Imgur: Awesome Images & GIFs

Imgur: Awesome Images & GIFs

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  • Current Version: 5.10
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Imgur: Awesome Images & GIFs App

The funniest, most informative and most inspiring images, GIFs, memes and visual stories shared by millions of people. • Cure your boredom and stay entertained by fresh content that’s updated all day long. • Find hilarious memes before anyone else. • Enjoy the best images and GIFs from the topics you love most like cosplay, startled cats, reaction GIFs, hiking, wtf moments, politics, anime, and any other topic you can fathom. • Share awesome content with your friends and brighten their day.


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Imgur: Awesome Images & GIFs app reviews

  • Most recent update is bad 1/5

    By HippyKippy
    Changing sort is now only at the top of the page and you can’t change what gallery you’re looking at while scrolling
  • Good app but not good update 5/5

    By $cyther
    I like the app over all but i dont really care for the new update i liked the home selection process a lot better before
  • Consistently the best way to fill some down time 5/5

    By AaronLH
    This is my go to time filler.
  • Aw yiss 5/5

    By _xjanglex_
    10/10 would recommend
  • So bad I finally reviewed 2/5

    By Diamondblade101
    I haven't had a problem with previous updates, shifting things around slightly and changing some colors. But this removing the home, search, profile, etc buttons from the bottom of the screen while viewing a post isn't sitting well with me. I'd like to have them back.
  • UI is terrible. 1/5

    By Dashing Rogue
    New UI scheme is really bad for navigating. If I want to head back to to the main gallery, I gotta hit that little tiny arrow up top, instead of the more natural home button location at the bottom. And what's up with needing to be constantly clicking "load more comments" for posts instead them just loading automatically. I seriously don't get how there's good reviews for this update.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Seanchanite
    Literally took 5 times as long to load an image than a web page did. Had to uninstall.
  • Screwed up the nav 2/5

    By gdubh
    Have to scroll all the way back to the top to switch galleries? Lame
  • Great 5/5

    By G.E.Morris
    Great use of Screen Real Estate
  • Terrible recent update 2/5

    By japanmoran
    Not sure who is testing the user interface but this latest update is frustrating on iPad.
  • Why can't I view my full image gallery? 4/5

    By Zibbyamala
    App runs smooth and nice. No real problems, except for the fact that I can't view my entire image gallery. I have almost 2000 images, and the whole reason I got the app was to have an easier way to look at them. Anyone know how to fix this issue?
  • New Update strips basic features 0/5 1/5

    By Gamefandan
    Horrible update. Completely changed the interface we all had only just gotten used to. Removed the ability to find specific image categories.
  • Annoying and obnoxious 1/5

    By Addchee
    I initially just installed the app so that I can easily upload images somewhere on my phone. I ended up uninstalling because now the app forces itself open whenever safari loads an imgur page.
  • Poor iOS citizen 2/5

    By Lanny Heidbreder
    Doesn't support document storage providers. Doesn't have an action extension. Doesn't even expose itself as an "Open in…" target for image files! I should not have to save an image to my Camera Roll to use it in an app in 2017.
  • 4/5 instead of 5/7 4/5

    By Bsneaky
    Imgur, your app is cool. It's not really syncing with the desktop web version. Which is alright, I don't need no stinking notifications on mobile. 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌/🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌
  • Kept making me ask to review it. 1/5

    By TheSndo9
    That's annoying.
  • Music issue 2/5

    By 1234567890-/:;()$&@.,?!',asd
    When I open the app, it turns off my music. When I turn it back and and swipe again, it turns it off again.
  • I hate Imgur 1/5

    By DominickLR
    ...And I hate your app.
  • Amazing Pix & Vids 5/5

    By gPaKen
    There are some amazing people in the world. IMGUR is a great way to find them and see what they have done.
  • Great app 5/5

    By PrithviPal
    Excellent for those times you want to avoid human contact or procrastinate being productive. 5/7, would reccomend.
  • 5/5 bananas 5/5

    By James, 24
    Aww yiss!
  • An app so frustrating to use at times I took time out of my day to write this. 1/5

    By Yogurt Huevos
    The title.
  • The greatest waste of time app you could wish for!!! 5/5

    By Liam Trainor
    Love to spend hours on here, great for keeping up with current events, what's trending on the internet and the cutest dogs and cats you will ever see. Funny, sad, scary it's all here. Download now you will not regret it!!!
  • Website loads way faster 1/5

    By UUtch
    Just use the website in safari
  • Awesome! 4/5

    By Daisy_1988
  • Snapchat brought me here 1/5

    By Ziahsmommy
    I just wanted to post the text bubbles but I never found it
  • Tumblr with pictures 1/5

    By DentonDiddler
    A bunch of offended pussies posting memes
  • ... 3/5

    By historyguys
    Love the pictures, don't like the foul references - including the id's.
  • Cool staff 5/5

    By pussyserver69
    Awesome so cool thx
  • Sherly and Darry Welker 5/5

    By Darry and Sherly
    Absolutely enjoying this app! Just starting out but to offer some neat contributions from some of our upcoming trips!
  • Must have app 5/5

    By Satisfied Sega Retro fan
    Revolutionized my meme game
  • It's great 5/5

    By Dankly1568943
    Boredom cure.
  • Ads 1/5

    By skymedik
    Over 10,000 1-Star Reviews!
  • App won't let me do anything 1/5

    By Animalman!!!!!
    Tries to force me to make an account with them and then forces me to go through their tutorial which glitches out and freezes on one screen.
  • Obnoxiously opens app every time I click an Imgur link in browser 1/5

    By pabloxanibar1
    Hate this "feature" incredibly intrusive and no way to opt out. Every time you click an Imgur link on a site like Reddit, instead of opening a browser tab, the app loads and you can't navigate back to the original page without closing Imgur and going back to your browser. There also doesn't seem to be an option for disabling this nonsense.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Fhahdbbdhf
    Worst gif app in history
  • Here for memes 5/5

    By Skdjeoehdoehd
  • Full of losers who bully 1/5

    By Swampert201
    People say most hateful things, disgusting app for disgusting people, if you have no life & hate life in general this is the app 4 u
  • Dope 5/5

    By Tawwns
    I like cats.
  • Works great! 5/5

    By Conversation!
    Love that you can swipe left and right to change posts, it's easy to use and easy to share what you like with other people. Thanks, imgur!
  • Bad for the 5S 3/5

    By Decapated Human
    The app is great, wonderful for wasting time on memes and cat gifs, but with the Iphone 5s (I know it's outdated but if it ain't broke why replace it?). Whenever I put my phone on sleep mode while browsing my phone will decide it doesn't want to wake up, almost like everyone else on Mondays. This is problematic because I need my phone for some important calls that happen throughout the day, family, business, friends, the such. When the phone decides to to go out of sleep mode I'm forced to do a hard reset so I can get back to my home screen and see who I need to call back, and I loose my place browsing the gallery. For now I'm going to have to use my chrome app to visit the site until I know this issue has been resolved.
  • A handy little mobile app 5/5

    By Wiggychiggy
    With recent upgrades that prevent the Imgur app from randomly crashing and an easy-to-navigate interface, this app is perfect for image hosting or browsing on the go.
  • It's got op 5/5

    By Alabama111111111111111
    Luv it
  • I'd give it 1 star if I could 1/5

    By W oww..
    Complete trash
  • Oh yeah 5/5

    By memeburglar
    Imgur is about 80% of my time. The best
  • Long time user 1/5

    By Reiner_the_Appliance_Tech
    I used to be a daily user but I can't anymore. The app always says there's a notification when there isn't. The app is always slow. If I switch to another app real quick and come back it loses my place. I used to find a lot of funny memes but now it's a lot of crying and complaining like I'm doing here.
  • Worse With Each Update 1/5

    By maestroeni
    there are too many options out there for me to put up with this garbage anymore...not worth the hassle
  • Love It 5/5

    By Misshole
    Best way to empty my mind of the horrors or the world....usually...
  • Organize search tags by points 4/5

    By Kintaro 2
    Please restore the search tags organized by points. When you did a search in previous versions it would sort descending by highest points, now search results are random.
  • I'm too lazy to make up a title 5/5

    By LoneWolf1400
    Before Imgur, I never thought I could meet people as lonely and pathetic as me while at the same time seeing the same post 20 times in an hour and reading about the same news event 50 times in a day, 10/10 would recommend

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