Imgur: Awesome Images & GIFs

Imgur: Awesome Images & GIFs

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  • Current Version: 5.13.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Imgur, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Imgur: Awesome Images & GIFs App

The funniest, most informative and most inspiring images, GIFs, memes and visual stories shared by millions of people. • Cure your boredom and stay entertained by fresh content that’s updated all day long. • Find hilarious memes before anyone else. • Enjoy the best images and GIFs from the topics you love most like cosplay, startled cats, reaction GIFs, hiking, wtf moments, politics, anime, and any other topic you can fathom. • Share awesome content with your friends and brighten their day.


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  • Do you like to spend forever in the bathroom 5/5

    By lahdidahdi
    I’ve used this app for many years and it has caused several family members to wonder if I had some sort of health issues based on the sheer amount of time I will spend on the toilet. This app has literally made people think I have severe stomach problems... but totally worth it... the community is pretty cool, pics are funny, plenty of inside jokes and references. Out of all the image sharing sites this is my favorite one. If you’re on there find me lahdidahdi or find me in Facebook Lea jones in Hollywood 😊
  • I love it 😁👍📱 5/5

    By Alexanderthebro
    You can post your own images its super cool
  • Must login 1/5

    By Noonc
    You have to login to look at pictures on the Internet? Great app Imgur /s. I'll be continuing to use a web browser. Allow browsing without requiring a login!
  • L<3ve- where I get all of my important news that is important. 5/5

    By Liliputsteps
    Sweet app
  • They have folders now! 5/5

    By SirJerBacon
    They gots ‘em!
  • Favorite folders 5/5

    By Nynjuh
    Been around since 09. Bout time. We can stop sacrificing people now!
  • Always updated 5/5

    By ChrisAdapt
    I love the fact that this app always gets updated I think the developers should receive a raise for their hard work on adding new features and fixing bugs!
  • Web to app 2/5

    By dinglenator
    I every time I click on a picture on the web to open in app, it asks me this and doesn’t do anything with either answer. “would you like to open App Store. Cancel/Open” not to mention I’m not trying to download it again after it’s ALREADY INSTALLED!

    By rachieeeeeeewoo
    SERIOUSLY. It's so annoying and sometimes there isn't even a video ad, just a pop up with a video that says it has played 1 second out of a 0 second video. STOP. NO AUDIO. People choose Imgur for PICTURES and GIFS without SOUND. And no pop-ups!!! You already have super invasive promoted ads embedded in the browsing. Leave. it.
  • I’m gay 3/5

    By Iamnotcreative10101
    I’m gay I’m gay I’m gay
  • I'm addicted to Imgur and I don't care 5/5

    By rbase
    This app has been the ultimate use of my phone. Social media has been rendered obsolete, Netflix a waste of time. The user community is hilarious, the oc is wonderful, and the ux of the app itself is perfect. Would give solid 5/7 stars.
  • Pretty cool 5/5

    By JJay GD
    Nothing to say but this app is really decent!
  • Everyone is cancer and downvotes anything original 1/5

    By JonnyOfTheSea
    Literally only things I see getting upvotes are things that have been on the front page of every Facebook meme page for the last 10+ years. Gets 1 star because it easily converts video to gif.
  • Latest update misstep 2/5

    By Dafuq!!!
    Great app. However, the latest update messed something up. Whenever you clicked on an image and it said open in app. It opened up in the app and that was perfectly fine. Now, it just sends you to a page for you to download the app. Even though I already have it downloaded.
  • Pretty Good 4/5

    By Deveeno Bobeeno
    Set up is great. Community is rude.
  • Cannt upload files 1/5

    By Wjmelements
    worthless app
  • Love imgur although 5/5

    By Devilsfan101
    I haven’t used this particular app before. I’ll update after some use
  • Gif automatically saved as a video and not as a gif. 4/5

    By Tuockk
    I use to be able to save a gif and it stays a gif but now it's automatically converts it into video format.
  • 1 Star for the Latest App, Build 5 Stars for Imgur 1/5

    By Hatebeingconned
    I’ll be frank, the latest app is a lemon. Wait it out though, Imgur is fantastic.
  • Hehe 5/5

    By Reysathemillion
  • My banana for scale 5/5

    By Gene~~S~~
    The ting goes skrrrrrrap pap pap kak kak kak and no nudes
  • Imgur 1/5

    By kevinnatthews
    The causal racism and sexism is just sad
  • Garbage 1/5

    By boardidiot
    I only use it for image links.
  • Terrible "admins" 1/5

    By Gum-gum payne
    The mods are absolutely terrible, banning newer accounts for hardly anything, but protect accounts that are "renown" even though they partake in targeted harassment, sending users violent messages, etc. Extremely left leaning user base, that argues without facts. It's also turned into nothing but reposts with zero original content. If you don't want cancer, then avoid this website/app. I've already checked, and they won't cover my medical bills since my cancer diagnosis.
  • Hours of entertainment 5/5

    By Bludbought1
    Definitely where I get all my memes from.
  • A place for anons to speak negative over your pictures 1/5

    By doripanda
    Unless it is a meme, or an animal picture, this app is for you to post something for anons to complain about. If you are hurt by trolls easily, put everything on private. Also when image links are used on forums they often do not load. When photobucket is fixed I will stop using this.
  • 5/7 5/5

    By Ziggytawt
    The best. Seriously. Can't beat it. Swipe right for the next option, really easy. Much love.
  • Great Site 5/5

    By carrolljsteven
    Works well when connecting between other apps so you can post on several platforms quickly
  • EPA Fine Levied 2/5

    By SeanCaroon
    Hi, I’m with the US Dept of Energy. We’re fining you six million dollars for completely draining iPhone batteries in 2 hours while this app in the background. THE BACKGROUND! Also, you stopped wrapping text in titles so “Users annoyed by cruci...”
  • Crashes springboard frequently 11.0.3 2/5

    By 919 to 910
    Only Imgur crashes like this but I will have been scrolling through posts for about 10 min and my springboard will crash. As soon as the screen pops back up my phone makes the text notification sound but I don’t have any new texts.
  • Best. App. Of. Ever. 5/5

    By Montiel 24
    This is where I waste my time.
  • tab bar removed 3/5

    By eggimage
    no more access to the tab bar in the posts. If you wanna upload or search for an image to leave it in the comment, you have to exit the post
  • eh yeah these big website apps 3/5

    By Tallella
    one of my least favorite online communities but good app even tho they just got rid of the option to post directly from ur camera roll. now you gotta add evey pic to my files before imgur will take it.
  • Favorite Folders 5/5

    By Ndlanxhcbtusnskx
    Where are our folders Sarah?
  • Idk 5/5

    By Judy020509
    This is one of the best apps that I’ve ever used in my entire life
  • Gityoshit2getherimgur 1/5

    By =_____________=
    I've been on imgur for years now, and I thought they'd get this app situation dealt with long before now. It got better for a long time, but this new updates interface really takes the cake. WHY WOULD YOU TAKE AWAY THE HOME BUTTON FOR WHEN YOU ARE BROWSING?? It's sort of a pain to navigate now. Also, the taking away of the ability to favorite after double tapping kills my soul.
  • You guys...😂 y’all got jokes! 5/5

    By Real AlBert
    SteadyLove 🇺🇸✅🎥
  • Too many pop up ads! 1/5

    By mariahdeterra
    Make them stop!
  • Let us upload without your stupid app. 1/5

    By austinfloyd85
    Imgur is reddits dumb little brother.
  • I love everything 4/5

    By Mcawesomeduk
    The community, the ... Everything I love it all Edit: it looses a star for the bombardment of ads playing back to back every time I change posts.
  • Love Imgur 4/5

    By lightningmom
    Hated that floating grey bar, thanks for fixing it. And, apparently, we need folders!
  • Chill 5/5

    By Istillcantpoop
    Keep it
  • Unintentionally leftist 1/5

    By Pxtre
    Your users are scared of facts and unnecessarily idealistic where realism would do as it relates to culture. Leftism happens to be rampant, at the expense of entertaining content. Since all of the content is submitted by the users, it seems clear that the targeted demographic is biased towards this uninformed and ignorant group. Many of the users and posts therefrom seem either narcissistic, self-destructive, or simply based in raw feelings as opposed to actual basis in fact. I would guess the argument could be made that it isnt the fault of the website owners, but the fact remains.
  • Add 1/5

    By pat oneal
    Just opens a bunch of ads
  • Great and (at times) Enlightening Time-waster 4/5

    By Punkishgoddess
    This community is fantastic, even the trolls make you laugh at times. If you have yet to experience Imgur, please do yourself a favor and try it out.... sometimes it can take a couple of days to get hooked and see the beauty of this community. It’s five star hands down. Now as for this version... I gave it four stars because the notifications seems broken, at least for me. It shows that I have them but when I open the app and select notifications it never generates anything other than “Imgur-verse” instructionals. I know how hard you guys work to squash these little bugs, which I’m uber thankful for, and I’m hopeful this will be corrected shortly.
  • Back button on search 3/5

    By Joey am
    The app already has its problems but they took away the “back button” on search. You have to tap twice on search icon to go back, that’s not intuitive
  • New pop up adds? 1/5

    By Winky Two Shoes
    I’ve used the app since it came out and it has gotten progressively worse. The new pop up adds after every other post have made me uninstall. We’re the adds at the bottom of each post not enough? Focus on making a quality app and supporting your community instead of squeezing a few extra bucks out of advertising.
  • Keeps getting worse 1/5

    By SourlySweetLemon
    Every time the imgur app updates it just gets worse and worse. It claims to be an img sharing app but it horribly limits how you share photos. The added ads and as if that wasn’t enough, they now have sounds. They make using their site a nuisance and not worth using. Overall, imgur is becoming not worth using.
  • Pop up ads 2/5

    By Skothu
    While I do understand ads are how money is made, pop up ads that are bringing me straight to download apps for some reason is the final straw for me.
  • Yes 5/5

    By Internet Fail

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