iCare Health Monitor-can measure blood pressure

iCare Health Monitor-can measure blood pressure

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iCare Health Monitor-can measure blood pressure App

iCare Health Monitor--Mobile measuring blood pressure,heart rate,vision,hearing iCare Health Monitor--Mobile measuring blood pressure, heart rate, blood lipids, blood oxygen, vision, colorblind, hearing, lung capacity, breath rate, psychological index. It does not require any peripherals, only use a mobile phone measure blood pressure, heart rate, vision, hearing, lung capacity, psychological index, colorblind and other physical data, and provides targeted health programs . "The world's 1st blood pressure measurement APP" "The world's 1st blood lipid measurements APP" "The world's 1st continuous heart rate measurement APP" "The world's 1st pulse wave acquisition and analysis software" "The world's most functional examination APP" Reliable data: A large number of user authentication; 1.Heart rate error of plus or minus 3 or less. 2.Blood pressure for more than 95% of users, the error is within plus or minus 12. 3.Blood Oxygen error plus or minus 2 or less. 4.Identification and accuracy of high blood cholesterol more than 80%. Features: 1.Measure the user's blood pressure, heart rate, blood lipids, blood oxygen, vision, colorblind, hearing, Lung capacity, breath rate, psychological index and other physical data through the phone. 2.Measure Physical data by Bluetooth Sphygmomanometer, Bluetooth wristband, Bluetooth body fat scales, Bluetooth ECG instrument . 3.Statistics daily health data and make statistics and trend analysis. 4.Based on the user's health data and trends, to provide health alert service. 5.Without wearable device, super-convenient pedometer. 6.Games and interactive training programs, statistics and manage daily physical activity and sport type. 7.Support "Health" app,record the results of measurements into "Health" app so you can monitor your health datas. ------------------- Upgrade to Premium to unlimited access to Premium features,that is,you can add notes to your health data,filter data with conditions,export your health data,calculate your target heart rate zones,more effecient workout plans,etc. You can choose the duration of the subscription of Premium features - "subscription for 1 month" or "subscription for 1 year". the price of the 1 month subscription - "$3.49"; the price of the 1 year subscription - "$24.49"; information about the auto-renewable nature of the subscription - Auto-renewing, until cancelled by user. http://www.xueyazhushou.com/statement_en.htm

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iCare Health Monitor-can measure blood pressure app reviews

  • Very Useful 5/5

    By Maszk
    Very useful, convenient, and works great.
  • Fun and helpful 5/5

    By Webcams e
    I like the app it's kind of fun to check up on those readings. sometimes it's a little hard to get it going because you're fingers have to be in the right spots but around 80% of the time it works fantastic and seems to be fairly accurate.
  • Beware 1/5

    By Dulcilady
    At first I thought this would be a great simple app for monitoring bp. Then I compared the results from the app, which basically said my bp was normal, then I used my digital bp monitor and the results were far higher bp scores (which is more typical for me). Based on that one aspect of the app I'll probably delete it.
  • Peace of mind 5/5

    By Lilbrat26143
    Love iy
  • Great and very helpful, but can't always understand 4/5

    By hashtagdontcare
    The English needs to be improved. Not translated well, and some things are left in another language. However, very helpful for keeping health statistics and taking baseline tests.
  • Great app 5/5

    By L😄
    Helps with just monitoring blood pressure. Overall a very helpful and useful app. I use it often.
  • Really good and handy 5/5

    By eglentin
    I have been trying this free app and its very good job designed for people that check their blood pressure and heart rate! I like it!
  • mmmm....not so sure 3/5

    By Runrunigetit
    Not sure if it's all the mornings of 2hrs of cardio at 0400 for the last 2 months but my BP is UNUSUALLY low... 97/69... I'm a 6'4"320lb athlete!! Impossible... HR(BPM) is super low (68BPM). I think this is bigtime BS...I go for a checkup and I'm AT LEAST 135/90, 90-95BPM. O2 sat @99%...no way I go there and I'm on my deathbed, they want to put me on 300meds. I don't believe this app at all. How the heck is this more accurate than a sphygmomanometer and O2 sat and pulse monitor...no way
  • Great 5/5

    By Hdhuuf
    Accurate. Does what it says. Super helpful for creating a base to monitor ones health
  • Highly dangerous joke app!!! 1/5

    By Darling husband I of mine 1234
    Do NOT base your medical decision on this app! If you did - inform your doctor! This is a joke app that gives RANDOM readings. I've compared my blood pressure measurement with a FDA, clinically validated cuff and this app gives absolutely inaccurate data.
  • Simple and relatively accurate! 5/5

    By Yousef Ghasemzadeh
    However It's hard to believe but It simply measures many biometric parameters seemingly accurately! Love it and addicted to be monitored daily basis!
  • App No Longer Works After Update 1/5

    By lunarvision
    The quick check measurement freezes every time now. Does not matter how or even if you hold the phone. Something is obviously broken. So unless you like carefully standing still, wasting time hoping the app will get correct measurements, don't bother. There's a reason Apple's own Health app does not recommend. Please fix.
  • App "quits" when I log in 2/5

    By Apple TV 338
    Anytime I try to add information to the "me" section the App asks me to log in, which I already have, and then it quits!
  • issues 3/5

    By Terry5929
    this is a problem with the signing and lung features.... otherwise good app
  • I like it 3/5

    By Samra2
    It is a good tool but sometimes just stop and don't work correctly
  • Muy mala es esta aplicación 2/5

    By Rodri William
    muy mala es esta aplicación 🚀🐙🦀
  • Good App 5/5

    By Iwfama
    Wish it would show data for a week, or month.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Elfuerte77
    It tells me my blood pressure and other readings with accuracy.
  • Becky 4/5

    By Beclyco
    I like this app . Not sure how it checks your lipids or your psyche but I sure wish it would check my blood sugar !!!
  • Hard to confirm Accuracy 3/5

    By Suresh Donepudi
    'iCare Health' is so far the best Online iPhone App that I have come across. As far as Blood Pressure is concerned, It measures the pressure over several seconds which theoritically gives the best possible reading. Still, the reading (both S & D) is comparatively 5% to 10% lower than arm or wrist monitor. Hard to say which one is more accurate.
  • Gracias! 5/5

    By robotoma
    Sufrí un ataque cardiaco...me ha sido de gran ayuda!
  • It Works 5/5

    By Doomsdai
    Keeps my blood pressure on daily basis as prescribed by dr. Then I can show him at my appointments.
  • Inaccurate Readings 1/5

    By Unreliable and dangerous
    I tried it several times and it gave me nice, low and normal readings. Then followed it up with a regular blood pressure cuff and the readings were significantly higher. My mother was using this app on her phone and she was consistently getting normal readings but ended up being admitted to the hospital with dangerously high blood pressure. I thank God she didn't have a stroke. This is a good idea but needs a lot of work on accuracy.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By W🍾
    It's great
  • Fantastic app 5/5

    By 2ballsnhisnameisdunn
    Do it for your health!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Wes-walters
    Nice and easy
  • Not accurate at all 1/5

    By Bones.R
    I used a real bp machine along with it. Results were way off
  • Doesn't Work! 2/5

    By LynFan
    Just stopped working. App Support is NOT in ENGLISH!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By SK2011222
    Love this!
  • This app actually works! 5/5

    By StevoOutlaw
    It takes your blood pressure as well as other vitals accurately, by just covering up the camera with one finger and putting the other finger one the screen.
  • It worked -- until i got the paid version!! 2/5

    By PositiveOnes
    It's a little awkward, but I liked it originally when I downloaded the free version. So I upgraded to the full version and it hasn't worked since. I try to report it to the Apple support but they just kept sending back to the same website link. I tried to contact the developer but their website is in Chinese. I can't believe it pitiful app like this is allowed in the app store.
  • HORRIBLE AP!!! 1/5

    By Downey100
    This AP is awful. It is so uncomfortable holding the phone trying to get it to work I feel my blood pressure climbing!!! Don't get it...move on!
  • Good app! 4/5

    By Marvin0727
    Works well
  • Gary 5/5

    By Menuman
    Never thought I'd have something so easy to use. I take 5medications to control my blood pressure. Good work
  • iCare Health M 5/5

    By Juj merhi nour
    It's a great application useful and I love it so much so easy to deal with.
  • Keeps u alert& with in range of ur goals 5/5

    By Juanforreal
    Like this app gor its ability to test on diffrent levels & concentrate on ur favorite one or weakest strengh. Its calmed me down & kept me from emergency rooms. I have anxiety . So making me feel at ease with urstress tests are good .
  • It's alright 3/5

    By Isuzu Carlos 98
    Works pretty decently
  • Great App! 5/5

    By d33z17ut5
    This is a great App!
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Nahidjoooon
    It's great
  • Good concept, bad app 1/5

    By MCOgal
    The reading of the blood pressure takes a long time and is not accurate. There are a LOT of Chinese characters throughout the app, audio instructions in the workout section are also in Chinese. The concept of the app is brilliant. Too bad this app was poorly built.
  • I like it 4/5

    By Xiache
    I downloaded this app in the Labor Day weekend and tested it. I like the overall design and ease of use. Highly recommended.
  • Shayan 5/5

    By S.MH
    Thank you for this app
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Miss missy w.
    Very helpful. Accurate.
  • My review 4/5

    By Mr. Foreman
    Nice app, but wondering how does it measure BP? The tea of options are great
  • I like it 4/5

    By Kj bug
    It would be better if you could change the language its in.
  • Works well for an App 4/5

    By Sandra Dee76
    The app is easy to use and fairly accurate. I would recommend to anyone who needs to monitor the blood pressure.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Jesuschristloverforever
    It is accurate and easy to use. I love the tokens and how it describes the mood. Awesome free app. One of the best I have. Thank you!
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Wurlycurly
    Has help me a lot
  • Great 5/5

    By JusChan
    Takes BP so I don't have to buy another device
  • Seems to be quite accurate 3/5

    By s_cervy123
    I think overall it measures most of your vitals accurately, however I am skeptical about how accurate the blood pressure portion is. As a former Nursing Assistant, I can't help but wonder how a cell phone app can measure a person's blood pressure without a cuff reading. So for that reason I can only give it 3 stars.

iCare Health Monitor-can measure blood pressure app comments

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