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INRIX Traffic

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  • Current Version: 6.8.3
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INRIX Traffic App

INRIX Traffic is a traffic, navigation and parking app that uses one of the world’s largest driver and vehicle communities to simplify your commute and to get you to important places, as quickly and safely as possible. Plus, NO ADS! Share incidents along your route, including accidents, police activity and road hazards. Check traffic cameras to see traffic in real-time. Share your ETA with family and friends to keep everyone up-to-date on your progress. Use smart alerts that tell you when to leave and keep you on-time during your drive. Find the cheapest and most convenient parking garages near your destinations. Save time, money and stress! Key Features: - Live traffic routing to avoid congestion and other delays - Incident reports from the INRIX community, including accidents, hazards, police activity and more - Turn-by-turn navigation with voice assist to guide you quickly and safely to your destination - Automatic re-routing as conditions change during your commute - Share your ETA with family, friends and co-workers - Smart alerts notify when you need to leave and of incidents along your drive - Use traffic forecasts and Best Time to Leave features to better plan your drives - Calendar integration means automatic driving directions to your important events and appointments - Find parking spaces near your favorite places with turn-by-turn directions - Get pricing and availability for on-street parking spaces, park and rides, lots, and garages in an ever growing list of major US cities - All of these features and no advertisements! Follow Us! Facebook: Twitter: Web: Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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INRIX Traffic app reviews

  • Great Road Info Across the States 5/5

    By BandKCurry
    I love this app. Whether I’m in Seattle traffic or a snowy pass on Colorado, I can pull up one app to see how the roads are doing and where the hold ups are. Their write ups quell my impatient curiosity as I sit on the side of the highway. Thanks Intrix.
  • Gets harder to figure 2/5

    By Cleopatra peanut
    This app use to be so easy to use and the driving view was great. Now while driving its rarely in the correct driving view. When I get it there blindly swiping or tapping I’ve no idea what I’ve done. My tweenagers can’t even find the view I want while I’m driving. I keep hop my it’ll improve but it’s been quite a while now. Tracking wise it’s okay. But it’s also much harder to report incidents. And it no longer removes them when you report it’s gone. So not great. Why list an accident reported gone. This is a typical case of the developer first created a very useful app but got bored since the UI was very good and didn’t need changing but said bored developer made changes because the developer was tired of the UI not because the changes were an improvement.
  • Good review 5/5

    By Lenny Weinberg
    Great app, traffic is accurate
  • Reliable Free App!! 5/5

    By 1BamaChampion
    A great reliable app for getting around town and traveling. It provides the most up to date traffic information so delays can be avoided. Alerts, pinpointed on the map, for wrecks, road construction, etc. Very beneficial with several other features. It's my "go-to-app" for the road!
  • The best traffic app 5/5

    By KR Kingston
    I've tried other Apps along the way and by far INRIX is best. The reliability is top notch. Now, anytime I go further than 5 miles from home, I check INRIX. I've been a customer for five years now and this App is as important to me as my Contact List.
  • Slow upload 1/5

    By migmactrl
    Since last version, recent addresses take forever to upload and app is unresponsive during that time
  • Time 1/5

    By Clan mcc
    No matter how blocked the road is the route is always green and normal time. Drive is 31 minutes but 31 minutes later it’s still 31 minutes. I don’t know what happened to this app. It used to be great now useless
  • WOW. What an App!! I use it to find my way home 5/5

    By gatreief
    I love it
  • Wrong. A LOT 3/5

    By Scorpiogirl10
    So many times these past few weeks the info has been wrong. It’ll be green as I sit on the highway. Must be another accurate app elsewhere?
  • I hate traffic! 5/5

    By Saddened by the thought!
    I use this great app daily to navigate Houston traffic. Never steers me wrong!
  • Traffic 5/5

    By Georg Marcum
    Timesaver thank you
  • Travel Time Reduced 5/5

    By NancDee
    This app keeps me moving around traffic snarls allowing for on time arrivals.
  • Great app!!!! 5/5

    By TractorTrailerKid
    I'm a tractor trailer CDL class A driver in NYC. I love this app!! Great job 🤜🏼🤛🏻. I keeps me on my toes with traffic jams and helps me get to places quicker.
  • zero stars wasnt an option 1/5

    By Come on pga
    so far off its terrible
  • Great app 5/5

    By Elmeitchell63
    I really like this app, it has helped me avoid traffic tie ups. It also shows you which lanes and direction the traffic is. Thanks
  • Adequate 3/5

    By Acninee
    Not As useful as it once was. Suggests routes that are slower than the clogged route.
  • Used To Be Awesome 3/5

    By Mike_N_
    Was my go-to traffic directions app. A lot of stability issues with iOS 11 now. Crashed every time when routing to a new destination. That got fixed in an update. Now when trying to search in the search bar the app freezes. Their tech support is responsive and seems to try to work the issues.
  • Essential Atlanta commuting tool! 5/5

    By Apollodave
    Essential Atlanta commuting tool! I haven’t seen a better app for visualizing the overall traffic picture in my city.
  • DON’T Bother!! 1/5

    By L.A. Driver
    This app is so incredibly inaccurate. I live in L.A. and am ALWAYS stuck in traffic because the info. provided is not correct. Sometimes the map will display green, but once I get to the route, it is really red.
  • SKY 1/5

    By zzzskyzzz
    Timberwood Park is not off of IH-10 in San Antonio!! Does not put car accidents on the app!!!
  • Best traffic app 5/5

    By Lucas#1fan
    Whenever there’s slowed traffic ahead, I always pull this up (while my hubby’s driving, of course) & it’s very helpful to gauge how long/bad it will be.
  • Love me some of that Inrix! 5/5

    By Repsolgamma
    How can I praise Inrix more? Using the free traffic monitor since the iPhone 4s days has proven how useful and timely the available data is for use as an actionable information resource on my commute back and forth to work. Inrix is so accurate that it causes unintended consequences while driving through highly congested routes. Once traffic slows to a crawl, people using Inrix information in real time create new bottlenecks with alternate routes becoming jammed with traffic, making long commutes even longer due to the pressure of so many drivers trying to avoid the delays on the Interstate vs surface streets. Knowledge is power, trying to avoid congested highways makes all viable re-routes unusable as a time saving strategy. In highly congested urban areas such as Los Angeles, this makes for an impenetrable gridlock of autos on highways and any surface streets adjacent to highways. For the unfortunate residents of these surface streets, quality of life drops considerably with the stampede of cars sitting idling in once quiet neighborhoods. Before leaving home via Interstate it is now part of my preparation to check Inrix traffic along the entire route to avoid sitting in congestion. For Inrixs’ ability to inform me of significant delays creates more quality time in my life because sitting in an idling car is no ones idea of a great use of time. Michael Berg
  • Great app. 5/5

    By Jac R.
    I check this app each time I get in the car. The information is accurate. Thanks.
  • Great Traffic App! 5/5

    By Ronnie Hoffman
    Does what you want. Best I've used. Recommend to everyone who needs a traffic app. I drive for a living...
  • Love it 5/5

    By rgchamb
    Had this app several years and has never failed me . Excellent
  • Traffic info 3/5

    By Dlodehnal
    Have found the app helpful to check for traffic jams and accidents. Need more details for lengthy RED distances in freeways.
  • Way to Go! 4/5

    By Venture Capy
    I prefer the uncluttered display to that of the competition. Sometimes slow to update. Remember to close the app when not using as it can really drain the battery.
  • Great for traffic avoidance 5/5

    By HeroDad
    Not only provides accidents but also allows you to follow map via GPS on you alternate routes. Widely used so reliable. I used in Florida successfully.
  • Great little app! 5/5

    By Cameraman55
    It does what it says it does. It shows you where there is congestion in a simple color-coded format.
  • Mostly accurate but slow to render... 4/5

    By MeDeeSa
    My main complaint is that the zoom % of the screen seems to affect the ability of this app to render completely. The closer the zoom the less likely it is to render. 🙁
  • I am apparently the only user in my area 2/5

    By WalterCBX
    Traffic indications are usually wrong, and not in a good way. However, it does seem to update as soon as I get to the area. Then it updates to indicate the actual movement of my car. I know I am not moving and it should be very dark not just red. If you assume the colors are 10to 15 minutes old and use accordingly, the app is almost useful. Seems to usually but not always indicates accidents. I have yet to see an indication for police action. Maybe just my area. Massachusetts. May work better elsewhere.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Aloha.Crystal
    Always helps me in times that I've used it and is fairly accurate.
  • Lots of issues here smh 3/5

    By FallCrazyInHope
    So apparently the setting to avoid tolls is a complete joke because it took me on a toll road. I should send you the bill. FIX THIS APP!!!! Lately your app does Not tell you whether to turn left or right, go east, west, north, or south bound on a highway or let you know if the approaching destination is on the left or right! THIS IS A MAJOR ISSUE!!! it also doesn't say or post on the screen what exit number you need to get off of on a highway. Some on and off ramps are right next to each other and I got lost twice in one trip because you didn't provide an exact direction.
  • Great app. 4/5

    By Sacramento/flo/77
    I am new to using this app but as of right now I feel satisfied I only wish that app would give me more information on which direction would be the fastest for me to go. The app show two ways to go and there are at least five different route to my destination I wish I would have a choice to see all of the routes so that I can determine which would get me there the quickest way. The app shows two ways that you can get to your destination one is the fastest and two is the quickest a.k.a. shortest as for myself I'm not understanding between the two when the app State fastest or shortest don't really understand the difference between the two. I understand the fastest will get you there the quickest way the shortest "this is my confusion about what it get you there the fastest way as well if it's the shortest route what's the difference between the fastest and shortest route? This is nearly my feelings on this app overall downloading the app wouldn't be a bad choice for those that decide to it's a great app has a lot of information so good luck downloading the app enjoy and I get it five thumbs up. And a little side information, it has pictures of all the roads you'll take that is wonderful enjoy
  • INRIX Traffic 4/5

    By SS Wolfe
    My go to map for congestion, accidents and road conditions fist thing I do before I put car in drive. Only issue is sometimes it takes awhile to load conditions but don't know if it's the program, phone or service.
  • Have to downgrade this app 1/5

    By Aqua TRock
    I had previously given this app 4 stars then 2 but feel it no longer deserves even that. It's no longer very accurate in what it shows. It will show green even when we are practically stopped in traffic. It often does not agree with other traffic mapping apps. Even Apple Maps is more accurate in showing traffic conditions. In addition, it kept recommending a route to work that had been closed by major construction for months. Now it sometimes does not suggest the normally fastest route even when it is all green. I paid for the full version awhile ago and have normally used this as my primary traffic app. Now I rely on Waze.
  • Saved Us Several Times 5/5

    By Bignanc
    We love Inrix. It has saved us countless hours!
  • Traffic 4/5

    By Temperature on screen
    Works well for me.
  • Forced Account Signup 1/5

    By jfm429
    The app forces you to sign up for an account to add a favorite location. Shame on the developers for arbitrarily putting basic functions behind an unnecessary account signup. This is a disgusting trend and I'm disappointed to see Inrix falling for it as well.
  • FINALLY!! 5/5

    By Tmrrrider
    Since the loss of Beat The Traffic, I had been trying to find a simple, accurate traffic app so I can see where the backups are for my work commute. Finally found it here. Unlike the goofy "social media" traffic app Waze, this one opens with a traffic updated overhead map so you can see instantly where the problem spots are. Simple to use and you can add locations with alerts for certain times a day if you want. So far the maps are more accurate than any others I've seen. Love this app! Handy every day tool for me.
  • Tremendously useful app! 5/5

    By Dion&Lin
    Great app. Helped me get around gridlock type situations on several occasions. Even shows local streets which could be used to bypass jams. Love it!
  • Lacking 2/5

    By Janamal99
    Last two days GPS went offline. Sent me on a wild goose chase and very wrong in predicting travel times.
  • Very happy 5/5

    By KPSmash
    Excellent app, love the real-time reporting and the user input! I run it in tandem with Waze to find optimal roots with minimal traffic. Highly recommended!
  • Traffic INRIX 5/5

    By Bradley (Bubby)
    Great application for traffic alerts and report conditions.
  • Take it from a trucker! 5/5

    By Tresidential
    I'm a trucker and I love this app. I'd pay a good grip for a version with height clearances!
  • Works great on iPad 5/5

    By Kentc691923
    I use app to see how traffic is for my commute. It works great in the Seattle area.
  • Useful 4/5

    By Fumbleonthetuna
    Very useful and easy to use. The only thing I would ask is that if it's possible to be able to see where my friends are so I can help direct them through traffic. I know I'm asking a lot. I use this app all the time! Really appreciate it
  • Totally awesome 5/5

    By Strawberry Primcess
    I've been using this app for a long while. Travel extensively and use it every time. Easy to report mishap to help others. Easy to see what's going good and what's not moving.
  • Great App. 5/5

    By Hubler2000
    Great timesaver for on the road.
  • Love it, my go to for traffic 4/5

    By Regosnell
    Great app my go to for traffic picture

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