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Infinite Campus Mobile Portal keeps you informed. View assignments, grades, attendance and more. Login Instructions 1). Search for your district by name and state 2) Enter your username and password This information is provided by your school/district. 3) Review your settings Subscribe to โ€˜Notificationsโ€™ to receive alerts for grades, assignment scores, attendance changes, and low lunch balance. Access Information View assignments, attendance, planner, grades and food service information (Infinite Campus Food Service required). Notifications Receive immediate notifications when changes are made. App Requirements โ€ข Your school district must use Infinite Campus as its student information system. โ€ข An active Infinite Campus Portal account is required (accessed through a Web browser).

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  • Iphone7s not capable 1/5

    By Knotrite
    I bought a new phone yesterday and reloaded the app and it says no results found when I put in my district. Fix the bug please.
  • Needs major improvements 1/5

    By Tbelle38
    Doesn't refresh by itself. You have to manually refresh. Layout is confusing
  • Multiple students 1/5

    By Lemonlug
    You have to log in and log out for each student you have. Notifications only appear to be for one student. Should be able to login and se multiple students in your family.
  • Glitch? 3/5

    By Theenbean826
    Every time I try to refresh and check my grades, it says "could not authenticate user" and it really bothers me because I can't check my grades unless I go onto a computer which defeats the whole purpose of the app
  • So-So 3/5

    By FaeryElfin
    The app allows quick access to all the information I need to stay on top of how my kids are doing at school. It is really confusing when trying to find out their grades. The super long list of subjects and all the sub-categories won scores listed throughout is time consuming and confusing to scroll through. It would be much better if they had the main subject listed with the overall grade, and you could click on it to get the detailed information.
  • Used to work before 2/5

    By Megie_808
    Its a very good app checking and tracking with all my grades but i deleted the app during fall break. And when i redownloded it after it, it kept saying that my "account needed attention" and that i had to go to the website to fix it. It said that it was supposed to show a CAPTCHA when you've put the wrong password a number of times but it didnt show. I can't check my grades anymore! Plz fix this!!
  • Doesn't work anymore 1/5

    By 1021boy
    I cannot login anymore. It freezes when I am typing my password for the login. After this first happened, I presumed it would be fixed in a few days. The reason I wrote this review is because it hasn't been fixed after more than a week... Let's go, infinite campus. Do your job.
  • Layout 2/5

    By the_darkoff
    Why are the most current assignments at the bottom of the page? And then you scroll up to see older ones? It makes no sense, please flip that. The app needs to be way more user friendly and appealing to look at.
  • Overall a good app, could use more features 4/5

    By Colten Holley
    Overall, Infinite Campus is a really good app, especially seeing that the infamous bugs from around a year and a half ago are gone. I would still love to see 3D Touch support so when you tap a grade category (e.g. Semester Average) you can see a peak of it. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Ok program 2/5

    By the4goods
    First the negative- yes SOMETIMES this app works to notify about grades, but it seems each spring the app faults and stops all notifications... it's awful! Good aspects: I like that a parent can get their child's schedule and class times, for convenience of scheduling appts etc, however it is much more difficult to see what your child is missing assignment wise, and also what the true percentages of assignments are. How work is weighted etc.
  • I hate it 1/5

    By Favjtccbj
    I hate that my mom has the ability to check my grades
  • Our hands are tied sadly 1/5

    By sydvicious13
    There's SO many downloads, but so little reviews and even fewer stars it receives..why you ask..because the app is hellacious and functionally lacking to say the least. There's no substance within the app to make it worth a hoot. It's a terrible layout on my iPhone 6sPlus but sadly I have no other choice since our school switched over from PowerSchool, this one was supposed to be better..not app wise that's for darn sure. Get on it geeks..mainstream this app and catch up with the times here. I would not recommend to friends or family, would not pay for this app, nor would I download again. Get to work developers.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By BrandonMcG
    This app is terrible remove now
  • App is trash 1/5

    By This app is a butt
    You can't do anything
  • Great simple app. 5/5

    By Zach Zeaman
    As a student, I have had no trouble using this app. I think it is solid overall and the only thing that could be changed is the refreshing button that you have to hit.
  • Notifications don't work 2/5

    By Taylor Rosenquist
    It works well to check grades, but I can't get it to send me any notifications. I hate having to check to see if a test/assignment has been put in every hour, because I know it won't send me a message saying it has. I have notifications turned on in the app, and on my phone, yet it still won't send them.
  • Please update 4/5

    By Melmcg01
    I like how I can check my daughters grades, but can you please update it so it doesn't first go into the setting upon login?
  • Why not for teachers??? 1/5

    By Thegreyhat
    This is probably fine if you are a parent or student, but the only thing this is good for as a teacher is encouraging parents and students to download the app
  • No Notifications 2/5

    By Jre2609
    Not getting notifications and I think it's because of the newer model iPhones. When are you going to do an update on the app?
  • iPhone "Plus" Model Support 3/5

    By Dakota0160
    Great app to get grade updates from my school but my only complaint is that the app isn't optimized for the Plus models of the iPhones. Please do this soon!
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Weeee123 54
    I see my grades, I drink bleach
  • Can't even sign in... 1/5

    By Yesman64
    Horrible. The app freezes when I try to put in my password. I'd rather open safari and use the website.
  • Needs improvement? May or may not 4/5

    By Soccer like
    This app is great for your great local school GRADES, Attendance, Food Service, Assignments for each class/course that you take in your school that does infinite campus has it Student information system (SIS). But I think it could use some improvement like when u get an assignment notification, you will receive a full grade/percent and a full letter grade- depends on Grading Scale that your school/district uses. I also think that you guys should add each of Calgory Grades- The percent that Calgorys that go into the final grade even if they do show as a percent for each calgory. Also fix some little bugs in the app.
  • lol 5/5

    By Lol48294648291
  • CenterMiddle 5/5

    By Jaylan Peeler
    It was cool. U should use it
  • Dont depend on this app... 2/5

    By Ecanitia
    Decent app for keeping track of your student. But the app negatively reflects on your student where a teacher has failed to update. I receive drastically different results at end of quarter than what I see during. The app needs to allow teachers to add an assignment, due date - and WHETHER THE GRADE IS PENDING. So many grades get updated at quarter end that I've lectured my child on - where it's a simple issue of the teacher not updating the grade. I've received "missing assignment" notifications for the same reason.
  • Ugh 1/5

    By Bdummitt
    You dirty SOBS get me in trouble all the time F**k you guys -Brycen Dummitt
  • So many downloads but few ratings 3/5

    By Ghostlyninja29
    I know for a fact that almost every single student has this app but there is only 12 review and that is hilarious too me
  • It's gay 1/5

    By NirvanTY
    School is gay
  • Zero stars!!! 1/5

    By elliemae
    This app worked OK until the new term. Now it says there's a problem signing in and to go to the website to fix it, but there's no place on the website to fix it. I would really like to receive notifications of my son's grades and attendance etc., but it looks like that's not gonna happen.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By OnTheGrid007
    It never keeps any grades on exit, and every time it updates grades, it crashes the wifi at my house (FYI: I'm on 300mbps+, it shouldn't crash)
  • Freezes putting in password 1/5

    By Zach37473772
    When trying to put in my password, the app freezes and then I have to restart it. I'm not able to even sign in.
  • Romerodai87 4/5

    By Romerodai87
    Limited uses but if it could keep track of more on one app it would be great!
  • Works great!! 4/5

    By BarrelRacer24
    This app works great for checking my grades or what is going on at my school.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Polyrt
    The thing doesn't work and doesn't even load. Worst app I ever got. To think people actually like it is beyond stupid!
  • Teacher portal 2/5

    By Imkline722
    There should be a teacher portal app as well. It would make grading on the go so much easier!!
  • Lack of development/features 1/5

    By Parker Student
    I don't eat lunch at school and I'm on top of my grades 24/7. The only thing I'd like the app to do is send me a notification if school is canceled/delayed along with updates on sporting events(scores, time changes, etc.), and useful access to my grades. One feature I would love to see is grade anticipation: if I could enter what a potential grade in and see what it would do to my grade, that would be very useful in helping me manage my time. Also, it would be nice if the default menu was not the settings, I don't want to be given the option to turn on alerts about my lunch accounts every time I open the app. Additionally I'm a computer programmer with college credit, so I understand that it wouldn't be difficult to develop the and add useful features people could use. But perhaps the people at infinite campus are clueless, seeing as this app looks to be a very early prototype gone wrong.
  • Teacher version? 2/5

    By Srschm
    Still waiting for a teacher version....I would really like to be able to enter grades and take attendance on a mobile app. Website does not work well on ipad.
  • Jupiter ed is way better 1/5

    By Song Rater 2.1
    This was a bed site/app my school chose I tried re logging in to my account but it's says "my school has disabled notifications" but everyone else is fine,why?
  • App not working 1/5

    By Billjg2007
    My son and I keep getting message about cookies not being set to never. We have tried all different settings on our iPhones and nothing seems to work. Please fix.
  • They will not give you the code 1/5

    By Loo world
    It appears that I should have a "get district Id" button yet there is no button for me to push. It seems that they could of disabled mobile infinite campus.
  • Bad, just bad 1/5

    By T-Homas(8th grader)
    I've come out of my way to write this so you better look at it, anyways before I could use it no problem but since a new update or whatever you have done, it has been a struggle to be able to use the app. I can only see 2 grades for 2 of my subjects and it is utterly disgusting. I'm on an apple device so I don't know if you have this problem on any other platforms, but you need to make the app more simple, because that's what's appealing and easy about having an app. Fix it and thank you, it has been your favorite user T-Homas.
  • Not good anymore 2/5

    By Derrick517
    Used to work well, now it does not send me notifications after I switched phones.
  • Great 5/5

    By Hannah๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜
    I love this app๐Ÿ˜Š I can check my grades anywhere anytime and get missing work in. This app really saves me. I love it
  • Fabulous 5/5

    By Mydogisbetterthanyours
  • Would be 5 stars if Notifications worked again!! 2/5

    By Coopgal
    Love this app- when it WORKS-- it seems like someone could figure out how to update the app when Apple updates IOS.. used to receive notifications now I have to go in and manually update then scroll through the classes to see if my children's teachers have entered grades. Please fix!!
  • All messed up 1/5

    By CarInTheGarage4
    The app doesn't let me in any more "needs authentication"... I have no problem logging in online, but the app doesn't let me. Also, before when new grades were announced, you always had to refresh after opening the app. One would think that the new info would already be displayed when you reopen the app. Needs to be fixed!
  • Idea 5/5

    By Matthew Peaster
    A great way to keep up with my grades in high school but I think it would be a cool idea to have like a thing where u can put in a projected grade that u might make to see how much it will bring up or down your grade in that class
  • Really bad 2/5

    By Annabeth789
    When I opened it, it just crashed.It wouldn't load my grades, and when I got back in, it had logged me out. It asked me for my district ID. No one has that anymore since it's November. Now I have no way to check my grades on my phone.

    By ZachErrez
    It's a good app. It shows your attendence, Planner, Schedule, Grades and It allows you to turn on notifications to alert you got a new grade witch is awesome!!. After all its ok.

Infinite Campus Mobile Portal app comments

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