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JBL Connect

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  • Current Version: 3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Harman International Industries
  • Compatibility: Android
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JBL Connect App

The JBL Connect app works with JBL Boombox, Pulse 3, Flip 4, Flip 3, Charge 3, Pulse 2 and Xtreme. Use the JBL Connect app for speaker configuration and software upgrade. iPhone 5 or newer is required for compatibility with JBL Pulse 2. What's New ? • Boombox speakerphone function on/off setting • Boombox audio feedback sounds on/off setting • Boombox sound mode setting: Switch between indoor and outdoor modes to optimize sound wherever the party is. • Pulse 3 lightshow: Customize your lightshow, change color by phone camera or color wheel. • Pulse 3 brightness: Adjust lightshow brightness. • JBL Connect+: Set up party mode, you can wirelessly link more than 100 JBL Connect+ enabled speakers to amplify the party. • Charge 3 enables JBL Connect+ • Pulse 3 speakerphone function on/off setting • Pulse 3 audio feedback sounds on/off setting


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JBL Connect app reviews

  • Ehh 1/5

    By tr0ydidIT
    I don’t use the app much tbh cause I only got one speaker but it would be great if you could turn the speaker on and off using the app
  • boooo 1/5

    By hayunder
    not compatible with my jbl charge 2+
  • Finicky .. 3/5

    By qzwxec
    The app is SUPER minimalist .. Love it But the connection is “Discovering “ is finicky ... And it is not updated for IPhone X !! Update for X pls !!
  • Connected to the speaker yet shows it’s not 1/5

    By Wajeeh246
    I’m using iPhone 6 and the speaker is JBL Charge 3. I connected to the speaker and open the app and it says me to turn on the Bluetooth ! I tried everything it’s on and connected to the speaker yet the app keeps telling me to turn the Bluetooth on and connect ! What do I do ?
  • Works with luck 1/5

    By Deniz Kumral
    I think JBL made this app by chance thinking it would be fun to make an app runs successfully only by chance. Since I’ve downloaded the app, it worked 3 out of 10 attempts by chance. Every time it doesn't work, some new issue happens. Today, app thinks Bluetooth is off even though it’s on and connected to JBL Pulse 3. L When it works, it’s good to have, IF it works by chance.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Bob Turk
    Reading the reviews of others and have the exact same problems. This app is more than worthless as it takes up your time and effort without any Benefit.
  • It just doesn’t work 1/5

    By Matthew Gallo
    Attempted 3 times pair and unpaired from he phone app still doesn't pick up on it
  • Absolute CRAP!!!!! 1/5

    By DaHockeyBruh
    First of all when I’m connected to the speaker through Bluetooth it says in the app “turn on Bluetooth” even though it’s on and connected to my Flip 4! I have no idea what the app does if it works, all I know is that it doesn’t work!
  • Frustrated. 2/5

    By Daviddave92
    Is anyone even bothering to keep up with the general maintenance of this app? My bluetooth is currently connected to the JBL Pulse 3 but when I click on the JBL Connect app, i can’t access the user menu because the app is asking me to connect to bluetooth first which as stated above, I ALREADY AM. i’ve tried resetting both my bluetooth and JBL Pulse 3. Nothing has worked I deleted and re-downloaded the JBL Connect app and that hasn’t worked either. Please fix these issues ASAP.
  • JBL believer! 5/5

    By Justtestingthisish
    This review is basically in response to the only other review under this app. I’ve recently purchased a JBL Charge 3. It’s by far the best speaker at its price point and after using my roommates own for a few weeks I decided to buy my own and hence the reason for downloading this app. The connect+ app worked seamlessly with the two Charge 3 speakers and the stereo feature is amazing. The sound quality and ease of this app to use make the listening experience even more enjoyable. Can’t wait to add a pulse or extreme to mix and here how that sounds. Great job JBL. #newestcustomerforlife
  • Think people! 5/5

    By 03tanman03
    1.) read compatibility before purchasing. Jbl connect and jbl connect plus aren't compatible period.. stop crying and educate yourself before purchasing anything in your life! 2.) Charge 3 connect plus update: ALL speakers must be updated not just 1. Don't be that rock who update 1 speaker and wonder why it doesn't sync with the rest of the speakers. Think!!! 3.) Static or drop issues: Only 1 speaker should be connected with your phone while the rest of your speakers are sync by connect/ connect plus buttons. If you connect all your speakers with your phone, your phone could only connect to 1 Bluetooth at a time so your get drops or statics because your phone is constantly trying to connect with all your speakers which is impossible! 4.) No crying: educate yourself first before you complain about any issues. JBL design for the majority, not just for you so stop crying!
  • Garbage 1/5

    By abillmann
    When my Charge3 is connected and working fine (via Bluetooth), the app says it isn’t connected. Game over.
  • Doesnt work 1/5

    By 3edison77
    The flip 3 not Connect yo flip 4
  • iphone X functionality 3/5

    By Hahahahajkkgjjg
    App isn’t bad i just wish i could pick colors to transition back and forth from and also it hasnt been adjusted to fix the iphone X screen well
  • It practically does not work 1/5

    By Lafael22
    I’m trying for the past half an hour to connect my Charge 3 to the app, and even tho I’m literally listening to music rn in it, connected by bluetooth, the product does not appear on the app
  • Wanna install an app that doesn’t work 1/5

    By Kharvey82
    If you are looking for an app that doesn’t work AT ALL and merely takes up room on your device look no further. This app is horrible. I bought the Pulse 3 and I rarely if ever take time to write reviews unless truly moved to either positive or negative. In this case DEFINITELY NEGATIVE. The app will search for the device that is already connected and then talk to you like you’re the stupid one and explain to you how to connect the speaker to your device. Worthless!!!!
  • I don’t think so 2/5

    By Pictochat9
    When I first got the speaker I researched it and I had to get this app to update to connect plus. It’s a good app...........when it works, which most of the time it doesn’t. seeing as my Bluetooth has been on and I am connected to my charge 3 but when I go in the app it says to turn on Bluetooth and connect to the speaker. So I press the button to go to settings to turn Bluetooth on and oh look, Bluetooth is on, and connected. I’ve yet to connect it to my flip 4. But with the reviews on this app and videos on YouTube of them “connecting” I don’t think it will work and I’m really hoping I didn’t just spend 150$ for a speaker that is supposed to do something but doesn’t.
  • JBL Clip 3/5

    By BeBoPr
    There’s any app for the JBL clip speaker? I downloaded this app but doesn’t work with it...
  • Sound is bad and visual affects are glitchy 1/5

    By Flippityflaps
    I had a pulse 2 and upgraded to a pulse 3 and I can’t use the app with my speaker :/ I’m not sure what to do - if I should take it back and down grade to the pulse 2 again? Basically you get the option to use the different light shows but when you Try to change the color the nice light show changes to look like it’s having a seizure :/ I’m so horribly disappointed- also the sound with the newest update when from wonderful to terrible :( I could cry :(
  • Flip 3 & Flip 4 together 1/5

    By Pg8765
    Flip 3 uses “JBL Connect” feature while the Flip 4 uses “JBL Connect +”. The two speakers are not compatible with each other and won’t connect to each other. That is the whole reason I bought JBL and now it doesn’t work. App will only work to update the speaker firmware and rename your speaker, otherwise useless. Dear JBL, Please update the firmware for Flip 3 to “JBL Connect +” so I can use my products as advertised. Thanks
  • App thinks my speaker isn’t paired even though it is 1/5

    By Dana Pelata
    JBL Pulse 3 IS paired with my iPhone and I’m able to hear my music through the speaker. However, when I open the App it keeps trying to “discover” the speaker and can’t find it.
  • Doesn’t even work. 1/5

    By Forero7
    Doesn’t even work.
  • I wish I knew how this app works 1/5

    By joeychick
    I’m connected to Bluetooth, and I have by brand new Flip 4 connected, and I’m listening to sweet tunes through it. I downloaded this app to see what else I could do with this speaker, but I can’t get past the screen where the app asks me to turn on Bluetooth and connect to my JBL speaker. It is on, I am connected, I can even hear the typing sounds of my iPhone keyboard through the JBL Flip 4 speaker as I write this review, but yet this app has no idea that my Bluetooth is on and that I’m connected to the speaker. Try making an app that works, and I’ll try giving you more than 1 star (deserves 0).
  • Does not work 1/5

    By pwhitt09
    App is unable to connect to JBL Charge 3 after update.
  • AWFUL! 1/5

    By Twiggyy58
    Received as a Christmas gift & it says “speaker can’t be found” even tho blue tooth is on & iPhone is next to speaker! Works for my son’s iPhone 4 but not for my iPhone 6 Plus.
  • Some Party 1/5

    By L1l-00
    The whole reason I bought the jbl xtreme was so my friends and I could connect them around the house and create a surround sound experience. JBL claims you can connect up to 100 jbl speakers but even with this app I can only connect two at the most. Really disappointed ☹️
  • Horrible app 2/5

    By Lukejgonz2343
    This app is so frustrating, even though I like what it can do. Every time I have to open the app it gives me this stupid orange symbol telling me to connect to Bluetooth even though I already am. This will not recognize that you are on Bluetooth unless you delete the app and redone load it every time. Every single time I want to the use the app I have to delete it and re download it. I’m only giving this 2 stars because the app allows you to change color which is good. It doesn’t do an excellent job of matching colors, but it’s good.
  • Cannot connect JBL Boombox to the JBL connect :-(, iPhone 7 Plus 1/5

    By Mr. Choco
    Cannot connect JBL Boombox to the JBL connect :-(, iPhone 7 Plus
  • App won't start 1/5

    By FIR3ANT
    Received Pulse 2 speaker for Xmas, it works great but this app is crap. Luckily I can use the speaker without it but what happens when there's a firmware update? Missing a few features without the app. It won't even locate the speaker and it's connected and playing!!!
  • Doesn’t connect so easy with the JBL pulse 3 1/5

    By Keishly11
    I’ve been trying to connect the app with the speaker and doesn’t let me. It’s says that the bluthoot is not turned ON and it is. You really need to fix that👎🏻
  • JBL Xtreme to charge 3 1/5

    By Bettelijah
    Will not connect my JBL Xtreme to my chargers 3 even after the firmware update. The app is case, doesn't actually work, you can do the exact same thing even without the app. ALSO WHY DO I NEED TO UPDATE MY BRAND NEW SPEAKER FIRMWARE RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX. That doesn't make any sense
  • Charge 3 and Xtreme not compatible 1/5

    By Dimasdubz
    I’ve had the JBL charge 3 and the xtreme and I want to play them simultaneously using the JBL connect feature but they do not connect no more. Please send out an update to make them work again!
  • Connection issues 1/5

    By Pessydon
    Pluse 3 won’t connect to app
  • Help.. 1/5

    By Dolfo808
    I just bought a new JBL charge 3 and am trying to connect it to my JBL flip 4. I followed all instructions even the videos but still cannot connect together. Suggestions on how to pair both?
  • 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 1/5

    By Gimme All Your $
    Just got a Charge3 this morning for a Christmas present. This App will not “discover” it....even though I’m connected to it on my phone.
  • Extreme and flip 4 are NOT compatible!!?!! 1/5

    By Delbuort
    Connect and connect + are not compatible ....terrible disappointment and misleading when making the purchase.
  • Bluetooth connection 2/5

    By Caleb Browm
    Please update the apps Bluetooth for the speaker to connect to the app itself. I got a new job pulse 3 for Christmas this year and it will not connect to the app even tho it is connected to the phone, plus I ha e 2 pulse 2 speakers that worked my iPads app but not on my phones, also I can’t pair my pulse 3 with my pulse 2 but the pulse 2s work together while as my pulse 3 doesn’t connect to them. Please fix this!
  • Can’t connect pulse 2&3 1/5

    By Cobrahicks
    I updated the app on my new pulse 3, but the pulse 2 pulse 3 will not connect. Very frustrating when they advertise that you can connect “100” JBL devices together and it can’t even handle 2. Speakers sound great, but that have to be played separately.
  • Pointless iPhone X support 1/5

    By Asdkimi
    Pointless iPhone X support!!!
  • Sincronização Flip 3 e Flip 4 1/5

    By Loureno
    Tenho duas caixas JBL uma Flip 3 e recentemente adquiri uma Flip 4, e até hoje não consegui sincronizar as duas, já baixei o JBL Connect, atualizei os firmware das caixas e nada. É uma pena pq as duas caixas são ótimas o único problema é fazer as duas conversarem.
  • Connection 1/5

    By Kdhfnsjdhdnv
    I can not connect to the app and it is very frustrating. It says “discovering” and then it says that it cannot find any speakers. I hope JBL fixes this because I really want to use this app!
  • Bluetooth connect bug 1/5

    By fikersteam
    After connect bluetooth to Pulse3, the bluetoooth connect request page pop up again, again and again. I could not use this app all. Please, fix this bug!!!!
  • 🤬🤬🤬 1/5

    By Dee Dee G
    Charge 3 & Flip 3. Both work well independently, which is what they are supposed to do. Both DO NOT work together, which IS NOT what they are supposed to do. The whole purpose of buying these was to connect them. I would give this app ZERO stars if it were possible. Offering to have products connect and they can’t connect is like going to buy a car knowing that 4 wheels are required make the car roll....then when you replace a tire the car turns on but it won’t move. This connection of these devices is an essential part of the products overall performance. It’s obvious by all the comments and the ratings left buy consumers that are just as irritated as I am, the JBL’s performance for these “connected” devices is nonexistent. What is your company going to do to rectify this issue? Too bad we can’t do a class action lawsuit like they do with carmakers. And ask for pain and suffering for all of the foolishness and time wasted in trying to get something to work THAT SHOULD WORK AS ADVERTISED. 😡😡😡 Not. Pleased.
  • Takes forever to detect speaker! 1/5

    By tonywhite58473792
    Takes forever to detect jbl charge 3
  • Not Much Use 2/5

    By Jordanonius
    Downloaded for my Flip 4 and not a lot of use for the app. 🤞 Please add an option to disable or turn down the startup/connect/shutdown sounds on the Flip 4. They are absurdly loud.
  • It doesn't work 1/5

    By giogiazzon
    It doesn't connect. Does nothing. Keeps trying to find the Charge 3 even though it's connected. Tried 200 times. Nothing.
  • Not yet optimal 3/5

    By PokemanMastr366
    I've been using the connect app since the pulse 2 had come out for the light adjustments, and after purchasing a pulse 3 there really has only been two improvements. Personally I think ambient sounds should come back for the fire and wave settings, secondly there should be a way to make the red portion of the color wheel work a little better, whenever I go to put it as red I get a sort of dull hue of red that just doesn't match what the speakers color cycle shows (like when you first start the equalizer setting). One more thing that isn't necessary but would be nice is to bring back the random color switch when the speaker is shaken instead of just restarting the light mode to the beginning, I'm not sure if that's possible to be added in an firmware update but would be nice.
  • Not enough customization 2/5

    By kwb711
    Can’t pick specific colors to display. It’s Christmas and you can’t select green and red. Sound is satisfactory.
  • Update for iPhone X 2/5

    By DirtTMNY
    Can you please update the up for iPhone X i can’t see the stop of the screen

    By Beasst713

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