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i-easydrive App

The i-easydrive is the memory expansion on your iOS device. Provides two-way storage between iOS and MAC/PC without the need for Wi-Fi, network signal or battery power. Compatible with virtually all iDevices featuring a Lightning connector, this ultra-slim and fast flash drive enables users to seamlessly transfer, view and share documents, images, video and audio files between a multitude of gadgets. free app delivers the ability to upload, organize, edit and manage files across multiple platforms, including iPad, iPhone and more. Play music and videos directly from the i-easydriveDrive freeing up space on your iDevices.


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  • terrible product - save your money 1/5

    By laura_nyc
    I wish I had read all the negative reviews before buying this! I comes with no instrctions and the “manual” is useless. Doesn’t work - says it’s downloading files but in fact it fails to do it. There may be better iphone/ipad drives out there, but this one is bogus.
  • Junk 1/5

    By Horsepower Site Services
    I paid over $20 for this thing so I could check my trail cams in the woods. It worked for two days and now it won’t show what is on my card. It’s a cheap POS. Now I’m back to pulling the cards and taking them home to view on a PC
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By 5morelbs2crazy
    When first installed it worked for a quick review then wouldn’t work on any iPhone after that. Tried the iPhone 6 and 7Plus. It doesn’t work.
  • I hate it.......... 1/5

    By Rickster1001
    When I first got it in September 2017, worked well. Then started having issues. I know there are pictures on sd card, but it doesn’t read any pictures. It’s November 2017. REALLY, 60 days is the best you can do??????
  • No longer works 1/5

    By firefightergreen
    Purchased this and it worked for a week, then the new update came out and it no longer works. I’m out $20 for StealthCams card reader!!
  • Device unsupported and it’s hot! 1/5

    By Ala817
    I was excited to use the product despite the bad reviews thinking this could be different. Upon receiving, I was shocked that the small cable was just placed on the packaging of the usb itself. As a customer, if you would want to sell something, whatever is included should be in the same box and/or packaging of the one you are sending it. I inserted the device and nothing comes out. I followed the instructions then to download the app, i-Easy Drive. Even if there were two apps of the same name, the only difference is, the other one comes with a “plus” name,which has all the more bad reviews. I waited, plugged, unplugged, checked to see how it goes, deleted and installed the app more than twice BUT no device can be found. After hours of waiting, I let the device sit up in my mobile device while I checked some instructions some more. Few hours later, i inserted it again upside down and it worked. I put on 3 photos to see and play with it as to how it works. I thought, oh well it did work finally! The following day, I wanted to give it a try, and again device not found. This time, a menu box came out that says, “it is not supported” anymore. After all the hours wasted and time consumed trying to figure out how this will work, I inserted it on my computer to see if this works. I found the photos inside. But the device itself turned so hot that I could not hold it until it cools off. So be careful with this device, you cannot tell if this can explode or what. Finally, am deciding to print the return packet and will send it back. NOT HAPPY, NOT BUYING THAT IS NOT APPLE SUPPORTED AND NOT GIVING A GOOD REVIEW EVEN IF THEY CHANGE IT UNLESS IT PROVES THAT IT WORKS!
  • From a 10 to a zippo 5/5

    By YouNeedABetterITGuy
    When I first purchased the drive, about 3 weeks now, I was ecstatic. For months Apple could not or would not help me get my photo’s off my phone. They continually wanted me to use the cloud, which still took control of what is mine away from me. The device and app allowed me to get what was mine. Now when I plug it in, nada. Is the device so cheap it only last 30 day’s or less. I have been doing some digging, I have read that the Almighty ‘A’ does not want outside access to your photo’s. I am going to exchange the device and will update this review afterwards. After an exchange I now have control of MY data again. The ease of use and simplicity of allowing you to access some of ‘your’ data is wonderful. The only thing I recall being a shortcoming was not being able to name a phot upon transfer. Initially it would not allow me to transfer photo’s; but upon reducing the mass into smaller groups, it worked fine. It still will not do documents more than 1 at a time. I think this is iOS not the app.
  • Either or both are garbage 1/5

    By Ejg257
    I don’t know if it is the app or the Stealthcam card reader but combined they are garbage. Bottom line i cannot read SD cards on my iphone.....may return the SD reader to Walmart....
  • Not working 1/5

    By UnMWk
    As soon as I plug in my g-ting dual usb drive it can’t find it on my iPhone 6s Plus iOS 11
  • ISO 11 must be the problem 1/5

    By backlash18
    Worked good til my phone did an update to ISO 11.3 NOW ITS USELESS!
  • Stores your info??? 2/5

    By JKarlolz
    Everything works fine except I found out that if you press the iPhone icon in the app you will see a folder named "TDBDownloads" and if you try to delete it it will always come back. Idk what that's about.
  • No good for video 1/5

    By thundering lion
    I bought this device so I could check trail cameras onsite and not have to bring the SD cards back to a computer to view the videos. This device won’t play the videos rather it shows the play head moving along but the picture doesn’t move. Used it with an iPhone6s and just upgraded to an iPhone8. Does not work.
  • Institutions are poorly written 2/5

    By Buttless Pig
    I’m having a very difficult time understanding how to use this app. Would like to see video demonstration.
  • Worked perfectly prior to iOS software update 3/5

    By Popcornsarah
    Worked perfectly prior to iOS software update.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Bummer Hunter
    Worked fine for 3 weeks and then crapped out with no ability to contact tech support and store that it was purchased at wouldn’t accept return without receipt which I didn't keep once it was working.
  • Moultrie SD card reader 1/5

    By tem81571
    I bought my SD card viewer about a month ago and it worked great at first. Yesterday went to view my sd card in my moultrie camera and it doesn’t work now on my iPhone tried it on another phone and nope still didn’t work. The icon isn’t popping up to allow access to my pictures. Please help with my issue I’m having
  • Not working on IPhone 8 IOS 11.0.3 2/5

    By sig04chad
    Works on my iPhone 7 with same iOS but won’t work on IPhone 8
  • Having issues saving videos 1/5

    By Eleanor182
    When I plug in the USB to my phone, it has trouble connecting to the “my drive”, I have to constantly plug it back it for it to connect. Also, sometimes when I try to save something to my device an error message pops up, but even if the video I’m saving fully loads, I check my gallery and it never saved. I constantly have this problem.
  • Nothing. 1/5

    By Bomb squad76
    I plug in the card and I get nothing.
  • Would pay more for something that actually works 1/5

    By Pingwins
    I don’t mind paying average or above average for devices and software… as long as the work. My device is new and useless as it won’t even read an SD card Witt more than 100 pics on it. I would gladly give it away and pay for something that works.
  • Needs updated no longer works 2/5

    By Aceflier
    It worked kind of before. It did not always save all the photos. But now it’s not even detected with the latest IOS. Can we get an update so I can use it?
  • Does not work 1/5

    By LMAC 721
    Waste of money for iPhone
  • Total crap 1/5

    By katie33kate
    This device and its software crashed about 10 times in just the first 10 minutes. The users guide looks nothing like the screens you will see...so you have to hunt to figure out how to copy anything...and then it crashes! Cannot trust it to keep photos or files safe. Can't trust it to not crash every time you want to do anything. Don't waste your money on this...pure trash
  • No longer working with iOS 11.0 3 2/5

    By Bigg Scott
    I loved this app when it worked but after the latest system update it no longer works. Won't read any of my three devices that it previously did.
  • Constant crash and unable to read card 1/5

    By FentonsFinest
    I have had little success with the i-drive app. It constantly crashes and won’t stay connected to the card long enough to view sd pictures.
  • Works great 5/5

    By bwarburton
    I am confused by the negative reviews, which seem to be talking about a different product. I use this app with a hardware flash drive that has Lightning (iPhone), type A USB (laptop) and type B micro USB (Android) ports. It works very well.
  • Don’t work 1/5

    By nader.nabil
    Please help me not work with iOS 11.0.3 please help me
  • App and drive works 3/5

    By RickD61
    The app and drive works great, I can transfer all my pictures and my videos to the drive I can also back up my contacts to the drive. But, that’s all you can copy from your device to the drive. It would be nice if I could copy dropbox files or other documents on my device to the drive. It does have its limitations.
  • Doesn’t work with latest iPhone update 3/5

    By Joooooooolz
    This app worked great for me until l a couple weeks ago when I got the latest iPhone app. Videos are blacked out, I can hear them, but not see them. Help :(
  • Moultrie reader 1/5

    By ryleb
    No longer works with moultrie sd card reader
  • Works on one of three SD cards. Worthless 1/5

    By Farmer neb
    Only works on 1 of 3 SD cards for game cameras
  • It’s not working 1/5

    By daniel.m.abrantes
    It’s not working Till last update on my iPhone it’s not working anymore! ! ! There some with the code when you bring to de pc windows 10 cannot read it, comes only the audio file
  • I-EasyDrive 2/5

    By Bs 2014
    Mine quit working .. need help getting it working again .. need it
  • Game Camera 2/5

    By Argonixstudio
    Won't play video on game camera. Image is black but it will play the audio.
  • Not working in iPhone 8 1/5

    By Lester95
    At all!!
  • i7p for ios 11.0.2 done read the drive 1/5

    By Mad customer!!!!
    Plugged in the usb drive but nothing shows up after updated 11.0.2ios
  • Doesn’t recognize the device 1/5

    By Buff'o'Bob
    Used to work just fine. Now my phone doesn’t recognize the device.
  • Quit working on my iPhone. 1/5

    By Bush750
    It worked fine for a few months, now it no longer recognizes my device and allows me to view my photos from my SD card. Tried deleting app and reinstalling to no avail.
  • Won't work for crap after update 1/5

    By Willchadtrip
    Won't play videos at all. Black screen but has sound. It's useless right now since the last update and I'm on my 4 stealth card reader they don't last a week or two. Very very disappointed
  • This app needs a lot of improvement!! 1/5

    By ompblus
    Really too limited with only photos and contacts access. To the developers: please have a look at the "i-USB-storer" app and add some functions such as recording, camera access, video folder, files folder, backup photos, backup videos...a shuffle function when playing songs... thanks in advance!!!
  • Junk 1/5

    By Vtnick11b
    Worked great for a while and now every time I try to use it crashes on me after just a second. Even says the last update was supposed to fix a crash for latest iOS but it obviously didn’t....
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Moses101564
    Use to work .... now not recognizing on iphone
  • Doesn’t work half the time 1/5

    By Cod killer109
    Worked well at first but now it never recognizes installed SD cards. Computer reads the cards fine.
  • Not working 1/5

    By 72amazmgr
    The latest update said it would allow the app to work in IOS 11. So why is mine still not working?
  • AVI Won’t Play in App 1/5

    By Kld3030
    I have an iPhone 7Plus Running IOS11. Just purchased the reader for my game cameras and after recording 10 second videos and plugging into iPhone the avi files show but when you play them they are black. Tried to copy to photo album but once downloaded they show error and blank in photo album. I can transfer them 1 at a time to another card app and they play in that app. Not English support.
  • iOS 11 problems 4/5

    By Ipadfrypad
    Worked great with iOS 10.3 but since I freshly installed iOS 11 on iPad the app won’t detect the drive and no red circle showing in app
  • Does not recognize device after most recent update 1/5

    By $Wasted$
    The device was working great until the did an update to fix some issues. Now that I have downloaded the update, the app does not recognize the device.
  • Isn't working 3/5

    By Jocephus91
    I have this on two phones. The videos are blacked out. I think I Easy Drive needs a upgrade for bug fixes!!
  • Broke!! 1/5

    By Flying Fork
    Used it 3 times. 4times was a bust! Will not connect. Worked before the most recent update. Will not connect now.
  • Before iOS 11..... 3/5

    By Vsraptor
    When I was useing this before the app was exactly what I needed. But since I got a new phone with iOS 11 I can read any content on my external drive. This is when trying to read an SD card that is completely full. Even tried a second card that had some content on it. HELP!!!!

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