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iMovie App

Description With a streamlined design and intuitive Multi-Touch gestures, iMovie lets you enjoy your videos and tell stories like never before. Browse your video library, share favorite moments, create beautiful movies, and watch them on all your devices in iMovie Theater. And with the iMovie extension, it’s fast and fun to make every video more memorable — right in the Photos app. Browse and share your videos • Enjoy all your videos in the full-screen Video browser • Quickly share a clip or a portion of a clip • Mark favorite moments to easily find them later Make Hollywood-style trailers • Choose from 14 trailer templates with stunning graphics and original scores by some of the world’s top film composers • Customize movie studio logos, cast names, and credits • Select the best videos and photos for your trailer with the help of animated drop zones • Record video for your trailer right in iMovie Create beautiful movies • Use 3D Touch on iPhone 6s to quickly start a new project from the Home Screen or Peek at a movie from the Projects browser • Choose from 8 unique themes with matching titles, transitions, and music • Give your movie the perfect look with 10 Apple-designed video filters • Enhance your movie with slow motion, fast forward, picture-in-picture, and split-screen effects* • Create a soundtrack using built-in music and sound effects, songs from your music library, and your own narration • Connect a keyboard and use simple shortcuts to edit movies quickly iMovie everywhere • Use the iMovie extension to enhance video clips right in the Photos app • Easily transfer projects between your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch using AirDrop or iCloud Drive • Send any project to your computer via AirDrop or iCloud Drive to finish editing with iMovie for Mac • Share your finished movies and trailers to iMovie Theater and watch them on all your devices with iCloud, including Apple TV***** Share with friends and family • Send videos with Mail and Messages • Save to your photo library or share to YouTube in 4K or 1080p60** • Share directly to Facebook and Vimeo • Save videos and iMovie project files to iCloud Drive • Share videos and iMovie project files with AirDrop*** • Use AirPlay to wirelessly stream video to your HDTV with Apple TV**** * 2x speed-up is available on iPhone 5s, iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display, and later devices. ** 4K support is available on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Air 2, and iPad Pro. *** AirDrop requires an iCloud account and is available on iPhone 5, iPad (4th generation), iPad Air, iPad mini, iPod touch (5th generation), and later devices. **** AirPlay requires Apple TV (2nd generation) or later. ***** To view iMovie Theater on Apple TV (4th Generation), you must download the iMovie Theater app from the App Store.


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  • Horrible! 1/5

    By 100gamer456
    I just made a very good video… Then are used iMovie and then the microphone was gone and all that showed what is the top was the middle half of the video and the video was cut in half right when I was done.
  • Love it buutttt 4/5

    By Zana zin
    I love to do this but I wish there was more background music and wish you can add more stuff cause I get tired of this.
  • Mute 3/5

    By mcguich
    Love the app but I don’t seem to be able to mute my videos any more. If I have background noise or music I’d really like to mute that out
  • Not updated for iPhone X display 1/5

    By vtboyarc
    Pretty bad that a month after the release for iPhone X, that this app isn’t updated for the new display. Nasty black bars on both sides of the screen. It’s a shame, I use the app a lot, and would have hoped Apple would update their own app for their new flagship device. Edit: a month and a half later, and Apple still hasn’t updated this app for the new iPhone X display. Unreal.
  • I DO NOT recommend you use!! 1/5

    By Cha253738
    I’ve always loved iMovie. When I had to make videos it was my go to app. It’s been a while since I’ve made my last video, but not long enough to where I forgot. I would say I am very technologically smart; I always know how to use my computer, my phone and any electronic device. Here I am sitting in front of iMovie on my Mac and I don’t even know how to add a video. I got to point where I started crying because of the frustration I had. I’ve been sitting in front of my computer now for 30 minutes looking on their website and YouTube but I still can’t find an answer. I will never in my life, ever again, use iMovie.
  • Lazy 1/5

    By Lex401air5c
    Apples own app not updated to take advantage of the iPhone X’s Display pure laziness
  • Change the size of the app 4/5

    By bashir the clown
    When I try to download iMovie it says that I must connect to Wi-Fi in order to download the app and I do not have Wi-Fi at home so change the size of the app to a lower megabyte number
  • Storage 5/5

    By Judson73
    This app takes up a lot of space I had to delete 4 thing on my phone and it still didn't work
  • It’s okay 3/5

    By Minabinablvvck
    Needs way more improvement. Should have way more features just like the Mac computers.
  • iPhone X support 3/5

    By iPh0ne_3GS
    Since the app is preloaded on to the new iPhone X I would assume that it’s compatible with the new iPhone X, however it is not. I love the app, it’s a great app don’t get me wrong, but Apple out of all companies should have this app updated already. It’s been almost 3 Months after the iPhone X came out and it still appears like an iPhone 6. Please fix this.
  • Pay for a real video editor 1/5

    By jayStayAway
    Its trash, don't download. Spend the movie and get something good not this baloney. I spent 2 days on a video just for it to corrupt itself and not play at all. Audio editing is trash. This is not for serious film making but simple clips.
  • It's not that amazing.... 2/5

    By Cayte WorthDuchesss
    I'd like to have the option of putting the text wherever and whenever you want. Also it keeps glitching out and messing my audio up by moving it around!
  • It’s...Ok 3/5

    By AllTheApps🐯
    I agree the concept of this app is good for making videos of family memories and mashing them together and maybe recording a couple of fun trips to save to your photos album. But I feel like the styles of movie and trailer templates are very limited. If you want to use this app for YouTube video editing it’s ok. The most annoying thing though is if you delete any videos from your camera roll that you put in your movie/ trailer it won’t play properly. Please fix. Thank you.
  • I love this app, but... 4/5

    By Suggestioneer
    I love this app and use it to make fan edits . One thing I suggest is more transitions! (Flip, blur, zoom, distort, etc.) it's hard to make good edits with the given transitions!
  • Awesome!! 5/5

    By Fuzzysportsninja
    I love this app it is just a teensy bit confusing but overall it is a awesome app! It makes great movies/trailers. I only wish once you deleted the video from your camera roll it could still play the movie
  • No iPhone X Support 1/5

    By DPM353
    Love the app and always have - but Apple has yet to update the app to take advantage of iPhone X!
  • Can’t import vertically-shot video 1/5

    By Geunter
    When you import a video that was shot vertically on the iPhone, iMovie crops the top and bottom of the video.
  • Crashing. 2/5

    By instagiiiiirl
    App keeps crashing and I just edited a very long video, now I can’t even open the app. I cannot lose this!! Help
  • No iPhone X Support 1/5

    By Soren446
    It’s been two months since the iPhone X has launched. The fact that I cannot edit videos on my iPhone X using my full screen real estate TWO MONTHS after the device has launched is unacceptable. Even GarageBand has been updated for the iPhone X.
  • Apple Music 4/5

    By 1Marcel0
    please let music from apple music
  • THE BESSST 5/5

    By Piglover103
    I love this app but can you make it so you can reverse vids?
  • really good BUT 4/5

    By VeroyNacho
    iMovie is a really good edition app, but ai noticed that when i was finished editing, e video was cut, i mean, it wasnt rectangular, it was a square. You should fix that because the video is not complete, because we can see th full image

    By HelloItzMehAdele
    point said in the title. 😒
  • Good job 👍🏻 but am mad 2/5

    By Tastingsnake
    Everytime I upload a video longer than 15 min it says that it’s to long but when I go to YouTube it already says am verified and I can make videos longer than 15 min but it still doesn’t work
  • cuts audio short 3/5

    By mec_
    there's no option to choose which part of a song i want on my clip.. it automatically uses the first part of the song that i add.. if i'm editing a 15 second clip, i may not want the first 15 seconds of the song i'm adding
  • Horrible in the past, but now starting to get back on track. 3/5

    By ckshap
    I’ve owned this app for about maybe 5 years now? Ever since I got my first iPad, I have fallen in love with this app and caught myself using it many, many times again. However, it did get frustrating editing videos eventually, as there were many unsolved bugs and glitches. I used to hate iMovie because of this. What’s even worse is that I can’t really disable features I don’t like such as videos and pictures you take automatically saves to your camera roll so it’s easier to accidentally delete something and ruin your video. These problems are being fixed as we speak, but even then, they still exist. I’ve learned to accept it. However, with that being said, there is one feature that definitely stands out to me from all the others. iCloud downloading. iCloud downloading is the bane of my existence. No matter how many times it downloads everything, it always comes back and wastes 10 minutes of your time when all you want to do is preview the video. It shows up EVERY TIME I try to watch/edit one of my videos. I don’t understand the point of this! All of the videos are successfully downloaded onto my camera roll! What’s even worse is that I cannot disable it in settings, iCloud, or any other branch of iMovie I could possibly get my hands on. It’s a fallacy that people would like this feature, I don’t even understand the point of it at all. Hoping for a developer’s response?
  • No iPhone X support... 3/5

    By kentamjar08
    I have used iMovie for years, and it always allowed me to create great videos. The app is still wonderful, but it’s very disappointing to spent $1,000 on an iPhone X, and Apple’s own apps do not even fill up the whole screen. Please fix.

    By xrupeacegaming
  • Why? 3/5

    By shcjjxjckdjcm cmxnvkdnvmd
    Why did you delete the “add song” ?
  • Great but 4/5

    By Livistar101
    It’s great but not very clear on all of the things you can do
  • Error 4/5

    By xlXBabyJesusXlx
    I have always used this app and loved it for my outdoor video editing.. and now it’s throwing an error has Occurred during export of video.. just trying to save to my photos.. great app.. besides this problem..
  • Great except 4/5

    By Online dateing
    It’s a good movie making app needs more sound effects and background music.Im sick of the neon and playful and other crap may.Please make more music and and sound effects =)
  • It’s great but… 4/5

    By springtrapfredbear
    It’s great but I want apple to add one thing I want you to like add like effects to move stuff
  • best. app. ever 5/5

    By Caliebug12
    i love imovie sm😻 i use it to edit all my videos and it’s amazing!:)
  • iMovie is a great basic editor to have for free 5/5

    By Angelangelrose
    But y won’t Apple let you rate iMaps?
  • Commercials 5/5

    By gapc310
    Please may you put commercials in the choices🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 and floating fx 🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🕴🏻
  • It works for basic use 3/5

    By gameralex3
    If you’re trying to add a couple of video clips together, it works fine, but once you try to do something like edit YouTube videos, I find the MacOS version to be a lot more usable. This app would be great if you could add all of the features that the MacOS version has. Now that IOS 11 is out, maybe you could add more features to make this version of iMovie better then the Mac version. I’m hoping this happens soon.
  • Please fix 3/5

    By Ifjensw
    It's good but you should be able to add music without going into iTunes and, also when you want to save it on your camera roll it crops it down in to a tiny square.So p,ease fix that thanks👌🙏
  • No more glitches!!😩 4/5

    By Thegoldenpickaxe10
    iMovie is a great program but after using this slot on mobile, things will really get out of shape and start glitching!! Please the mobile app needs to fix the glitches and the bugs immediately!😞😞
  • Love it 5/5

    By leila's world (real)
    This app is really great it helps with my YouTube channel I told every single one of my friends about this app and even my friend the adventure girl on YouTube she uses this app all the time and I am Leila’s world and I add these animations to my channel so I only wanna know how to use green screen that’s the only con
  • Trash 1/5

    By Dean Gullberry
    I can't believe this app has 4 stars
  • Good but could be better 4/5

    By Kimchilucy
    I LOVED this app although it is kinda is very hard to get everything together. Not the best for school projects. But over all it’s great! I liked it just making it a little bit easier for younger users would be great. And adding some fun animations could make it more open to everyone.
  • Won’t export to utube clips in the browser have no delete function. 1/5

    By Aka monkey dope
    Your video failed! Like a parrot! Apple stop screwing up our apps with these idiotic updates! 😤CHRISTO

    By Lovetofilm
    I used to make movies using iMovie, until one day I made a super long and hard movie, but it made it so that after every clip the screen blacked out for a few seconds, then move on to the next clip. THIS APP SMELLS LIKE A BUTTHOLE. NO WONDER IT WAS FOR FREE
  • Great but big issue 2/5

    By pickleeatery
    Hello and theirs one poroblem and it’s making me download the each clip to photo storage or icloud
  • Bass Problem 1/5

    By (>•~•>)
    so i’m trying to edit a video, and to do that i need to boost the bass. i keep going on “volume” and turning it up to 500%. it doesn’t change a thing, please fix this. it’s worked for my friends, but not me?
  • awesome but a flaw 4/5

    By Fnafwarrior79
    Why can’t I use a green screen please put a green/blue screen mechanic just like on the pc port
  • What the hell 1/5

    By Game Central 7
    I haven’t used it in a while but I download the new update and it delete all my old stuff. What the hell
  • It is okay. ??? 2/5

    By Samantha Lion_YT
    I am a small YouTuber and I need something that will actually work for my needs. I was recording a Minecraft video on my phone using the screen recorder that is with the apple phones. When I finished I put it into Imovie so I could see if everything worked. And guess what something did not work. It only showed the audio for Minecraft! Not my voice! And my cousin did it too and it indeed did not work! Anyways I still think you are pretty good! But please fix that!

    By BattySims YT
    I personally love this app it is a great editing software for YouTube and really fun to play with my friends. I do have some concerns though. Mainly, when my cousin and I recorded a Minecraft video the audio played in the video saved to my phone but once I put it in iMovie the audio was gone! I know this wasn’t my phone glitching out because the same thing happened on my cousin’s phone. Also I wish we had more speeds for our clips. ~BattySimsYT~ Check my channel out.

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