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JPay App

The JPay App lets you send money and email to inmates from your iOS device. Your favorite JPay services – money transfer and email to prisons – now on the go! JPay Mobile email allows you to send photo attachments* and email multiple recipients. With the updated Send Money service, you can quickly transfer funds to inmate trust accounts with your credit or debit card. You can even manage your JPay account. Features: -Send money with your credit/debit card* -Write and receive emails* -Attach and send photos* -Send emails to multiple recipients* -Add/edit payment options *Available in select facilities


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    By JamesSmall14
    I Spent 200$ On My Mom For Stamps / Books And They Locked Me Out Off My Account Cause They Need A Verification. Don't Trust Jay Pay !!! wish They Had A 0 Star Option
  • Needs an Update 1/5

    By T&A_1517
    First I couldn't send photos, only through email. A message would come up as "unable to complete the request at this time." Now it says that same message when trying to log in. Now I can't even log into my account! What's the point in having this app when I can't even communicate to my love one through it!? This app needs to be fixed asap!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Mellatlbeauty
    What everyone else said
  • Don't Work! 1/5

    By Tate2010
    Just downloaded this app and it don't work! I can't send emails, I can only send them when I send money!
  • Needs work 1/5

    By arobin14
    Can no longer hear the audio in the video recordings I'm receiving. I can't even hear it on the previous ones that I received and I could hear the audio originally on those.
  • IMATES 3/5

    By Pleasedontstare
    This is a dope app ! But seriously something needs to be done asap! 1).it's says you have a new message (notifications) and you go open it and it's an old message 😒 2).two stamps per picture when they don't get it the same day 🙄 3). YOU GUYS MAKE SO MUCH MONEY OFF THIS APP & PROBABLY WOULD BE RICHER IF THE APP WAS UPDATED AND YOU GUYS WAS ON TOP OF THINGS 🤷đŸģ‍♀ī¸4). NEW JERSET IS THE ONLY STATE THAT DOESN'T ALLOW US TO VIDEO CHAT OUR INMATES OR SEND VIDEOS PERIOD 😡 5). Fix the bugs over all it'll be 5 stars ⭐ī¸â­ī¸â­ī¸â­ī¸â­ī¸ it's really a great app just get it together jpay 😘 thanks guy I love it
  • Awful! 1/5

    By PrincessAFH
    Awful. The keyboard doesn't event pop up for you to reply to a message. With all the money you spend using the app, it should work properly.
  • What is going on!! 1/5

    By Goodgirlkymm
    This site use to work perfectly, but since the new update it just doesn't work correctly anymore!!! Please fix!
  • Works for me 5/5

    By Op Sammy
    It works for me I talk to my dad all the time with this app since he is in prison for the rest of his life
  • Such a long wait. 1/5

    By Layuy3
    My Hunny would send me msgs and I would not receive until 12-24 hrs later. The longest I've waited for his msgs was 2 whole days. Not very convenient seeing how we have to pay for it as well. It's my number one reason I tell him that we shouldn't use it at all. Hate this app.
  • So many problems 1/5

    By Ivelia_Ice
    I wish we had other options for this type of app.
  • Stole my money 1/5

    By Anonymous82109
    Tried to buy stamps twice , it said it failed, but they still took my money. 😭
  • The worst App Ever 1/5

    By T. Dobbs
    This App is by far the worst app ever. I am deleting this App immediately.
  • Photos never send 1/5

    By ACReyno
    Just duplicates the photos in my library and never sends them. I have to pay to do basically anything in this app you'd think they could use that money to make the app work.
  • Junk 1/5

    By Sonoma473
    Wont even open....ever-after download. Cant reciew it without being able to use it. Amazing some app devs simply dont care yet they for sure will take your money.
  • Free Oshan Cook 1/5

    By cacaosteve
    App works okayish but if he was free I could just use a regular messaging app? Costs a lot for what it is. Imprisoning innocent people for a decade costs even more.
  • Booooo 1/5

    By boom.bxtch
    Can't snap and send photos. The whole purpose of me having the app is so that I can send photos to my loved one without having to send a msg...
  • Truly horrible 1/5

    By bandw1dth
    This is a truly horrible app. Everything from the keyboard not popping up when you go to type to the outrageously expensive fees. Do yourself a favor and pass on this app and just use the website
  • Poor customer service 1/5

    By Sarahk4299
    Frustrating how no one response to service request emails.
  • Won't send pictures 1/5

    By Dblf27
    Says it's sending but runs and runs and never sends picture. It will work one day and not the next. It makes no sense.
  • Issues with email 1/5

    By geenie517
    Cannot send emails with this app anymore because the keyboard will not come up.
  • Bugs need fixed!! 1/5

    By raaeeraee
    Everytime I exit out the app and go neck on to it, it says invalid username or password. And I would keep having to type in my password everytime I exit out the app
  • Iffy 2/5

    By erinomalley
    I love the purpose but so many issues.. at times when you open the app it just shows its loading for minutes on end and you can't click on anything. Sometimes I don't get emails for days or even weeks after they've been sent by my brother. And the push notifications never go away unless you reopen the app 4-5 times, then they finally go away.
  • App needs fixed 1/5

    By XanderDark
    Bottom line is if they don't update and fix this app Apple will remove this app permanently off the store.
  • Works well enough 3/5

    By KandZ726
    This app works well enough for what I need but it's glitchy sometimes. Most of the time it says I have a notification but when I open the app, there are no new messages or emails. That's annoying.
  • This might help with the keyboard issue. 3/5

    By ZombieCaptain
    To the most recent post about keyboard not appearing when sending a message. Make sure to tap right beneath the line to make the keyboard pop up, if you tap anywhere else it won't bring up the keyboard, just make sure you tap right under the line beneath "pre-paid?" To bring up the keypad. Hopefully this helps anyone who's trying to talk with their loved one. As far as ranking the's alright for its purpose, I know there's a lot of frustrations with the app but I do understand some of the reasons why it might be that way. I do appreciate the simplicity of the app, it's pretty straight forward. I don't like how everything has such a delay. I do understand that they have to regulate things but I just try to not expect things for at least 24 hours to maintain sanity. Another gripe is how expensive everything is, this is something else that I understand, I know this is essentially a business and the goal is to make money, but I feel like regular communication with a loved one, despite the situation shouldn't be so expensive. Talking to them is hard enough with regulated and timed calls...I feel like a text message or a picture sent....or a 30 second video shouldn't be so costly. Beggars ultimately can't be choosers but it still salt in the wound. These are never easy situations BUT it would be nice to be thrown a bone from time to time. But again, a lot of my gripes isn't with the app itself, just the situation is a tough one. My heart is there with anyone else who is in the same situation.
  • Get ready to install and uninstall regularly 1/5

    By TitusFL
    No good, it works sometimes and sometimes not. It will constantly show new email when none is there. As listed by previous reviews you never know if you will be able to write an email cause you will never know if its working intill you try. Its very very unreliable. When it does work its great for its convenience. I uninstalled for the last time, I'll use the web version going forward.
  • Thumbs down 1/5

    By Sutter Roseville
    Trying to send emails and the keyboard on my phone doesn't pop up. Thought it was my phone, took it to apple, nope it's this dumb app. Only occasionally pops up. Then I was using my iPad to send emails and it started doing it on that as well. I even created a new account thinking it was that. Nope. Deleted and reloaded the app several time, Still no help. While using the app to do ANYTHING else that requires the keyboard it works, just for the email portion it doesn't. So annoying. So now I receive emails from the app, send them from safari (their actual website) and if I want to send a picture I've got todo It in snap and send, the. They look all distorted. It's just lame, that jpay has a monopoly on contacting your loved, one and that the customer service is subpar. So frustrating. May be if they did an update it would help, but I'm not holding my breath.
  • Can't send messages. 1/5

    By Deelivewire7777
    This app doesn't allow you to send messages.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Ty662
    This app is complete crap. I will get a notification saying that I have a new unread message. However, once I read the message the notification continue to say I have a unread message and will not disappear. Sometime it will go away after I go open at least 20 read and sent messages but that doesn't seem to work now.
  • Push edit on emails 1/5

    By Jen95341
    Click edit on the emails like you are gonna delete don't delete them of course but after you click cancel the emails popped up that i had sent out to him hope this helps
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Beedub92
    It won't let me send emails or even type and email! Even if I could I can't see the old message to refer to. I guess I'm going back to the website.
  • Blood sucker for money! 2/5

    By Mrswilliams44
    I am so tired of this app and I wish that we had another option to communicate with our loved ones!! I'm tired of pictures getting rejected though I'm fully clothed or even if I dress a little sexy but stay within the rules it still doesn't go through. It's like people on the other end pick and choose what they like instead of the state rules! You never get money refunded back to you and I feel like they should refund the stamps at least! All this gets expensive and while they may or may not have done the crime, this is the only means to communicate for some of us. There is always glitches or freezing up. It will say I have a update then when I go into there is nothing there! Sad times and another way to keep the poor poor.
  • Customer support doesn't Care 1/5

    By Jpay don't work
    I too am an able to send pictures and not able to get a refund for the unusable stamps
  • 🙄 2/5

    By Ashante18
    Jpay works fine as far as the emails but when I try to send a picture, it says "sending" but never sends
  • Where is the update???? 2/5

    By MzzHarris
    You said that there is an improvement in how the drafts look and a history of the stamp transfer; I updated the app and still there are no differences in the update. I'm truly tired of the JPay app!!! I'm going to find another app that does the same thing if any are available. So disappointed! 😡
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Okayfb
    I literally can not send a snap and send. It just keeps saying sending and then does NOTHING!!! Please fix this!
  • Crashing 1/5

    By Kasquibb
    I have not been able to use the app to just send pictures with the snap and send app. It keeps crashing and shutting down.
  • Outgoing 2/5

    By LittleLirpa
    I can't reply to emails ☚ī¸
  • Outgoing emails disabled 1/5

    By FrustratedAsHell88883838383
    New update will not allow you to write out an email.
  • Previous email 3/5

    By Blastrx
    Allow the previous email to be viable while the reply is being written. It's difficult to remember what to say in the reply email if you can't remember what was written in the sender's email.
  • PLEASE FIX 1/5

    By Seatia
    We can finally email, BUT they are not sending or receiving in a timely matter, if at all. I've bought $20 in stamps in under 24 hours using on emails we're not receiving???? I've had to delete and reinstall on my iPad and iPhone 3 times today... "loading" for hours asking me to update, but there's nothing to update??? Ugh...
  • Horribly Slow 1/5

    By CutLoy
    It takes forever to send or receive emails. Sometimes it takes over a week and then all the emails come simultaneously at once. My friend spoke to the facility and they say the problem is not on their end and he does not have this issue with any of his other contacts. If you're going to charge for your services the least you could do is deliver the emails while the information contained is still relevant.
  • When are y'all adding Federal 3/5

    By ShineTrill
    When are y'all adding federal inmates to this I've been using it for 5yrs but it's time to get the Feds on board... plz
  • Not getting my emails 1/5

    By Laneandwadesmomma16
    Sent an email it took my stamp but doesn't show I sent it and they haven't got it
  • Fix please 1/5

    By Jessicaangel
    Doesn't send pictures or ecards it'll say message not sent try again later fix please
  • Malfunction 2/5

    By JPay app
    The app always says I have a message and I have already checked it. I can't watch my videograms cause the sound won't work at all. I really highly suggest too get the issue fixed.
  • Not Efficient 1/5

    By Jesica1412
    Emails are not sent and received in a timely manner. Also, it shows I have 13 unread messages and never updates. I have read all of them and the alert number just keeps going up as the emails come in. At times, I receive 4-5 emails at once from several days ago. Awful.
  • Snap and send broke 1/5

    By Jbc1281
    Will not send pics, please fix because I love this feature
  • Wth 1/5

    By Frustrated N Seattle
    What is wrong with this freakin App? It keep showing the number of emails forever after I've checked them. It want show sent emails for days and this morning I tried to send money and it started loading and it's 9:30 at night so where is my money? I had to delete the App and start over and still nothing. I hate this App. It's frustrating enough dealing with a love one locked up. This shouldn't be a thorn in my side. Fix this

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