Jeopardy! World Tour

Jeopardy! World Tour

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  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Sony Pictures Television
  • Compatibility: Android
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Jeopardy! World Tour App

Challenge the world in the ultimate game of smarts. Earn bragging rights as the Jeopardy! World Tour champion. Whether you’re at home or on-the-go, it’s the new way to play Jeopardy! with your friends. Play this new Jeopardy! experience as host, Alex Trebek takes you on a world tour! • Have fun challenging the world with thousands of clues and categories • Become a Jeopardy! World Tour champion as you climb the global leaderboards • Earn free Power-Ups as you win your way through thousands of unique clues • The true Jeopardy! experience in the palm of your hand

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Jeopardy! World Tour app reviews

  • Awesome game 5/5

    By kelbell13
    Very cool game so far
  • Addictive but Glitchy 3/5

    By TrebekLvr
    I can't stop playing this game. My biggest issue is that sometimes my screen goes black in the middle of a game, meaning you pretty much automatically loose. This is bad on a bunch of levels but especially because you lose the money you put into the round!!
  • The only Jeopardy I'll ever win at! 5/5

    By CTM5787
    I've only played this for two days, but so far, it's a lot of fun and instructional as well.
  • Fun, fast-paced, but a bit greedy 4/5

    By rlburn01
    I like this game, and it's just like other reviewers say it is. But I'm deleting it, and here's why: I've played a few rounds, watched some advertisements, and despite winning over and over again I now cannot continue unless I purchase "cash" or "gold bars" (which I will not do - seriously people, real hard-earned money in exchange for cartoon gold bars?). So minus one star for the developer's requirement that I be subjected to not only one source of revenue - ads - but also contribute to a second source of revenue - "cash"/"gold" purchases - in order to continue playing.
  • Great!!! 5/5

    By Staticscott
    So fun to play and always entertaining.
  • So far so good 4/5

    By Jimjonz
    Just started haven't problems yet
  • A lot of fun! 5/5

    By Reinak72
    Inter-active, quick moving, good for a short break or killing an hour assuming your battery will take it LOL
  • Too much rides on luck. 1/5

    By Bluzipper
    Like the show, the questions are challenging, but the "power ups" add too much of a luck element to the game. You can get every clue right, and still lose to someone lucky enough to get multiple 2x points power ups. It would be nice if winning the game were based solely on knowledge.
  • Love it!!!! 5/5

    By Bowiegirl77
    Great app!
  • A few minutes of fun, but prepare to pay to progress 3/5

    By diamantine
    Questions are reasonably faithful to the show, and good fun for 15 minutes or so. Then the game "adjusts" the double bonuses of the AI players and yours so that even if you have a 100% correct answer rate, you lose. I don't blame the developers, though it does look like the fees for "gold" etc. are unreasonably high. Expect to pay far more than $50, which I'd consider the high end of good value, to play more than a couple of days...
  • a luck based jeopardy game 2/5

    By hrkac
    Computer opponents never get questions wrong, always have 2x points power ups (often multiple), and have a rather uncanny knack for hitting the daily double at the perfect time (and again, they don't miss). After the 45th time of getting every question right, still being in 2nd or 3rd, and having Alex taunt me that "maybe the next categories will be more to your liking", I uninstalled.
  • Relatively close. 4/5

    By Phil_in_the_818
    Maybe not a full game, but it gets the feeling close.
  • Fun but... 3/5

    By Dots67
    The actual game is fun, but I can't seem to find any instructions or rules. I never understand what it is I'm clicking on. I usually exit out when my confusion level peaks. And then I get messages reminding me to collect my winnings. ?????
  • Fun and challenging! 5/5

    By Snicoletto
    Fun to play! Thank goodness for multiple choice though!
  • Fun game 5/5

    By Agent 520
    I love the challenge of the game. And the graphics are great. Thank you.
  • Rigged 1/5

    By D Markson
    The game is clearly rigged. If you pay close attention to the scoring you will notice that when you answer a $200 question correctly that your opponents will frequently get $600 even without a daily double or power up. If the answer is "What is a fair game to play?" The answer is definitely NOT this app. Delete and try something else.
  • RIGGED! 1/5

    By Shellyj4444
    This is the most rigged game I have ever played. It allows you to win big the first few times, then you are matched against "real players" who aren't real people. These "players" somehow manage to get point doublers on almost every single question, and they also get TWO daily doubles on Jeopardy AND Double Jeopardy! You lose all of your money so fast, and when you go to watch the video for free cash, the game freezes. Scams like this should be illegal!
  • Fun 5/5

    By Ilajoy
    This is great
  • Great game 5/5

    By Pooppooppoop4848
    Really good game . Love it
  • Rigged 1/5

    By andrewmi3
    Do you like answering lame, repetitive trivia questions? Do you enjoy losing to imaginary opponents even when you literally get every question right? Do you like sitting through ads unless you spend $10? Have I got the app for you! Don't bother, it's terrible.
  • It's fun and hard! 5/5

    By shadowfax_girl
    Very challenging game but fun. I like the daily challenges. Also addicting so beware. Visit the store to get more cash for free by watching ads. You can also pay $9.99 to go ad free and get extra gold/cash.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Trimadterhvf
    I love the flow of the game play and the difficulty of most of the answers. I would've given it a 5 star review but the fact that there is no volume is disappointing.
  • Great game play 5/5

    By West Wizard
    Very good version. Very challenging
  • Frustrating at times 2/5

    By Sparky113
    The game is a fun concept, but has some technical and gameplay challenges. First, the in-game ads sometimes crash the app, which is unacceptable, especially if you're winning and don't want to jeopardize a streak, or the money you staked for that round. Secondly, the game is broken in some ways. In a recent round, I played the highest value clues I could, got every single answer correct, including final jeopardy, and still got last place because my opponents had hit double jeopardies and had 2x powerups. I guess you can say that that's the way the game is played, but that means that that round was unwinnable for me, regardless of how well I answered the trivia questions. And that feels like a perverse outcome for a game based on answering trivia questions.
  • Love it. 5/5

    By jeffkeegs
    I've been waiting for an app like this for years
  • Fun 5/5

    By Dk0717
    Good game
  • Yaaas 5/5

    By BrittDawg!
  • Excellent mobile version of Jeopardy!! 5/5

    By LordofReptar
    This is a fun, fast and addictive app that satisfies my love of trivia and Jeopardy! The clues range from fairly easy to fairly difficult, but with the power ups (3 randomized per game) and multiple choice type of format, the game is appropriately challenging.
  • Jut 5/5

    By Ploitnot
    Eff bbooiuy cdsedff Chung ggvg ghhj
  • Love it what a blast 5/5

    By Machinegun Johnson
    Always played along on the tv and now I can be the contestant
  • Fun but janky ads 4/5

    By KAZNM
    It's fun and challenging. I'd give five stars if it weren't for this fault with resuming after ad play: Every time an ad plays, the screen goes black and the game fails to resume. I have to close the app and re-open in order to get the black screen to disappear. Sometimes the game will resume, sometimes it doesn't. It's frustrating when it doesn't as I've spent and lost "cash" joining a game I never got to finish. I'm on iPhone SE.
  • Great game for trivia buffs 5/5

    By CladdaghRose
    Fun game for Jeopardy fans. Different game types and challenge levels.
  • Challenging but fun! 5/5

    By The Best Dog Daddy
    Excellent development and question difficulty. I can play this repeatedly!
  • Love it 5/5

    By P-Flum
    I love the show. Now I can play all the time.
  • Enjoying it so far 5/5

    By VernalEclipse
    Solid game, feels just like Jeopardy.
  • So many F***ing ads. 3/5

    By Blunts bluntss
    The ads finish and my screen stays black at the end of final jeopardy so I close and lose all money. Money hungry ads.
  • Too much fun! 5/5

    By Jeopardy for Lunch
    At last, all the Jeopardy I can stand--woo-hoo!
  • Awesomely challenging! 5/5

    By Melsstereetie
    Alex is such a charmer here! Jeopardy helps take my mind far away from DJT
  • It's So Fun 5/5

    By FlintGirl48506
    Great for all ages. I play alone, with my hubby or my kids. Surprising homeschool tool. Love it!
  • Love the TV show but 5/5

    By BBQuilts
    Love it but too long between cash infusions and too short between ads
  • 100% fun!! 5/5

    By Cooster815
    Great way to play Jeopardy!
  • Just started but so far loving it! 5/5

    By Chrissy01134
    Fun and quick when you don't always have time :)
  • Will not return from ads 1/5

    By Kkoff15191
    The game was fun at first, but now there is an ad with every Game. When it exits the app for the ads, it never returns and you don't get points
  • Great game 5/5

    By kattounas
    Bravo but need to add more questions
  • I won? 4/5

    By The Gardner2
    So far, so good.
  • Just Eh 3/5

    By TeaK27
    TWICE I have left a review stating that one of the questions gave an incorrect answer - both reviews have been deleted. Immature, tbh. So I'll give a real review to satisfy the developers. • PROS - fun to play others - different levels mean greater cash prizes - can updated your bank to get more cash every 4 hours. • CONS - categories are rather boring and repetitive - only first place gets a cash prize; second place should get something small too - it's not "live." you are playing with pre-recorded players. I get that it's easier, but playing live would be a lot more exciting - power ups are mundane too. you should be able to spend gold bars on certain power ups instead of tapping for them.
  • Jeopardy 5/5

    By TGL9
  • Great Trivia Game 5/5

    By Andruff
    A big welcomed change from another trivia game that became unplayable because of ads. This game is a great way to pass some time and test your memory and knowledge.
  • Fun and Challenging 5/5

    By Joek54
    Lots of fun. Good brain exercise
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Drunk.Bobo
    Love this app!

Jeopardy! World Tour app comments

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