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  • Current Version: 3.8.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: IMVU
  • Compatibility: Android
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IMVU Mobile App

Live up to your fantasy in a 3D virtual world. Make new friends & chat in 3D. IMVU is the #1 avatar-based social experience with the largest 3D catalog to customize your look and meet others. Join millions of others for free. Create your custom avatar, personalize your own animated emoji, and message friends in 3D! CREATE YOUR AVATAR Customize yourself. Get weird, get wild. It’s all you! CHAT IN 3D Connect with new friends from all over the world. EXPRESS YOURSELF, AS YOURSELF Chat with friends using your personal animated WithMoji. SHARE YOUR #MOOD Pose, add filters, and post photos to get people talking. CHANGE UP YOUR LOOK Shop without limits. For an optimal 3D chat room experience, we recommend at least: • iPhone 5s • iPad Air • iPad mini 2 • iPod Touch (6th generation) If you would like to experience 3D chat rooms on an unrecommended device, please follow the steps below. Please keep in mind that your experience may not be optimal. • Tap MORE in the bottom tab bar • Tap SETTINGS • Tap “3D Chat Rooms” • Select “Always” Now enter your favorite chat room and experience 3D!

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IMVU Mobile app reviews

  • Update is Annoying 🙄🖕🏼 3/5

    By natalya💞
    So the app over all is pretty good, but the new update is so annoying. This 3D picture thing is not working out for me. It was a bad idea‼️

    By XCocoCuteX
    I WANT To post from my camera roll please.. 3D photo is stupid and the quality is horrible.
  • It's good but... 4/5

    By The bulls fan ttyl
    I would have have given it 5 stars but now that the update came we can't upload photos from our camera roll and the 3D photo is annoying and worthless really. Please fix!!
  • Why do we need the 3D thing 4/5

    By Kat_the_neko
    Can you take it off cause it's irritating no one wants it i dont see the point of it thanks🤗
  • I cant post picturesof my galery 4/5

    By Demi & Diamond
    I cant post pictures of my galery. Why?? You should put it back so iPhones can do it too. I want to post pictures that I take with my phone.
  • Read. Please. 1/5

    By Ingwa
    Okay, I Absolutely LOVE and ADORE this game. But there are so many problems with it.. 1) The Offers: Now I get credits from offers like Surveys and Videos, but the actual offers that it has like the Mobile Strike things, DON'T give credits. I tried SO many times and still have not gotten my credits. Nice Work. One Star. 2) The Surveys: So, Please add surveys that you CAN get credit for. Don't get me wrong, I get very FEW of them, but they almost never give me any. 3) Buying credits: I bought credits right? It crashes EVERY TIME. When I enter back in IMVU, I don't have my credits. Why?! I spent it on Expensive Credits, and don't get any? Pshh.. 4) 3D Photos: Everyone has written about this now. I think they should update it and bring back Photos from library. Please fix that. I think everyone wants that back. 5) Everything Is Expensive: If you haven't seen In shop, (Yeah I kinda sound greedy. So what??) the Heads are SO expensive. The clothes? EXPENSIVE. The Furries? MORE EXPENSIVE THEN HUMAN WEAR. IMVU, I think I might be done with you. 6) Chatrooms: Too Glitchy, slow, Always crashing, never works. Please fix that. And All the other stuff people don't like. I'm sorry if this Review sounds rude. But this game has turned into a nightmare. My User is ⭐️Paige_Nizu💎 For anything you want to tell me, IMVU Inc. -Thank You⭐️💎
  • Oh my 4/5

    By lavalucho
    Love playing but I can't post memes or pics and if we land on the clothes can it be something from are wishlist,please.
  • Why?! 2/5

    By Lycidas21
    I love imvu but why is it that can't post my avatar in a 3D photo like my friends can? Please fix this update!
  • 3D Photo 1/5

    By Cxii_Candii
    Why Did Y'all Add This Shit😑😑😑😑
  • The video errors 4/5

    By Pleasebemysenpai
    The videos to watch to earn credits tell me I can't watch them after a while it, it continues the whole day until midnight strikes up so please fix this issue because I really enjoy this game
  • Update This 3/5

    By maddy🥀
    Make the quality better of the avatars in the chat rooms not just in the shop or the inventory. Also let us hear music and let us message other people without leaving the rooms.
  • Love it soooo much! 😜 5/5

    By Jjjaaaccckkkyyyy
    I love ❤️ it but one problem is that I always get 15 coins from the spinner
  • New Update 3/5

    By Desid216
    Love the new 3D picture update but i wish we still had the option to upload from camera roll i have a lot of edits
  • Paid for credits and didn't get them!!!! 1/5

    By Maddoxxmattie
    I paid for credits and didn't get them, but was billed for them!!! I need answers now!!
  • Yayyy But.. 5/5

    By Honeyboo_moi
    U guys added 3D Chat amazing a lot of people may be using it now but we need bubble chats that's all I asking please we need bubble chats like the computer has please we need bubble chats love IMVU❣❣❣❣ and also I don't like the 3D picture I want to upload my own pictures I don't like 3D Pic😨
  • Great App 4/5

    By LashaeMillz7
    It's a good app can you guys please fix the glitch and not make our avatar clothes look better and upgrade earning credits none of those offers nor surveys work.
  • Credits????? 3/5

    By 123amess
    Still three stars because sometimes the offers does not give me the credits that I supposedly earned. I demand that to be fixed pronto.
  • Best 5/5

    By suhhboo
  • Great But... 4/5

    By Nani💦
    This is a great app to use. I love it!! But.. i've notice when there's like sales it wont let you purchase anything at all, which is annoying!! Please fix.
  • .. 1/5

    By Syleire Díaz
    No puedo cambiar mi contraseña ni lo correo por mi celular , no me salen las opciones ...
  • It's great but, 4/5

    By Shelanda Walker
    Can the game at least let us walk around where we want to!!!😠😡😡😡😡😠
  • Need help 1/5

    By Aldo's cash emended
    So I purchased credits with my real money and now IMVU isn't working. I've tried several times in numerous occasions and even deleted and re downloaded the app. It specifically won't let me buy anything with they credits I've purchased so I have like 7,000 credits that I can't even use. It's a real bummer and as soon as I get some help I'll change my review to five stars.
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By Saphire✨🤓😎🤑
    I love it, but can someone tell me how to make clothes? I want to try
  • Mad fun 4/5

    By Handling djjemgbjdjd
    This game mad fun but at times it glitches or they don't got a lot of things to acquire credits
  • 3D PHOTO 1/5

    By Tab314
    So...I'm not satisfied with this new update, I don't like the whole new 3D photo thing because I'm not able to post pics anymore, why did you guys change that? It just makes the game boring, and I might just uninstall this game.😴
  • Contributes to steal my money 1/5

    By somaice
    Every time I update the app, something that I paid REAL MONEY for disappears, with no credit to my account. I just updated and the skin of my character reverted to the default, and three tops disappeared. I would call that stealing, considering I paid for those items.
  • Duiiina 4/5

    By Gutsophia
    Game is okay definitely better on computer.. add me at duiiina (3 is )
  • Worst Update 1/5

    By IMVU is Horrible
    This is why IMVU is lame y'all making all these unnecessary changes to IMVU and to the app we don't want no 3D Photo plus the graphic are worst then on PC...... everyone was fine with post there own things plus people do edits on there phone and wanna post them, secondlife beating y'all... step your game up cause y'all losing people and I will affect y'all soon
  • Awesome game, one big problem.. 1/5

    By Omgdude123
    So recently IMVU has came out with a new update, and nothing is bad about it at all expect the 3D pictures. As a person who likes to edit their photos, this update is awful. Please let us post pictures from our camera rolls.
  • Please change this! 4/5

    By Kbae 💞
    I dont like 3D PHOTO!! I cant post from my camera roll anymore :( please go back to that!
  • Credits 😩 1/5

    By Candykon
    I purchase credits and nothing show at all it said the purchase went through I just to go to my iTunes Store???? Help me please
  • Fix the credits and the log out thing 2/5

    By Edrikwalker
    Why is it so hard to get credits that make no sense and why I log out for some reason that stupid I should log out my own account I didn't want to I made 6 or more account they all got log out for some reason I get so far then I lose it all credits is the many thing you need to fix and the logging out people on its on.
  • Do this please 4/5

    By Euclid2018
    Great app but we should be able to have are own home to live and have babies and they become kids and what ever
  • No more posting pictures... 1/5

    By t?ldhaoebeopaj
  • 3D photo 1/5

    By Alexusg8124
    The 3D photo thing is annoying af
  • Pictures? 4/5

    By SmileyGirl222423
    The apps great but can't I access my photos if I'm trying to take a photo? My friend as the app but hers gives her the options of which pose you wants to do and a wider variety of backgrounds meanwhile I have 3D photo and it only lets me access a certain number of backgrounds and my looks. Can you fix this problem. I want to post MY pictures.
  • U should let kids get in like 5/5

    By Halley11
    U should let kids get in like if a child puts 2005 for the year of the birth date u should ask do u want a free AP like fr please I'm a 11 yr old I've been aplaying my whole life I need an free AP pls fix Dos and when we start off give us more credits
  • Fun 5/5

    By theduck62
  • UHM.... 3/5

    By Milahdudit213
    HONESTLY THIS APP WAS MY FAVORITE but after the new update from yesterday it just down graded. CAN YOU PLEASE add the regular photo back instead of 3D?? Like who would use that imvu. I'm not trying to be mean or anything but that pisses me off that you can't send anything from your camera roll out into imvu. I was going to delete this app because of it and just get off of imvu because what was the point in playing it when the only thing I liked about the app was gone? Smh. Can you please fix this update, or bug, glitch, I don't know what happened.. but I lowkey want the older version back. This new one isn't the best.

    By how do u Hack imvu???????
    Can u plz tell me how to hack this game or app I really need it plz plz plz
  • It's ok 3/5

    By Someone bored0321
    It needs more ways to earn credits other than the spin wheel Other than that it's great Maybe add private lobbies for players and their friends
  • PORN!! 1/5

    By xXzoebowiexX bowie
  • Not as bad as the reviews 4/5

    By Baybeehdoll91
    I use to use this when there was no 3D just a plain chat room with a picture of what the room looked like in the background so I'm glad they finally switched to this. The only real problems I have is that there's no music when you go in the rooms, some of the categories you purchase from on pc can't be found in the shop (pets & actions), and I wish there was a way to msg people without having to close out of the room you're in to answer them. Even if the msgs was just one of those msgs that pop at the top of your screen and you drag down to reply, that would be great. Also, please allow camera roll uploads again to photo stream. Some people said the show doesn't work but I've never had a problem and I'm ALWAYS shopping. The rooms lag sometimes but if there's a lot of people, a lot of actions being done and we still want the full 3D experience without our phones completely dying, I think we might have to just deal with that. If you still want to complain (see first paragraph) and be glad that you didn't have to deall with that mobile version.
  • 3D Photo needs to go 2/5

    By ReeLiiaa
    I like being able to upload pictures from my camera roll, that needs to come back, and that whole 3D picture stuff can go away I don't like nor do I want it !
  • video ads 3/5

    By xobreebreexo
    my video ads were working perfectly one day and then suddenly i got a video message error and now i cant earn credits anymore unless i delete and reinstall imvu mobile but even then it only works for a few videos ads and then it messes up again. please fix this because these video ads are the only way ive been able to make money to buy anything and now i cant!
  • 3D photo 1/5

    By Lili lovely
    Doesn't allow some things like posting from gallery.. it was a nice feature that would be good if you put that back along with the 3D photo other then that it's a cool app I guess
  • I like it but ... 4/5

    By Faylaj
    Ok so Like yall just added this 3D photo thing where it looks like a chat room but you can still take pics in it It's all right but I want it where I still can put Other background pictures on there
  • Credits 4/5

    By PrteyyGrumpyKitty1
    Why won't it give me my credits? I did the surveys to earn my credits and even watched a video for free credits in the game and my credits are still the same? Everything else is great but it's just my credits that are the problem.
  • Please add the "shop together" feature 3/5

    By It's so cool love it
    The app is great... but I'd like it a lot better if it was like the PC downloadable version

    By Paud customer
    (Only rated 5 to get this addressed) This app is literally trash now that we can't post our edits or memes, you can't be serious about this. All of my friends have uninstalled because of this dumb aśs update. Fix it or lose money. It's as simple as that...

IMVU Mobile app comments

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