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JoyRun App

JoyRun is delivery for friends, by friends. JoyRun is a social delivery platform made up of people in your community; delivering from any of your favorite businesses! Hungry? Stuck in class or at home? Request a run from your favorite places on JoyRun and a fellow JoyRunner can bring your food to you! Ordering, payment and all coordination happens magically in the app. Going to grab a coffee or a bite to eat? Do a run, return the favor by delivering to your community, and earn kudos and money! Cheaper, friendlier, funner. It’s that easy.


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  • Awesome! 5/5

    By GettingCredit
    Great idea for an app! It’s so great to use on campus since i don’t have a car. It’s so great to help connect to my community and let us do things to benefit eachother.
  • College student's best friend! 4/5

    By Bbslim
    This app is very convenient whether you're a college student with free time looking to make a little extra cash every now and then or if you're a busy student and don't want to give up the time you could spend working on assignments driving to get food. Definitely a must have for any college student!
  • Good app but expensive! 3/5

    By NeonLeo
    For someone who doesn't drive this is great for when I'm craving food from a certain place. The 5 dollar delivery fee is a bit much, campus calzone only has a 1 dollar fee so I tend to tip them more. I rarely tip on this app because I am a broke college student so if the delivery fee would go down just a bit the runners would probably get better tips.
  • Mandatory Facebook? 1/5

    By vicletus15
    I heard great things about the app from colleagues so decided to give it a try. However it REQUIRES a Facebook for some reason? I’m not going to make a Facebook to get food delivered, it just doesn’t make sense! hence the 1 star.
  • I love joyrun!! 5/5

    By Halterz
    I have been running for this app for about 3 months here at ecu and it is amazing! Hands down the best way to increase monthly income and I usually end up getting a $100 bonus every month!
  • Mediocre 2/5

    By Gracex3x3
    This app is a great concept. I love that it allows anyone on campus to both order and deliver food. But, the app has a lot of room for improvement. Making money on the app takes a very long time. If you front $10 for an order and only make $13, you see a very tiny profit about a week later, which isn't great if you don't have a lot of money to front in the first place. Secondly, instead of paying you in one payment, they pay you in multiple small ones which makes things confusing. Lastly, although I always get a response from costumer service, I rarely get a helpful one. My first problem was resolved after over two weeks of back and forth messaging. My current problem has been answered by 3 different people, none of which are able to answer my question or point me to someone who does. It's very frustrating. In the end, this app has potential. But they have a lot of work do to.
  • Get this 5/5

    By roat the goat
    Got food quicker uber eats. All the employees are students and live within a mile of me
  • best new app! 5/5

    By Kclever9797
    such a genius idea! and so beneficial to college students to make a few extra bucks here and there!
  • I LOVE IT 4/5

    By sydneedenae
    JoyRun is a great app to use! It’s easy and a total life saver.
  • Why use anything else? 5/5

    By Tegan F
    I just started using JoyRun, and the opportunities for this app are literally endless. I have 18 units this quarter, so I pretty much don't have time to get some meals. Thankfully, JoyRun lets me eat the food I want, when I want, without having to go get it. You can order much more than food though, so why use any other app? JoyRun does it all.

    By Peter Barrett
    I immediately fell in love with the app! The concept is great and genius! Everyone should get this app and really take advantage of the benefits!
  • Great 5/5

    By Get thought
    The best app I've used!!! And a really good way to meet the people around you
  • Amazing for a college campus 5/5

    By MiamiOhioFan77
    I had no idea how useful this would be until I actually started using it. I saw this at a tabling event and thought they hype was not real. The cheapest delivery service as well as the ability to get anything. Literally anything. From Walmart to change at a parking meter, JoyRun will bring anything to you.
  • Great App, Great Concept 5/5

    By Logan Jennings
    JoyRun is a great App, with endless potential and ceiling. I would recommend it to anyone. Is brings convenience, income, and community to college campuses.
  • Great concept, flawed execution 3/5

    By RelientKFan
    I love the idea of the app, but the UI is not user-friendly at all. It feels messy to place orders and I'm always worried mine didn't go through. It makes sense for notifications to be required if you're doing runs, but in between runs I don't want a dozen notifications saying "Request to _______. Can you run?" Please please pleeeeease work on making this app more organized. I want to use it but it stresses me out every time I do, especially on my first run.
  • Awesome App! 5/5

    By fsulaw10
    I use JoyRun at FSU and it saves me so much time! I also make some extra money when I am already buying for myself! It's a win-win. Plus my first delivery was from a guy named Jack and he was super nice and made the experience really great.
  • The best app for quick money or quick food 5/5

    By kkffeedd
    This is the best app to have on a college campus. Instant food delivered right to you by your fellow college peers, OR you can make money off of delivering food to your friends. Money transferred to your bank account within 24 hours it's sweet
  • Better than the rest 5/5

    By JROD03
    I have used JoyRun several times over the last month or so. Occasionally I'll make runs to make some extra money, or if I'm too lazy to get off the couch I just have it delivered for cheap. I love how flexible JoyRun is compared to some of the other apps I have tried.
  • Earning cash and getting food made easy?! I'm all about that 5/5

    By penguin1421
    JoyRun is new to my campus but now that the word is getting out, it's getting much more fun and social! This app is definitely going to be a hit. 🤘🏽
  • Joyrun is amazing !!! 5/5

    By Jaydogb
    Dude, it gets cook out and other food places to me and I don't even have to leave my room!!!!
  • Better than Uber? 5/5

    By Ready4College
    This app has the ability to startup with only 25 people and can be at just about any college campus. Versatility, makes this company a great opportunity for young college students that need money through working for the company, but also allows you to order anything from the benefit of your own home without leaving the couch. -Lemons
  • Simply Amazing 5/5

    By Moods gjo
    Joyrun allows me to get whatever I want or need in the matter of a few clicks. Late night study sesh at the library? All I have to do is have a runner go and get me my Starbucks and all I have to do is pay a small delivery fee. Awesome app, can't wait to see it grow and become more popular.
  • JoyRunnin' 5/5

    By Notorious J.E.W
    I love using the JoyRun app! It makes it super easy to connect with my campus community and I'm making extra cash on the side for real! 💯
  • Making money 5/5

    By Austinjmazz7
    JoyRun makes earning money easy and fun!
  • Good way to make quick cash 5/5

    By Oogiebertogirl
    As a broke college student, this is definitely an easy way to make some quick cash on food delivery! Signing up for Runner's Club is the way to go and, if you're ordering, it's cheaper than the other food delivery apps. It's also very simple and easy to use. 👍🏼
  • Outstanding!!! 5/5

    By Narddog10
    Great App! It is easy and fun to use! I really enjoy going on runs and it makes it easy to get started making money! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
  • Wow 5/5

    By Pacwoman01
    Easiest way to make money as a college student. I was already going to chipotle so I messaged the app if anyone wanted chipotle... Long story short I was $20 richer by the end of my trip.
  • Amazing!! More than just a delivery service! 5/5

    By koder4698
    JoyRun is an outstanding app! It is perfect for those times when you are just feeling too lazy to go out and get food, snacks or even groceries. Or even if you are crammed for time, JoyRun runners are the plugs. JoyRun is NOT just a delivery app, but a community platform. The deliverers are students just like ourselves so you are able to make a connection. It is a laid back service and keeps you in contact with your deliverer throughout the whole process so if you have any questions or concerns, they are right there to listen. 100/10 would recommend to every single student on a campus.
  • Makes life that much easier!! 5/5

    By Alboobunny
    This app is amazing for those nights that you're stuck at the library studying late or don't have a car and you're craving something that's far off campus. Plus instead of having a 30 year old man show up at your door you have a fellow college student which makes it less awkward and you're helping them pay for books or money to go out for the weekend! LOVE LOVE LOVE
  • Great App for Side money 5/5

    By ClassSociety
    This app is wonderful. The app works flawlessly and is easy to navigate. The way you can be rated as a driver and tipped works really well. It's great because it's students that you see everyday and gives them a chance to make money on this side. Some people have always wondered how they were going to get Taco Bell at 2 in the morning after a night out, and with this app, it made it possible to get Taco Bell in a safe manner. Thanks JoyRun!
  • Good for delivering but not for the person working 3/5

    By LackAF
    App glitches a lot. I've had to uninstall and install several times and has made me several minutes later to next drop off location cause I have to wait for it to load. When I open 'run history ' and view an old order so I can compare to my bank statement and I press 'Back' it goes to front page when all I want is to go back to review other run history. It's inconvenient to always have to press 'run history.' Also I think there needs to be away to price match food items. I've learned that sometimes I've paid more than the price actually is and don't get my full amount back. I think using our own money is dangerous and can cause banking issues. A company debit card should be issued that is loaded when the requester has put in their debit card info. Should work like a transfer. From their account to our company card.
  • No runners 1/5

    By Dinyfvhfc
    No one ever runs to pick up the food.
  • Bad application 1/5

    By Ugskfvhdhrbjkmfsvdt
    Nooo runners at all 😡😡😡
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By the holy bowels
    Every time I've used Joyrun the wrong card has been charged with zero support. Don't download this app, they never ever refund.
  • Cool app but needs updated a little more 3/5

    By Asdfghjk4320
    App is cool and idea is there. Not stoked about the over draft though. I had a previous card sync'd to the app and added a new one for my order today and they still charged my other card from a previous order causing me to overdraft (did not use the one I just put in). Not happy about that. Delivery guy was awesome though!
  • Love it! 4/5

    By CamCamp1234
    Joy Run is a great way to get to know people in your community, earn a few extra dollars, and get food (or anything!) delivered right to you. App is very simple and easy and everyone involved is friendly and helpful! Definitely recommend!
  • Young Sasquatch 5/5

    By Go Ags
    The thing I love about this app compared to other delivery services is that anyone can do it...also the fact that delivery prices are not fixed and the runner can decide what they want to charge makes it that much better :) thank you to whoever came up with this, this has truly been a lifesaver for me during my freshman and sophomore years!
  • Very Useful 5/5

    By vishal__b
    Shout out to JoyRun for helping me get through finals week. It's a must-have for any college student!
  • Horrible User Experience 1/5

    By BestTakes
    Used joyrun for a year. Constant bad experiences. Drivers would show hours late to no consequence or sometimes not at all. Joyrun was hesitant to refund anytime there was error and customer service is terrible overall. They'll contact your phone number without you disclosing it to them with advertisements but can't help you with anything wrong with the app. Just overall trash
  • Don't download 1/5

    By Tis dye
    Terrible working app, considering 3-5 people are using it. Not enough foot traffic for promotions to be efficient. 1$ Taco Bell doesn't mean anything if there are no "runners" to run over and pick it up.
  • Fix bug please 1/5

    By Hooooooooo23
    I think there's a bug on this version. I can't use the app whatsoever
  • bug? 1/5

    By Chuheartsyou
    the app doesn't start up for me at all
  • Made us miss Dutch bros 1/5

    By GingaWood
    They had a promotion and we got stopped. They made us download the app (wasting our precious data) and we couldn't even use it. After wasting our time we couldn't even get the Dutch discount because we had to catch a bus. ☹️ Joy Run causes nothing but pain.
  • Complicated 1/5

    By aaatha137
    Was walked through it still had trouble using it. Seems unnecessary.
  • Shouldnt need a Facebook to use 1/5

    By Statoman
  • No one delivers, constant sign in problems 1/5

    By Pat4ever
    No one ever delivers, if they do it takes hours of you requesting. The app makes you sign into Facebook (I'd make this review 0 stars because of this if I could) forcing me to have to use a fake Facebook because I deactivated my old one.
  • Disappointed and Hangry 2/5

    By cf100976
    Not only does the app take several lifetimes to load but also makes me sign in twice every time I try to use it. I thought the point was to get food faster than I could walk the couple of miles to get it myself- apparently not
  • Worst thing that's ever happened 1/5

    By Suggahhhxoco
    Ordered food once. Was way too over priced and took THREE HOURS. Would not ever recommend. Just order food from places that actually delivery.
  • JoyRun is so convenient 5/5

    By Emma.eva
    This app is so convenient. I can make a few dollars on my way home from class just by going through the chick fil a drive through or if I forgot to grab something at the store I can just grab my phone and someone will bring it to my house. And it's great cause it's by college students for college students! 10/10 would recommend this app!
  • Great app but some issues 3/5

    By Daveywavey93
    It won't accept my payment. When I try to add my card it says it has been declined. I purchase something to make sure it wasn't my card and my card was working fine. I really would like to use the app and have it accept my form of payment. Btw my bank is Huntington so idk if that will help with any issues

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