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  • Current Version: 2.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Jamba Juice
  • Compatibility: Android
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Jamba Juice App

Whrrrrr...that’s the sound of Jamba whipping up an amazing app for you. We added an extra boost of love this time, too. On top of line-skipping, order-ahead power, we’ve added special rewards for Jamba Insiders. WHY YOU’LL LOVE THIS APP - Skip the line® by ordering and paying in advance at stores nationwide - Choose your pickup date and time - Become a Jamba Insider and take $3 off your first order - Earn points towards your next reward with every purchase - Improved design and navigation - Save your preferred store for faster-than-ever checkout - Quick-start a new order from your recent order list - Customize your order Update “Order Ahead functionality is available at most locations” HOW IT WORKS 1. Sign up as a Jamba Insider (you’ll get $3 off your first order) 2. Select your preferred Jamba Juice location 3. Browse the menu and create your order (or use a previous order) 4. When you’ve selected your items, choose a pickup time 5. Pay in advance and save payment info for your next order 6. Head straight to the regular pick up location in the store and Skip the Line®! For questions regarding your order, please call 1-866-4R-FRUIT. Disclaimer Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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Jamba Juice app reviews

  • Not available after a certain hour? 1/5

    By subwayfinatic
    Everytime I try to order certain smoothies I get an error saying that smoothie is not available at this hour. The workers in the store have no idea why
  • When it works ... 1/5

    By ALVAM
    Often I have problems with the app. Even though I am trying to save time, the payment fails, when I change store it forgets the order ... very frustrating !
  • Awesome!! 5/5

    By Katniss . Everdeen
    I was headed somewhere in a rush and quickly downloaded the app and easily paid and got my order done fast and upon arrival it was already ready!! Hassle free. Great app
  • Don’t use it!!!!! 1/5

    By Ticketyacky
    First I download and used the app to get the $3 off for signing up...well the employees at the store weren’t paying attention and the order wasn’t even started by the time we got there, and we couldn’t get a refund because this app and stores are on two different programs for money and they don’t have a pay in store option set up yet? This app is a joke and so is the way the Jamba Juice on Lancaster DR in Salem, OR runs their business. Seriously this app is a pain and will only make it harder for you if they do mess up your order.
  • App will not update 1/5

    By **LO**
    App will not work without update. App does not update. Fix app! I'll happily give you a high rating again once you have this thing working.
  • Close but not the whole enchilada 3/5

    By beast mastery hunter
    You can only see your previous purchases on your website. On the app only have access to your orders through the app. Also I updated the app 3 days ago and when I opened it today it says that there is a new version please update. I have the newest update. Also several location hours are incorrect. And the app doesn’t save my CC info! Thank you and have a nice day.
  • Yes! Gift Cards! 5/5

    By Nitrous241
    Love the new gift card feature. About time!
  • Updated app doesn’t work 1/5

    By Femlin
    I went to pre-order my daily Jamba, but wasn’t allowed to do so until I updated the app. But when I try to update it, it won’t update, and continues to refer back to the app screen directing me to update the app.
  • Not all menu items available through App 2/5

    By Justaguy74
    Not all of the menu items are available to order through the app. Tried to order a watermelon breeze but the only thing I could find was the orange c-booster.
  • Local store doesn’t register visits/points 1/5

    By Stephen Tranmer
    Each time I go into my local store, I enter my phone number in their mini-kiosk and it rarely gives me credit for my purchases. I’ve been there 6 times in the past two weeks and it only gave me credit for one purchase. The local employees just shrug their shoulders because they have no idea how the program is supposed to work. The app developer, loyalty program administrators, and store owners/managers need to work out the kinks in this program.
  • Updates will wipe away/deplete reward points 1/5

    By G_89$
    Updates will wipe away/deplete reward points. Was at 32/35 prior to updating the app. Now I'm at 0/35.
  • Need gift card as payment option 1/5

    By tr4life
    You need to add an option to use Jamba Juice gift card as payment. I like the convenience of the app, but if I cannot use my Jamba Juice gift card the app is pretty much useless. Why is Jamba Juice so far behind on technology? Starbucks already has gift card as payment feature and more.
  • Needs Peanut butter on there! 3/5

    By TheDrewBot
    I love the idea of the app but my smoothie requires peanut butter so i can’t use it without having to call in and explain i need extra ingredients. I just don’t use the app and call in now so please make that change soon Jamba!
  • No Apple Pay 1/5

    By j f w
    Still no Apple Pay! I wrote this a year ago: When I am trying to order easily, I do not want to have to pull my wallet out, find my credit card and juggle it with my phone to type in my card number and details by hand. No Apple Pay? Fail. And no way to just reorder the same thing I always get from the nearest store.
  • Jamba's perfect yet not perfect. 4/5

    By MarioRam__
    The app is a big time save and makes order ahead as convenient, and smooth as possible. Love the way they hook up users on the app with coupons r discounts you can't find elsewhere. Like I'm impressed but it could be better. They could have more detailed instructions, set times to make order, and maybe be more in a way adaptive to one orders or allowing drink to be more customizable.
  • Rewards 2/5

    By Whose_Nito
    Love Jamba Juice , the atmosphere , and great customer service . Only thing I really dislike is using the app it is very frustrating to even pull up the menu. Also the rewards takes forever to earn any rewards vs. other reward programs I’ve came across from, I really think that if they have little promotions going on certain days such as double points it would increase volume of people coming in & keeping loyal customers happy.
  • Is this App still supported? 1/5

    By fatsurf
    Looks like this App doesn't have technical support or bug fixes!? Deleted it months ago after issues & then tried it again today to access my account and it CRASHED! So I deleted it AGAIN.
  • Never subscribe to mail 1/5

    By FeitingShad
    Their unsubscribe is broken. Unsubscribed multiple times, still getting mail weeks after. App is crap javascript.
  • Coupon code not supported 3/5

    By LivJ1390
    App is great, however unable to manually copy and paste coupon code.
  • App is flawed 2/5

    By mayaasiam
    My local Jamba has a drive thru but there's nothing to scan like the Starbucks app, so it's difficult, not efficient if you would like to earn points and rewards to have to either give your phone number at the window or just go inside and even inside it would still be easier if the app had a barcode the computer doesn't always allow you to say 'yes' it's me only not me after you type your number in, it's difficult to know if you're indeed earning points in the moment
  • Unsecured- Credit info stolen 1/5

    By Sailing.Away
    After I entered my credit card to pay for an order, within an hour I had $600+ in fraudulent charges. Also, it showed menu options that weren't available at my local Jamba Juice. I tried to order a mango chili, had to settle for something else instead. It let me place the order, and then someone called me for the replacement.
  • Secret menu items 1/5

    By Sykomimi
    Can't add off menu items like white gummy, sour gummy, pink starburst, etc
  • Gift Card Option 3/5

    By gaby121294
    The app is overall efficient, however I wish there was a gift card option.
  • Not Usable at All 1/5

    By Lindazkewl
    Just downloaded so I could order ahead. I was registering my new account. Got to the enter password part and it crashed. I tried to reopen the app and it crashed over and over and would never open.
  • Lame 1/5

    By twistedharmony
    What's the point if I can't even order ahead without getting an error message?
  • Keeps forgetting credit card info 2/5

    By kn1gh7h4wk
    I've used this app for about six months and I enjoy being able to place orders ahead of time and picking them up. But too often, when I get to the check out screen, I'm prompted to enter my card info, even though it was previously saved. Very annoying. It saves it about 2 or 3 times, then I have to re-enter. Also, if you order from a different Jamba Juice, it makes you re-enter. All other restaurant apps I use do not have this issue. I hope they fix so I can use this app again. It's easier to just order in person than to use this app as a result of annoying issue. Would be so much easier if you could use Apple Pay. You can use Apple Pay in person, but not in the app. Updates are way too slow.
  • Offers do not expand to full description 1/5

    By SugaaH
    Pls fix!
  • Out dated 1/5

    By NYC007-007
    This app needs so much work- Jamba Juice can just take a look at the Starbucks app and replicate the options... annoying when you change stores and the order is lost...equally annoying that they constantly push buying gift cards but you can't even load them onto the app.
  • Great app 3/5

    By Raiderserg
    Really easy to use and navigate thru. Only thing missing is the ability to save my fav customized drinks. Do that and I'll give it a 5th star ....... After the developer replied with false info, you lost another star. Save as a favorite is not possible. Please fix and I'll add 2 more stars
  • Not accurate 1/5

    By Mari872185
    I had so many points earned and they all disappear. What's the point ordering through the appt if your earn points won't record. Useless!!
  • Good but needs ability to revise previous order 3/5

    By Jdanner06
    I love using this app, but when I buy a previous order it would be great if I could modify the size or boosts without having to start a fresh order.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By Reaper 3
    I used to love this app. My daughter and I would order weekly. For about two months now we haven't been able to use it. We get basket and/or POS error messages every time we try. So frustrating. As a result, we don't go to Jamba anymore. I reported the issue to Jamba Corporate when it first started happening. Not only did they not fix it, they also didn't get back to me. #Sad Fri night- did what you asked and reached out through the app. I received the no reply Fishbowl auto-email that said my comments were received and someone would contact me. I'm still waiting. I tried ordering again today- restaurant not taking orders message all day long. "El Paseo store on Tapo Canyon in Simi Valley".
  • Too many error messages 2/5

    By California Juicer
    Like so many other reviews, I would like this app except more than half the time I try to order from it I get an error message that the basket can't update or the store is not taking mobile orders at the time. When I ask at the store, they say it's an app error.
  • Great app...but only when it works 1/5

    By Rxneffect
    I find it very convenient to place my order on the app, however more often than not I always get some type or error and it doesn't allow me to place my order leading me to either have to wait in line and for them to make it, or as has been the case of late, just go elsewhere
  • NEEDS Apple Pay 3/5

    By Eatingyourapathy
    Great App! I love ordering, then just walking in past the huge line and picking up my drinks! 😃 Would be 5 stars if it had Apple Pay. Come on!!! Apple makes easy and secure. Don't make me enter my credit card number... and don't make me trust you with it. Every retail and food chain is getting hacked!
  • Unable to order Freshly Squeezed Juice 2/5

    By BrittanyNadine
    I'm a huge fan of Jamba Juice and always on the run so when I discovered the app I was pretty excited. I typically order one of the freshly squeezed juices (fav is there tropical greens!) but quickly realized they aren't on the menu on the app. Please help! Thanks!
  • Fantastic App 4/5

    By This is the worst10
    Love the app, easy to order and use, smoothie from my first order left something to be desired.
  • Nice but.... 2/5

    By erphleb
    It's a good app, very convenient but the update lost track of all my rewards! I had $9 worth and they are gone with the wind- please fix this costly error.
  • Really great app 5/5

    By Jeff HBD Ham
    Really love this app. Very clean and easy to use. I'm on the go a lot and this app makes it easy to choose any location and order ahead. Way better than most restaurant apps.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By LilyI789
    Love this app! Ordering is super easy and I really like the new offer tracking
  • Apple Pay please!!!! 2/5

    By Dj Jazz-e
    Anyway you can support Apple Pay as well 1 payment for all stores. Really annoying that when you change a store you have to enter in your payment all over again. Apple Pay would alleviate this all.
  • Leaves a lot to be Desired 2/5

    By Phillyslix
    While I love going to Jamba Juice, this app leaves a lot to be desired. When you try to place an order for pick up in the morning, the app won't let you because it shows the store is closed but it's actually open. That means, I then I have to stand in line and place an order. What's the point in the order ahead on the app?!?! Please revamp the entire app from scratch. There's no way to remove expired credit cards. There's NO Apple Pay or NO Android Pay available from the app. This app is archaic to say the least.
  • Inconvenient when it's suppose to be convenient 1/5

    By Hhyyhhh
    I can't pay with my app even though my credit card is on it when's the app says it can't take online orders. It's frustrating because I walk each morning and the app doesn't always work and I never bring my credit card with me because I figure the app should work. Starbucks never seems to have a hiccup in their app so looks like I'll go back to Starbucks addiction.
  • nice 3/5

    By Lishalander
    I wish you could order secret menu items on the app.
  • Needs new updates 3/5

    By It has a lot of cool players
    1. Freezes alot to where i have to restart my iphone for it to work properly. 2. Need an option to customize freshly squeezed juices to "add ice" 3. need an option to customize orange dream machine to "substitute with freshly squeezed orange juice"
  • No Selection 1/5

    By DeePeneku
    The app needs a bump up. I order from the Starbucks app and it allows you to customize more. Also, this app doesn't even offer all the products that's in the store. If it were better and offered more selection I would be in Jamba more often.
  • Need help to download the Jamba Juice app on my 5/5

    By ESA chaparra
    Wallet iPhone
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Evie N
    Does not work at all. Takes forever to process and when it finally does, it says "Error invalid basket rejected by the POS system"
  • This app is not ready at all! 1/5

    By teri314
    1. Can't see any account transaction and how the points are earned, not transparent at all 2. Reward shows in account but not showing expiration date, keep your customer guessing? I downloaded this app more than a yr ago, but all these issues have never been fixed! Jamba Juice if you want customers to keep using you app then you should put more effort on improving it.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Surfer girl 1985
    Easy to use and order is always right!

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