Imgur: Memes, GIFs, and More

Imgur: Memes, GIFs, and More

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  • Current Version: 6.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Imgur, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Imgur: Memes, GIFs, and More App

Imgur is the easiest way to discover spicy memes, pets in sweaters, awe-inspiring science facts, video game Easter eggs, and all the rest of the Internet’s most entertaining stuff. Your phone is about to get a whole lot funnier. • We're proud to have a community where anyone can post a picture of a corgi butt and be Internet-famous the very same day. Cast your vote to decide what goes viral. • Every minute there’s a fresh batch of posts that will make you smile and restore your faith in humanity. • Explore your passions. Movies, comics, puns, cosplay, art, fail GIFs, board games, First World problems, Pokemon. Whatever you’re into, you’ll find more of it on Imgur. • Did you know a cat has 32 muscles in each ear? You will now.


Imgur: Memes, GIFs, and More app screenshots

Imgur: Memes, GIFs, and More app reviews

  • Intermittent Ads and Hard Resets 1/5

    By Jack3dHawk
    The most recent update introduced ads while browsing. Used to just be little banner ads at the bottom of the post, no worries, understandable. Now they appear mixed in with the posts as you browse. On top of that (for iOS at least) if you close out of the app to check a text or anything else, when you reopen it even from the already running apps it will restart you at the beginning. This app used to be great but becomes more unusable every month.
  • Let’s get more ads on Imgur 2/5

    By Avekar
    Several days after the “hack” that was turned out to be a database error and showed everything from regular to child pornography on the fire front page this update rolls out that adds more adds to the regular ones. Why? Why?!?!?! You have plenty of ads, every post, promoted posts and now every 20^ posts on top of that? We’re done.
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By piano_master101
    This app is terrible!!!!! Do not waste your time with this app! It is not appropriate AT ALL and just flat out terrible!!
  • Glad I Found Imgur 5/5

    By Cutting king
    Love the memes to brighten my day.
  • App is ok 4/5

    By CoreyinBama
    The people on It are pretty rude
  • Better for memes than reddit 5/5

    By joe2097
    Most of the reddit memes send you to imgur anyway so yea. Good for wasting time
  • Where is the upload button? 1/5

    By Brosenkranz
    I say again...where the heck is the upload button? I just want a shortened image link. This is not the imgur I used to know and I dislike it strongly.
  • Literally never downloading again. 1/5

    By Marc el Dik
    High hopes, but when I was creating my username: “limit rate exceeded and must slow down.” So I waited 15 minutes, came back again same thing. So I get a little bit frustrated, and wait again. Same thing. So I had to search this, no info gained, so now practically frustrated. And now, its been over 1 hour and I still can’t create a username. I made sure it was short and available.
  • Frfrffghbb 1/5

    By Jiggy Wiz
    Had to dl bc they slowed the mobile site so much, very manipulative to intentionally degrade the normal experience so you can offer the app as a faster alternative EDIT: And ironically it’s slower when using it for reddit /w the time loading the app and then reopening browser. What a joke.
  • App takes over your speaker and stop your music 1/5

    By Ghost in front of the machine
    This app will stop any music you have playing, so it can play ads. Or just stop it randomly. This is part of some new update I think. Either way this 100% deserves a 1 star, if I could I would give it less.
  • It’s amazing 5/5

    By Jojo Coleoptera
    Love it
  • Pop ups for ratings 1/5

    By stop pop up rating requests!
    Apps that interrupt their usage to get you to rate them are a bad thing. There should be a trend of one starring apps that interrupt you to ask for a rating.
  • It's pretty good, but still has problems 3/5

    By cerbralone
    It is really good if you need something to waste your time. Though the community is weird and can be really toxic, the general experience tends to be quite positive, interesting, and enjoyable. However, it does have some flaws. Two of the most notable flaws is that sometimes the screen will lock and sometimes crash the app when loading a large image and second, gifs will occasionally cause your music to pause if you are listening to any while browsing.
  • I lurk 5/5

    By illwriteamemo
    And I enjoy. Long live the media zombies! I love you Imgur ❤️
  • Overrun 1/5

    By constitutionalconservative
    It’s too bad this is so full of ignorant liberal nonsense. Otherwise it would be enjoyable.
  • 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌 5/5

    By OddWhaler
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Idontknowwhattoput10
    It’s fye
  • This app is awesome cat things are so funny 5star 5/5

    By Pik La
    So awesome cats so funny
  • Data vampire 1/5

    By Debikins
    This app literally just used half of our monthly data (4 gigs!!) in one morning. Deleted it from both my and my husbands phones.
  • Really buggy 2/5

    By lebx3
    Can't search users. But the chat is my biggest problem. I was able to message my husband when I first created my account, before doing anything else, but my husbands chat is still locked because he hasn't had enough "activity" from his account, even though he's had his account for months.
  • Do you have a life? 5/5

    By Khajiit has wears
    This app will take it over.
  • Title 5/5

    By my nicknames name is nick
  • Creative, even idiots can do it! 5/5

    By GeorgeEDT
    It makes no difference how stupid you are this app has a place for you! You want to be a mortician? Come on in. Somebody will find a way for ya to talk about where the embalming fluid goes. Wanna be a crash dummy? You too can find a crash dummy or two to give you some free advice about setting really still. Come in, there is some crazy, sarcastic, weird, twisted, rap loving downugger here just for YOU!
  • Really bad place. 1/5

    By JBWest01
    If you like getting bullied for no reason then get this app. I just wanted to get this app to share my art and people are getting so mean towards me even though I didn’t do anything! Like what? I’m not a sensitive person but I really don’t think this is the best place to share your art or anything you like on here because people will be jerky about it.
  • I used to not know what the Internet was 5/5

    By xturgorex
    Then I found imgur and discovered that the Internet was a bad idea
  • For witty intellectuals 5/5

    By SithYourPants
    Great place for puns, funny, and good stuff
  • That new icon... 3/5

    By Bad Strawberry
    It’s hideous. In fact I’ve yet to hear anyone say they like it. Bring back the old one!
  • Why do i need an app? 1/5

    By imgurdiedalongtimeago
    Forced to download an app for a stupid image site because i don't want to get spammed by adds to view images. Im confused.... imgur is dead to me.
  • Imgur 5/5

    By ThirdCoastPauly
    Keep your selfies and nein gag watermarks out of here
  • I love using this app 5/5

    By Jan's nzjnsjsn
    It's a good way to share and see animal pics
  • Fun fun Like a ton of Buns, so much Fun Fun!! 5/5

    By Sofersplay
    So much good Giggles on this app!!
  • Moron 1/5

    By farleft2020
    Anyone who talks about how smart they are isn’t very smart. Get over yourself already...
  • Imgur 5/5

    By Acehole1963
    Once you get started you don't want to stop, it's like window shopping but even better, it full of W.T.H. and O.M.G. It also has lots of WOW with lol and plenty've got to be kidding proof that stupidity is a real thing, and of course... No F@€king Way...oh I almost forgot...there's cute stuff also. Just saying. Nuff-Said
  • Fun, interesting and even the trollery is high IQ 5/5

    By Fe Mandalorian
    The app is great because it allows the cream to rise to the top. Not your usual childish toilet humor but instead a highly refined bawdiness that you would expect to find scrawled on the walls of the boys bathrooms at only the finest prep schools in the country. Indeed, it is a rarified tackiness that is only appreciated by those with the most refined sense of cheeky punditry. Thank you and good day.
  • Annoying 1/5

    By Sicipio
    The app is pretty dang annoying, crashes frequently and is loaded with adds. I mean, loaded. It works okay, but it’s just to saturated.
  • Comes with spammy background noise, can't use at work 2/5

    By ccbchunks
    I work in a silent office environment (a studio) and having Imgur open on my phone for some reason (because of the advertisers I think, or a bug?) emits either a high pitched tone sometimes when my phone is inactive in my pocket or plays weird audio when the app is open. Super frustrating. Can't use it at work.
  • Flawless 5/5

    By Beleave_it
    Great app for daily memes! Awesome community of users
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By GeneralSpacey
    I’m downloading this app literally only because the mobile website is too sh*tty to use.
  • It’s good so far 3/5

    By pRAWRler
    Apparently you need imgur to post pics and gifs to reddit. So for that reason it’s fine. But when I started surfing around and looking at imgur a bit it was ok and easy to navigate. I don’t understand the rules quite yet or the regulations so it’s on 3 stars for now.
  • Please change the app icon... 4/5

    By DanDanManCanPlan
    Back to what it used to be this new one is wretched
  • It’s great. 5/5

    By GrandpaFlavors
    Best app ever to escape from real life for a moment or let your legs fall asleep on the toilet. I had a meeting in the basement of their offices once, would have given it all up to go upstairs and start a new life as an admin.
  • Awesome!! 5/5

    By Adera17
    Love this! Comes with its drawbacks, but great community!! (Even if u don’t create an account and are just a “lurker”)
  • Great app 5/5

    By ScienceGirlx
    Great photo app. Easy to navigate and create an account. This image app is better than Instagram. 5 stars!
  • Luvit 5/5

    By Fish1671
    Let me skim through Imgur for a few minutes. 3 hours later........ Smh.
  • Download this... 5/5

    By Me bro its me
    You Will spend way too much time using this app. It is highly addictive. Life may not move on after downloading this app.
  • Review - 5 stars 5/5

    By 1tapdirtnap
    I enjoy the Imgur app so much on my new iPhone X. Still getting used to UI for iOS but so far it’s perfect! Strong work! Glhf
  • #1 App for Pics of Kitties and Puppies 1/5

    By ………………………………………….
    If you love wiling away the hours looking and cutesy pics and gifs of kitties and puppies, look no further, this is the app for you. If you are a tween this will most likely be your FAF (favorite app forever). For the rest of us, the ongoing content of this app can be so cutesy sweet it’s nauseating.
  • ... 1/5

    By Ghtuyedjtngfkdirdser
    Everyone hates me for no reason
  • Make your users mad 1/5

    By 
    Breaking the mobile imgur site so that more people download the app? Really? You apparently have no idea how many potential users you are losing (as well as people no longer visiting your purposely broken mobile side) from people getting upset and not downloading the app or using imgur ever again just to spite such lame marketing schemes.
  • Love the feel 5/5

    By Kevo 319
    Now take this with a grain a salt, to date I haven’t posted Sheryl from shyness and my own anxieties. One thing I have loved about imgur is the sense of community. The comments are rarely mean spirited and are always with a jovial light sense of fun. The memes are hilarious and you can find a bit of everything here. So far a wonderful experience

Imgur: Memes, GIFs, and More app comments


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