Juno - A New Way to Ride

Juno - A New Way to Ride

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  • Current Version: 1.44.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Juno USA
  • Compatibility: Android
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Juno - A New Way to Ride App

It’s time for a new approach to ride sharing. Juno treats drivers better. Drivers treat riders better. Happy drivers, happy riders. **Special Promotions** 30% off all rides in New York City for a limited time. International phone numbers qualify for 10% off. At any time of the day, our drivers will make sure you ride with a smile. Simply open the app and set your pickup location. Watch as your driver arrives to pick you up. Payment is seamless - no need for cash. Rate your driver once the ride is done. We’ll make your Juno ride more comfortable: * 3 service types for a choice of quick, stylish or SUV. * The best drivers in New York. * Need assistance with luggage? Add a special request. We are here for you: our support team is available 24/7. Call us at +1 (844) JUNO USA (844-586-6872) or email us at help@gojuno.com Enjoy the ride. Yours, Team Juno


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Juno - A New Way to Ride app reviews

  • Liars 1/5

    By Sakina)))
  • Can't contact drivers?? 4/5

    By RyMarie17
    I've used the app several times and have needed to contact my driver, but when I call them it send me to a generic Juno voicemail box and texting them doesn't seem to go anywhere (because I never get a response). What's the problem?? Just walked a block in the rain because I couldn't contact my driver to give a more specific pickup location for the door of my building. Other than this, the app is fine, but not great. GPS location doesn't seem to be as accurate but the prices are typically slightly less than Uber. UPDATE: Thanks for the developer reply to my original message -- please adjust the app to not allow Google Voice or other forwarding numbers if possible? There's no way we'd know not to use our GV numbers and it's what I use for everything to avoid having my real number exposed to strangers. If it weren't allowed, I would've used my real number and contacting drivers would've been functional from the start. Thank you! I've bumped up my rating by one star.
  • I️ love Juno .... ❤️ I️ Drive Juno ....I️ ride Juno .... 5/5

    By ayopka ninkoiunta
    I️ love Juno .... ❤️ I️ Drive Juno ....I️ ride Juno ....
  • What rude drivers 1/5

    By Skylar-blur
    Not only is this service more expensive than Uber or lyft, they seem to get all the rude drivers who were rejected by Uber and lyft for poor service.
  • Better Than Uber And Lyft Cost Wise 5/5

    By Da God
    You guys rock !!! Im a faithful user. Only think i ask is that y’all put deals out to attract more users. Other than that y’all deserve all my 5 Stars !!!
  • The only ride service to use 5/5

    By bombbast
    The drivers are truly professional in every way. (Unlike the incompetent and awful Lyft crew.) Conversations, if u want, are quite nice. Driving is calm n comforting, even in NYC. Cars are always on time, very clean and up to date. Predictable routes are always taken. Beyond that, Juno is the most affordable and predictable of all the Car services available. Clearly several levels above all others.
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By garretfick
    I booked a ride on the app, but it was cancelled. After contacting support, they indicated: "It could be that at the moment that you ordered the ride, you had a slight connectivity issue and we were unable to pick up the signal." Assuming what they said is true, I have signal problems going from my door to the street. If they can't handle a very brief interruption of signal, then I can't recommend this app.
  • Needs to be better!!!! 2/5

    By Yah Yah 38
    The prices are decent for the most part BUT I HATE that drives VERY often cancel the ride when they close to my destination. It’s very annoying and an inconvenience because if I’m taking a cab evidently Im trying to get get somewhere quick so them canceling the ride is VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!!! STOP CANCELING RIDES!!!!!
  • fraudsters, cheaters do not use this app. 1/5

    By Sakodar
    fraudsters, cheaters do not use this app.
  • Great service—even with glitches 5/5

    By The Swedish nightingale
    This is the best car service. Sometimes the price changes to a higher one still if there’s bad traffic or something, but the customer service team always corrects it right away. Juno is always my first choice in NYC.
  • Great service 5/5

    By Sheikh J.
    I love Juno. It’s the ONLY service I use. I highly recommend it to my family and friends.
  • no 1/5

    By Traiya
    i downloaded this app, and after waiting and setting up my credit card, it told me juno wasn't available in my area yet. used up all my data smh
  • Worst Cab App in NYC 1/5

    By queueierbdhdh
    I use cabs to get everywhere in NYC. I was a big user of Gett App before they acquired JUNO. Since the transition, I've had more driver cancellations, less professional drivers, and completely unreliable rides. When a driver cancels on you too many times, which they often do, you cannot order a new cab because the app prohibits it. Definitely, not an app I'd recommend downloading.
  • Love Juno 5/5

    By Marnie92
    Absolutely love Juno. My go to ride service. Better for the drivers, better service, not too much chit chat. Much better than Uber overall. Competitive rates.
  • Cancellations 3/5

    By antadams
    I enjoy the service when I actually experience it. There are some drivers that cancel last minute and that is very inconvenient for the passengers that have to work or be picked up at the airport. I had 3 drivers cancel on me today before the third driver eventually showed. I'm not sure if they saw a higher paying job or not but that is no reason to abandon their current job. If something can be put in place to prevent that from happening the service would be much better.
  • Changed rate after booking 1/5

    By Imamoo!
    I’m disappointed as the price I was told when I booked the ride was not the price they ended up charging me. Going forward if I use the service again I will screenshot for proof of price and use it to dispute a charge if need be. I would recommend others do the same.
  • Perfect! 5/5

    By Sklash 2102
    Absolutely Sufficient service!
  • Lawsuit on juno 1/5

    By Kirbyx2000
    Lawsuit for lies to drivers about rsu They offer stocks to Driver and took them away. Google it.....
  • To long the ride 1/5

    By quick ridd
    Confused and take longer way
  • Directions 1/5

    By iimewii
    The directions the app tells the driver are always off and longer. They sometimes turn the wrong way or go a longer route. Please update your directions for the driver and I always have a hard time finding them when they are not where I asked them to be. It seems like the app gives them the wrong door # at times.
  • Good app, great customer service 5/5

    By amfdjd
    Typically the cars and drivers are better than with Uber or Lyft but what really sets it apart is the excellent customer service. Basically the only car-service app I use now.
  • Unfortunately downgraded from five stars 2/5

    By Achilz
    Juno has replaced Uber for me. I’ve been a regular user for about a year. But Juno's app needs to be upgraded. The algorithm and GPS is weak and at times infuriating. It frequently does not recognize my pick up location correctly. It has no clue about where the drivers actually are. It will say a driver is 4 blocks and 5 minutes away. Then, 6 minutes later, it updates to say the driver is 8 minutes away and in a completely different location. This may be because the driver has to make a drop off but the app should tell you that. I have had to cancel more then once, paying a penalty, because basically the app lies to you about how long the pickup will be. I have recently begun to use Uber again. Yech
  • Most of drivers don’t know what they are doing 4/5

    By Fede2285
    And no idea what road to take
  • The best 5/5

    By 55fdd
    Very cheap
  • Great ride! 5/5

    By jfelling
    We had a great experience- and the trip to LaGuardia was about $20 cheaper! The driver was very nice and his car was clean and in great shape!
  • Good 5/5

    By eimihi1
    Grat travel with Juno
  • The best 5/5

    By Had great
  • Really Great! 5/5

    By Thinkpointdraw
    I’ve started using Juno and I have to say they are more reliable than uber I also have to say that their customer service is really great i do think they care about their customers and if you have any problems they will do their best to help you out 5 out of 5 stars for me
  • The best customer service 5/5

    By hotreds
    We couldn’t ask for better service so professional
  • Worse than uber 2/5

    By iChhann
    My work is at the airport, it’s really slow and hard to get the driver from the airport. Most driver make us wait for very long time and cancel at the end. Based on my experience with this app, it’s so RARE to get nice and polite driver it’s just one of ten if u scale it. Try to move on with uber but at the end I come back with uber 🤦‍♂️
  • Better drivers make a solid difference 5/5

    By R Stern
    Juno drivers are more like my old car service rides. Smooth, mature and thoughtful drivers with a calm personality combined with good manners makes them stand out. Keep this higher quality focus for us and them.
  • Fast 5/5

    By B.O.S.$
    Great service
  • Juno the best service on the road 5/5

    By Slymaster
    Relax, sit back, you’re home...
  • My review 5/5

    By Geeraph22
  • Fair 3/5

    By The real HMan1
    Can’t change address in Bliss if there is a map error, once booked.
  • Simply Awesome! 5/5

    By CMaderaTM
    I am not one to write reviews for apps. I had Juno for some time now and usually forgot about it. Not until recently that I remembered that I had it and just gave it a try, to my amazement: it just works. You get better prices than the other services, you can’t beat that! Keep u the good work JUNO!!
  • Ehhh Gett was better 1/5

    By Smurfysmurf821
    Juno is alright I rather Uber..GETT was the best app out there and then I guess greed got in place and now they surcharge we mind as well stay with yellow cabs..now these drivers are starting to discriminate just like yellow cab drivers guess there’s no win for the consumer
  • Great driver! 5/5

    By Klassickathy
    I live in Inwood - where most drivers either don’t know or don’t want to go. Mine knew the area and got me home quickly!
  • Worst customer service 1/5

    By Wen332266
    If I could give them 0 stars I would. I had an issue with one of their drivers and Juno was absolutely no help. I ended up deactivating my account due to their horrible customer service.
  • Need easier way to request 2 stops 4/5

    By aeh2
    I asked customer support about this and was told how to do it, but it’s complicated and invisible at the moment. A competitor has a very easy and obvious way to do this. Wish Juno did.
  • Juno it’s great 4/5

    By JDWSanta
    Great service with excellent business model. Only critique is the app. Would like it updated to be a bit more intuitive, but minor. Important thing is company takes modest margin and gives more to driver and customer!
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Chloe101
    Currently on crutches in freezing temperatures in NYC. Uber and Lyft seemed to make my poor life even more miserable with a $70 ride and 20 min wait DAILY from the FiDi area to my house in PLG Brooklyn. Fortunately a good Samaritan aka co worker mentioned Juno and I immediately signed up. As expected Uber wanted to charge $70+ at 5PM for a 20 min ride...frozen and desperate (but not that desperate) I signed up for Juno and immediately got a driver that was professional, did not reek of cigarettes and vomit, a clean car and someone who actually knows NYC streets and got me home quick and safe! Shout out to Juno for saving the day! I will no longer need to use those other two guys!
  • Excellent service and much cheaper than Uber 5/5

    By Directionless
    Today was my first ride in Juno and I had an exceptional experience. My driver was professional, courteous, and most importantly when you’re heading to the airport, very efficient. I will definitely ride Juno next time I’m in NYC. I hope they bring this service to California!!
  • Layers 1/5

    By SlavaSomov
    Nice app. A $45 ride cost me $68. Thank you very much Juno. Uninstall immediately.
  • Secret scammers on the holiday 1/5

    By holdNoPunches
    My first time riding with Juno. I’m a uber driver and wanted to try this JUNO thing to have two options at times. For the first ride they told me I’ll get 30% off. After my ride I still end up paying the same amount. No discount. Over 40$ on New Years. You guys are already Disgusting. I’m waiting for the response before deleting this acct. or adjust the amount.
  • New Customer 5/5

    By Darkshooter2000
    I was at a family gathering on New Year’s Eve. I was arranging transportation for my 17 and 18 year old daughters with Uber when someone suggested Juno might be less expensive. Setting up the app was easy and the ride with an introductory discount was about 30% less than what I would have paid. I will definitely use Juni again.
  • Not reliable 1/5

    By MusicAndLife
    I’ve tried to use Juno three times. First time wait time was ~20min and waited until the 18th min and my ride got cancelled. Tried again today and the driver never came, I never got any notification of cancellation and tried calling the driver 4 times. If you’re looking for a reliable service look elsewhere.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Hassan.g728
    Best of the best !!! Thank you
  • Best Cab App Ever. 5/5

    By RaelynJade
    Best Cabbies I’ve had in NYC in my entire life. Thank you Juno always a smooth and pleasant ride ✨
  • Thank you! 5/5

    By Tigerblood2364
    Thank you for the ride.

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