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  • Current Version: 9.6.1
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Hy‑Vee App

Hy-Vee’s outstanding customer service is in the palm of your hand. The new Hy-Vee app makes browsing deals and savings easier than ever. Log in with your Hy-Vee account and access your Fuel Saver + Perks® card, check your rewards balance, and get great perks. Build your shopping list and keep your deals and coupons in one place. Refill your prescriptions with just a few easy steps, plus an App Exclusive Deal. Access your Fuel Saver + Perks® account Track your current rewards balance, view redeemed rewards, and any fuel savings that are about to expire. Turning on notifications will allow you to be updated when rewards are about to expire. Update your profile (and add your card to Wallet) directly from the app. Savings at your fingertips We've put all Hy-Vee deals in one spot for you to browse! Add items to your shopping list to take advantage of all the in-store savings. Easily find out which items have coupons available for them. Log in and sort by the products you buy most often. Load coupons in the app Digital coupons make it even easier to save money at Hy-Vee. Load your coupons to your Fuel Saver + Perks® card with a simple swipe or tap and save when you scan your app barcode at the register. Refill or transfer in a few easy steps Medications can be refilled or transferred quickly and easily by entering the prescription number or by scanning the barcode on the bottle. Pharmacy customers can get notified and check the status of their prescriptions. Turning on notifications allow you to be notified when prescriptions are ready for pickup. With a pharmacy account, you can easily refill your prescriptions, view order history and more. Your Shopping List Sign into your Hy-Vee.com account and access all your lists. Easily build your shopping list with deals and coupons, or add custom items, then sort by aisle or department. Your digital coupons also display on your list. Find a friendly, neighborhood Hy-Vee near you. Search for the nearest Hy-Vee, get directions, view hours and phone numbers. Selecting the store you shop at most often unlocks access to the most up-to-date local pricing. — Permissions Used in the App No permissions are required to use the app. The app optionally requests the following: Push Notifications: to communicate new deals, expiring Fuel Saver rewards, prescriptions ready for pickup, and special events While Using the App Location Access: for finding a nearby Hy-Vee Always-on Location Access: for In-Store Notifications Contacts: for sharing your shopping list with one of your contacts Camera: for scanning your Fuel Saver card barcode, prescriptions, and gift cards. Microphone and Speech Recognition Access: for searching for products by voice. —


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Hy‑Vee app reviews

  • Add Apple Pay 1/5

    By Mark5dg
    Please add Apple Pay to your stores!
  • Aisles online and Apple Pay 2/5

    By nprnebraska
    I would use this app far more often if I could build and order item lists with aisles online and pay with Apple Pay. As it stands, it’s fine for checking my gas reward balance.
  • Coupons need improvement 2/5

    By Eas49
    Wish you could search for coupons rather than have to scroll through all of them. Better yet, it would be nice to be able to scan a product to see if there's a coupon.
  • Plz include dates & ounces on emailed list 4/5

    By MThomasR
    Overall I like this store app & use it weekly. There are 2 problems I run into. 1) I email the list to myself & reference it when I don’t find the price in the store matching the price shown in app. Today I wasted 20 minutes trying to find the correct size of cereal on sale for $1.99. Eventually, after getting charged a dollar more for the cereal, I learned the sale price didn’t start until later in the week. It’s impossible to be aware of this when relying on the app’s emailed list as no dates are specified. 2) Another problem with the emailed list is that it doesn’t specify size. Fro example Lays chips are on sale for $2.00, but I cant tell if it’s the 8 oz, 10 oz, etc. The customer service rep implied that there’s no reason to use the app except to get the coupons, but I’m guessing that’s not what Hy-Vee would encourage as the preferred response.
  • Does work if you don't live in urban area. 1/5

    By Poopendoodle
    I live 30 miles from the store. But since there is no store select other than location I can't you the app.
  • Needs scanner function added to list 4/5

    By bew113
    Great app but needs a scanning feature to the list function so I can scan it when I runout of the item through out the week
  • Tired of having to repeat..... 2/5

    By The First Ultimate consumer
    Every time you look at an item you have to start at the beginning again. I find it very annoying and time consuming. You should have also noticed they show the same item at least three times as you scroll through their list. Then to add injury to insult most items in their advertisement are not on “sale.” They are require by law to print the word sale if the item is actually on sale. The majority of the items listed in their fliers do not have the word sale printed next to them. I shop at the 156th and Maple store in Omaha NE. I try to shop on Wednesday to receive 5% off. A majority of the time they are already out of their specials. I do not know if this happens everywhere or if this store has bad management. One would think if you are going to run a special you would have significant stock to last you more then a few hours on the first day of your ad. Yes you can get a rain check, but I always seem to lose them or forget to use them before they expire. Stocking the shelves has become a problem too, but I believe their supply of hiring teenagers has dried up. I long for the old days of grocery shopping and hope to see a huge improvement if Amazon and the Aldi make a move. It can’t get any worse.
  • Aisle online? 3/5

    By Oylerck
    I would like to see aisles online included in the app.
  • Fix Rx notifications 2/5

    By RKSchraeder
    Getting multiple Rx ready notifications hourly and multiple times per day. Even when only one script ready for pick up.
  • Love this app 4/5

    By Jccguj
    I use this app to build my grocery list every week. I load the electronic coupons to my account and then go through the ads and add them to my list, then add whatever else I need. It makes my trip through Hy-Vee so organized. Two things keeping me from giving it a five: 1) need the ability to override the aisle number when the app assigns the wrong one. 2) need the ability to add a comment or note to an item in my grocery list.
  • Definitely Went Backwards 1/5

    By Sweats24
    Don't know what the thought was when this version was released - it's worthless. For those of us that used the app for how it was intended can no longer even consider the app. I used it 90% for putting together my weekly shopping list. I did that by entering a product to look for (i.e. Milk) and i received a complete list of all the brands carried, picture of each product, flavors and content (skim, 1%, 2%, etc) and the current price; now you get none of that. If you want milk you enter Milk 1% and that is what is added to your list. You don't know if you are getting Hy-vee brand or Land-o-Lakes, there is no current price for your purchase, no picture to make your selection from. There are a number of brands so if you were to enter chocolate ice cream, there is Blue Bunny, Kemps and others but you have no idea of what you will be getting. And if the solution is to enter everything such as "Kemps Half Gallon Ice Cream", you have now lost 75% of your customers as this was to be an app of convenience and saving. It now has become extremely burdensome to search and complete such a list unless you just want to see what the store specials are. NO SAVINGS HERE WITH THIS APP. A no longer Delivery Customer
  • Good app for specials and coupons 4/5

    By MyFavoriteToy
    This is a good app for checking the weekly specials and coupons. It loads the coupons on to the card that I keep on my keychain. It could be a great app if I could review products.
  • Accessibility with voiceover 3/5

    By Nancy.lc.
    I would love to make better use of the app, however, after I have scanned a prescription number, I cannot use voice over. I have to turn it completely off for buttons to work. I have no idea what it is doing after I have scanned the barcode. I have to confess that I am not a good online shopper. I have not taken a thorough look at the rest of the app. I will look forward to an update on which this bug is fixed. Thank you.
  • Not so great 1/5

    By Sasayra
    In a dreamworld you could build a list online and see it in the app. Nope. The app looks pretty but it doesn't function very well. You can't edit an item after entering it so if you don't put the details like Department in upfront you're out of luck. And for whatever reason the app doesn't seem to know that an onion would be produce. I want to like it but I'm going back to "out of milk."
  • Portrait only? You have to be kidding. 1/5

    By Traxel
    This app runs only in portrait, not landscape? My iPad is set-up for easy access to the keyboard, and the applications that I use automatically update on my iPhone. To improve the efficiency of this application it needs to rotate between portrait and landscape. Until then, I am removing it from my iPad.
  • Stripped Useful Features 1/5

    By JEllingson17
    This "update" made the app harder to use and my biggest issue with the app is the lack of product finder that the old app had which was useful to quickly figure out what aisle something was in. That feature was great considering there's no longer a "helpful smile in every aisle" it takes as much time to find someone to ask for directions as it does to find it myself....
  • App it self 4/5

    By abbykal
    I have to go into App Store every time I want to use the app. The icon doesn't stay with the rest of my icons
  • Works exactly how I want it to 5/5

    By marcus2357
    I've been waiting for Hy-Vee to come out with something like this, it has all the features I wanted like loading the weekly coupons and Apple Wallet capability, and seems to work smoothly so far!
  • Prices? 1/5

    By Crash in IA
    I would use your app more & shop Hy-Vee more if the app would allow for searching of items & prices at my local Hy-Vee! Other retailers have that in-app capability, why not Hy-Vee?
  • New HyVee App missing Product Locator 1/5

    By debbieggl
    The new app isn't as user-friendly. One of the features I frequently used was the Product Locator for my local store. Can't find it in the new version )-:
  • Bad Update 1/5

    By Luann67
    My app worked fine until the update this past weekend. Now it tells me I added things to my list but they don't show on my list and it won't let me unmark the item! Please fix!!
  • App doesn't work 1/5

    By Toto, we’re home
    When you sign up and enter a password, it sends you an email link to complete registration which is nothing but a link to reset your password. Then when you fill out your registration form, it says please fill out required field, which has already been filled out. It just plain doesn’t work.
  • App is broken 1/5

    By B-man1978888
    This used to be a great app. With the last couple of updates, it no longer works. All I get is a message saying I have no internet connection.
  • Works great again 4/5

    By IAridgeRunner
    Latest update fixed the connection issue. My favorite feature shows what isle each item can be found! Works best with items "on sale". When add non sale items, would be nice to get a list of items to choose. Then would rate 5*. Can easily track fuel rewards credits & when they expire. Can make list/edit shopping list on either desktop or wireless device, then updates lists accurately. I miss the store layout that used to be available for each store.
  • Help!'n 1/5

    By Anne61456
    It's not letting me do the update!!!!!
  • Stopped working... 1/5

    By BeeMaster
    App check, aisle 9... On launch, cursor spins and no data shows. It's as if home base isn't talking.
  • Will not load! 1/5

    By MelBee1984
    I can never get the app to work!
  • Nothing! 1/5

    By Tomi:
    I get nothing. Always trying to load but nothing comes up anymore
  • Very good useful app 4/5

    By Western310
    I use this weekly. I like that it breaks down my list into the aisles I have to go to. Adding list items are easy.
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By Bird Wonderer
    Ever since the last update the only thing that works is the prescription section. Everything else is blank. Very disappointed.
  • Miss my store map 3/5

    By Lou M.
    I really miss the previous app's feature that allowed you to search an item and it would tell you where in the store it was.
  • Pharmacy needs work: Update 5/5

    By LibertyBean
    With the old app, I could refill a prescription from my account. Now, if I don't have the prescription number with me, I'm out of luck. Definitely not "new and improved." I'll stick with the old version, thank you! Update: the update resolved this issue, making it much easier to refill a prescription. Thanks for listening to our concerns!
  • Poor execution especially for prescription 1/5

    By APT60
    This app lacks functionality that Target had years ago. Requiring you to enter a prescription number when ordering a refill is a hassle and the barcode scanner is useless
  • Very bad 1/5

    By Crem0020
    Not user friendly nor can you order groceries with it.
  • I would give zero stars in a heartbeat if I could 1/5

    By BigDeke 2013
    This was advertised through the previous version (7.2 by tactile) as an upgrade. However it is really a new application. It didn't inherit anything from the other application and the other Hy-Vee application still exists on my phone. I really think Hy-Vee has missed out on a lot of opportunities with the fuels saver card over the last few years. Instead of recognizing the opportunity to gather data and perform analytics on their customers spending habits they have done little to make it anything more than what it was originally. Unless I'm getting points on my card I don't bother handing over the number and they miss out on valuable information about me and my wife. What they need to do is take a page from target's red card/cartwheel program. Perform some analytics on how, what, when, where I spend. E.g. If I'm a regular buyer pasta, how do My spending patterns change at the introduction of a complimentary product like a new brand of pasta sauce. They could target advertising to me. They could figure out the frequency of my visits and how many items I buy at a time, do I shop big on Saturday only to show up a few hours later to grab the missing ingredients I need for Sunday dinner? Basically, give me some incentive for using the card other than the occasional penny or two on the card for gas.
  • Yikes 1/5

    By StillAngry Customer
  • Barcode Function Lacking 2/5

    By k6rl
    The barcode does not work at the gas pump.
  • Barcode at the pump 2/5

    By spiffarino
    Bring back the ability to use a barcode at the gas pump. Having to type in the number is pretty 1999
  • App doesn't work 1/5

    By Studberg
    Tried to buy my groceries online and when I click on the link to shop online the page is blank every time! Major bummer!!!
  • Please fix the prescription section 1/5

    By Las115
    I am no longer notified when my Rx have been automatically refilled.
  • Love the new app but... 1/5

    By TZ2007
    Love the new app but you took away one of the greatest features. The ability to reorder prescriptions from your account! Now when I need to refill I have to go find the numbers on my prescriptions, even tho I have several refills on account. Please bring back that feature!!!
  • Can't download app 1/5

    By C3S2O1
    I can't access features on my current Hy-Vee app because there is a new app available, but can't download new app - the only option is to open it.
  • This app is ok. The list does not have 'sort by name' 3/5

    By Sort by name
    I have used this app for while. I use it weekly to have cashier scan code. I have also added coupons and purchased the item. Couple things to mention: 1-The QR code can be scanned cashier, but I have noticed it works better when I increase the display brightness on my phone. Sometimes it does not scan well when it is low brightness. 2-The list does not offer a way to sort by name, alphabetically. I have 109 completed items and it is hard to find things to move them to the 'need to buy' items. Please add a sort by name or give field where I can type to find item by name.
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By Shiznifterflifen
    Always being logged out makes the widget useless.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Jvikepack
    The app says you can load coupons on to My Perks card. I have done that several times and it has NEVER worked! I also get a message a new update is availabile, but I have updates. I only gave one star because I can at least check Fuel Saver balance!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Choosingfire
    So easy to use. I enjoy the updates.
  • Sir 1/5

    By AJ Boondock
    Wish I could give 0 stars. Nothing to review. Won't let me sign in so I can use it. Complete POS. Don't waste your time.
  • I read all reviews so.......uuuugggghhhh!!! 1/5

    By Imleylalee
    Leaving my review, because I just got notified that there is an update. Based on all the reviews concerning the update. I will pass. When will devs realize we read the reviews and then decide to download or not. Crazy sad in my opinion. Update!!!! great the app is useless, it won't let me view coupons unless I update!!! Deleting dumb bunnies!!!! So aggravated uuuugggghhhh!!!!!
  • Improved? NOT! 1/5

    By Burianekfamily
    UPDATE 1/5/17. THIS APP IS TOTALLY USLESS. PLEASE BRING BACK OLD APP. I had to give this a 1-star because ZERO was not an option. Why do app and software developers "improve" things by making them harder to use and more complicated? HyVee did just that as well. What good is "new" when old works better. New app can't make a grocery list. New app won't show me the weekly add. New app DOES show current fuel saver balance but that is the only good thing of the new app.
  • Prescription 2/5

    By Ladm2
    Liked the old app where you could refill a prescription from a list of previously filled ones. It was much more convenient!

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