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IMDb Movies & TV - Trailers and Showtimes App

IMDb – the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV, and celebrity content. Watch trailers, get showtimes near you, buy tickets, read critic and user reviews. Explore popular movies and TV shows, entertainment news, and the latest awards and events. Track what you want to watch on your Watchlist, and rate movies and TV shows you’ve seen. Explore: • Search our catalog of more than 4 million movie, TV and entertainment programs and more than 6 million cast and crew members, including celebrities, actors, actresses, and directors • Read breaking entertainment news • Browse quotes, trivia, and goofs • Get complete event coverage, including the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards (Oscars) • Check out Best Picture winners, the top-rated and most popular movies and TV shows, celebrity birthdays, and more • Receive notifications for new trailers, movie showtimes, breaking news, and more Decide what to watch and where to watch it: • Watch the latest trailers and clips for movie and TV shows • Check movie and TV ratings • Read user & critic reviews • Discover titles available to watch on Amazon Video Check showtimes and buy local movie tickets: • Use your current location to get nearby showtimes • Save your favorite theaters • Sort movie showtimes by start time, end time, genre, rating, and more • Buy tickets right from your phone or tablet Sign in to: • Add movies and TV shows to your Watchlist • Rate what you’ve seen • Save your favorite theaters • Create lists to share your movie, TV & celebrity picks, or make it just for you A few IMDb features require special permissions: - Location: share your location to display nearby movie showtimes, theaters, and tickets available to purchase - Calendar: give access to your calendar to track movie and TV release dates - Camera and Photos: give access to the camera and your photos if you’d like to submit new images for a movie or TV show IMDb is available worldwide in English (US/UK), Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. Do you think we're doing something well? Is there something we've overlooked? Please post your feedback at


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IMDb Movies & TV - Trailers and Showtimes app reviews

  • Hey 1/5

    By octopus125lol
    I got an account, and I cant watch my TV series I was suposing to see!!!!!!!
  • Why aren't there recently released rentals!?! 3/5

    By J68stingray
    The app is pretty good, but why isn't there anywhere that lists recently released rentals/blurays etc? The website shows it, but not the app?!?
  • العربية 5/5

    By 💝💝💝💝💝💝
    Where the Arabic language نرجوا من قائمين على التطبيق اضافة اللغة العربية
  • Excellent. Please add more cast search capability 4/5

    By DaveCarusoMusic
    Love this app. Thank you! When searching for a cast member of a television series that has been on for 7 years, it's difficult to scroll through the entire list. If I know either the character's name or the actor's name, it would be nice to be able to search by one to find the other. In the search results, I would still want to see the number of times that actor or character appeared in the series. Often, fans of a series want to watch all the episodes in which a favorite guest character appeared. Thanks for listening!
  • Wish there was desperate app for Pro 4/5

    By MsWestmorelad
    Would be nice to have a mobile version of pro available in a separate app. All in all this app does the job, could do with some updates and updated look.
  • Awesomeness 4/5

    By Djddjfnwjh
    What more can I say. User interface is top notch. The info is on point. Only downside is how about you let us know what channels these tv shows are on.
  • My movie Compass 5/5

    By GK1959
    I will not watch a movie unless I like the reviews on IMBD. From real people, not the critics who seem out of touch and way too political.
  • Something went wrong 2/5

    By Bearcreekmom
    I've relied on IMDB for several years. The most recent update appears to replace substance with "style." For the first time ever, IMDB could not find a movie. To make matters worse, it also could not find the next two, either. Sad.
  • Una enciclopedia de peliculas! 5/5

    By selecvicente
    Excelente aplicación, tengo mas de 3 años usándola; encontraras todos los detalles de la película que quieras. Antes de ver una película siempre chequeo a ver que puntuación le ha dado tanto el publico como los críticos profesionales. RECOMENDADA
  • Larry captures the times 5/5

    By Phishfeet
    Larry David's vision is perfect reflection of our times
  • My favorite app ever 5/5

    By sebastian dahl
    That's it. I love falling down a imdb hole and getting lost in info. I use this app daily! And I heart it!
  • The best 5/5

    By SomeGuyAgainAgain
    Used to just google movies for cast/runtime and what not but this app is perfect for it. No bugs, perfect actor filmography navigation, and a pretty sleek layout.
  • Very informative and entertaining 5/5

    By NobleNurse
    My husband and I are avid TV and movie freaks. It is wonderful to have access to information about films and shows and has settled many arguments about casts, artists, directors, etc. We use IMDb as our " go- to" authority and love to peruse the site for pure entertainment!
  • Never works when using 4G 2/5

    By U84six
    I've had this app for years on my iPhone 5s, and when I launch the app using 4G, I always get a network error. When I'm connected to a wireless hotspot, it works. It's the only app I have that does this. I deleted and reinstalled several times, but doesn't fix the problem. When connected to the wireless router, the app is pretty good. In some ways, it's better than the website. I just wish it worked over 4G.
  • Message Boards 1/5

    By creepycats
    I wish there was still message boards available.
  • Internet 2/5

    By hanes07
    I hate that I have to be connected to the internet to use. Why can I just use it with lte? And like many others I hate that there's no message boards!! Please change it back!
  • Don't use it as much as I used to. Bring back the Message Board!!! 3/5

    By Crosswordmama
    I used to use the app all the time. Please bring back the message boards. It was the best area of IMDB, at least to me it was. I enjoyed reading other people's comments. I hope the trolls didn't affect IMDB decision. If so, then what a shame.
  • The best movie and television app 5/5

    By Vesylum
    My go to app for all things television and movies! There are a couple things that only the desktop version has though that would improve the app even more 1: Demographic ratings of a show or movie. There's no way to see this on the app. 2: Ability to see all the episodes of a show as a list and to sort them by rating or date. Also not a feature available on the app for some reason.
  • Theaters and message boards 4/5

    By L2325
    For some unknown reason the multiplex in my hometown periodically drops from the theater listing. Not cool. I regret the message boards being removed. Much entertainment is lost when people are not commenting.
  • So sad. This app lost its spark. 1/5

    By Snow Bunny345
    Update September 2017. I still very much miss the message boards. There's nothing like sharing opinions and movie/TV experiences with fellow viewers. It was a shortsighted move on your part IMDB. I always came to this site for the message boards. I can't believe you took them down. It was a great place to share views and opinions and find answers to questions. Loved watching a show or film then coming here to see what others thought or to have a laugh. It was the best part of this app. I never go on it anymore.
  • Make this series amazon! 5/5

    By Kscope99
    We like it
  • Imdb 5/5

    By Jenn eee
    My husband and I are TV and movie junkies!!! We are constantly playing the game of what did she/he play in before? I will say I recognize their facial features, and my hubby will say something like "they played a cop" we make it a game to see who can get it first.... when we can't IMDB COMES TO THE FACT CHECKING MISSION!!
  • Up To Date 5/5

    By Big D
    This site has every show covered in detail! Always up to date!
  • Reveling the rye 5/5

    By joey reynolds rap
    In a celebrity culture which we shamefully celebrate ourselv s through others, this is refreshing, natural, and a way out from a title most students know but our sense of history is blurred by pop gossip so we need to push the refresh button and see this film, who knows, it may being us back to sanctity, Kevin Spacey remains a true genius actor, he knows to pick me for reasons other than self serving, just like this story' Joey reynolds
  • Gone down hill 2/5

    By BallouBear
    I seem to have gotten more out of IMDB when it first came out, the content and availability of the films etc are not like I would like. Please film makers, suggestions are welcome.... I feel that the actor pictures are essential to this database due to its overwhelmingly large content of persons and films. I'm stuck on the content of the bio's because it is an essential part of how the actor came to this ridiculously hard entertainment industry and how they make it their own and put their personalities into their work. The method acting and profiling needed to portray a person be it a famous, struggling, rich, poor, healthy, dieing, .... etc is of a marvelous process that I would love each actors insight into. Please write your story to those who are being your eyes for 120 minutes, 7,200 seconds!!!
  • Return to the initial set-up! 3/5

    By sandizee
    Ridiculous move that IMDb removed the comments portion for viewers. Didn't need censoring or monitoring. Just removal by ignoring of the asshats that couldn't manage to keep on topic of the movie or tv show.
  • Don't waste your time 1/5

    By HandsomDan
    This is on my worst movie list. I can not believe adults made this movie. I keep wondering how it got to film.
  • One mississippi 5/5

    By Mornin'nn
    Sooooo good...
  • Bummed... 3/5

    By George311
    Very disappointed that they no longer allow comments. Used to go to the site daily to talk about shows. ☹️
  • Still an app I use daily. Easy to find your answer. Plus IMDb keeps me informed. 5/5

    By Phil Zantos
    This is the best and most used (daily) App on my iPhone. I use it all the time! Do yourself a favor and you'll enjoy what you can learn.
  • Remove sound bites 3/5

    By Papillonthanksyou!
    Please make sound optional. I listen to a radio app while browsing your app and it disrupts my radio programs. Thank you!
  • Not bad. 4/5

    By ,fumed..,.,
    Maybe more modernization. More features would be nice too.
  • Message board? 1/5

    By Court3609
    Bring back the message board! I loved getting to talk to other movie watchers and compare notes and thoughts with them. That's the main reason I got the app in the first place.
  • Cinephile Heaven 5/5

    By MrsKappa
    Lovers of film and television must go here :)
  • Love it 4/5

    By Knockoutgdandtop
    Wish I could filter by what movies are on Hulu or Netflix and they had better recommendations for me and based on mood
  • Love it 5/5

    By Ginna carlesimo doc,d
    I can remember before there were apps reading the actual book of movies at video stores. I love imdb
  • كغفالا 5/5

    By علات
  • I LIVE for this!!!!!! 5/5

    By BlueRose05
    IMDB--There's absolutely no other way to put it!!!! To the GREAT annoyance of, probably, most of my friends and family, the IMDB app makes it possible to look up, even the MOST obscure facts and those "little known" tid-bits of, just about, EVERY movie, tv 📺 show, documentary, etc… I don't what I would do without it!!! Because I've even caught a google check get a few things wrong. It's the ultimate fact checker when it comes to all things "media". There's just no other way to put it!!! 😉
  • I miss the message boards 3/5

    By Copa Shannon
    Still the best site for info on films, TV shows, actors, etc. (IMHO) but I don't use the app or the site much since the message boards were removed. Big loss for me, but I'm a dying breed, I avoid social media so the message boards were my go-to source to discuss tv shows, read others' opinions, but also for figuring out answers to more random questions - e.g. who a certain actor resembles. I sure miss the message boards and just wish that everyone could've kept posts respectful to all, even those with whom one might strongly disagree. Oh well; it was good while it lasted.
  • The best 5/5

    By moycarbar10
    Is a great site (app) to know about movies and tv shows.
  • My favorite movie review site 4/5

    By UUMom
    The only problem with it is a British male bias. Otherwise, it's great!
  • One tremendous resource! 5/5

    By GoToGuy365
    IMDB is a daily go-to app. Before seeing a movie/ TV program I enjoy looking up plots, cast members, trivia and goofs. 'Wish they'd bring back some personal snippets like heights and weights of actors. I'm not nosey, I'd just like to relate to their physical stature. Apparently some of them objected so the data was dropped. Too bad, as if the facts weren't available elsewhere.
  • Best Hollywood App 5/5

    By pwest17
    Any movie, Tv show, actor or actress info you wanna research is on this app. Past and future work they do.
  • Intuitive, Fun 5/5

    By Aaron Zeno
    Easy, fun. What are you waiting for?
  • Indispensable for any fan of films or TV 5/5

    By IpadAlan
    We use IMDB most days to accompany whatever we are viewing. It always helps us recognize that "familiar" actor we can't place. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  • Worst website with looooots of adds 1/5

    By 1abhi2
    Worst website with looooots of unwanted ads n lots of unwanted others stuffs. Not happy with this imdb websites. The adds keep on popping up.
  • Best movie app 5/5

    By Master Bl@ster
    Great app easy to navigate and use and also like all the info about the movie. A lot of interesting facts!!
  • Really 1/5

    By Wolver83
    Keeps singing me out... like a little b****
  • Great but miss the forums 3/5

    By mr. mo0n
    I miss the message boards- thats all
  • Great female characters 5/5

    By mmisery
    I liked how the grandma character is discovered throughout the movie thanks to the secondary characters. Great acting work.

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