June's Journey

June's Journey

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  • Current Version: 1.5.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: wooga
  • Compatibility: Android
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June's Journey App

A hidden object game for story lovers everywhere Discover June’s Journey, the brand new hidden object game from the makers of Pearl’s Peril. Find hidden clues and solve exciting puzzles across beautiful locations that draw you right into the heart of the mystery! Surprises at every turn, stunning hand drawn scenes, and a cast of glamorous characters await you in a globetrotting story game. From the heart of 1920s America to the perfect style of Paris and beyond, enjoy a story unlike anything you’ve seen before. With every new chapter, you’ll sink into a world of thrilling mystery and exciting drama in a story to take you around the world. Take a break from the stresses of life, and dive into a mystery game like no other. *MORE THAN JUST A MYSTERY!* FROM THE MAKERS OF PEARL’S PERIL – The follow-up to the hit hidden object game played by over 90 million fans THRILLING PUZZLES – Hidden object scenes, jigsaw puzzles and loads of exciting modes. Which is your favourite? MODERN WOMEN – Join June, a brave adventurer in a mystery game you’ll love TRAVEL THE WORLD – See some of the most beautiful places in the world, all lovingly hand captured from the 1920s ALL-NEW EPISODES – Just like your favourite TV series, look forward to a new mystery in each new chapter HUGE CAST – Lose yourself in the wild and wonderful characters of June's Journey, but watch your every step! Opening with the mysterious disappearance of her sister, June must take her orphaned niece under her wing. Together, they get drawn into a mystery greater than anyone ever expected. Can you uncover the real secret behind June’s Journey? Discover the follow-up to the smash hit hidden object game, Pearl’s Peril, and uncover June’s Journey today! --------------------------------------------------------------- Visit us at http://wooga.com Like us on: facebook.com/wooga June’s Journey is free to download and play, but it also allows you to purchase virtual items with real money inside the game. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. You may require an Internet connection to play June’s Journey and access its social features. June’s Journey may also contain advertising. Terms of Use: http://www.wooga.com/legal/terms-of-use/ Privacy Policy: http://www.wooga.com/legal/privacy-policy/


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June's Journey app reviews

  • Great game 5/5

    By Missy101767
    I like this hidden game. It’s easy to win and the hint button is awesome I enjoy this game.
  • June's Journey 5/5

    By BookDevil
    What a great sequel to Pearl's Peril!! It's great!!!
  • Very Enjoyable💞 But Costly💰 5/5

    By St Elmos Fire
    🤗I 💞Love Playing This Game 😍It’s Very Entertaining And Lots Of Fun ! It Helps A lot With Making The Day Go By Really Fast 💨 I Would Definitely Recommend It To Anyone 👍😇☝️
  • June's journey 4/5

    By Creepygames
    Love the hidden objects. There are many hidden objects in each scene that are not used. I don't like clutter and would enjoy more open spaces instead of everything piled next to each other. Could use unused-hidden objects to get more compasses. Thus more land and not everything on top of each other. A section for gardens, a section of farm/ranch land, a section for orchards, etc. I like to play alone and not have face friends. I'd appreciate an update that could incorporate some of things. Thanks
  • Costs too much to move on 3/5

    By Rhea544
    Fun game until you get stuck and have to decorate and don’t have enough— diamonds or coins or flowers— then you have to purchase them! I might be getting rid of this game because I am NOT going to purchase!
  • June’s Journey 4/5

    By Crabby Boober
    I enjoy playing this new journey except for the fact that it takes forever to play. It is very hard to have enough prestige to move to the next level within a chapter and their isn’t much to choose from in the store. Everything seems to take almost a full day to build and the prestige is very minimal. Buildings do not give many coins. Just very slow at proceeding to the next step. Every time I watch the video needed to upgrade the lighthouse the screen goes white and I have to go out of the game and return later and watch another video to advance. VERY FRUSTRATING! The graphics are great!
  • Frustrated Because I Really Love the Game! 4/5

    By Covered by grace
    I love that this game is a spin off of Peril’s Peril, but there is one major thing I don’t like. I wish there was storage you could use for your items until you need them like in Pearl’s Peril. I need 300 flowers to move to the next level, and that is going to take 9,000 coins. I don’t mind the occasional $1.99 to be able to get 2 life bars for 22 games total, but $50 to get the coins I need to move onto the next level and trying to figure out what I have to sell to make room for it, there is NO WAY I’m going to pay that much. I’m permanently disabled and playing games takes my mind off the constant chronic pain I constantly live with. I just can’t afford the permanent double life bar or the coins needed to purchase the item that would give me the 300 flowers needed to move on. I live off $600 a month after my Medicare is taken out. Like I said earlier I use the games to get my mind off my pain. There is medical science behind it. The meds I take are highly addictive so that is why I try not to take it as much as possible. I also have to reiterate this is the best game I’ve ever played!!! I love the characters, scenery, storylines, etc.
  • To expensive 3/5

    By kauai_luvs_u
    Game is to expensive. Rather play Pearls perils over again rather than spending so much money trying to upgrade
  • Awesome Game 5/5

    By Bethbella69
    Love this game. Can't stop playing it. I've spent no money having to play. Beautiful landscapes, love the story line.
  • Enjoyable and Promising yet Needs Work 4/5

    By Revel_N
    The art production values are high, the story is entertaining and the time and place it brings us into is wonderful. With a lot of patience, I’ve been replaying scenes to earn coins until I can get the decorative items to earn enough prestige points to unlock the next scene. It’s true that a player can progress in June’s Journey without spending actual money, but it does become increasingly frustrating after level 10 - to the point where I wonder how soon it won’t be enjoyable to play anymore... I share many of the concerns expressed by other players: I don’t like being manipulated into watching ads to experience the energy points - per - scene ratio were used to from Pearl; I think $7.99 is outrageously expensive for a single pink star box that has randomly generated contents; I would enjoy more opportunities to earn prestige points from buildings and a greater variety of decorative objects. If you can adjust these issues to favor your players 30% more, I think you could grow the community and make more money with a happier fan base.
  • Jans's adventure 5/5

    By Smudge 2
    Enjoy playing the game
  • Great! 5/5

    By sdt33
    Terrific game, just get it. Deep story, lots to do, and the game has lots of high polish and detail. If you like hidden object games, you'll like this one. I wonder though about the fact that the game gives you BIG hints about where an object is if you zoom in on the scene. Why have this feature? It seems totally like cheating.. And I do wish overall that the hidden object finding was harder in this game. Bit too easy sometimes. But still, 5 stars. And get ready people, because in the 1920s, apparently empty birdcages, hand fans, and ballerina sculptures are EVERYWHERE you turn!
  • Suztaps 5/5

    By suztaps
    Fun game if you like to find picture objects. Good for memory skill too. Don’t really get the building part of it on the island.
  • June's journey 3/5

    By Craftytris
    I would have given it 5 stars but lately I've been having problems with energy and stars. It crashes and then takes me back to my app board!! I lose what I just earned!! If June is traveling to different places can't she change her outfits? Kind of boring to see her in the outfit. Just saying....
  • Very fair game 5/5

    By marbfin
    What I really appreciate about this game, it is designed so you don’t have to spend $$$ to advance. So I watch a 30 second ad, in my opinion big deal. How much better that Wooga has devised a method to allow players to have fun, enjoy their game without having to pay money and progress at a consistent rate.
  • Enjoyable 4/5

    By CathinMidAtlantic
    The game is very relaxing and fun to play. There are no instructions or FAQs as to what things are or how to accumulate them, so there is a lot of guessing as to what to do to get birds, flowers, jewels, etc., that are needed to advance the game. There are also a lot of time-out breaks required for energy to re-accumulate, which is frustrating: to stop playing for a few hours when you’re trying to pass some time waiting somewhere is irritating. Enjoy!
  • Thought it would be better 2/5

    By Just desserts 1
    Too many pops ups for upgrades asking for money
  • App lost 3/5

    By Pompano
    I got a new phone and app disappear and now I have to start all over again I’m upset not playing anymore
  • Addictive game 5/5

    By Tasha52299
    I love this game...I wish there were more game out there like this one!!! Super addicting and super fun!!!
  • Fun 5/5

    By Mrsridgevol
    Very enjoyable. Hidden treasures meets FarmVille
  • Buggy 3/5

    By Padupshka
    I like the game, but this last update screwed up my iPad and I had to remove it.
  • Must Read 5/5

    By Joy2b1
    I have been playing this game for a few days now. Finding the hidden objects is repetitive but it is fun. They story line is good and I find myself coming back for the rest of the story. I am glad I got this game.
  • 👍🏼 4/5

    By Puzzle2me
    Overall great game Just a few things bugged me, adding new items constantly and some near impossible to see even on iPad screen. Otherwise five star.
  • Well Done 4/5

    By Shady/Lady
    If you play Pearl’s Peril, you will like this game. However, there needs to be a function as in PP, to store your inventory. I can’t give any higher than 2 stars without it. Update, I just received an email from Wooga, acknowledging the above review! Because of that my 2 stars went to 4, when and if the provide storage, it will definitely go to 5!! I very much like the game, so I still recommend.
  • Entertaining 5/5

    By Nailtech007
    I like the game! But I don’t like that I have to wait for energy I wish the game could be purchased with unlimited play rather than waiting after you run out of energy. If I understand correctly the only way you can get unlimited play is to standing diamonds which I believe came out to $40 cash. They responded to my comments so that is worth a five star. Customer service is a bonus
  • Contact 1/5

    By Jrcfunny
    Where, other then within the game, is there a contact form!?????? For days on end I've been looking for it. Your support page is nothing but FAQ'S! How to contact the support team??? I have 2 games being played on my IOS device. For one game I spent $49.99 last night on diamonds!!!!!!!! I went to open that game, I wasn't given a choice to resume "saved" game!!!! INSTEAD it took me right to the very beginning!!!! I tried to open other game- SAME THING! No June's Journey! I do not want to open those games to contact you! Your support page DOES NOT GIVE ACCESS DIRECTLY TO SUPPORT. JUST PROMPTS YOU TO READ THROUGH FAQ'S!!!!!!! I NEED SUPPORT & this issue corrected!!! So far this will not post with 1 star! Let's try more stars!
  • Fun game 4/5

    By Chasing Henry
    I enjoy this game - the hidden object scenes are challenging without being frustrating. Story and graphics are good. I like decorating the estate - my only complaint is that I wish there were more items to decorate with. I like earning the special event decorations when available but there’s not much variety with the standard ones once you get to a middle level.
  • BARN 1/5

    By Norma Green
    Okay waiting for my reward the Barn, I got over three items! Woke up this morning no Barn! Refuse to make any new purchases and I think I'll STOP playing all together! Pearl is easier! Your games are expensive and then to don't get your items not fair! Okay still waiting is anyone there, waiting on my barn! I'm going to delete this game finished Pearl perils three times! Will Never play another game by your company!
  • Too new? 4/5

    By Tracy$$$$
    I like Pearls Peril a lot, my favorite feature is the quests you complete with teams. June’s Journey is gorgeous and I don’t mind the different play styles but the story is a little dull. The main issue is the lack of decorations, I have 20K but don’t want to buy another building I already have. I hope they also add team play. Finally, I dislike how some of the seasonal rewards are dependent on loot boxes. I saved up 12 pink boxes and still didn’t get a tractor, made me want to quit the game. Hope to see improvements in the next update.
  • They Take The Fun Away! 3/5

    By AustinHawks
    At first this game was a lot of fun then as you play more there’s a great deal more demands not due to skill but to advance meaning more money spent. It’s sad because it’s a great game. If they’d make it more reasonable to clear the island and build I’d stay with it
  • So disappointed 2/5

    By ND Nana
    I was really enjoying this game. Until the fall challenge that just ended. I had all the elements except for one. I even bought/spent gems to get the turkeys. The only way to get the barn at the end was to have all elements. But, big catch, two of them can only be gotten from pink boxes. Guess what? I didn’t get the last element even though I bought 2 extra energy bars to finish another chapter. You can only get that particular box at the end of a chapter, and only once! Replaying scenes will not get it. Seems like a scam to force spending money. Not for 8 bucks! a gamble. Sorry guys, I’m not going to fall for that again.
  • Ads cause icon to disappear 2/5

    By Edhh6515
    I play this on my iPad. Since the last update when I watch an ad for the lighthouse renovation or to use 10 energy instead of 15, some of the icons disappear from my home page.....mail, safari, imessage etc...all gone and I have to restart my iPad to get them back. I’m afraid one day they’ll be gone for good so I’ve stopped watching ads period!
  • Need more Stuff 4/5

    By mophandler
    It needs to have more items to buy I keep buying the same things over and over, Pearls Peril has a lot of choices, not boring, put more stuff on Junes I,m getting bored😒
  • Hands Down 5/5

    By Kidshy
    Got my attention super fun
  • Great game but has a glitch 3/5

    By AmyBal
    I love this game . I have gotten pretty far but all of the sudden after I exit the game it causes my task bar at the bottom to go across the middle of my screen . The only way to remove it is to reboot. This is a hassle . Sadly I will have to stop playing this great game until it is fixed. Is this a known issue ?
  • Watching ads for gifts a waste of time on older devices 3/5

    By Paxrose
    I like most things about this game and I don’t mind watching a short ad to get an object or more energy but they don’t take the age of many of their players devices into consideration. I play on an iPad Air and almost all these ads end in NO gift and a completely white screen that you can’t get out of without ending the program completely. Come on Wooga. We can’t all afford to play on brand new devices. Cut us a break.
  • iPhone X 5/5

    By Gwynn555
    I love this game but I have to power off my phone to close this app on my new phone. Will this be fixed soon?
  • Really enjoying this game!! 5/5

    By Stolibuzz
    Am very happy with this game! Also, I had a question and emailed the support team and they answered my question that same day. Great fun and awesome support!
  • Donnado 5/5

    By Do95336
  • Need more buildings/decorations to buy 3/5

    By jenkdarby
    I’ve been playing a couple months and I do enjoy the game. I’m now at the point where I keep “checking in” every day to collect money from the buildings I own and upgrade the lighthouse to get a few prestige points. I have bought 3 identical trees, three identical ponds next to trees, 3 identical picnic sets...I never seem to earn enough money to buy bigger items before I have to just buy several smaller things to up my prestige so I can play the game. Pearl’s Peril works much more smoothly, though I DO like the storyline of June’s Journey better.
  • IPad Dock Needs to be fixed 1/5

    By Crazedchuck
    Every time I open this game, my app dock at the bottom disappears. Needs to be fixed ASAP. It’s so aggravating I’m about to delete June’s Journey. I enjoy playing the game but I can’t handle it anymore.
  • Fun game 5/5

    By Scbucki
    Keep more coming!
  • Latest update may be causing issues with iPad Dock 3/5

    By Rlrflame49
    My iPad dock now either floats or disappears. Several users are experiencing same issue. Running 11.1.2 on iPad Pro a10 chip...
  • Optically frustrating on an iPad or tablet. 3/5

    By Spuds Place
    I was hoping this would be as good as Pearl's Peril. It is frustrating because many of the objects are at such strange angles or so small and at strange angles that they are unidentifiable. One thing about both games that is frustrating is that when new objects are introduced many are very faint until you have used help finding them, then they show up just fine. Why? It kind of ruins the fun. I do wear glasses for reading, and can read small print without trouble. So it is not just an eyewear problem.
  • Question on username 4/5

    By Aisling Nolan
    Loving the game so far, and the new leaderboard feature is a nice touch. I've signed in with my Facebook from the beginning, which is great for syncing between different devices, but my question is, is there a way to customize a username for myself, or will others see my full Facebook name? Or does signing in with Facebook mean I'm not included in the "community", meaning only my Facebook friends can find me on their list in the game? ——————————————————— Update: I can’t find any contact form on the listed website, and it’s surprising to know that my actual name and display picture on Facebook is being used in the game, especially when no one I see on my friend list in the app uses their real name or display picture. Other game apps have the option to disable those functions, perhaps this game could implement the same options?
  • Ads! 2/5

    By Say Duck
    Some ads get stuck and won’t go away. Mostly the landscaping one. So sick of! (Gardenscapes). I have to shut it down.
  • I just want find hidden objects 2/5

    By gobrowns41
    First of being badgered to sign up for Facebook is just wrong. Second I really could care less about building a mansion. I was simply looking for a game of seek and find. Games graphics are nice, but game gets boring and repetitive. Not paying to find out more and removing from phone.
  • June's 5/5

    Great game
  • June’s Journey app won’t load. 4/5

    By Mildredsgg
    I have been playing this for months and earlier today and now I can’t get it to load. What’s up.
  • Ads are not letting you out 3/5

    By dajco
    Love the game but second time in two days I’ve watched an ad for a game I would never want, but was not offered the option to opt out. I even downloaded the advertised game thinking that would get me back to June’s Journey, but that didn’t work. Now I have to start all over! Ugh!

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