Jango Radio - Streaming Music

Jango Radio - Streaming Music

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  • Current Version: 5.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Jango
  • Compatibility: Android
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Jango Radio - Streaming Music App

The best 100% free internet radio. Maximum of one interruptive ad per day. If you are tired of paying or sick of interruptions, give us a try. Jango Radio is a free, personalized radio service that plays the best music by artists you love. Just start with the name of one of your favorite artists and Jango Radio will create a custom station that plays similar music. Or you can tune in to hundreds of expertly programmed genre stations like Top 100, Hot in Hip-Hop, Indie Dance Hits & more… It's unlimited free listening with No Audio Ads! Already a Jango listener? Great. Just log in to access your existing stations and create new ones right from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. If you aren't, connect to Facebook or create an account with your e-mail address in seconds. “I’m in love with Jango” - USA Today “Refreshingly simple online radio” - CNet "Straightforward and easy to navigate" - Wall Street Journal “Makes it fun to discover new music” - PC World Jango Radio Features: • Free, unlimited listening on desktop and mobile • No ad interruptions on mobile devices • Create custom radio stations with the artists you love • Tune in to 100’s of expertly curated stations • Explore new music by tuning in to similar stations • Fine-tune your stations by adding the artists you want to hear or changing the variety setting • Share stations with your friends on Facebook and Twitter • Variable quality settings. • Save stations to listen again on your device or at www.jango.com • Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch


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Jango Radio - Streaming Music app reviews

  • GREAT APP 5/5

    By CorrectCraft351
    This App is great. No interruptions as advertised. Totally Free. Easy to setup. Many Settings. Does not want to change all of your current settings. Just loads in a blink and by itself. I have found every Artist or Album I have searched for. Good Luck.
  • Ads need to stop 2/5

    By Jaz-old-man
    I love this app and I use it instead of buying music. Lately however ads are ruining it because they stop the music. I listen to music while doing other things and I can’t stop every few minutes to exit out of the ad. I’d rather delete the app all together. I understand the need for money but you’re just shooting yourself in the foot because now you are just frustrating people
  • DJ Sugar Roy 4/5

    By Sugar Roy
    Jango gets better and then more better!!
  • Good and bad 1/5

    By Whatever NN isn't taken
    Great variety but it’s ruined by the ads which interrupt the flow of music and require you to open the app and X out of the ad before songs will resume. Sometimes this will happen after just a couple of songs and sometimes I can get almost 30minutes of music before being silenced by an ad. Horrible if you trying to do anything and listen to music.
  • Awesome!! 5/5

    By Klown...
    Best radio app I’ve had... had this since 09... unlimited skips and perfect variety of music... the more you rate the better it gets!
  • Sweet!! 5/5

    By (Diesel)
    Awesome app! Love it, very simple and has what you want! Great job 👍👊!
  • Great 5/5

    By LeahLee881906
    I have this app for a long time now #years across platforms. The complaining about the ads Ummm the app is free and so is the music. I like it.
  • My favorite streaming app 5/5

    By MD Hiker
    Good association of related songs for created stations, good quality and reliable stream, way to use, timeout options and......FREE!
  • WAS great. 1/5

    By vinnybear
    This was a great app. They now have loud ads for a video game that not only stops the music but you have to exit the ad before the music will start back up.
  • ads and obligatory registration 1/5

    By snack it
    Till the version 5.3 there were no ads but they wanted the obligatory registration. Fine for, i use anyway always fake emails for such apps. But with the version 5.9 there came ads. Dont tolerate that, deleted and reinstalled the v.5.3
  • Drops Mid Song 3/5

    By Jaymo1125
    I have had this app for a few years now. I’ve also had many phones since and every once in a while, it gets in the habit of skipping to the next song. Yes my app is up to date.
  • Umm ok? Help? 3/5

    By Ruboo22
    Just downloaded Jango and found a station I wanted to listen to but when I return to my home screen (iPhone 8 Plus) the music stops. Why? I haven’t messed with settings or anything. Why can’t the music play in the background? Help please!
  • Was good 2/5

    By RickyHorrorxP
    The app was great but now I have to open the app and close the ad to keep playing music. Not safe while driving, I don’t use app as much cause of this
  • Please fix it 5/5

    By ScarletIsACat
    This app is amazing but since I’ve updated it to the latest version it stopped working and every time I click on it it just says “cancelled” and it keeps retrying but nothing is happening
  • Trouble 5/5

    By MiloCase
    Loved this app!! Used it every day ,until I updated it two days ago ! Now it will not open ! Really REALLY upset! Would like some help!!! 😢
  • Great App ——STILL! 5/5

    By T Dorsey
    I have been a user for about 3 months now and it still has it all. I listen to it around the house when I am doing various things. Don’t know why anybody would want to complain about this. Go ahead and pay the big boys. I just select my station and leave it.
  • SMULE 1/5

    By No Longer Happy With Jango
    I’ve have Jango for years and have always thought it a 4 star app but they’ve added these weird ads that play much louder than the music I’m listening to. Now there’s an add called KARAOKE BY SMULE...it’s horrendous and it Freezes up every time. I have to close and reopen each time it appears and it appears often! Jango has gone from an awesome morning assistant to an ear piercing nuisance. If SMULE stays I’ll have to switch to I Heart Radio.
  • Ad requires click to resume 1/5

    By ardanannan
    Terrible for driving. Pop up ad interrupts song while driving on the freeway and I cannot fiddle with a small x on screen to close the ad to resume the music. It’s a driving hazard. Thanks developers. Great job ruining the app.
  • Great Listening! 5/5

    By EternalBlessings
    I enjoy my listening experience.
  • Good app but totally ruined by ads 2/5

    By Hefalump77
    The intelligent selection of songs to play based on similarities to the chosen artist is great. However, the need to make money means that they stick ads in the middle of songs which stops the music playing until you close the ad, then it returns to where it left off the song. I like to listen to music while I am working, which means moving around a lot, and having to come back to my desk every 5 minutes to close an ad is very frustrating.
  • My favorite music app but... 4/5

    By GraceLuv100
    since the recent update I can't play music outside of the app
  • Jango 5/5

    By lollipop76
    So far,I love this app! Thanks so much.i don’t know how many music apps I’ve put on my phone & then taken them off.
  • No ads - how awesome is the that? 5/5

    By Sammy21546
    It is so awesome to be able to listen to music and not advertisement. Plus you can pick and choose from a huge variety of artists and genres.
  • LOVE IT 5/5

    By Derp:3 555555
    I originally used the website on my school chromebook since songs are limited but it works amazing! It's like spotify except less ads and unlimited skips! I love it so much!!!!!
  • Better then Pandora 5/5

    By MetroidZero
    Great app sweet music to explore and rediscover.
  • Absolutely Marvelous! 5/5

    By Bigg dude
    Thanks to some awesome developers we have an awesome app, it can't get much better. I love it can't do without it and would gladly pay for it if requested. Lastly a word to the comments complaining, what do you want in an app that does exactly what it says? Why are you concerned about how it looks on your iPhone? Let's ask for apps that look good on our iPhones but aren't worth 2 cents in performance, yeah makes a lot of sense.
  • Wonderful and free but.. 5/5

    By Hunshun
    I cannot have music to continuously play. It stops randomly and I have to open the app again to play. iOS 11.
  • 10/10 5/5

    By That_girl_rahina
    Betta than pandora 😳
  • Music station 5/5

    By Henry Murillo
    Very easy to search! Found two underground bands I like to listen to. The band BeLLYWAsH I was able to listen to!
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By s9990
    Free to use, no advertisement interruptions, no skip limit (so far), and a unique and diverse music selection. This is exactly what I've been wanting in a music app to use during workouts!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Nm10012000
    Best music app for iPhone. I love it keep it up. 💙
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Cordelia Black
    Great app!
  • Just ok 2/5

    By 1stestate
    This app does stream music nicely, but I don't like that you can't turn off explicit content. I can not use this app for my family.
  • Way Better than Pandora! 4/5

    By Dance-Music-Lover
    I'm tired of Pandora playing the same songs over and over with a limited selection. If Jango can remove some of the bugs and continue to innovate, l would pay or put up with a few commercials. Your Radio is very good, I hope someone will invest with some big capital, because you are on to something, thanks.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By 5kats
    This app is awesome. Music sound quality great. User friendly. No annoying ads. It's perfect!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jango. I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Way better than Pandora 5/5

    By Loslibra
    Unlimited skipping and no adds!
  • Better than pandora 5/5

    By Goodlaymon
    Why havent i heard of this? Great music app get it
  • Good deal ya 5/5

    By bobby bruski get @ me
    I've only used it for a few days now but, 100% satisfied. It beats out the other, more popular, music apps I've been using for years. Better song variety and artist variety and the editing of ur stations is top notch. Top tier app they have here. They really unchained the full potential of a music radio app. Easy to navigate the app. seriously unreal. Jango, don't change a thing. u done it this time u really have.
  • Awesome Sauce!!😀😍😀 5/5

    By GummyBearsNya
    Jango is wayyyy better than YouTube...reasons why: 1. Music cuts off when I press the home button on YouTube. 2. You can't pick your favorite artists on YouTube 3. Jango makes me want to listen to music all through the night. 4. YouTube runs your battery dead.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Tinytools
    Love love it
  • Almost perfect 4/5

    By TooLongInGa
    As a free music streaming app, Jango annihilates the competition. They do have ads, but not traditional commercial ads that interrupt your listening, but digital print ads on the app itself. Jango offers unlimited skips and allows you to tailor your station's reach. You can choose to only get popular, similar songs or be played similar style songs that aren't mainstream. My only issue is the thumbs down feature doesn't work. If you dislike a song and thumbs it down, you'll be told "it won't play again", but that's inaccurate. Jango might wait a month or two before replaying the song, but it will be replayed. I documented this to ensure what I thought was happening actually was happening.
  • No ads and good music. What's not to like? 5/5

    By Kurtgw
    While Jango's radio only model seems a little behind the times with on-demand streaming becoming the way we listen, the apps is great. The ads are unobtrusive and don't interrupt the experience. I've discovered some new music through it. Works even when the screen is off and has indie artists as well as the big names.
  • Variety😉 4/5

    By Tot🔥🔥
    Great app, no ads it's a plus, but just needs a little fine tuning so the user has more options, overall great quality for what I'm looking for in a player💯🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽👍🏽
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Jiggsta
    Yippee what a thrill
  • Good app BUT....... 3/5

    By GnPostal
    I like the app except for the fact that any long song over 7-8 minutes will cut off before it is done. A few examples are "Free Bird" , "Green Grass and High Tides", " Light My Fire", "Stairways to Heaven". All of these songs cut off before they finish.
  • Doesn't play offline 2/5

    By Mckiller3
    It has songs I like but it doesn't play offline and it cuts off wenever I leave the app to get on a different one or wen I cut my phone off. If it upgrades it and fixes this I'll redownload it
  • Could be better 4/5

    By halotheorange
    Hey don't get me wrong this app is awesome 👏 but I could not give it the 5 stars it deserves. 1. I wish you could be able to create a playlist and play songs from there. 2. Every time I create a station it takes me to some artist I never heard of. 3. Unlimited skips free!!! The best part. Fix 1 and 2 and hey 5 stars ✨
  • You've changed...for the best! 4/5

    By SugahRush
    Been here over 10 yrs. Left when this site filled with "joyful noises" rather than "artists". I checked back then leave. Finally...I'm here to stay. Though I miss the social interaction once available, I love the site. Great job in reformatting! FanFoLife
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By sandimacd
    How did I miss this one? Its fantastic. I can create a station from artists that I am in the mood to hear or I can select stations by genre. So far no annoying pop ups on screen. My favorite way to use this is to keep my ipad/iphone plugged in and air play it to Apple TV which has an optical audio connection to my surround sound system.
  • Just one problem 3/5

    It's an amazing app, no ads, and plays simular music. Except theres glitches while it plays

Jango Radio - Streaming Music app comments


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