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Huntington Mobile

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  • Current Version: 4.2.113
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Huntington Bank
  • Compatibility: Android
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Huntington Mobile App

With the Huntington Mobile app, it’s easier than ever to bank on the go, right from your phone. View account balances and history, deposit checks, transfer funds, pay bills, locate office branches, find ATMs, and contact a representative. That’s not all – as new features are rolled out, you’ll be able to update the app so you always have the latest-and-greatest online banking tools right at your fingertips. Get started with our app today. Like the best things in life, we’ve made it free! Although message and data rates from your carrier may apply. Features: HUNTINGTON QUICK BALANCE - A fast and simple way to view account balances using 3D Touch, or on the login page at the touch of a button, without logging in. TOUCH ID - Quickly and easily access your account information by touching the home button to verify your fingerprint. ACCOUNT INFORMATION - View up-to-date information about your Huntington accounts, including pending transactions. Search for transactions within account history. TRANSFER MONEY - Transfer money between accounts. Select the date you’d like the transfer to occur and get a receipt for the transaction. PAY BILLS - Pay a person or company. You’ll receive a summary that describes the amount and payment date, and get a receipt for the transaction. You can also manage your payees by adding, editing, or deleting a payee. DEPOSIT CHECKS – Deposit checks by simply snapping a picture. It can save you time and help reduce trips to the branch or ATM. MANAGE YOUR DEBIT CARD – Activate and change your personal ATM/Debit Card PIN. UPDATE YOUR CONTACT INFO – Maintain your address, email and phone number information. MANAGE YOUR OVERDRAFT OPTIONS – Manage your overdraft options on eligible accounts to avoid overdraft fees. FIND LOCATIONS - Find ATMs and branches near your current location or by entering a street address. CONTACT US - Quick dialing for most of your customer service needs. Some features are only available to customers who have registered for Online Banking at The Huntington Mobile app is free, but message and data rates from your mobile carrier will still apply. System availability and response time are subject to market conditions.


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Huntington Mobile app reviews

  • Slow to open, if it even does. 2/5

    By fellabella
    It only opens half of the time.
  • Not an iPad app 3/5

    By Roz xxxxxx
    This is basically the iPhone app working on an iPad. It won’t rotate which is a pain particularly if you are using an iPad stand.
  • Rotating Screen to use with keyboard? 2/5

    By Bones1212
    Is there a way to allow the app to rotate and be visual horizontal and not vertical. It used to be, and with a recent update, the app is very difficult to use as my ipad is always on a keyboard and viewed in the horizontal position.
  • App Rarely Updated/Can’t Modify Recurring Payments 2/5

    By SCLEV99
    App is very rarely updated which is ridiculous for a banking app. Love that I can deposit checks via the app but lacks ability to modify recurring payments. Have to use website.
  • Unexpected Error 1/5

    By MaggieS91
    I have tried restarting my phone and reinstalling the app - every time it says there is an "unexpected system error" and won't load the app. Have to get on web browser to check account balance- getting annoying
  • SimpleMan 2/5

    By kbernmd
    App needs to be updated to allow auto-rotation. Will not work with iPad keyboard configuration
  • Love it but... 5/5

    By kellibutts
    Before the last couple of updates I used to be able to view and work on this app on the vertical. The newer updates won't rotate. Other than that, which is kind of a biggie for me, I love the app. It's always worked well for me after several years and does everything I need it to do!
  • Much needed update... 1/5

    By stephen.moore
    The Huntington app works as expected, but it’s not a good experience. It’s not user friendly at all, and has an outdated view. I requested previously for iPhone X support, and i think it barely supports iPhone X. The Chase app is so much better, and a much better experience. I think this app just needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. Not user friendly.
  • No iPad version?? 3/5

    By master of machines
    Just installed the updated app on my iPad and it is sideways and clearly for iPhone only. Please make an iPad version that takes advantage of the screen real-estate.
  • Please remedy. This new version installed is freezing up 1/5

    By Suzichka
    Please remedy. This new version installed is freezing up and not working on some functions. Have respected the efficiency and reliability in all past versions. Something seems quite wrong. 20 year customer.
  • Continuous Improvement 5/5

    By DustinTheWind84
    I gave 5 stars just because the app is constantly being improved. Sometimes it struggles to deposit commercial size checks (personal checks are fine) which requires a trip to an ATM. More transaction details would be nice. Also, app notifications -low funds, large withdrawal, left your card in the ATM, etc. - but make them user controllable so we only get notified for the parameters that we select. Otherwise great app, keep up the good work!
  • Better and better 5/5

    By JasonBourneIV
    Works great for me. This app does nearly everything I need. Check deposits. Credit card payments. Transfers. Fingerprint login. Alerts. Bill payments. I can see all my accounts and manage them here. Could use a more modern look and feel but that’s not critical. It’s a clean design and simple and easy to use. And better than my other bank apps.
  • No landscape mode on an iPad 3/5

    By iphonjeff
    It needs to work in landscape when using it on an iPad.
  • Much Better on The X 3/5

    By muia1975
    Looks much better now. Still needs Apple Watch compatibility and then it’s four stars.
  • iPhone X support s here 5/5

    By Jasonsofthefalls
    Thank you for facial ID! Great app!
  • works, useful 5/5

    By Cornhole jury
    Works as planned
  • Optimized for iPhone X? Hahah 2/5

    By The Sid J
    You guys have to be kidding, right!
  • Great Banking App! 5/5

    By smurphyy97
    Thanks for making this app completely iPhone X friendly! Now it’s perfect! :)
  • Pointless update for x Users 1/5

    By Jvcques
    How did you update for the iPhone X if the screen still doesn’t fit and it still says Touch ID. We don’t have Touch ID we have Face ID. I’m very disappointed with this update. Do better.
  • iPhone X 4/5

    By Imstillgaming
    Months after the iPhone X release and this app still doesn’t support it. Kinda sad but, I still love the app and use it for almost everything I can.
  • Quick Balance Widget doesn’t work. 1/5

    By Jknod
    See title. It’s never worked, despite having been activated. I even deleted the app, and downloaded it again. Still doesn’t work. Next time you add a feature, make sure said feature actually works.
  • Easy & Accurate 5/5

    By Ap Cymru
    I have used this app for 2+ years and have never had a problem. I like to see each tiny transaction, as soon as possible. Using the app, checking accounts daily, I have been able to keep on top of my finances, notice my trends in spending, and address concerns immediately.
  • 😠😠😠 1/5

    By Mina*B*
    I hate how the screen won’t rotate after the update! I won’t be using this app until they fix this problem
  • Landscape view on ipad doesn’t work after update 1/5

    By Zod74
    Updated and now landscape view won’t rotate. Why would you take this feature away? Almost unusable on ipad. Cheap lazy programming. Hopefully you put more time into data security than you did your user interface
  • Widget Option Not Working 4/5

    By BlaqcRain
    I did what the widget instructed by going to my settings within the app and I turned on “quick balance and widget” still nothing.
  • Missing a lot, still lives in 2007 2/5

    By Dr. Combo
    Updated review This morning (01/6/17), I started receiving text alerts with the payee included which was a much needed update. Thank you for finally listening. It’s disappointing that this wasn’t announced as an enhancement. A lot more is needed with this app but this is a step in the right direction. Albeit that the notifications via text messages aren’t drive by the app but I cannot review the banking system overall elsewhere. I increased rating to two stars instead of one. Go Huntington in 2018!! This app is missing a lot in comparison with other banking apps: 1- notifications: they're non-existent with this app. Outside of it, I've submitted feedback to Huntington regarding their broken banking web and text alerts outside of this app. I receive a text message that a withdrawal for 25$ took place but not who did it; well how the hell am I supposed to react? Did a thief take it or was this the lunch I paid for? Tell me the merchant is! Please!!!!!!! 2- FICO score - everyone gives that now and so should Huntington 3- transaction detail - these details are non-existing with this app. You get the very basics 4- glitchy - this app is very unstable 5- reporting - I can't do any sort of reporting through this app
  • iPhone X 5/5

    By @HitchHiggins
    Please update to the iPhone X screen size!!
  • Needs an update for iOS11/FaceID (iPhone X) 3/5

    By K|NGP|N
  • WHAT THE HECK? 1/5

    By StormtrooperII
    Liked the app prior to the forced update, now, no landscape mode.........not worth it now. Delete delete delete!
  • No screen rotate on iPad? Boo! 2/5

    By Cindilu57
    Oh no! I love this app but with the recent updates, it doesn’t rotate to landscape view on my iPad!? Come on, I thought updates were supposed to be improvements? This takes us back to the first generation of iPad apps. Not happy. :( Also, please add the capability to write a memo for transfers.
  • Solid app 3/5

    By wokoglopulator
    Have had no problems at all with app. One thing that may confuse users is the 3D Touch must be set by not just enabling Quick Balance in My Settings, but also enabling Quick Balance Widget in that same area.
  • This app worked for 20 minutes 1/5

    By JMFB00
    Every time I try to use it since installing it, it say network error and closes automatically. I thought it would change since updating it but it’s still messed up.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Kimc71d
    Completely useless do not put your personal information in this program.
  • Uninstalled app after first use 1/5

    By free2beDelish
    This app seems completely useless if you only have a loan account. The most I can do is see my balance & the last payment. Can't make a payment or any changes to anything. I logged in, pressed the buttons it even let me use, & deleted it. Huntington online banking isn't much better so I didn't have high hopes, especially after reading most app reviews. I guess I'm spoiled with having Chase as my bank. I can see my money at work with Chase's online banking, mobile app, IVR, & customer service. I just happened to buy a vehicle in which the dealer chose Huntington as the lender... happy to support local business but I wouldn't open any checking/savings/credit accounts here due to the lacking customer experience.
  • Quick Balance 3D Touch 4/5

    By Adolfo Perez
    Everything in the app is great except the new feature they updated. It’s not working on my iPhone.
  • Needs iPhone X support 2/5

    By jedimacfan
    The app works well, but feels archaic on an iPhone X. The app really needs to support the new resolution of iPhone X’s display.
  • iPad app 3/5

    By Thecorn11
    I've used for several years. Latest upgrade does not rotate on my iPad. Please fix!
  • I also cannot get a horizontal I-Pad display. 1/5

    By RonSwonger
    Why does the Apple app display for Huntington I-Pad Mobile show a horizontal format, but the actual Huntington app is only vertical. Unusable on my I-Pad!
  • Waste of updates 3/5

    By iPhoneUser63
  • iPhone X 1/5

    By Better that COD
    Can we please get Face ID support?
  • Wow 1/5

    By Pudsylixr
    So this app is crappy at its finest i have never used a banking app that doesnt give the ongoing balance at all times for every transaction how are u supposed to keep up with what is curent wen it comes to be to late to notice something is off.
  • They reverted back to old resolution 3/5

    By Randomname99976544
    For some reason they used to support the iPhone X screen and fill the whole screen. Now it’s back to black bars on top and bottom. No other problems touch/face ID works great.
  • Unexpected error 1/5

    By Love.Thirteen.13
    So far this app has been a dud. I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall at least four times. I rarely am able to login due to “unexpected error’s” very unreliable!
  • 3D Touch Quick Balance doesn’t work 1/5

    By Holden Sondergeld
    I followed all the necessary steps as specified in the app but when I 3D touch the app the quick balance box tells me to to enable it in the settings. I’ve done this repeatedly and even restarted my phone to no prevail.
  • Lazy App Developer 1/5

    Whomever created this app obviously didn’t spend as much time and effort as they do with their web site.I have about 4 banks in total and I have to say this is one of the worse app I’ve seen.My Ally Bank isn’t even a branch bank and even their web site is way unique just to be an Online most of the reviews here,I have to agree This App have no Kind Of unique,Streamline enhancement Look.the fonts are too tiny and should be bold.doesn’t have the message center or no kind of chat to quickly speak with a rep.the app for the IPad doesn’t support the Vertical platform and Definitely needs a new look for just dull and simple and Make your banking experience rather boring.I second the other review regarding the widget support for the IOS I tried to see my account details and its telling me to update my settings for Quick balance and when I’ve done it numberous times and still doesn’t work.I guess Huntington app developers really didn’t think that throughly before making it available to the public.than When I called Huntington regarding that issue they gave me the run arounds by having me take several steps for nothing when it wasn’t anything on my end it was their app this whole time.not to mention one rep referred me to call Apple When I ensured her that Apple is going to refer me back to them because it is Huntington’s app.So please take these reviews seriously and make a change if you want to keep customers.
  • iPad rotation gone! 1/5

    By HairPlace
    Bring back the iPad rotation for horizontal view and I will change my review. Huntington has always been my #1 favorite online banking, so I’d be glad to give a good review if I can use my iPad the way I like on its stand. Thank you.
  • iPhone X support? 4/5

    By heltemes
    I really enjoy this app. It has made a lot of progress in just a couple years. But can we get support for the iPhone X, please?
  • Quick balance widget bug 1/5

    By Phyzixguru
    I updated the app so that the quick balance widget to work. It does not. It says to go to settings and enable quick balance widget. I did this and it DOES NOT work. Don’t bother updating app until this is fixed.
  • It works but needs improvement 2/5

    By jjk454ss
    App is OK for what you need to do, but could be much better. Bring back the iPad app and add iPhone X support would be a good start.
  • iPhone X? FaceID? 1/5

    By willsdad01
    Boo to this release. Where’s the iPhone X optimization? Where’s Face ID?

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