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JustWatch - Movies & TV Shows App

You use Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Amazon Prime Video or CBS on a regular basis or you often go to the movies? Then JustWatch is for YOU! What’s on Netflix? Easily find where to watch movies and TV shows amongst 37 providers in the United States, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Amazon Prime Video and CBS. New on Netflix? Browse all the recently added TV shows and movies of your favorite providers: new Netflix TV shows like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards, new Netflix movies like Okja, new Hulu shows, new Hulu movies… we have them all and we update them daily. Cinema near me Check out all the new movies in cinemas, the upcoming movies and the new release movies. Get your movie tickets and buy in one click on Fandango; or select your movie time and book your movie ticket in an AMC cinema near you. Trailers and More Get all the infos on TV shows and movies, including for the latest movies and upcoming movies: watch trailers, check the cast, read the synopsis. Features & Functionality: --------------------------------------- - Watchbar: select your favorite providers amongst 37 available - including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Amazon Prime Video and CBS - and filter different attributes like movie genre or release year. - Search Engine: 55,000+ movies and TV shows listed, with their trailers, synopsis, cast, Rotten Tomatoes ratings and IMDB ratings. - Cinema near me & movie times : find all movie times for AMC cinema near you and get your movie tickets with one click on Fandango. - Upcoming movies: check all the upcoming movies up to 12 weeks ahead and watch the latest trailer as soon as it gets released. - Timeline: stay up-to-date with our daily list of new releases for movies and TV shows on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Amazon Prime Video, CBS and 35 other providers. - Popular : find where to watch the best movies and the best TV shows. - Price Drops : enjoy every day the best deals for movies and TV shows on your favorite providers. - WatchList : turn your Smartphone into a remote - queue movies on your device without a login required. - Login: create an account and synchronize your Watchlist on all your devices - No ads! --------------------------------------- JustWatch in the Press: "JustWatch Debuts A New Search Engine For Cord Cutters" Sarah Perez, Techcrunch "The easiest way to tell which streaming service has the show you want." David Nield, Gizmodo "The problem with cord cutting is that it can often be difficult to find what you’re looking for on all of these streaming services. Thankfully, one nifty web app is looking to simplify the searching process." Zach Epstein, BGR "There are several other similar services for finding what's streaming online but JustWatch is probably the best I've found." Ryan Hoover, Product Hunt --------------------------------------- In the United States, JustWatch is currently listing offers from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Instant Video, Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, FandangoNow, Hulu, Vudu, Yahoo View, HBO Now, showtime, starz, Playstation, Microsoft Store, The CW, Crackle, tubi TV, Filmstruck, AMC, Fandor, CBS, ABC Go, NBC, EPIX, Max Go, FX Now, History, A&E, Lifetime, Shudder, HBO Go, Acorn TV, Sundance Now, BritBox, Guidedoc, realeyz and Mubi. JustWatch is also available in the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Mexico, Brazil, Ireland, South Africa, India, New-Zealand, Malaysia and 20 other countries You have questions about JustWatch? Check our F.A.Q : https://www.justwatch.com/us/faq The F.A.Q doesn’t answer your question? Well then, just contact us: apps@justwatch.com


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JustWatch - Movies & TV Shows app reviews

  • Best By Far 5/5

    By Hotshirtman
    I agree with everything that's been said in the reviews for this terrific App. It's so easy to use and it's the best way of constructing a watchlist of films and TV shows you want to see and don't want to forget. You read a review of the movie you haven't seen but would like to, you go to this app, find the movie, add it to your watchlist. Easy-Peasy 1-2-3! The app is free but I would happily pay for it. Let's hope it never goes away.
  • Wish I woulda found this earlier! 5/5

    By Bfeels1
    I absolutely love this app so far! When you have multiple streaming sites, JustWatch is the first thing I go to when I’m not sure what I want to watch, or if I’m not sure which stream app to go to! I used to go threw each, looking for a show or movie, now I just go to just watch 1st and figure out what I want to watch instead of hours just looking!!!!! LOVE
  • Just What I️ Was Looking For 5/5

    By lowell62
    I stumbled on this app while looking for a Flixter alternative. That app has been going south for a while, and with it’s latest update, is completely useless. So far, this seems to have all the functionality I’ve been looking for, including a Rotten Tomatoes filter. Finally, an app that works WITHOUT ads.
  • Hate it 1/5

    By Hassan Nijmeh
    I actually thought this was an app to watch movies for free but no it was just some places for you to go and watch it at the movies !!! Never again !
  • Decent app with a couple of issues... 4/5

    By kknarayanan
    ...No movie ratings! And no filtering by genre or release dates or cast or... Hmmm, so it's a app to find movies and shows which works best if you know what you want to watch, so you can figure out where to watch it. Not a content discovery app or a recommendation app. It could be so much more...
  • I Love this app!! 5/5

    By Beedeekins
    Makes my life so much easier when I want to sit down and watch some TV. I haven't had cable in over 20 years and stream everything through my Roku box, which is the very first one that came out. It does not have any special features. When I have time and want to sit down to watch TV I would have to open each streaming app individually, and search through it. It could take an hour or more to find what I want. Robbing that time from my viewing enjoyment and my life, but not anymore!!! Since I discovered this "Just Watch" app, I can easily find which apps carry the shows I what I want to watch. What used to take an hour or more has been reduced to just minutes. When new episodes or seasons of my shows come out, I can find which platforms are offering them for free, and which ones want my money.
  • A Disaster 1/5

    By Koosher2
    Beware! Although you can store movies and programs that you want to watch… It is just a nasty trick… the app repeatedly deleted my saved watchlists.
  • Great app but 4/5

    By Alziron
    Really like the app but I am running into an issue where occasionally a movie isn’t actually on a service that it says it is
  • Poor info: Maybe as good as possible? 2/5

    By jd2020
    Nice looking app it’s easy to use. Unfortunately their info seems inaccurate. And of what value as a service like this with bad info? Even after the dev replied to my review they still, got it wrong. Originally I noted 4 movies with errors. I was mistaken about one, one changed availability, and they still missed availability on iTunes and Amazon for two “updated. Apparently I have to spell out the corrections (as of this writing): - A Year In Burgundy - Missing 4 options: rent and buy on both iTunes and Amazon - A Year in Champagne - Missing 4 options: Missing rent and buy on both iTunes and Amazon By the way, these problems can’t be reported in the app unless you log in with FB or Google. Also disappointing.
  • Watchlist 4/5

    By kickgirl91
    Can we get a watched list so we can keep track of what has already been watched?
  • Great app 5/5

    By Swurveddcrccdddwewdwed
    I love watching movies with my family, but Netflix is horrible and on demand doesn’t have a lot to choose. Then I found this app and now I can watch all the new movies
  • Broken 1/5

    By Hatesbrokenapps
    Just broken
  • Essential 5/5

    By JohnJonJonathan
    I cut the cord with the cable company years ago and this has been the missing link in my streaming life.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By mangaman93
    I’ve wanted something like this for so long. I’m so happy I found this app. Has made watching a movie online WAY easier for my family and I.
  • Need 4k movies from itunes 3/5

    By Singh123456789
    Need 4k movies list from itunes
  • Broken - won’t sync list 1/5

    By Bgiese
    Recent update seems to break syncing. All my movies are gone 😣
  • I like it but. 3/5

    By VinDali
    I like this app but it won’t load since iOS 11 for me. I delete. I update. Just a spinning wheel. I keep trying.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Page_95
    Now I get a spinning wheel.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Steve Hager
    Five star worthy, but deducted one star due to no physical media pricing. I’m willing to buy movies in any form, but want the best value.
  • Great 5/5

    By Kermitgreen
    Very helpful. Would hate to be without it.
  • Almost Perfect 4/5

    By yungstud
    I chose this app for making my movie watchlist because it is super easy to see which movies are offered from each streaming source and in theaters. It’s almost perfect, but there are two notable flaws. It won’t let me track movies that haven’t been released yet. It also won’t let me add any anime movies. Even the most popular anime movies like Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle won’t show up. Though these seem like minor issues, I can’t fully import my list from IMDb like I wanted which means I have to maintain two lists. Why can’t I find one movie list app that does everything I want?
  • Best movie stream search app available 5/5

    By Glowbay
    I'm a big movie buff and this app is great. Searches dozens of streaming services for movie/tv titles with daily updates. You can choose what sites you have a subscription to and find new movies and tv shows available to you every time the selection updates. It also includes a watchlist so you can save movies/tv to make notes. JustFantastic!
  • Great concept, mediocre execution. 3/5

    By GamerR7364
    I love the convenience of this app. However glitches such as the “back” button not working periodically and a lack of ways to sort the selection of movies makes it a bittersweet experience. Devs, please work to polish this app and make the experience shine!
  • Handy but keeps losing my Watch List 4/5

    By sKhyron
    Love the concept of this app, to keep a list of shows and movies I want to watch, shows reviews and tells me which services I can stream them from. Also has a nice interface. Latest update brought my watch list back too.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Las sim
    I like it
  • Very Good 5/5

    By Nissie29
    Good app for organizing my Netflix. Netflix is hard to navigate most times especially with their new movies. I highly suggest this app!
  • Can't use 2/5

    By moradora11
    I tried to use it but it only shows me that I have to rent or buy it. I thought I can watch movies but it won't let me. I don't know if I'm not doing it correctly or what but I just know this is a waste of my time.
  • Essential for film lovers. Easy to use. Love it. 5/5

    By 446768896432
    Essential for film lovers. Easy to use. Let's you know when films are added to streaming services. Lets you search numerous streaming services for any film. Love it.
  • 5 Stars 5/5

    By TooSlim73
    5 stars
  • Worked great until update 1/5

    By Snewpo
    Won’t open now
  • Excellent - but please allow global filter for ratings 1/5

    By Vulcanipad
    UPDATE - Still no Apple TV App ????? Excellent. I refer to this app very very frequently. My only gripe is that there is no global filter for ratings. For instance, I don't care for movies that have very low ratings (say, <50% on RT). I should be allowed to set that as my filter .. to be used for list shown under 'New' ... list shown under 'Popular' etc. Probably expand the same global filter to include 'genres' as well. Right now I have to wade through a lot of junk before landing on some cerebral thing.
  • Ok 4/5

    By AJjuice
    Ok app. It misses some movies on amazon so I have to go and see if there on sale.
  • Super awesome 5/5

    By Further4
    Tivo is ok but never perfect. I always start with justwatch now.
  • Usually solid great but... 1/5

    By Good News Everyone!
    The app now freezes on the startup screen. Please fix!
  • Latest Update Broke App 5/5

    By Gorthezar
    Title says it all.
  • It working after ios11 update 1/5

    By Ntantaros
    This app used to work great. After iOS 11 update now does not work.
  • Last update 2/5

    By Dark 5tar
    For some reason, since the last update I can't boot up the program at all!😡
  • Useful but so much bad data 2/5

    By marchetype
    iOS 11 update: just hangs on splash screen now. Great concept but the data quality is very poor: missing provider options, wrong movies linked (same title but different movie).
  • Doesn’t work now 1/5

    By Jimbobthatsme
    After the recent update it just freezes on the first screen
  • Loading issue solved 4/5

    By Internaut
    To get this app to work, you must first uninstall the previous version. I did this on both my iPad and iPhone and the problem of not loading went away.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Action Sebastian
    Their site stopped working. I downloaded the app. It won’t load any content. I just get the spinning wheel thing spinning and so on with nothing more. Too bad. Their site was good. I was interested to have it as a helpful app. Bummer.
  • App freezes at startup 1/5

    By iPad_For_REAL_Work
    The latest version won’t run.
  • It's what you're looking for 4/5

    By Symmes Culbertson
    Pretty great app for finding what's available to watch. Occasionally crashes and won't save settings
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By AndyW-Melbourne
    Very useful info.
  • Very Convenient 5/5

    By Didi Rizzo
    I rarely watch TV and go crazy when Amazon Streaming tells me It's not available for my device. So far, this app has cured that headache.
  • Fantastic! 5/5

    By Gsxruser
    Great app! Works well and very easy to navigate and use. Also allows purchase and rental of movies on other android services like google play movies on my iPhone and iPad's. Cool!
  • I LOVE THIS!! 4/5

    By Nickname 1947
    I can't believe I only just found this. Amazing!!! I'm constantly searching thru all the different service I use to see what is available and now I can just use one site. Thank you!!!!!!
  • Stopped loading 3/5

    By MikieDC
    The last couple of weeks, the app has stopped loading. It just sits and spins now. It worked for two days, about a week ago, but then went back to not working again. My iOS is up to date, I've hard rebooted my phone, and re-downloaded the app a couple of times, but nothing has changed
  • Hzhdjdjry 5/5

    By bhudufigfud
  • Basically just a search engine 1/5

    By Chantraine1975
    It looks for shows or whatever on the different sites. No offense but I could just use Google. Not for me.

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