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  • Current Version: 3.50
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  • Developer: TerraStride Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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HuntStand App

HuntStand, the #1 free hunting app in the world, is the only hunting and land management app you will ever need. This revolutionary app is packed with invaluable mapping, weather, tracking, and social features. HuntStand was carefully designed to work in both online and offline environments. Using this app, you will have access to offline weather and maps of your hunt areas. You can edit your maps while out β€œin the field” then sync them with your HuntStand account. Use our Harvest, Sightings, and Task logging features to understand your property like never before. Fully map your property using 67 easily discernible custom icons, shapes, and lines including scouting marks, stands, property boundaries, food plots, ponds, roads, trails, and numerous other important objects of interest. Attach notes to your map objects and sort them by time and type. View distance and area measurements using our advanced measurement tools. Our app will give you extremely accurate map-based distances in feet, meters, and yards and area measurements in acres. HuntStand's interface is simple, yet powerful, and puts many useful tools right at your fingertips. Create an account and gain the ability to: -Sync Hunting Area maps with -View and edit maps using ultra-advanced on-line mapping features -See private property boundaries and owner info (10/month for free) -Share maps with friends -Create a personal profile -Add friends to your network -Locate your friends using the Friend Finder feature -Watch content from Carbon Media -Join group hunting areas (allowing you to share and edit maps with your hunting friends) -View advanced statistics built from your personal harvest and sighting history -Sync your maps with other devices (computers, tablets, phones) HuntStand features our revolutionary patent pending HuntZone technology. The HuntZone scent tool shows wind speed, direction, distance, and time in the most streamlined and efficient way possible. You can β€œslide” through wind forecasts and view the effects on your desired hunting area. The HuntZone tracks where your scent will be both at a specific time and throughout your hunt, allowing you to plan accordingly. Have access to highly detailed weather and solunar information including a current weather page, (with useful charts) a 72 hour forecast, and a 5 day outlook. HuntStand, powered by TerraStride, will revolutionize the way people hunt and operate in the outdoors. Subscriptions: For $11.99 USD you may purchase an auto-renewing 1-year subscription for unlimited parcel information requests (the free version is limited to 10). For $5.99 USD you may purchase an ad-free version of the app (auto-renewing 1-year subscription) Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. [Terms and Conditions]( [Privacy Policy](

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HuntStand app reviews

  • Just plain bad 1/5

    By Tigers eyes
    I had high hopes for this app , but that was quickly squashed by how slow it was and it kept freezing up ! NOT WORTH THE EFFORT
  • bad glitch 1/5

    By John312362790
    Was a five star app and still can be but has a glitch now. Can't do anything after you select your hunting area. Please fix!
  • Like what I see 5/5

    By Stuart Peterson
    So far everything has been great! I have had several questions and their support team has always been very fast and friendly when they respond! Really like all the mapping / measuring tools.
  • Great app features if they worked. 1/5

    By Tmickilling
    This app use to run great, now it has some serious issues. I can see most of it when opening on Safari, but very limited to what I can do in the mobile app. It's like it's stuck on one screen, not allowing me to sync to our group map. Then the online version appears crammed on my screen and I'm unable to navigate it affectively. Very disappointing.
  • Great on Samsung Drags on iPhone 3/5

    Runs like a charm on my tablet. But on my iPhone it drags to almost a stop like freezing up. Can drive you crazy just trying to type a name or item. Fix it or moving on.
  • Sluggish 3/5

    By Bb2132
    The app was great but the last update made it freeze a lot. I just about can't use it anymore
  • Great! 5/5

    By Dgsgrdfgreeeedfddsdss
    This app is to good to be free you can do almost anything with this app. You can even use it to see your friends hunting in the field on drives. It's perfect!
  • Friends 1/5

    By cburgjoker
    Would be a great feature if it worked.
  • Jp 1/5

    By Saw doctor
    What happened can't use? loved the older version lost all my favorite maps and stored information
  • Can't go back 1/5

    By liwaterman
    Can't do anything, app won't allow me to go to main page. Needs update
  • Beautifully Executed 5/5

    By @bdod_visualz
    Perfect app that has all I need and want. Good job to the creators πŸ‘πŸ½
  • App issues 3/5

    By JROD633
    I loved this app, but the latest update only takes me to the map, it will not allow me to use the back button to use the other features of the app.
  • Good 5/5

    By Skat 4 6 $j
    Have had this app for quit a while now and absolutely love this app I defently trust this app with my life going into the woods or anywhere else is so easy now
  • No longer supported 1/5

    By Sealesa
    With the recent update it no longer works.
  • HuntStand 1/5

    By Hunter Dan is angry
    Got this app earlier when it operated with IOS 7 or later. After a couple of udates it will not load. Save your money. No customer support as well.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Redsnake12
    I used this app all the time. Now they updated it and you lost most of the features. Don't waste your time with this app. Really disappointed in the changes they made.
  • Great useful and practical data 5/5

    By Maitner
    Scent cones, trail and other marker icons, property boundaries, and much more- use this app a lot to explore and the best part is without a phone connection the gps capability still works with app to pinpoint location on map in real time which allows for more accurate scouting and less likely hood of accidentally straying off property exploring! Makes scouting more effective and adds a level of fun.
  • Do NOT Pay for this app!!!! 1/5

    By ClintG73
    This thing is a fine free app used to draw you into buying the full version. The full version is JUNK!!
  • Boundaries on my land in va 1/5

    By Edithterry111
    You cut off my land and put someone else name on it... you need fix right away
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Bigdj99
    Works well with mapping locations of stands, food plots, trails, and land marks but works exceptionally well to keep track of harvests, sightings, and weather condition so you can see what areas produce more game and what conditions are best to hunt. This is by far one of the best Game management tools and hunting apps out there. How ever it is a little hard to work at first but once you get the hang of how to work it, it works well.
  • It's free I guess 1/5

    By Hammyabeer
    Not very intuitive to use. Went through all ten parcel boundaries trying to figure out how to map 1 hunting location. Maybe I'll try to figure the app out next month.
  • Don't waste your money!! 2/5

    By tidepitbull77
    Over all concept is good. I paid $11.99 for unlimited parcel data which isn't always correct. Also you can forget the huntzone wind direction being correct even after updating weather info. Waste of $12 in my opinion. πŸ‘ŽπŸ»πŸ‘ŽπŸ»
  • Irreplaceable tool for hunters! 5/5

    By Buckeye80
    Great app! Works great and syncs to their webpage so it can be viewed from your home computer. Scent cone is an invaluable tool. It's free! What are you waiting for? Download this app now if you are a hunter!
  • Great 5/5

    By Skskdkdksk
    This app is great.
  • Nice app 4/5

    By Ali is the bestest
    Love the app but I can't figure out how to purchase the 11.99 feature.
  • Amazing app for becoming the best hunter you can 5/5

    By Dedicated hunter
    I spend over 75 days in the woods. I stalk hunt on public land in Florida and this App has truly improved the way I hunt. I am meticulous about knowing the properties I hunt and with this I have been able track deer and hog patterns and was able to crush a massive 10 pointer that has been dodging me for over 3 years. I recommend this app to all my friends. I just wish there was a better way to report new functions etc!
  • Great tool! 5/5

    By Jmnhunter
    This app is easy to use, slick features such as the parcel landowner info is a huge plus. Developers are constantly updating the app for fixes and improvements. Cheap option to go as free, I would also pay to have the landowner name to display over the parcels instead of having to tap on each parcel- that is the only downfall but it's a free app. I've tried the onx maps but that has too match going on and it's expensive. This app is going the right direction!
  • Owner 5/5

    By Wdshepherd
    This app is mice and I use it a lot when hunting. I wish they offered it for the iPad as well.
  • BEST Hunt APP! Really! Try it! 5/5

    By Sochureki
    I challenge you to try it for yourself. I dont want you to believe me, so explore for yourself and make your own decision. (Ratings lie) Challenge everything. This is really an amazing app! I have not used it for duck hunting...yet. As for deer or other land game it has phenomenal features. Helped me harvest 3 does and almost got my monster Buck! Still about 2 weeks to go!! I used a bow and farthest distance was not > 25yds. I used sneek tec boots ( to creep up to my tree stand....and played the wind on my approach and stand choice. Disclaimer: This is my 1st year hunting so everything is super new and shiny; 42 years old playing catch up... No time to waste. However of about the 6 hunting apps I bought, this one is by far the best and easy to use. Pay attention to instructions; saves you a bit of time but you will be able to figure it out on your own. Great job guys! Hope your at SHOT in Las Vegas! See you there!
  • Awesome! 3/5

    By Major Engineering Fan (C-DOG)
    LET ME LOOK AT ALL THE LAND PLOTS I WANT TO FOR FREE, FREE, FREE, FREE.... NOT $10 AFTER I ONLY LOOK AR ABOUT 5 Land plots. This things is awesome for finding the right conditions. It use it for me to quickly choose which one of my stands I should head to all across the stay. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING! The only thing absolutely HATE is how you have to PAY a whole $10 per year just to lookup who owns Land around yours. Who ever created this app should make everything free just ask for a hunter donations to help.
  • Won't sync 2/5

    By Bamaraptor
    Mine won't sync
  • Junk 1/5

    By Labdaddy3
    Bought unlimited parcel info and now the App won't work. What a joke. This app is worthless. Zero stars!!!!
  • App quit letting you sync 1/5

    By rileyjoe1996
    At one time it was the greatest app for hunters especially me. I work on the river and am gone most of the time but if my dad or brother made changes they could sync and I'd download the new map, but now I hear they want you to pay after it's been free in the past and the sync stopped working
  • Great app. Not 1/5

    By Jncsciacca
    After the last update the app doesn't work any more. I know updates are needed from time to time, but they should make the app better not stop it from working. Anyone ever hear about testing first.
  • Lost all my data 1/5

    By RidesWithBeer 45
    None of my data is there after the last update... parcels, blind locations, Feeder locations. A lot of time wasted mapping out a big area. Would never pay a yearly subscription.
  • Bad update 1/5

    By Gatekeeper39367
    Have used this app for years now and has always been a great tool for hunting but since the latest update the app does not work. I understand the need for improvements in apps and software but at least test run it first Please fix the glitch
  • Was great not now 1/5

    By Heyniobddh
    This Was the best app for hunters out there. Until they did this new update and now it costs money. Why charge for something that has been free for the past year for people. They just made a lot of people mad. DON'T do the new update!
  • Parcel marker 3/5

    By Tonsofwheels
    The parcel boundary marker lost some of the parcel boundaries that I saved after I navigating through different parts of the app
  • Please help me 1/5

    By Outdoorsman545
    I have not been able to use the app since last update
  • Terrible 1/5

    By D888wood
    Never works correctly. Great idea maybe some that knows what they are doing will take on this challenge.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Bogeygolfer_jm
    HuntStand is an Awesome tool to have while in the field. It makes finding parcels easy and has a lot of great marking features for the parcels. Weather information is available at your finger tips. A definite must have for any hunter.
  • Sync still not working 2/5

    By Browning3
    Newest version claims to fix issue with syncing to mobile devices. It still doesn't work!!!
  • EH! 2/5

    By Ejensvz
    This didn't work super well needs improvement froze up and would not work
  • No longer works on ios7 1/5

    By GS@59!
    They say it works on ios7 but it no longer does. An update killed it a couple of months ago.
  • Wont open 3/5

    By 77mammy
    Cant get the app to open on my iphone now either after the update. So deleted an reinstalled multiple times and still wont open. Ive always liked the app and relied on it, now its nothin but aggervation
  • Great app 5/5

    By Tuna Cake
    Even after update I have not found any problems. I wish that the weather would update in the field, but no problem. Have other weather apps for that. Something that would be nice, a compass that's integrated onto maps. This would help me better tell which direction I'm sitting vs wind direction. Also I wouldn't mind paying for unlimited parcel info.
  • Wouldn't even open 1/5

    By K Ruschmann
    I downloaded it 11/27/16 about 8 pm. Went to open it. Didn't open. Restarted phone, tried again, still wouldn't open. I uninstalled, restated phone, re installed, restarted phone, still nothing. I just tried to open again at 915pm on 11/28/16. Nothing I deleted it. IPhone 4
  • Great app!!! 5/5

    By Ddsstony
    Just used this app this past weekend to post my hunting property. It is very accurate, I found some 10yr old ribbons that originally marked property borders. The satellite images are also more current than google? I can see a bridge I put in 3 months ago that's not on google or bing yet? I highly recommend this app! Awesome!
  • Not fair! 2/5

    By mldcfan
    App is limited to 5 parcels. I did my 5, and then deleted one to hopefully make room for a different parcel, but no dice :( Since you don't have the pay option for more parcels setup yet, please at least allow us to delete/add within the 5 parcel limit.
  • Please fix... used to work before update 1/5

    By Bwizzle19
    This app is amazing!!! Except that it no longer works after the update on 11/10/16. Please fix so it will work again! Update: With new "enhancements and bug fixes" the app still does not work properly on iPhone. Used to work...used to be a great app! I even called customer service but never got a call back. Don't bother downloading until they fix it. Just a waste of time until then.

HuntStand app comments

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