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The new JOANN app has all the same coupons and offers you love, PLUS the option to create and share your own inspirational content with the #handmadewithjoann community. With the JOANN app you can: * Access exclusive mobile coupons and browse weekly sales to help you plan your next trip * Sign in to receive personalized in-store and online deals * Shop or browse our class catalog to learn something new * Create custom shopping lists to help you begin your next project * Explore the latest trends and inspiration in your favorite categories, and find handmade how-tos in photo and video formats * Create YOUR OWN how-to photo or video projects to share with the #handmadewithjoann community About JOANN From great product selection and knowledgeable customer service, to class offerings for all ages and thousands of project how-tos, JOANN inspires creativity and helps people find their happy place. We are proud to be part of the community of people who love to make things with their hands, hearts and minds.


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JOANN app reviews

  • Apple Wallet 2/5

    By Cheryl's iPhone 6 Plus
    I miss the opportunity to store my coupons in Apple can you add that feature back… please.
  • Zooming in on the adds 1/5

    By Sosew
    Not fixed all the way yet but getting there. It's nice that you corrected the app so the products are shown below each page of the add. But, we still can't zoom in on the products or pull up the product details. Please fix this. Let us zoom in on the add pages as well as the info below each page. Peggy ----- Please fix the app so we can zoom in on the adds. I can't read the add with the tiny print or even get a good look at the product. We need to be allowed to zoom in. Also, why can't the app show below the page the items on that page as previously the app allowed for this. Peggy
  • Hopefully 1/5

    By Bopeg
    I downloaded the app three times. Each times comes up restricted website. This app is useless! I hate it!!
  • A typical product from this company 1/5

    By Aemcd777
    This app is terrible. I don't want to create an account. I am already shopping here. I don't have a choice. The only reason jo-Ann's gets along is because in most areas, it's the only game in town. Mark my words: the minute a viable competitor steps up, joanns will be a memory. Oh, and it would be nice if the app actually WORKED when you tried to sign in. Smfh UPDATE: I was told by an employee of a store (tiredly) that I should re-download the app. How about the app actually work when I need it to instead?
  • 😝 1/5

    By Sawshee
    I hate the new version of this app. I use this app to find items that aren't in my store, and for the coupons. I hate that I have to have a log in!! I hate that as soon as you open the app you are put into a search area for tutorials!! Why have you done this?!? I don't want tutorials while I'm shopping!! I hate that you have to go to several different areas/menus to get to the search the store/online function!! The back arrow at the top of the screen takes you all the way back to the main app...where you can search tutorials, not to the item you were looking at before!! Then you have to start all over! It is not user friendly!! Hate, hate, hate it!! I was so frustrated the other day I walked out of the store and didn't buy anything!!!
  • for phones only? 3/5

    By Orlythe
    I use and love the old JoAnn's app on my IPad, but this new app doesn't seem to respond to rotation of my device to horizontal mode. It only shows a tall image lying on its side. Is this app for phones only?
  • Requires iPhone update 2/5

    By bb4jesus
    Dislike that I would need to update my iPhone to use this app 😖 because I've not had good experiences updating to the new IOS and and don't want to kill extra space on my phone I choose not to update... Wishing the JOANNS app had a option to run on the older IOS
  • Faster than usual 5/5

    By WaSpTim
    Update - videos loading faster for me, log in now faster as well Fast coupons and good projects
  • Can't checkout or use coupon 1/5

    By Mrsjadaka
    The only thing is getting the bonus coupons. Could not check out or use the bonus coupon. Don't know if I can go online and use the coupon code. Coupon does not show up when log in online. Also website still has the item on sale so I can't use the 40% coupon. Item is not on sale in the store. Please fix this. Used the old app all the time.
  • Used to be good, now useless 1/5

    By PLa54321
    This app used to work just fine. Now the constant having to sign in (which doesn't work) & not remembering the set store. I've stopped shopping here bcz I can't access coupons as easily as I used to.
  • Disappointed that search doesn't actually search products 3/5

    By Sleepycow42
    The Good: Coupons and Weekly ad are easily accessible and work well. The Bad: The search icon on the top left hand corner only searches projects and people. Searching for products is buried behind More > Shop, which just opens a web view. So I might as well just use Safari instead of this app. Suggestion: native product browsing with the ability to find products in store and add them to your shopping list.
  • Massive cellular data usage 1/5

    By Lokout
    I found this app used 1.2gb of data over the last month. Considering I did let even open it (I only use it for coupons when shopping with my wife, so on occasion) this is crazy.
  • It's good but... 3/5

    By Ulquiorra'sHeart
    I like the app, but it's not what I thought it was. I wished that you could actually search for products instead of just projects. That would be a lot more convenient
  • Hard to Navigate 1/5

    By Sheillbug
    When I click on something to look at it. It doesn't take me back to where I was. It starts my search all over again. There isn't a back to previous at the bottom.
  • Pretty much useless 2/5

    By Sewer Karen
    Some things never load on this app here as other stuff loads immediately. I have yet to see a current ad on the app. Only a blank screen. It never remembers you so every time you pull up the store you are yet again putting your zip code in. I would rather just go to their website.
  • Extra steps? 1/5

    By Eeaubie
    Why oh why would you add extra steps to get coupons? The only thing I use your app for is coupons. Adding extra steps to this seems silly (stupid?). Why do I have to save it, then click on it. I'm really not enjoying my experience since the update.
  • Constantly have to start my search over 1/5

    By Zulily lover but....
    I don't like this app at all. If I'm searching through several pages for an items & click on it to view it, I am then unable to return to the previous page. So say I am on page 7 of the planners & journals and I open a product to look at it, I can't return to page 7. It brings me back to my homepage on the app and I have to start my search all over again. This is too time consuming and too frustrating. I'd rather spend my time & money at Michael's crafts, which has a very easy to use, new updated app.
  • I love jo-ann stores but... 1/5

    By eeemmmilyyyyy
    The app (and the store, for that matter) have to come into this century. This update is the reason I won't use the app anymore. My primary interest is not jo-ann inspired DIYs- I want to see what product is available at different locations near me, and using iPhone internet browsers for the same purpose is not seamless as the previous app. Please change it back.
  • Needs to be able to scan and save receipts 4/5

    By Kkae4
    The Walmart app has a very nice feature where you can scan the bar code of your receipt and it saves it in your account so if you ever lose your receipt, you can easily look it up. Also, if you can't remember when you bought something, you can search your saved receipts for the item. This simple feature would be sooooo nice in the Joann app so that I can search for my fabric that I bought. Also if the Joann app had another feature that the Walmart app has, which is to be able to scan the barcode on merchandise to look up the cost.
  • Super Annoying 1/5

    By Lil_anime
    I'm just here for the bonus coupon
  • Too much data! 1/5

    By Mapwanderer
    I just deleted this App from my phone!! It used way too much memory! Why should a shopping/ coupon app hog up data space?!
  • So many things wrong 1/5

    By mlancepro
    This is for a retail store, yes? Then why make the user drill in to find the products? The coupon interface is remedial. The experience is obviously not designed with the user in mind. Shame.
  • Old app better 1/5

    By DonnaDiane
    Wow, they screwed us with the new app. Coupons now take so many extra steps to use. It's bad enough waiting in long lines to check out or get fabric cut, now they want to waste more of my time with this crummy app. Oh and to get more coupons, you have to make an account. Disrespectful company gets less and less of my business.
  • Sends notifications for coupons that do not exist 1/5

    By petersonlm
    Will send me notifications for coupons that do not exist. I will receive in-app messages for 20% off total purchase or other "flash sale" coupons, only to click on them and be redirected to the coupon listings where they are miraculously absent. I can't decide if Joann's is intentionally deceitful or if the app is just buggy.
  • Do not like newest version. 1/5

    By hgfhgcbcmn
    I do not like the newest version of the app. You open up to a screen that directs you to DIY things and other areas of the app when all I want is to be able to get to the supplies. So after taking 5 minutes to find where I need to go to search the supplies, I have a hard time keeping the app on the pages I'm looking at. I'm trying to search for specific items and keep getting redirected back to the main part of the app. I hit the big arrow to go back to previous page, which what every other app has as well as the old version, and kept going back to the first page you see when you first open the app. I don't care about all that BS. I care about finding the supplies I need to create products my customers want and need. Yes, you have the DIYers, but you also have business owners using your app and purchasing supplies from you. At least make an app for the business owners and give them special attention with discounts that are different from a normal customer. And I mean, close to wholesale type of discounts. Plus, keep holiday styles of fabrics in store for longer periods of time and let business owners buy up the rest after the holidays. So they can stock up for the following year. It's just suggestions, but at least give the app an easier way to navigate. The current way is confusing. 8/1/17
  • Completely Worthless 1/5

    By Sykiksquirrel
    This app is completely worthless! It won't give you access to coupons or anything else without signing in or signing up. But when you try to do either you get a blank page and aren't able to do anything! Will be deleting this worthless app asap!
  • Logging in 5/5

    By GmaK50
    I had trouble logging in at first. Then I closed the app, re-opened it and tried logging in again. It worked! To access coupons, save them first, then tap the saved tab at the top and you will see your saved coupons. Click on the coupon you want to use and it opens up with the scan bar. You can also just take a screenshot of that coupon and pull it up in your photos when you get to the cashier. I do that to save time.
  • Granny loves coupons 2/5

    By GrannyB1P
    Used this app all the time for my coupons. Walked in store bought merchandise pulled up coupons they had scan code and they would scan at the check out. Now the scan codes or bars are gone!! What do you use or scan?? And this update with projects. Don't like it at all. Originally gave it a four but taking that back now can't figure anything out.
  • Froze 1/5

    By Kimcansew
    I updated this app and its frozen now.
  • USELESS 1/5

    By mh in mn
    This app is pointless. I thought I'd try it, but it only lets you enter supplies for crafty projects--not sewing.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By B. Diane Landon
    Total waste of time. Home screen has no link to shopping: how to videos, lists, store locator, coupons are all on home screen. Shopping link buried in menu. I'm done with the ap.
  • App works great 5/5

    By Ynafish
    Others are having trouble signing in but when you get the app you have to create an account again and then you are able to log in, not logical but that's what worked for me.
  • New version much better 5/5

    Working much better and faster Love coupons Projects need instructions
  • I couldn't even log in 1/5

    By ImagineAsh
    I would put in all my information and then it would say that either my email or password was invalid. I knew that both were correct cause I logged in to the Joanns website with the same exact email and password. I try to reset my password from the app and it's been around 4 hours with no email.
  • Why Reinvent the Wheel? 2/5

    By @Romanoska
    The app that worked well for online shopping and coupon retrieval has been hijacked by some Instagram wannabe. What's the point? I have to wonder how much market research was done before this "update". I imagine I'm not the only disappointed customer. Please... Revert.
  • I don't care for the Pinterest clone 2/5

    By Darksilver Hawk
    I don't particularly care for the Pinterest elements that now dominate the app, but I can at least get coupons. And shopping is a huge pain- it doesn't remember what page you were on so hopefully you never need to click away. I don't think they like their website very much. I don't need project ideas, I need to find stuff for my existing projects, which just got way harder to do.
  • Sign in problem 1/5

    By dizidreemer
    Cannot sign in if your password includes a number. Only accepts letters, keyboard will not open numbers.
  • It doesn't work. 1/5

    By Groggy62
    Can not put in a password. Couldn't reset because it told me there were problems with my "form" but had checkmarks next to my password entries. I asked for a new link and it said I had successfully changed my password. Went back to log in and it says wrong password. Have always had problems receiving Joann info from website. Changed passwords several times and even changed my email address a couple times. Do not receive coupons. I can get coupons more easily on app when I don't sign in. Used to go to my wallet but not now.
  • Not functioning! 1/5

    By Lnnjofnjoebfvefv
    Tried to use the app, was redirected to update it and now nothing works. No bueno! Please fix!
  • Unable to access in store 1/5

    By trixski
    Every time I enter JoAnn fabrics the coupons in this app disappear. In order to see them I need to turn off my wifi, which I am accessing via the free JoAnn service, and use my data in order to view the coupons. But even that does not always work. Then, if I don't remember to turn my wifi back on after leaving the store, I use way too much of my data plan. Very disappointing app.
  • I already have Pinterest, thanks. 1/5

    By ThePandas
    I had the older version of this app on my iPad and my only complaint is that I didn't get to see the coupons. NOW I have the newer one and I am sorely disappointed. It's incredibly hard to navigate. I used the app for shopping and checking on deals in store. Now it's incredibly difficult to find the weekly ads, or to shop the store. The new focus is on making this app a full-blown crafting app. I already have a Pinterest account with years of projects collected. I don't need another app like it. I need one that will help me find the best items I need to complete a project and let me know when/if they're on sale.
  • No more weekly ad 1/5

    By Emerzcs
    Either the weekly ads have been removed completely or or are impossible to find now! That was the only reason besides coupons that I use this app and now it's pointless!
  • HORRIBLE!!! 1/5

    By Tfetner
    I used to love this app; now I hate it it. It is truly worthless. Instead of opening a coupon or coupons at the register, you need to "save" the coupon. However, when I go to my saved coupons, there no code or barcode for the cashier to use. The cashier told me, "You have to save it to your wallet, then open the coupon in your wallet." I asked to do that, and he said he had no idea!
  • Horrible App Update 1/5

    By Trollylamba
    I so wish I hadn't updated! Can't add my email, can't find the weekly ads, lousy navigation, shame on you developers! I relied on this app and used to use it regularly. Now I'm going to delete it.
  • Ack! What happened!!! 1/5

    By Sjoypop
    This is no longer a shopping app. Search only works on "projects". To search for craft supplies you have to go to At least the coupons are still easy to find. What a terrible upgrade.
  • Are you going to fix this so it is useable on an iPad? 1/5

    By Sew at
    So they updated the app and it does not run in landscape, is harder to use and generallybad
  • Deleted App 1/5

    By Slk_Wes
    Deleted app. I have no use for the new update. Gave it one star because zero stars was not an option.
  • Not easily usable anymore 2/5

    By Jrgsxhh
    I've used older versions of this app for quite a while, but the recent changes to the app have changed it for the worst. I guess joann's is pushing itself as a rafting instructions company now - a little like what craftsy does. I couldn't tell you whether it's any good or not because I use craftsy for that purpose. Anyhow, rather than continuing on with the joann's app being an app to connect with customers for their retail operation, that function is now a deep (and quirky) secondary function. You can get to that if you're willing to work hard enough at it, but taking down craftsy would appear to be job #1 now. Good luck using the app for anything with the retail side of the business. They probably should have launched a second app instead for people who want the crafting info. I hope they do exactly that in future releases.
  • R MJplpllojynilo 4/5

    By llolplppllko
  • Only good for coupons 1/5

    By katiekid80
    The new version is trying too hard to incorporate social networking, which is not at all what I am looking for from this app. The only thing this is useful for is the coupons. Can't search for items anymore and when you click on "shop" it comes up with a blank page. Would be much more useful to have shopping intergrated in the app like before.

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