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iRobot HOME App

Roomba® Wi-Fi® connected vacuuming robots + the iRobot HOME App – Connect to Clean From Anywhere With Roomba® Wi-Fi® connected vacuuming robots, the iRobot HOME App gives you more control than ever before for cleaner floors, every day, all at the push of a button. Use the iRobot HOME App to: • Start or pause cleaning cycles • Conveniently schedule for any day of the week • Select custom cleaning preferences • Monitor activity of your robot • Zoom and pan Clean Map™ reports to see where your robot cleaned [Roomba® 900 Series vacuuming robots only] • View statistics about coverage, cleaning time, and charging time [Roomba® 900 Series vacuuming robots only] • Turn on Push Notifications to receive real-time notifications • Review information for up to 30 cleaning jobs • Receive automatic software updates • Access detailed help content and contact Customer Care Braava jet™ mopping robot + the iRobot HOME App – Helpful information and access to cleaning settings Access exclusive features, software updates and supporting information for your Braava jet™ mopping robot: • Start or stop a cleaning cycle • Start a SPOT Clean for a focused cleaning on a dirty area • Reduce the amount of water used in wet and damp modes, if needed • Access detailed help content and contact Customer Care • Convenient access to online stores to purchase cleaning pads Requirements To fully enable the combined experience of your robot and the iRobot HOME App, you must have the following: • Roomba® Wi-Fi® connected vacuuming robot: Wi-Fi® with 2.4GHz band support. The Clean Map reports are only available for Roomba 900 series vacuuming robots with software version 2.2 or greater. • Braava jet™ mopping robot uses Bluetooth Low Energy (also known as BLE or Bluetooth Smart) built in to most common mobile devices. The iRobot HOME App is compatible with all Wi-Fi® connected Roomba® 900, 690 and 890 Series vacuuming robot models, and Bluetooth connected Braava jet™ 240 mopping robot models. Need help? Visit for answers to common questions or to contact our Customer Care team.


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iRobot HOME app reviews

  • Improvement suggestion 2/5

    By MShan
    The map should always look the same on the same scale. Every day the roomba should head off to a new spot to start. Mine always starts nearby and cleans that area first. Neglecting my mine traffic area. The bin gets full or the battery runs out and then when I am ready to attend to it....I don’t want it to run anymore that day. And so it goes.
  • Great app, I love the map pic it creates 4/5

    By Mike Gianola
    The app is great I just get really annoyed when it can’t create the cleaned area map.
  • Rosie the Roomba to the rescue 5/5

    By Four10ten4
    I have two dogs and a husband that works in construction. Before I was sweeping at least once a day and it still wasn’t enough. Now our little Rosie does a sweep every other day. It helps with my daily and weekly cleaning. The dogs still get a little antsy when she runs, but I’m so very appreciative of it. Best Christmas present I’ve ever received. My home is about 1900 with carpet and floors. I’ve had her for about a month. She does get a little lost in the house but she usually sends me a text message. I have noticed that if I’m not home when she is running she gets lost or stuck more often. So for me I would rather be in the house when she does.
  • First Robot Vacum 5/5

    By qapd
    Wow we are impressed with the cleaning ability. Love our Roomba !!!
  • Betty is Awesome! 5/5

    By Avid Search Game Player
    We just recently upgraded our iRobot named stickers to the 980 iRobot names Betty. Stickers got to the point where she couldn’t back up from the home docking station but we loved our first robot so much that we had to adopt another. Betty is amazing! She cleans, takes a nap, cleans, takes a nap and best of all; she gives me a status report on where she’s at and when she’s done! She is amazing at what she does and I am so Thankful for her doing this house cleaning chore for me. If I could give her more than five stars, I would! Thank you iRobot for making Betty!!!
  • Roomba doesn't like black carpet or floors 4/5

    By The Wisniewskis'
    Love the Roomba for most of my house. Didn't know that it won't vacuum black or dark carpet. I have wall to wall black carpet with flowers in my den and I was told that the way they program the sensors for stairs won't allow it to work on black or very dark areas. I guess that's one room I will have to vacuum myself, ugh!!
  • What a jewel! 5/5

    By Fickle sister
    I love this app as we have a large two-story house and Zumba and is usually cleaning on the opposite floor. I do not have to run downstairs to find out what’s happening as the information comes to me by way of my phone. It saves me so much time and effort, that when I got a new phone, the first thing I installed was this app.
  • IRobot 4/5

    By cazoo
    Great app. I like the maps and alerts. Would love to be able to label the maps and ask IRobot to clean the kitchen only for example
  • Fantastic! 5/5

    By Macdaddytrey
    I have two toddlers who are always into everything, leaving crumbs behind everywhere they go. Roomba does a fantastic job cleaning our floors daily. You can program her to clean at a specific time and she will gladly follow your schedule. You can even tell her to clean your house via app when your gone, and much more. My hardwood floors and carpet are pretty much spotless to the point that I don’t ever get that annoying black gunk on the bottom of my feet anymore. Even with two messy little kids, I only have to mop once a week maybe even every second week! I highly recommended the 960 model because it has better tracking and will charge in between big jobs and resume where it left off! My wife loves this thing so much, she doesn’t mind when I call roomba sancha. I have now named her Isabella. Isabella has got the cleaning down, next is learning how to cook! Honestly our daily cleaning routine has been dramatically lightened; all we do is clean the table, load the dishes, and clean the counters/stove. The person that cleans the table preps the house for Isabella’s vacuuming, making sure the floors are picked up and nothing will be in her path. This whole process only takes us maybe 10 mins every night and I go to sleep happy, fantasizing about that hard working woman cleaning my floors ever so diligently. I love you Isabella. Note: I found that if I arrange my dining table chairs systematically where she can easily navigate through them, it helps Isabella out. You will need to empty her bin everyday, and I do this in the morning when I inspect her work. I also give Isabella a quick maintenance detail approx every week, this only takes 1-2 mins. And your app can explain everything you will need to do. I’m not affiliated with iRobot whatsoever, I literally just love this thing, and can’t see myself not having one of these ever again! I bought mine from Best Buy and got a four year warranty for approx $100. Total investment approx $800 for my floors to be immaculate for the next four years, Hell yes!! Get you one!
  • This is Ridiculous 1/5

    By hiketheearth
    How strongly can I tell you that this is uncalled for. I just want to run my iRobot from my phone. I do not want an account. Please retract your unwanted update that requires a login.
  • App crashes 1/5

    By Rebfaye
    The app is totally useless if it won't open. Annoying.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Rebelmac74
    This product is awesome. Cleans the floors really well. Gets stuck once in a while and I wish it had a bigger storage bin for debris. But for the size it works awesome. Very dependable most of the time
  • Okay, but needs work... 2/5

    By Roomba Joe
    You should be able to do a lot of things that you cannot. Here are some examples: 1. You should be able to use the app to have the Roomba clean in a particular area or room, including constraining the Roomba to an area. 2. You should be able to tell it which floor of you home it is on, so it can track those jobs separately. 3. The map is often unavailable one cleaning is complete, and NEVER available during cleaning! 4. It should track and remind you based on run hours when parts should be cleaned and replaced. 5. Not an app problem, but the Roomba should remember if it gets stuck in the same spot and after a few times, like 3 or more, so it can avoid going under that part of the couch (for example).
  • Love the iRobot app 5/5

    By sdgsdgsgf
    Keeps me in touch with R2D2 as he sweeps upstairs and down. Lets me know that he is still working and how much battery is left. It’s the perfect app for the perfect sweeper.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Ellentambo
    So far so good. I have had the roomba for about 4 Days now and so far I like it. We have a German shepherd and two cats so, a lot of fur. The roomba does need to be Charged and emptied in the middle of a job (takes over 3 hours to do the entire first floor). I am hoping as I run it daily here will be less to pick up over time. It is a bit in the noisy side, can’t really run it at night. But then again I would vacuum at night either.
  • Map and carpet to hardwood 4/5

    By mnelsen28
    Wish the map would tell you more. For some reason, the robot is struggling to go from hardwood to carpet, which are on the same level.
  • When it works, it’s great 3/5

    By Lyn_in_MI
    About 1/2 the time I get a “can’t connect right now” message.
  • Very limited app 2/5

    By Scottnj1966
    The app seems very limited to what I should be able to do with this little vacuum robot. Will there be any substantial updates coming? One thing I would like to do is tell it to run longer the the hour it usually does. My battery can last three. Also why not multiple scheduled times in a same day? One more thing. Why is it not HomeKit compatible? Would be nice when I leave that my smart lock could trigger the roomba.
  • Good Could Be Better 3/5

    By HappyHalligan
    The overall design and layout of the app as to the GUI is perfect don’t change a thing. However I think there are some easy customizable things that could be done easily and make the app even better. Ex) The schedule: Right now you only have the option of telling it to work on an exact day Sun-Sat. That works great for some people but not everyone. I work for the fire department and my schedule while routine and regular does not follow a normal week. This is true of many people in similar fields; Police , EMS, hospitals. It would be GREAT! If we could set it to clean every X number of day starting on Y calendar date. And another way in addition would have it pull up an actual calendar and let you check mark the days you want it to clean in a month not just week. Basically would like to have more scheduling options.
  • User Friendly 5/5

    By cokenner
    Our Roomba has been running daily since we received it. This app works great and is very user friendly and has a very simple UI.
  • I love Roomba - waiting for the full capabilities 5/5

    By PVC-US
    The application should allow to ask the Roomba to work on specific spots
  • Does the trick...looking forward to some additional smarts 3/5

    By Mahem95003
    We use the app to control “Kylo” and it does the trick but it isn’t resilient to errors. I would like to see incremental progress reports on coverage vs only after the job is done. Several times on large jobs I get an error requiring reset. On reset it forgets what it had vacuumed and so it can’t pick up where it left off. Would “save points” every x minutes be so hard to add as a feature?
  • App works great... but... 4/5

    By Foygroup
    The App works great, but I’d like to suggest a couple improvements. Specifically, when the roomba is charging or paused because of a jam, you have only two options, continue to clean, or cancel. If you’d like to make changes to the schedule, or show off the features to a friend, you must cancel the cleaning job first to be able to get to the rest of the app. It would be great to have full access to the app at all times. Also, for whatever reason, there is not always a map. Being able to see where it’s cleaned has been awesome as well. Beyond that, the app is great, seeing what’s happening and where the roomba has cleaned is great.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Jdkdhshjdicudhhdjchj
    This is my best $ that I spent. It is like having a maid every day. You can feel the cleanliness when you walk into your house. It has been little over week, so far so food :)
  • Surprised and amazed 5/5

    By TV Pilot
    What a wonderful bit of technology. Don’t know how it does it but it really does an amazing job. It just spent over 4 hours doing the entire downstairs with one stop for charging. My wife is super satisfied with her Christmas gift.
  • robot 980 4/5

    By Lynn_Kitty
    robot has been here a week It told us it was ready to be cleaned, and it keeps our carpet looking beautiful. We do have some disappointmebts: It does not always judge the time to leave enough to get itself home. Today, it went home with the report “completed job”, and It had not been in the bedrooms. Also, I need some clarity on the app reporting: We cannot figure out the diagram, and we need the work job graph columns to be dated.
  • Great for what it’s supposed to do! 5/5

    By Jeffde
    It’s an app that controls a roomba and gives relevant information about the robot, its journey, and what it needs. It’s not the most overachieving app in the world, but that’s not its purpose. My roomba’s name is God. “God has completed a job”
  • Cleaning has never been more fun! 5/5

    By MsDisney65
    I love my new Roomba (Boo Radley) and the app! I can clearly tell where Boo has cleaned and am amazed at the level of detail! I use the app to show others how hard Boo is working for me!
  • You need one! 5/5

    By Missteri626
    I LOVE my roomba. It is so nice knowing that I can come home and the floors are clean! I’m also always shocked at the amount of dirt and dust it picks up, even after I’ve cleaned!
  • Roomba 20% 1/5

    By Hedzy70
    The Roomba actually completes its job 1 of 5 times. The other times it either gets stuck under something it should it attempt to go under or it just never returns to home base and runs out of battery life somewhere in the house. I’ll also put an piece of dirt in the path of the Roomba and it won’t pick it up. Lastly, I feel like the robot just randomly bumps into walls and runs about. It doesn’t appear to have a pattern nor does it seem to learn our floor plan. I feel this is product is worth $150-$200, not $600.
  • A Town 5/5

    By Jmikeg
    Our (Domestico, Italian for Maid) Is a wonderful addition to our family. We treat him well, empty his bin always, and keep him dusted off! We rarely stay here when he is working, he is kind of noisy. Since you’re not controlling the noise it seems noisier than vacuums, I’m sure it is not, it is just because you were not operating it. We have had him one year and he has vacuumed over 60k sq ft! Thanks !!
  • Easy to use 4/5

    By Robgreen3301
    My only complaint is that it doesn’t always push the notifications forward to tell me when the job is complete or there is a problem ect. It seems a bit random.
  • Just press and go 5/5

    By Mal1952
    Love the fact that our Romba just gets the job done. Our house is cleaner giving us more time to do other things. The purchase of our rumba was a GREAT decision.
  • Virtual Helper! 5/5

    By Petwalk
    Love this app, almost as much as I appreciate “Dolly!” Easy to use, was simple to set up, and I enjoy being able to see exactly what areas were cleaned. Only improvement would be real time mapping of the current job (so I could check current location and progress remotely if not at home...)
  • Best investment ever 5/5

    By caxiopeia
    I bought my IRobot 980 Dec 2015. I used my cats as an excuse to spend so much money on a vacuum cleaner. But since I have it, I can not live without. Oscar (my robot) runs while I am at work. This means that I come home every day to a house without cat hair flying around. Because it runs every day, dust does not even collect in high amounts in areas where Oscar can not get to as under the couch. I have to mention that he tends to get stuck after several weeks. Usually it helps to reset the robot. It would be nice if patches would be sent to fix some of the programming issues. To give a comparison: a vacuum robot is like a dishwasher. Nobody needs a dishwasher and probably does a better job cleaning dishes by hand than the machine. But who wants to live without a dishwasher? Same here. I got so used to the robot, I don‘t want to live without.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By keepin it clean
    I have had my roomba for 1 week and I am Thrilled with the product. I have been struggling with keeping my hardwood floors free of dog hair. With the Roomba 980, that is no longer a problem. It is pricy but it is well worth every penny!!!
  • Time and Joy 5/5

    By Prayernotes
    I received the Roomba for Christmas and it was the best gift I’ve received. We moved into a larger and more light bearing home, a few months ago and I have struggled to keep the floors vacuumed. The Roomba keeps the floors well-swept. I love it! Thinking about buying another one for the basement. I know I can purchase docks, but I’m thinking another one would be better. This is a wonderful creation! Love it!!!!
  • I love my roomba 5/5

    By FirmGraphics
    App works great. I even get a floor plan if the cleaning.
  • Love my iRobot! 5/5

    By Caniemeyer
    I have had my iRobot for a little over a month now and use it daily. I love it and it doesn’t much better job cleaning then my 500 series. I really love that I can control it with my app. I can see were it has cleaned, has not cleaned, and it tells me when it’s stuck. With my 500 series I was always crawling around on the floor looking to find where it was stuck or ran out of battery!
  • Functional 5/5

    By Wcj26
    We love it.
  • Love the app and roomba! 5/5

    By Nicann
    Love being able to see if roomba is stuck or still cleaning during the day. It’s phenomenal technology!
  • Wonderful App and Robots 5/5

    By tomaslarez
    We have both the roomba 980 and the Braava Jet. The application manages them wonderfully. We can schedule the weekly cleaning and we keep track of what have clean and what we have not. Every time our roomba cleans a room, I check the map to see it it went to all the places in the room.
  • Life Changing 5/5

    By Halojunky
    It is so great to have the vacuuming done by my Roomba so that I can do something else. Strangely, it feels a little less lonely and tedious when I am doing one of my least favorite things—cleaning. I gladly do all my Roomba’s maintenance regularly; and my Roomba is going strong for a year now. It is necessary to supplement my floor care on occasion. That doesn’t take away from enjoying shiny floors and clean air every day. The app is great and very helpful.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Er2001
    Everything works, very handy!
  • Love my Roomba 5/5

    By Dyrsycx
    I have two children who are wonderful, but also drop things everywhere. If you have a relatively level floor plan and typically vacuum once a week but should do it every couple of days to avoid stepping on stuff, get a Roomba. I set it to run every day after I leave for work and I come home to clean floors. The app is great. Getting reports on where it cleaned gives you immediate feedback on where it’s getting to in your house (it can get into a lot of places). We splurged for the top of the line model and it easily handles cat hair and all manner of messes left by my five and two year olds.
  • Would Love More Options 4/5

    By PJroomba1784
    I’d love to see more options in the app: the ability to stop a job and then pick up where it left off the next day (rather than pausing for a limited time before canceling a job) show a progress clean report so I can see where it has cleaned so far/ what is left to clean the ability to select an area of my house map for that cleaning (rather than moving the Home base and setting up the barrier to get a specific room)
  • Roomba’s software won’t update over WiFi. 3/5

    By Zr83737393
    We got the Roomba on Christmas and set the app up on the iPhone and hooked it up to the WiFi and it said it needed an update and it has failed every time and we have tried updating it 5 times but it continues to say “Roomba was unable to update”. I hope they can solve this issue
  • Witout homekit support? 1/5

    By R9spot9
    Is a great product but without HomeKit support I will have to return it.
  • Love machine but hate the app 1/5

    By TJayP
    When I first installed the app, it worked fine. Starting with about the third use of it, it would ask for login, and then crash. Deleted and reinstalled and it worked that time. Next use it would open and immediately crash. Husband has app on his iPad as well and gets same results l shouldn't have to reinstall app every time I want to use it. Also, there should be a way in app to send it to dock station.
  • 980 model 5/5

    By Jl212k
    Very impressive.

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