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As featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Techcrunch. Inkling's interactive eBooks are designed to help you learn, study, and discover just about anything, whether it's for school, work, or play. Our books cover the gamut from anatomy to photography and travel to cooking. Our Lonely Planet Guides offer Foursquare-based location info and live updates. Our Rick Steves’ guides include Rick’s personal vocal narration of key European cities. Our anatomy titles include hundreds of hi-res diagrams that let you strip off the labels and test what you know. Our food and drink books include instructional animations and videos to help you learn news skills in the kitchen. Our For Dummies book selection include learning to play guitar to learning Java or CSS. Download a free chapter and try it for yourself! In the news: ALL THINGS DIGITAL - WALL STREET JOURNAL “Putting textbooks on tablets solves a number of traditional problems. The two most obvious are saving money and back pain.” TECHCRUNCH “After Inkling made its public debut more than two years ago, It quickly became known as the startup that made super well-designed interactive college textbooks for the iPad.” HUFFINGTON POST “Better than just reproducing text in an online setting, Inkling makes educational text interactive, supporting note-taking, social discussion of content and internal search (like Google for your textbook!).” NEW YORK TIMES “A new company called Inkling hopes to break the standard textbook model and help textbooks enter the interactive age by letting students share and comment on the texts and interact with fellow students.” What our customers say about us: MargaretField- “The format is elegant. Love that i can always see where I am in the chapter and in the book as a whole. Interactive quizzes make it even more fun.” Book_lover25- “All of my books now look awesome and work well on iPhone, as well as iPad. Can’t wait to use it as my travel guide while hiking this weekend.” Stephen the Cat- “Using Inkling makes learning fun. The page layouts are attractive. The information is presented in a functional and useful way. Better yet, I can make notes that simplify my review of texts upping my learning efficiency.” What makes Inkling the best interactive eBook experience? TRY IT FREE Why pay for a boring PDF version of a printed book? That’s what you get with other eBooks. Inkling eBooks are thoughtfully and intuitively structured that make learning interactive and fun. So, go ahead, download and try a FREE chapter today. OFFLINE ACCESS You don’t have to be online to read your Inkling books. Our books are downloaded to your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch and can be read anywhere, anytime. All your notes, highlights and bookmarks are saved, synced across devices, and can be accessed anytime. SEARCH AND NAVIGATE Inkling books come with powerful search capabilities. Just type in a keyword or a phrase and voilá! We’ll take you right to the content you want to read. LEARNING AIDS Tap and hold anywhere in text, and your favorite learning tools - highlights, notes, definition and search - will pop up. Plus, you can learn collaboratively and share your notes or questions with peers or professors. USE ANY DEVICE Download once, read Inkling eBooks on your iPad, iPhone, PC or Mac and everything syncs between devices in real time so your books go where you go. RICH INTERACTIVITY Reading is delightful with interactive aids - high resolution images, audio and video. Our content is handcrafted to exploit the full power of the iPad and the web. Who says learning can’t be fun and delightful? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Start exploring eBooks in the following categories: * Arts & Photography * Food & Drink * Cooking * Business * Computer, Programming & Technology * Crafts & Hobbies * Home & Garden * Medicine * Parenting & Pregnancy * Bibles & Spirituality * Travel & Adventure


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Inkling app reviews

  • no TOC 1/5

    By Anne J 2
    no table of contents for Cecil’s Medicine. this is crap.
  • Needs iPhone X support 2/5

    By Jgarehart89
    Small screen layout makes the app ugly in comparison to other apps that utilize the iPhone X larger real state
  • App is dated 2/5

    By PathResident
    The app was a great idea when it came out. There used to be regular feature updates, such as allowing you to search all of your books at once rather than just the book that is open. Unfortunately, they haven’t done much in the way of innovation since then. No support for handwritten notes. No support for iPad split screen support (their old argument of supporting prior iPad versions certainly holds less credence today). No support for browsing a book without downloading chapters. Perhaps my biggest gripe is the navigation. I’m tired of looking at a picture and having the app jump to the top of the section when I go back. It’s tolerable in short sections, but when I spend more time scrolling than reading, that’s a problem. I have to strongly consider whether the picture caption is worth my time. At this point, I’m relieved that LWW is moving to a different platform. I hope it is better with a stronger focus on innovation.
  • Productivity app that’s not productive 1/5

    By conorearly
    Needs to be optimized for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil (split screen, notes, etc). Last update to the app was 6 months ago, so I’m not hopeful.
  • Fix your app 1/5

    By op110
    Fix your app so we can enjoy a true iPhone X experience. Last time your app was updated was months ago. Come on! Pathetic.
  • Limited 2/5

    By FrogFan1
    No split screen on iPad. Text too large for my taste on larger iPad and unable to adjust further. Cannot write notes in the margins with apple pen. Could be great with just a few tweaks as mentioned above.
  • No support. No access 1/5

    By Fitguy111
    I have purchased hundreds of dollars in books here. Now I’m locked out and there’s no explanation. my password is no longer working, and the site is not functioning to update my password. A call into their offices leads only to voicemail. Refund?
  • Split screen not working 2/5

    By Moxie379
    Split screen function doesn’t work in ios11
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Pastelpresident
    Great for flash cards
  • Won't even open 1/5

    By NYsweets
    2nd time I have downloaded & tried to open. It won't even open. Really bad. This would have been very helpful for me since my books are so big. I would still be able to study while in the go.
  • Unable to Log In 1/5

    By Ohyayyay
    Tried to connect with Facebook and I get an error message. Then I decided to make an account and sign up and even though I received a "Welcome to Inkling" email, I still get an error message when trying to log in. Apparently my credentials don't match, yet my welcome email reached my inbox. Ok.
  • Meh becoming outdated 1/5

    By mil0o
    Please enable support for split view on iPads. It is slowly becoming the drm of ebooks We should be able to draw/ write on these books like regular books. This app hasn't had any innovation since it came out Some books don't allow highlighting because of formatting as an "answer" expandable content. That's lame.
  • I want to browse my books ONLINE (not download) 1/5

    By DrGhorbani
    I love the app but it almost made it useless for me!!! I always have to use the website instead of the app because the app do not let me see my books unless it is downloaded on my iphone! I have almost 70 books and I don't want to download all on my iPhone, but I need ALL of my books everyday for my work! PLEASE FIX IT!!!!!
  • Could be better with on simple fix 3/5

    By Greek Moose
    This app is very useful! The formatting is well done making it easy to navigate throughout each text book. I also appreciate the ability to highlight and review these highlights later. My only gripe is that the text size is a bit small and is it adjustable. It would greatly improve the user experience to have the ability to adjust the text size and make reading more comfortable. Kindle already does this effectively.
  • Video still not working for longer video 2/5

    By Southmalaitaboy
    One of my textbooks has several videos included. The current version of the app can play the shorter ones that are only a minute or two long but the ones that are 10-20 minutes just sit there and say they are loading and never play. I have tried deleting the book and redownloading it to no effect.
  • Writing notes with Apple Pencil 4/5

    By Cmcornejo
    It would be nice if you could hand write notes into the margins using your Apple Pencil (rather than having to type notes into the notes box). This is the only aspect that limits the usefulness of this app for reading/note taking.
  • iPad split screen support? 3/5

    By bpc009
    How is this still not possible? I'm starting to think you're really not interested in the user experience. Your focus seems to be entirely on business partnerships. So frustrating for those of us with large libraries.
  • Several things to improve. 3/5

    By Nicolas Avila
    This app is not bad. But it has a few things to make it awesome: -It doesn't make a lot of sense that in the smaller screen (iPhone App) it's not possible to adjust the size of the text or at least rotate it so that the content is viewed more easily. Please correct this. -It wouldn't hurt to include synchronization among devices, so that I can continue in my iPhone where I stopped in my iPad and viceversa. Just like the Kindle app. -Finally, I'd like to be able to erase from my library the books or samples that I don't want anymore. It's impossible now. Thanks for your time!
  • The best 5/5

    By LiviuMD
    I'm a physician and I use a couple of reading platforms but this is by far the best among them.
  • Won't open and deleted my purchases 1/5

    By Pleasedonthateonme
    Used to be great for referencing textbooks, but now is just blank white with a loading wheel every time I try to open the app. I logged in online and it had my library, but said that I had to pay $53 for access to books I had already bought! I thought about deleting and redownloading the app, but I'm scared of losing my purchases for good. Please fix!
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By Socialite stuck in Seattle
    Every time I look at an image up close and then swipe out of it to go back to the text it sends me back to the beginning of the chapter which is extremely disruptive to the flow of reading.
  • Ms 1/5

    By Moseke
    Difficulty setting up APP. Poor tech support
  • Best way to read large textbooks 5/5

    By _NM_
    I have bulky textbooks that could only be read on a table, etc. and this app makes them very easy to read. Maintaining notes is a great plus as is searching through the books. There is also room for improvement: following a link to a table or diagram and hitting the back button takes the reader to the beginning of the chapter rather than the point of entry into the table/diagram. It would be best if the app would remember where you were before following a link.
  • Bugs 2/5

    By Aj1984221
    Two issues: 1. Frequently unable to close a book and return to the library - tapping the back to library icon returns me to the current book instead 2. When closing an image that I have opened from inside the text, i get returned to the beginning of the current chapter rather than to the specific image location. If these two issues are fixed, I would give a 5-star review.
  • Glitches 1/5

    By Jjjj22223
    I frequently am unable to exit out of a textbook to go back to my library. It keeps sending me to random chapters within the same book.
  • Some bugs and a suggestion 3/5

    By sih06794
    1. Can't highlight part of a word. 2. Can't highlight a word that is directly adjacent to a hyphen. 3. Can't highlight text that is in figures or tables. 4. Would be cool to have a basic 4 color pen tool for markup.
  • Interface took a step backwards 1/5

    By Inkling fan
    I'm not a fan of the latest interface, it seems dumbed down. I still can't find a way to remove books that I never purchased from my library. Last, when you turn off downloaded only mode, there is no way to tell which books you have downloaded and which are just a part of your library.
  • Disappointed 3/5

    By Erudite Ridiculous
    I'm happy to see that the app has been updated for the large iPad Pro but unfortunately there is still no split screen multitasking. This makes it difficult to take notes as you read. Also highlighting does not work very well.
  • iPad Pro 12.9 Support 1/5

    How difficult is it for an amazing company, like Inkling, to make their app compatible with the split screen capabilities of the Pro? I have contacted the company multiple times and it doesn't even seem to be on the radar. Saw the update today, thought they finally had listened...nope. Still cannot split the screen so I can read on one side, take notes on the other. Come on Inkling. I have sung your praises to multiple medical colleagues of mine over 5+ years. with us!
  • Books randomly stop working 1/5

    By rwhrampton
    None of my downloaded books well load now Has been like this for several weeks
  • Frustrating 3/5

    By MerkDaddy
    Overall decent attempt. All the links in my book randomly stop working now.
  • This is a great way to travel with my books 5/5

    By PathMax
    Need full-text search of all books from one location.
  • Could not see stages in action 1/5

    By Ferretmoe2373
    Like it said I would be able to on page 216 in Body Language for Dummies.
  • Updates Required 1/5

    By UsurpingUnicorn
    This app needs a lot of improvements. The highlighting function is slow, clunky and has only 1 color. Why cant there be at least the basic highlighting collors of yellow, blue, green, and pink? Also, split screen support needs to be added ASAP. If I am reading on my iPad I want to be able to take notes on my iPad at the same time. Therefore, split screen support is a must.
  • Hate this app 1/5

    By Writtrr
    You can never get to the store or get the expensive books you bought downloaded. Big ripoff. Go elsewhere.
  • Update for Apple Pencil 1/5

    By Sullivan723
    It's been a year and still not updated for Apple Pencil. If you force us to use your app to read textbooks at least update your app.
  • Great 3/5

    By ZPB 91
    Please add multi task support so that I can take notes while I read and it gets 5 stars.
  • Doesn't seem to work 1/5

    By Freefall25
    I downloaded this because of a cookbook they show on their site. Yet no cookbooks seem to be in their store. Not even the one they give you a sample of as a tease. As it stands at the moment,Mathis app is useless.
  • Honest Review 5/5

    By Guy Socrates
    This app has been very effective in revolutionizing my study schedule. It is a very effective app, it's hogs some memories of your device but no more than usual compared to similar apps. I have observed that one rarely writes a review, unless they are displeased, one way or the other. For those who are thinking of getting this app or not, go ahead and get it. I have been using it for my medical boards and it is so far fantastic! No need to read anymore go ahead and tell me what you think. Caveat: I have been using this on Apple devices iPad Pro, iPhone SE and iPhone 6.
  • Not bad. 4/5

    By Sanddanglokta
    ***Please support split view/screen on iOS*** I prefer just having the pdf to read. That said, this app is pretty decent to study from. Pathology textbook authors: Please have higher resolution photos.
  • Great until last update 1/5

    By Pinay517
    I downloaded this app because my friend had it and it was awesome. Worked on his phone fantastically but apparently there was an update between me using it on his phone and downloading it myself. Now it's buggy. When I try to zoom it closes me out of the app. When I restarted it afterward the page was super zoomed in and I couldn't zoom out or even move the page. I can't even see half the page anymore. I loved this app but this update or whatever ruined it.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By EvenStephen2000
    I love this app. Great, complete Falcon guides for Colorado and several of the major National Parks. Very smartly laid out and easy to access. Would LOVE to see more Falcon National Parks guides: Mt. Rainier, Olympic, UT parks, etc. If you are an adventure traveler, this is a must.
  • Great Interactive Book 4/5

    By ninurta12
    Crashed on beta iOS 10, had to restore it to iOS 9.3 and it worked totally fine again. Thanks.
  • Excellent customer service 5/5

    By BSK3720
    I've used the app for code books for years and it works as expected. I had a problem with my account and emailed support on a holiday. They got right back to me and fixed the problem within minutes. Doesn't get any better than that.
  • Favorite app for reading medical texts 5/5

    By Masoudster
    By far my favorite app for reading medical material. Very interactive, easy to navigate, love the display, wish they would expand and have a larger selection if books.
  • Great app...until the last update 1/5

    By Fern.Square
    I don't know for other subjects but for medical textbooks Inkling is the best. Easy to navigate, very intuitive and very organized. Beautiful interface and good design, I look forward to use it when I need to read about something. The app works great on the iPhone and iPad. 5 stars for sure!! But now it doesn't work, doesn't load and it is buggy, not nearly as good as what it was once...
  • HeartDoc 5/5

    By Pakisfani
    I have been been using this App on my iPhone almost on daily basis for the past 3 months and so far didn't experience any glitch . Fast and reliable app , in my personal experience and hence 5* .
  • Bugs 1/5

    By Dr_J_Rams
    Can't launch or delete the app since the new update.
  • Good around 2014 3/5

    By Isleofgough
    Inkling was very good for medical books 2013-2014. The company layer off a lot of staff in 2014 and now they charge full price for older versions of textbooks and do not sell updated atlases. Tech support just gives an advertisement for why inkling is better than hard copy books.
  • Terrible app 2/5

    By Moonymoony
    Too buggy.. Was unable to download it on my ipads.. Got it on the iphone though, hence the 2stars.. Had to call customer service to just get that accomplishment.. By far, the worst app I ever encountered!

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