Job Search - Snagajob

Job Search - Snagajob

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Job Search - Snagajob App

Your job search just got easier with Snagajob - your #1 spot for hourly jobs. Unlike other job boards, Snagajob specializes in connecting you with hourly employment. Search from more than a million full time and part-time jobs in top industries like: restaurant, retail, hospitality and customer service. Search for jobs on the go, find jobs hiring in your area and get matched with the best-fit jobs from any location. The best part is, you can apply to jobs in just one click! Top features of the job search app include: • 1-Click Apply - Use your Snagajob profile to apply directly to jobs with just one click • Visuality Personality Quiz - Add a personality quiz to your profile to let employers know more about your strengths and get matched with the jobs that are the best fit for you • Video Profile - Personalize your profile with a video to show employers how you stand out from other applicants • Targeted Search - Use your location, keywords, filters and more to get the best job matches • Daily Job Matches - Get fresh, personalized job openings sent directly to your phone • Application Status Updates - View real-time updates on the status of your applications • Save Jobs - Find jobs now, apply later Use Snagajob to find the very best jobs! We’ve got a variety of local jobs hiring near you. Whether you’re a student searching for an entry-level job or you’re just looking to get back into the workforce and earn extra money, Snagajob has the job for you. It’s as easy as download, search and apply. Popular job categories include: • teen jobs • student jobs • entry-level jobs • restaurant jobs • retail jobs • security jobs • customer service jobs Get your job search started and get hired with Snagajob!

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Job Search - Snagajob app reviews

  • Great 5/5

    By Sianna bear
    A lot of good opportunities
  • Great 5/5

    By Ead316
    No problems,flawless.
  • Snagajob 5/5

    By Andrew samson
    Is awesome download it, it helps so much when you need a job.
  • Incredible 5/5

    By JechtShot3
    Used this to get a job in my area crazy fast. Easy to search and apply. Highly recommended.
  • App works well, not sure if they send accurately. 2/5

    By Wild1<3
    The app works well, the one click apply is great, but I am not sure if this is the best way to go about getting a job. Employers definitely check the applications of those who go straight to them as opposed to through this app.
  • Snagajob 4/5

    By Amykins65
    This app is really perfect for me! I can put in my info and with one click I can apply. I love technology!!
  • Audrey 5/5

    By whoppers 28
    It very helpful
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By RJMarez
    Thanks for all your help
  • Great app 5/5

    By Badbihh06
    I got a job from it and stayed with it for about a year.
  • Stupid and poorly programmed 1/5

    By Camknight15
    Seems to be ran by a bunch of retarded gorillas. After I tirelessly spend so much time answering these annoyingly redundant questions, Snagajob rejects my application because it's apparently been more than 30 days since I started it. It hasn't been more than 30 days since I started the application. The low IQ monkeys who are supposed to be programming the website must've gone to Devry, dropped out after pre-algebra and got hired by this incompetent team of retards. Please don't waste your time with these animals.
  • It's the best 5/5

    By Vero1996
    As soon as you apply they will just contact u immediately and I was so surprised..wasn't even expecting a call but they did and happy I have the job now working all thanks to Sangajob 😍😘❤️💯
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Redmovingup_
    I applied for a few jobs and didn't get a call back and it been weeks!
  • Download now 4/5

    By _rico_0
    I'm 20 years old and have been unemployed for months and two day after installing and putting applications I get hired. This app is definitely worth putting time into for job hunting. So useful and user friendly too. Definitely a great app guys.
  • Not Great 2/5

    By TheRyeGye
    I have been waiting for weeks now and there has been no emails to call me in. I applied for a job online and got declined I went to the very same store asked if they were hiring and they said they were very understaffed and asked when I could start. I rate this two carrots out of 5 matzo balls. Garbage
  • Love it! 5/5

    By victoria merie roncelli
    Super awesome app! I love how easy and fast I can apply for a job. :D
  • Love it 5/5

    By Taygilbert19
    Love this app
  • 5 Star App 5/5

    By SirAVEJr
    Great app to find jobs near you. Definitely recommended for you!
  • I love Snagajob Application. 5/5

    By KingWickedLee
    I've used this App for 2 years now and I've got 4 jobs. The applying is simple and they give the employer the ability to report on the status of your application . I'm using this app again to get yet another job . Thank you Snagajob !!
  • Resume uploading 2/5

    By Abcefg ken
    Would be nice if you could put your resume on here.
  • Very useful app 5/5

    By LoverofSnagajob
    It is very useful and great app. Sends me emails everyday for what I relate to for jobs. I love this app.
  • It's legit & Im currently going to an interview! 5/5

    By Marelixxbby
    I was skeptical at first with this app... but honestly it's amazing. I have applied to jobs through this app on a Thursday, and on Sunday I got an email stating I have an interview the following day! I called the place to confirm, and as of right now I'm on the way to it! Lol. Just be patient and keep on applying!
  • What is going on? 1/5

    By Ashley N. P.
    Apparently, according to my app, there NO jobs, WHATSOEVER, beside Uber.... anywhere.

    By Gangster0123
    Great places for job open your horizons to an unlimited amount of places awesome app
  • Snagajob is lifesaving 5/5

    By Latfytll
    So far it's been amazing I just use it to set up my resume and then I can see who's hiring, the connections are there and the choices filter between companies is unprecedented. Overall a broad and great search engine!
  • Not bad 3/5

    By Evelyn✌️
    I have been applying to different jobs for months now and have yet to get one. Maybe it's my lack of experience but isn't fast food not as picky? Anyways the app is convenient but could use improvements. Like when I get Snagajob email, I click on a job in the email and get sent to my browser instead of the app, which is annoying because then I have to either sign in again or try to find the job on the app. Also how accurate are the application statuses? Most of mine say 'status not available', which makes the feature pretty useless.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Meeeia
    This is the wrost app ever it don't work I have 45 applications and never got a call and I did everything to my profile 😑😑
  • Applied for a job 5/5

    By Kylla09
    I applied for a job at 9:35am today on here then at 12pm there's this lady calling my phone telling me I can come to a interview tomorrow this is a great app & it really works ❤️!
  • Snagajob is GREAT 5/5

    By Cocomoaz1
    I made a profile added my resume and Snagajob produced great results. I've had several interviews. I had so many interviews that I could pick and choose the right job for me. Thank you Snagajob
  • Fix 3/5

    By NoopsrehtiW
    Filtering doesn't work. I I choose part time the results don't change.
  • It's great 4/5

    By Uknown man
    It's a great app, even though I haven't gotten a job off of it, it helps me organize my choices.
  • Age appropriate 3/5

    By Flyguyleah
    It's really bad to find jobs my age (16). It would be nice if they had another age for 16 year olds looking for jobs
  • Not bad at all 5/5

    By xZxTENx
    All these other reviews must be fake. The app works 100% fine for me.
  • I'm not able to see my application status for any job 1/5

    By Hdelana02
    I used to be able to see them about 6 months ago, now I can't see the status of my applications. I tried deleting and re-downloading the app but it still won't show. I'm really upset with this defect of the app b/c I'd really like to see if they even look at my application or if my application went through. All I see is a blank screen with Applications and Archive at the top of the screen.
  • Fix 3/5

    By Phelpswhoelse
    The app was really good until the update I agree with all my applications are gone isn't this the point of the app to fill out and be informed when your application has been reviewed or declined please fix ASAP!!!
  • Filters do not work! 1/5

    By Shjc.
    Terrible app only shows me full time when I select part time or teen.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By pbpham96
    This app was great at first until they changed everything about the app. The locations all seem to be off and the filters don't even filter out the things you are looking for. For example, when I filter out for part time jobs, all they show are full time jobs when there's about 600+ part time jobs on the list. Please fix ASAP!
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By itunesjma
    Filters don't work, save your time and don't bother
  • Useful 5/5

    By K.E.Y Dragon
    Love this app helped me get my first job
  • Needs more work 3/5

    By Velocity squared
    It won't let me sign in using my proper email and password. And search doesn't seem to work to well based on a zip code. Hurry up with an update please.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Thekrittick
    Waste of time. Doesn't work. Simplistic search engine that has no ability to fine tune categories. Walk to your local MacDonald's and ask for a job application if you want the jobs on this app
  • Great 5/5

    By Realperson128
    This app is easy to use and very helpful
  • Worked well, some complications! 4/5

    By Friend Boisvert
    The app associated my home town with a different state yet still registered job searches with my area! Please fix this? 🌝
  • Update 1/5

    By Xoxashlynnxox
    Um what the heck? I don't even write reviews but seriously? I loved this app before they updated it, I used it all the time. Now I can't put a filter for teen jobs only and there's barely any filters now. I really liked this app, looked for jobs on it everyday but now it doesn't even work for what I use it for. This was the best job search app for teens, so easy to navigate and apply. Please fix this.
  • Why 1/5

    By AustinFoltz
    This app has just turned awful. I have no applications anymore, I have no idea where they are but anything I filled out before the update is gone. Anything I filled out after the update doesn't show up. I'm dissatisfied.
  • Barely deserves a star 1/5

    By Nayla Horan
    Unhelpful it doesn't work most of the time, logs me out of my account. Search engine doesn't work, filter section doesn't work. The app is a waste of time.
  • Messy 2/5

    By DicMcSpaz
    Applications don't show up when filled out, jobs are limited in viewing (small list) even though there's more to be seen. Map view was taken off.
  • Good 4/5

    By KimberlyMacias
    The app works fine
  • Bring back map view! 1/5

    By xSnakey1111111
    New update is terrible! Man view is gone, your only limited to view one page of jobs. User interface inconsistent.
  • Can't choose whether it's a teen job I'm looking for 2/5

    By Tyroneisnotthefather
    Want this back
  • Eh 3/5

    By Blissmarble
    Been sucky lately, won't load my applications or the filters.

Job Search - Snagajob app comments

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