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Instacart delivers fresh groceries from your favorite stores in as little as 2 hours! ** FREE delivery on your first Instacart order ** SHOP STORES YOU KNOW AND LOVE Order from great retailers like Whole Foods Market, Publix, HEB, Costco, Target, Smart & Final, Fairway, Schnucks, Food Lion, CVS and more. Instacart delivers groceries, alcohol, home essentials and more to your door in as little as 2 hours or when it’s convenient for you. WHY INSTACART • Our shoppers check expiration dates and select quality produce • Save with sales and digital coupon clipping • Get delivery in as little as 2 hours or schedule when convenient • Reorder previous items with ease • Contact your shopper in real time • Save HOURS every week – avoid waiting in line, parking and wandering crowded aisles SERVICING 30 MILLION HOUSEHOLDS IN THE U.S. AND GROWING We are working hard to make Instacart available everywhere! If we're not in your area yet, sign up for launch notifications – hopefully you’ll hear from us soon. Instacart is an independent business that is not necessarily affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by the retailers mentioned here. ** Valid only for first-time orders made through Instacart of $35 or more. See additional terms:


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  • Fantastic 4/5

    By shortybubbles
    Very convenient and fast. The app is very user friendly.
  • So love it 5/5

    By ekwinds
    Love it
  • Deliver Me!!! 5/5

    By Windy13007
    Tried every delivery app and I must say Instacart is by far the best! I'm partial too shopping at my favorite stores, and too tired to drive around and shop at the end of the day. Boxed food is OUT!! Instacart gets me fresh food every time!! Boom, shopping done in less than 2 hours #deliverme❤️
  • great service but charges you twice 2/5

    By Normz91
    i tried instacart for the first time. it was easy and hassle free just picking and choosing the items you want. i like how they swap your items only thing is to a different brand other than that the flavor is the same. i feel like the only bad thing was the double charge. For that i give you 2 stars. i dont think it is fair for you to charge twice. My bill came out to 60 dollars then i see another charge for $75. like that is sooooo ridiculous. i see alot of reviews about this as well. If you guys changed that method then you would get maybe better reviews.
  • Love Instacart! 5/5

    By sheeshoo2
    I'm so glad Instacart finally came to our area --- so excited to get to use it!!
  • Be very careful 1/5

    By Barbs toy
    I placed my first order today probably my last. My delivery/personal shopper was amazing, so nice and efficient. . . . That was the only thing I had go well. The store posted with your first order over $35 get $20 off, they forgot to give me the promo, my order was $81 they charged service fee of $8 ok, so my order was $88. . . They withdrew $105 from my bank account just in case I didn't have enough funds, but in 7 to 10 days they will return it. When I rechecked my account they had withdrew another $105 so for order of $81 I was charged $ 210 but when I called they said it was glitch in 7 to 10 days they will refund the overdraw sorry, hope it isn't an inconvenience.
  • Exchanges 2/5

    By Russ B 12
    I love and have been an Instacart customer customer for almost 3 years and have recently had issues There needs to be a better way to communicate with shopper.
  • Shady! 1/5

    By Jeb jks
    I had a promo code for $20 off $35 order. I placed an order for $35.xx and with the promo code, it came to $15.xx. So they began shopping for my groceries, and I received messages saying items were being swapped out for similar items and also received updates on my cart overall. This was a nice feature. They delivered my items later that day and I was happy until I looked at my final receipt from the website. They had taken off the promo code, even though my final bill was $37.xx! I called Instacart and the rep started saying my order was adjusted and fell below the $35.00 minimum purchase required, which is untrue because my order actually increased to over $37.00. I corrected him and he immediately apologized and applied the $20.00 off. First off, why would you default by saying it fell under the min purchase required without looking at the actual bill of the customer? That to me shows that it's their practice to make adjustments to customers' carts to fall below the minimum required purchase. I read other people's experiences online about Instacart and the same thing had happened to them! If I have a $20 off code, don't you think I would want to use it? Why would you try to make adjustments to a customer's cart to bring it to under $35? Another point I want to make, the receipts you receive are adjustable on their end. When I tried to look at my original receipt, it was nowhere to be found on my account. So I was unable to show them, or if I wanted to dispute with my credit card company, the original purchase price. You are subject to their price adjustments! Overall, app is good, but overall experience with the company was terrible. Will not be using their services going forward.
  • I love it!! 4/5

    By mrs chea
    I really hate going grocery shopping so this has been a life saver for me!
  • Charged me 1 year membership without my approval 1/5

    By Fjsjjsaj
    CAUTION automatically signs u up for one year membership of $149.99 WITHOUT YOUR APPROVAL.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Projas89
    The most convenient app to sabe time
  • Don't understand the positive reviews 1/5

    By Zip716
    I found it difficult and awkward to find what I know they have. Wrong size with no other offered? I'm not sure if it was my store or the app. Seems like it needs better organization. I actually like getting out to the store.
  • Great service! 4/5

    By JimRittenhouse
    Everything shows up on time and schedule, and to my great relief, they're good about bringing it inside and putting it where you want. If you're handicapped (like I am) it's a godsend. Note: the mix of stores depended greatly on your location, and some places are higher that other for the same stuff. You'll have to learn to shop through the stores. A plus is that it remembers the stuff you have bought in the past and can apply it to any of the stores, so comparison shopping is easy.
  • Great but not so great 3/5

    By Jen_pho
    It's alright, yes it makes life easier but 1. They jack up the price for each item so instead of going out to the grocery store and spending $50, I end up spending $75 on instacart 2. Half the stuff I get on here are always needing to be replaced because it's somehow not at the store 3. My shopper got me nasty carrots with a fly in it once 4. There have been several times where I placed an order and it shows someone picked up my order but by the time it was time for my delivery, I waited until 930pm when it was supposed to be delivered between 8-9pm just to find out no one was shopping for my groceries
  • don't update 2/5

    By AngryTracker_CA
    I tried to set replacement items in case something goes out of stock, but when I select a certain item as the replacement, let's say beef, it doesn't update and says my replacement is chicken. Tried to set a note for the item, but it doesn't show up after I set it up. Now I can't even tell if I will get the right replacement or not
  • Mistakes solved when seldom made 4/5

    By Kriztahs
    Instacart stands behind their customer service and almost always is spot on. Had one bad incident but instead of saying ph well, they fixed it and made it right. Great service app for all your needs when you don't have time to get out for those household necessities
  • I was happy until they authorize my card for 50% more than what my groceries costs 1/5

    By Fabmefitness
    I was happy with my instacart services until they authorized my card for $85 on a $45 shopping trip. Also they decided to not deliver within the window I asked. If the delivery window is not available then why have it as an option. Won't use instacart again. Moving on to Amazon fresh
  • Instacart app is great 5/5

    By Tlg311
    The app works the way it's intended to, allows me to order groceries from Instacart. If you haven't used it yet you should. Saves so much time and energy to use the service.
  • Money-stealing company 1/5

    By sixartist
    DO NOT USE INSTACART's SERVICE. I ordered $2 worth of apples, the type I desired wasn't there so they spent $13 on "replacement apples". That is not even close to a comparable replacement. The person who chose my groceries was extremely careless, and the weight of my items was sometimes way over the amount I requested. My order cost over $20 than what was estimated. Ridiculous and a rip-off. You cannot be careless with other's money.
  • False Items - Disrespectful delivery - Wrong Order 1/5

    By yourchefvictor
    Avoid InstaCart! Unable to fulfill order, but didn't notify me until after the shopper checked out. Their app displays one item and delivers a different one. When I asked the driver he said "That's just what you get." Avoid InstaCart!!!
  • Great idea, but ineffective execution 1/5

    By klmnopqrs
    The dispatch method frequently sends shoppers to stores far away from the delivery address, resulting in a serious discrepancy between what is available to order versus what is actually available at the store. Very frequently, a key item will be omitted from my order, requiring me to end up going to the store, myself, where I will have no problem finding it. The shopping site is not intuitive and frequently I will order, for example, two pounds of zucchini squash, but will receive two squashes, instead. The photo included on their site for "zucchini" actually depicts a photo of yellow squash, so I have received yellow squash when I ordered zucchini, because the shopper looked at the photo, rather than the description. Very little of the fees they charge actually go to shoppers and deliverypersons, so it can become very expensive, when you add any tip to actually reward the people who are doing the work. Very frequently, a coupon will be available, but will not actually be applied to the order, when it is totaled. There are definitely much better grocery delivery options out there. I will be using my store's own "order for curbside pickup" service from now on.
  • How did I live without this! 5/5

    By Miz_Moose
    I am quickly coming to rely on this app when I forget something at the grocery store. I hate to go back for just a few items and this app helps me out. On days when I just don't want to go out, I can have them get my groceries for the day, so I've used them for large orders and small. If the store is out of an item, they text me to let me know and ask if they can substitute another item or give me a refund. LOVE IT!
  • Its a scam 1/5

    By HRK M
    Dont use this app. I tried and my first order showed total of $59 but the hold $65 instead and said final total will be adjusted after 7 days... but i was charged $107 for $59 grocery....
  • Hate this service 1/5

    By Apfitz7
    One of the worst experiences ever. Every order I make, there's always something wrong. They replace items without approval and will replace them with much more expensive items (my $5 bag of grapes went to $12). It's hard to believe that Whole Foods is always out of multiple items every week. They're customer service is the worst. You leave feedback and then no one gets back to you and let's you know how they intend on solving the issues. I even got someone else's order and they said nothing and didn't do anything until I made multiple touch points. Instacart makes my blood boil.
  • App ok, Service great. 4/5

    By Pabwork
    App doesn't work great, but the service from the shoppers is great.
  • Store choice 3/5

    By Blunderbusses
    Would be nice to have the shopper use the store of your choice in case they can't find something you could guide them to if you're familiar with the lay out of the store. Seems like no two HEBs are laid out the same.
  • Do not use this app 1/5

    By H in DC
    If you enjoy paying for items you won't receive, receiving items you didn't order (instead of the ones you wanted), or receiving someone else's groceries entirely, then this app is for you. I have used this app several times for different stores and I have had a problem every time. There's an option to submit complaints about your order (missing item, wrong item, etc.) through the app, which then tells you customer support will contact you. They won't. You will then spend all the time you saved by having your groceries delivered trying to get through to customer service and resolve your issue. Or just give up and go to the store yourself to get the items you needed. Either way, you will be out more money and time than you would have spent going to the store yourself.
  • Time saving 5/5

    By Laurenashley2007
    I have used this app numerous times I would say throughout the past year, I love it especially on days when I don't want to leave the house… They bring everything right up to your doorstep! everyone is very friendly, I will continue using this!
  • It could be great... if I could log in. 1/5

    By Loveaddict44
    Every time I open the app, it asks me to enter my zip code. I do, and then it asks to me log in, but each time I do, it takes me right back to the page to enter my zip code and asks me to log in again. Over and over and over. I can't even use it.
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By astoneeee
    I couldn't place my large order using the app. Called customer service and spent 30 minutes on the phone with them not really caring but trying to place the order for me. Then, they told me they couldn't- sorry. Try again another time. That's it?!
  • This app is absolute trash 1/5

    By trevorbrander
    ???? It won't even let me make an account. Whenever I type in my zip code it says session timed out. I'm unable to continue as a guest. It's trash.
  • Broken site 1/5

    By type box freeze
    Can't login. It just sends you on a loop. When I tried calling there 24/7 phone number, It just gave me a busy signal. Probably because the whole world is trying to call due to issues. Help center link just sends you back to login. Reporting a problem also sends you to login. Of course I can't login so how the heck do I report a problem. Tested login with an incorrect password, it confirmed that it was the wrong password so I know when I use the correct password it's not working.
  • Terrible UI, Overpriced, bad service, bad selection 1/5

    By SoundyMcSound
    I think the title basically says it all. Clumsy UI, the inventory through the app (and online) does not match the store inventory, as many items carried in-store are not reflected or available for purchase. Placed our delivery and the driver forgot two items. Tried to get a refund, was only refunded for one of them. Once you add up all the fees, and consider the fact that the stores charge more for the items than in-store, the service is not inexpensive. It's a great idea, but executed about as poorly as it can be. Frustrated and disappointed. Don't waste your time.
  • Love Instacart! 5/5

    By Fuzzybearwood
    We've always had 5 star service since signing up and we use Instacart once per week. Each shopper and delivery driver has been so accommodating and pleasant to work with. Whomever is responsible for hiring at the Lakeway HEB location, did an excellent job! On that note, I prefer my shopper to also deliver my groceries to our home, so I can be sure he/she receives the tip. I believe there is some uncertainty on the consumer end, on whether the driver only gets tipped, or if the tip is shared between shopper and driver. Thanks for making our lives a little easier, Instacart! Sincerely, Brandi R.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By kitwes
    Hate the grocery store. Love this service!
  • Charged $149 but never bought anything 1/5

    By Lfox999
    My husband's card was charged but we never signed up for this service. We had to argue with customer service to get a refund! Beware! If you ever consider for a second to make a purchase, and then don't they will SAVE YOUR CREDIT CARD without your permission and charge it! We NEVER signed up for a membership that would charge. So sneaky and gross. Bad business! So many free apps out there. Even Amazon Fresh! Why go with this shady app? (Hint: don't)
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Eddym89
    Love it
  • Concept is good but... 1/5

    By martoreh
    Be prepared for a large markup. I don't care, my time is more precious than a few dollars a month. Besides, I hate grocery shopping. Now, what's really bothering me later is service quality. EVERY SINGLE TIME THERE IS AN ISSUE OR TWO WITH MY ORDERS. To the point that I'm seriously considering canceling my Express Membership and get back to doing the grocery shopping myself. Very bad customer experience!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By MrsEBK
    I've been using this app since May, and love it. I'm a mom of two and work full time. By the time we're done with homework, sports and dinner, I have very little time left during the week and my weekend is the only time to get things done. Not having to spend half a day on grocery shopping has done wonders on my stress level and sanity. Well worth the extra fee! Not to mention my grocery bill went down considerably without two kids in tow who keep putting things in the cart
  • Best thing a student could invest in 4/5

    By Candie4JC
    As busy as i am as a student, this has saved my life. The only issue i have is figuring out how to put my loyalty kroger card on my profile via the checkout service. (I need my gas points.) Otherwise, i highly suggest investing in this.
  • Works, but not great 3/5

    By mattrazzo
    At first blush it's awesome. But as a service, there are gaps. (1) making substitution for out of stock items is limited and you resolve to chatting with the shopper (2) things are claimed to be out of stock all the time. I've been shopping at Whole Foods for 20 years. Nothing has ever been out of stock. Really. Ever. Yet once a week something is supposedly out of stock when the shopper goes to get it. I suspect they are in too much of a hurry and just don't find it right away. Annoying. (3) they sometimes will tag items as shopped all at once and check out at the same time. The app won't let you chat with the shopper then. Now there's items they claimed were out of stock and made a poor substitution, but you have no way to fix. Summary: convenience is great, but human behavior still erodes the experience.
  • LISTS DON'T WORK!!! NOT on iPad...NOT on iPhone!!! 1/5

    By YaSahiibi
    I want to use the "shopping list" function, but cannot figure out how to see the items on the list when I get ready to shop. Can't see what's on a list at all. Added some specific items from the store pages with the icon "add to list"... there is a dot next to the list I added it to, but no way to see the entire list. If I use the "Lists" icon, it goes to the "make a new list" page. I already added things to an existing list, WHY CAN'T I SEE THOSE LUSTS UNDER THE "LISTS" ICON??? Don't remember this being a problem when I first used the app a few years ago. Just been using "buy it again" since that's functionally what I've been doing. But now I want to use an actual shopping list and there appears to be no way to see the actual list. Reloaded the app and everything. Restarted the iPad. Not that sort of problem. Please either fix this by giving us a way to see the contents of a list or I might have to use a different service.
  • Persistent problem selecting delivery time using voice over 1/5

    By Houston Rider
    Almost impossible to correctly set delivery time using voice over. Serious error. Strongly urged Instacart to review it's own app using voiceover commands. Sad! A lot of voiceover users are good customers. Fix this!
  • Missing option buttons in app 2/5

    By SupplyAddict
    The button to report a problem with an order is not available on the app, when viewing a completed order. I had to log on to website in order to report missing items in my order. Also, the chat should not be closed immediately after the shopping is completed. I would have been able to contact my shopper with it to notify her that she drove off with my missing items. Also there should be a way to report more than one problem with an order or explain a low ranking. I not only had items missing but started out with having the entirely wrong order in the first place except we noticed as we glanced at the contents of the bags.
  • Instacart 5/5

    By LoneStardom
    Great service for busy people.
  • So convenient! 5/5

    By BritG87
    I love this app because it lets me avoid Whole Foods on a Saturday morning! My favorite thing about the app is that if an item is out of stock or unavailable, you can choose a replacement in advance OR in real time. The shopper will let you know that the item is unavailable and you can choose a new item or a "refund" right away. The app functions as described. I have been using it for a month and I haven't ran into any bugs or problems.
  • So far, so good. 5/5

    By MoLynnCo
    I'm in using this for about a month now. I like it so far. Just be specific in your notes, especially when placing an order for produce.
  • A Godsend 5/5

    By Beth C. in Phoenix
    This is the app I've been waiting for all my life. I'm busy. I'm gone 12 hours a day if I'm lucky, then there's the housework, laundry, car wash, etc etc ad nauseam. I want to spend at least a little time with my husband and during the week, and the last thing I want to do at the end of yet another impossibly busy week is fight all the other impossibly busy people from the parking lot to the checkout lane at the grocery store. Enter Instacart. Instacart's service is fast, convenient, and relatively inexpensive. Sure, prices at many stores are slightly higher than in-store, but I'm not a coupon user and Instacart automatically applies any available coupons, so honestly I come out even if not slightly ahead. The process of substitutions is super easy through the app, which allows you to communicate with your shopper in real time. You can also change your order at any point right up until checkout. That's a huge advantage over the pickup service available at many grocery stores. We joined Instacart Express, which works sort of like Amazon Prime - you pay a reasonable membership fee up front, and then you get unlimited free delivery on any order over $35, from any number of stores in your area. Even multiple stores on the same order! And perishables are kept refrigerated until delivery. As for delivery itself, the charge (if you don't join Express) is pretty reasonable, and you can AND SHOULD add a tip when you place your order, so you don't need to have cash on hand for your delivery driver. Also, delivery windows are just an hour, and you can order in advance or same day - time from order to delivery can be an hour or less depending on your area. Get this app. You've literally got nothing to lose. Your first order has free delivery with zero obligation to ever use the service again - but you will.
  • Inefficient 1/5

    By mkswfb
    Good luck ever having your order fulfilled in full. They didn't update or manage the product catalogues for retailers. Every order I make is less than 50% in stock and available. I understand things sell out but to have items listed in catalogues that the stores don't even sell is unproductive. Shoppers don't follow written order directions. Produce, eggs always arrive damaged.
  • Best app EVER!! 5/5

    By Yazzy1616
    I love the convenience!!! It's just amazing!!

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