love this app. It’s great for watching series, I use Apple TV and it never glitches, loads fast, and never gives me a hard time. Love this app!
  • Hulu has gone down the drain 1/5

    By Ilmfsssm
    Picture in picture mode has refused to work even after the update.
  • Some big recent update 1/5

    By Repmujennaidanek
    In the recent big update the way the rewinding and fast forward work along with the way you tap the screen to pause is trash. When you press the screen to pause and just accidentally slide and go back that’s so stupid especially if you go beyond the point where an ad is then your forced to watch the ad and then after waiting forever on the ad to finish and you found your right place again when you get to that ad again you have to watch all over. I love the show and movie options but I’ve recently stopped watching some of my favorite shows because of the frustration with this problem. I’m glad the picture-in-picture is back because it eliminates this problem some what but when I just want to watch it is a huge problem.
  • AIRPLAY!!!! 1/5

    By Destownes
  • New and unfriendly scrolling feature 1/5

    By Smirka
    Hulu now allows the user to scroll by, apparently, randomly touching the screen. Which is a great new method of subjugation by advertisement. I scroll too far, and have to watch extra commercials, then scroll back to where I was, and watch the commercials all over again.
  • Oct 21, 2017 update says picture in picture is back. 3/5

    By Sketch Dungeon fan
    I had to delete and reinstall before I could access it, but it’s back.

    By Ushebdkcpfj71634849:8/'Xbox
    For some reason Hulu has decided to be stupid or greedy and removed the ability to mirror my iPhone to my tv while video is playing in the app sound works but no picture worked before this horrible new update to the app Hulu is useless to me without this feature so I will be canceling my subscription and going to Netflix where they allow me to mirror SMH HULU ✌🏻
  • Ok let’s talk about this update 1/5

    By just saying:)
    Like seriously, if I have to watch one more commercial because I jumped froward/back by accident my phone might go in a wall. I see that Hulu was trying to go more modern and sleek, but they went too far. It looks nice but in actuality it’s very inconvenient and frustrating. When browsing, one show takes up the whole screen so you have to flip through EVERY SINGLE SHOW to find the one you’re looking for. So you end up having to search for everything instead of it just being there ready for you to watch. But what really annoys me is the ‘click anywhere to go forward/back’ feature. I’ll be trying to check the time while watching a show and then BAM I’ve skipped forward 20mins and can’t go back because I’m watching a car commercial I’ve seen 50 million times. Then when you do go back you have to watch ANOTHER ONE. Come on Hulu, I’m desperate for cash too but this is a little extreme. So basically I’m very disappointed with the update. I’m not sure how this stuff didn’t raise red flags with the developers at Hulu, but I’m hoping that they’re working on some ways to fix it.
  • endless of ads 1/5

    By Fullpancake
    ads ads and ads。。。 endless of ads
  • An Affront to the Art of User Interface Design 1/5

    By Episkopos 304
    To describe Hulu’s new user interface as torturous barely scratches the surface. Touching the screen to access the player controls causes the entire image to be obscured. The controls remain on the screen for several seconds after playback resumes, leading the user to touch the screen in an attempt to make them go away (so the video can be viewed); this usually results in changing the position of the “playhead” or “timeline” control, skipping to some other random part of the program. There is simply no excuse for this poor of a design. But at least Library navigation is utterly bewildering, indicating the developers are fully committed to making the app unusable in any respect. Airplay support has also been removed, which is simply hateful.
  • Stopped mirroring 1/5

    By Bori 1
    I can hear the audio through TV but the video it’s on my phone screen. Comercial shows, that’s it
  • Apple Lightning to HDMI adapter not supported 1/5

    By SenseiSharkbait
    I use my iPhone 7 to watch Hulu when my house internet is too slow to work properly. I was once able to watch my shows on my TV using my iPhone with the HDMI adapter from Apple, not anymore. Very frustrated, I don’t want to watch videos on my phone’s smaller screen when I have a considerably larger one ready (for every other application).
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Tim Orlando
    Hulu’s interface for Apple TV is absolutely horrible. I could swear that the interface was written by a high school student; no offense to high school students. Message to management: Get your act together Hulu.
  • New Design is Trash 1/5

    By Angelus.tk33
    Love the service, but the new design of the app is horrible. It makes it harder to browse shows that I want to watch, not that hulu wants me to watch. It’s borderline unusable for shows and movies I actually want to watch. Why would you do this.
  • Doesnt work at all. 1/5

    By Dr O999
    When i hit play screen goes blank. Sound is dead. Useless..
  • The "Ch-ch-ch-changes" were Du-Du-Du-Dumb! 2/5

    By FreeSoul45
    Hulu, -How does it feel to know your selection of shows and movies are worse then Netflix? HBO Go and Amazon Prime has your app looking like a spoiled Harvard grad designed it. 2 stars because screen in screen is back.... as it should be lol
  • Thank you for bringing back PiP 4/5

    By Hunter Kirby
    Picture in Picture was my favorite feature from the old Hulu and it’s finally back!
  • Dropping to 1 star 1/5

    By Zzzzzz..zzz
    I want to love it, but still a couple of deal killers. It automatically recorded my favorite sports team (which is awesome,) but it doesn’t extend recording for live events like a high-quality DVR service. The recording ended at the exact 3 hour mark, with less than 2 minutes left in the game! So, I completely missed the last few plays. Also, the commercials are still buggy. At times, I’ll watch a commercial (even though I pay for no commercials.) After the show starts again, ANY fast forward or rewind causes it to jump back to a point just before the last commercial I watched and forces me to rewatch it. Painful! Edit: the commercial issues during while catching up during a live event are unbearable. I was recording a live football game and started watching about an hour after it started, with a plan to fast forward and catch up. That seemed to work fine, but when you hit a commercial, it makes you watch them (as expected.) But then, it makes you watch that commercial set again. 10 seconds after play starts again, it jumps back and makes you watch those yet again! 6 minutes later, i finally got to watch again. So close to cancelling right now.
  • The old app was better 1/5

    By klveni
    This new thing Hulu is using is horrible. Doesn't load, won't bring up your shows, too many commercials, and overall just is a horrible app! I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. I will be canceling my subscription just because of this app! I don't use Hulu anywhere but my phone so there's no point of it doesn't work on my phone! Hulu seriously you can do better!
  • Terrible "Upgrade" 1/5

    By Micheal Padraig
    The most recent revision of the App makes it harder to follow and find new programs. I formerly used the service almost daily. Since the upgrade I rely on Prime Video and Netflix. Hulu: you have until the the first of the year to improve, or at least allow me to transition to the former interface. No sense paying you for what you are currently offering. Apple: is there not an option to offer no stars whatsoever? Also, don’t bump the left side of the iPad screen while watching a video. You get dumped back to the beginning of the video and are punished with more commercials!!!! Zero stars!!!!!!!
  • Paid for no commercials 1/5

    By Bec546
    But getting tons of commercials even tho I went for $13 tier. Pos.
  • New design is horrible 1/5

    By Plrazz
    The new design is horrible.It looks nice but it’s functionality is crap.It’s just like all the apple devices.Whenever I try to watch something it shows me an error screen and tells me to restart the app.The developers really messed up.
  • Love This App!!! 5/5

    By GreenEyedStare
    With one touch the app opens and works every time.
  • Picture in picture 1/5

    By WarSnacker
    Bring back pip. Just bring back pip. Pip = 5 stars
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By Youngchapo
    Keep getting an error message when attempting to log into the app, works fine on the Xbox or laptop. I’m paying almost $50 for the tv and movie service, if this isn’t resolved soon I’m cancelling my subscription and staying with Netflix
  • :/ 1/5

    By hemmotommo
    Doesn't work, keeps telling me there's an error when my wifi connection is fine and I've paid the monthly fee.
  • PiP is back! 4/5

    By walla279
    Grid style navigation would be an improvement. I want to be able to navigate through menus faster and see more than one show at a time while doing so.
  • No iOS lightening cable output support 1/5

    By fox1486
    I travel for a living, and use Hulu to watch my shows on the go. But now they’ve gotten rid of the ability to output video through the lightening port-to-HDMI. Why? No explanation. I will be canceling my subscription until they allow users to mirror again.
  • Stopped working oct 19, customer support does not exist 1/5

    By Nickname06123
    I've been a Hulu subscriber since the beginning. Suddenly two days ago Hulu stopped working on my iPad. Uninstalling it and reinstalling it made no difference. Before I uninstalled I could see shows on my watchlist and select one but got error messages regardless of what show I tried to play. After reinstalling the app wouldn't even open. Should I have to pay for a service I can't use? I don't think so. Please get your act together Hulu.
  • No more picture in picture 2/5

    By CurtisRybin
    One of my favorite features of the app was using picture in picture. Not a fan since it was taken away.
  • Terrible Update 1/5

    By Curlssssss
    This is the least user friendly streaming app available at the moment. I thought I could get used to how they have set my preferences up and the different tabs for the home screen, and I'm making progress there, but there's one feature I really cant stand. It makes me grit my teeth. It RUINS the experience. It's the new rewind feature. It MUST be changed. You have to tap the screen to make the rewind/fast forward/pause buttons appear, which darkens and covers the screen so you're missing whatever is happening. At that screen, you can see the time bar at the bottom, but if you touch any area of the screen that's not one the rewind/pause buttons, it recognizes it as you want to go that area of time in the show. So if I'm 40 minutes into a 45 min show but I press below to rewind button instead of exactly on it, it will jump back to minute 15. This is specifically a problem when the minute it's jumped back to is a commercial. It's just too sensitive. To be fair, it more easily goes to the exact second you want to pick up from if you are using the feature intentionally. (Still not worth it though.) Also, if I pause a show with 1-2 minutes left, it starts the show over when I try to get back to it instead of letting me finish my show. Even its been just a few minutes.
  • From bad to worse 2/5

    By Carla24680
    Ok, I hated when they got rid of the queue, but I adjusted and forced myself to get used to the Watchlist. And now they take away the watchlist.... seriously???
  • Chrome cast does not work, stealing my money useless 1/5

    By Sir Sawyer S
    Trash Chrome cast does not work, stealing my money useless
  • Picture in Picture 5/5

    By Craig Torso
    This year Hulu went from a two-star app to a one-star app to a five-star app. Multitasking on iPad is the single most important feature for video, period. Thank you for bringing it back.
  • Buggiest app ever 1/5

    By ksdal
    This is easily one of the lowest-functioning apps I’ve ever downloaded and it’s hard to believe it comes from a streaming giant like Hulu. When watching several episodes in a row on Apple TV, the app repeatedly starts with the very end of the next episode. On two occasions (with different shows), this has resulted in the final outcome of a competition series being revealed before I’ve had a chance to actually watch the final episode; this has happened with dozens of mid-season episodes as well, but it’s particularly problematic when it completely spoils the end of a series. The app will also sometimes try to play the same episode again that I just watched. I’ve tried every “fix” I can find online, but nothing works. MANY other small bugs, i.e. suddenly jumping to the top or bottom of a list as I’m slowly scrolling through, etc., etc. Just a complete joke when evaluated against Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, or virtually any other streaming platform.
  • Not downloading 1/5

    By smoin11
    Signed up for Hulu and the app will not download .....and I cannot access Hulu through website on iPhone.
  • Doesn’t even deserve a star 1/5

    By bigdickmint
    It never let me login no matter what I’ve done regarding installing uninstalling all that. A joke app and I can’t believe I’m paying so much for this to not work. Get your stuff together.
  • New Design is Terrible 1/5

    By Matthewkcopeland
    There is plenty of good content on Hulu, but the new UI design makes navigation more difficult and harder than it should be. It doesn’t make good use of screen space, and relies too much on text labels over imagery. It’s changed from me exploring and finding what I want to watch to Hulu trying to show me what it thinks I want to watch. That’s no fun. Then, trying to search or even just browse results in one or two movie posters per page, or text results. Awful. Same or worse for ATV version.
  • Love Hulu App 4/5

    By RHawkCloud
    Update works great on iPad Air.
  • Very bad design 1/5

    By Nike Boyle
    Seriously the UX is very poor. Please improve try getting some experts advice on UX. In fact the previous design was the best. Categories of search are very little. Having troubles always connecting with chrome-cast device.
  • Doesn’t work on my iPhone 7 plus. 1/5

    By Wordgiver
    Very disappointed.
  • Hulu 1/5

    By NotaHuluFan
    The 'limited commercial' plan, obviously doesn't know what limited is. Also when I tried to switch to the no commercial plan it wouldn't let me. In all and all, it just managed to piss me off more. And it plays the commercials in the middle of the episodes. There is a beginning and and ending that you can dedicate your crappy commercial time to.
  • App does not work 1/5

    By Llkelkel
    App does not login at all from my mobile device. “An error has occurred. Please try again later.” I have received this message for going on 2 days.
  • Playback Issues 1/5

    By mangomaniac6000
    I haven’t made it through one video so far without the stream randomly dropping, cutting out the audio for 10 seconds, or just losing the spot in the clip and reverting to a random earlier point in the video. It looks like a well-polished and nicely put together app until you actually try and use it for its intended video streaming purposes. Very disappointed by this app, even more so when I think about how good the normal website is!

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