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  • Current Version: 4.18.0
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Kaiser Permanente App

Managing your health care just got easier with the latest version of our app. The redesign includes a colorful new interface, tools that make it faster and easier to use, and new quick-access menus that let you get advice, schedule appointments, and refill prescriptions. And our improved navigation puts the features and information you need within reach at all times. Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. NOTE: Former Group Health members and Washington residents outside of Vancouver/Longview are unable to use the Kaiser Permanente app at this time. Download the Kaiser Permanente for Washington app to quickly and easily manage your health care • Health plan members can sign into the app using their kp.org user ID and password to access our secure features, including: • Messages: Email your doctor or Member Services with non-urgent questions, privately and securely. • Appointments: Schedule, view, and cancel appointments with your doctor’s office and see information about past visits. • Pharmacy: Refill prescriptions for yourself or another member, check the status of a prescription order, and see a list of all your medications. • Medical Record: See your health history at your fingertips, including your allergies and immunizations, any ongoing health conditions, and most lab test results.


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Kaiser Permanente app reviews

  • Optimization for iPhone X 1/5

    By hurlbutcm
    Please update so it’s formatted for those with iPhone X.
  • Nice update 4/5

    By KayeCoolcat
    It’s been a little bit since I used the app, but since the last time I used it the GUI is much friendlier. One recommendation I have is to allow us to view prescription fill status
  • Option to add family member ? 2/5

    By Close, but not perfect
    I would be awesome if they would make it where I can add my minor children’s info to my profile so I can easily review records and schedule appointments for them
  • Force close 1/5

    By BalloonKnotDestroyer
    Can’t even use app. Automatically force closes when I go to use it. Tried uninstalling and re-installing with no avail. JUNK
  • Useless mobile pharmacy app... 2/5

    By JZ_ketai
    I don’t know with the other sections of this app but ordering from here is so hard. It tells you to check the board for your name as soon as you order it to pick it up from a designated pharmacy of your choice but once you get there, they will say it takes an hour to process or sometimes it will take at least 2-3 days before it gets here from DOWNEY,CA. It’s a mobile app and it should be more convenient than this...you can’t even edit your old prescriptions and take them out of the list. Then after the hassle from the app comes the sometimes rude and arrogant people upfront...
  • Just Call This App Is Useless 1/5

    By Quirky_me
    Literally never works. It’s super slow. Nothing loads. You’re better off calling.
  • Annoying! making appointments is a waste of time! 1/5

    By Iconicbeauty07
    It’s frustrating to try to make an appointment on the app. When you put in the dates on the calendar provided it tells you there are no appointment available for that time. It would be more helpful and less time consuming if it just shows on the calendar the dates that are available, opposed to having to keep starting all over from the beginning and having to put in different dates every single time just to keep getting told that there are no appointments available!
  • Very impressed 5/5

    By Theresa-K
    This is one of the best apps I have used. It’s well thought out has everything I need and I have used it several times for checking appointments and prescriptions. Even showed what my co-pay is going to be. Touch login works great. I was on the phone making an appointment and it showed up on the app almost instantly. Kudos to the KP team for working this out for us.
  • Unable to login 1/5

    By PC Leah
    I am unable to login even though my password and User ID are correct. I can login on the website, just not the app. When I try to reset my password on the app it tells me my user id and last name are not in the records which is just simply not true as I have no issues with the same information on the desktop site.
  • Can’t view contact lens prescription 2/5

    By MsJennyb123
    I downloaded the app to view my contact lens prescription. The desktop site allows you to view your full medical record the app only allows you to view limited information from your medical record. Why? It’s annoying.
  • Basically useless 2/5

    By Rahhomey
    This app is helpful to refill prescriptions and schedule an annual exam. For anything else it’s completely useless. If you need to see a doctor for something other than a non-problem visit you will still need to call.
  • Doesn’t utilize iPhone iOS strengths 2/5

    By PDXer
    Getting to the most used function, the Kaiser identification card, upon checking in takes to many steps. This app is missing the “ad card to wallet” function. Adding this function with location awareness and a QR code for the kiosk checkins would make for a smart flow of checkin traffic.
  • Messaging is garbled for years now 1/5

    By GM Fail
    Messages are not formatted properly after sending. This has been going on for years now. Here is what I type: "I need help, please send RX. Thank you” Here is what shows up in the Sent folder and what the doctor sees: "I need help,please send RX.Thank you” Basically after any punctuation (comma, question mark, period) the space is removed.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Nitsujplayer
    Kaiser’s mobile website is down half the time, so I tried the app. It just tries to log you in for 5 minutes and then says it can’t process the request at this time. Useless.
  • Only displays in portrait mode 3/5

    By J201299
    The app needs to rotate & display in landscape. My iPad is not just a giant iPhone.
  • Insurance card function doesn’t work 1/5

    By WhereIsMyInsuranceCard
    Main reason for app is broken. Kaiser response to issue - take a trouble report. Access to care at non-Kaiser providers affected. Less than impressive application.
  • Can’t find internet connection on iPhone 7 Plus 1/5

    By NxtWrldChamp
    Can’t find internet connection on iPhone 7 Plus so cant login using touch authentication or user I’d and pwd
  • Easy Tracking 5/5

    By Chickbishop
    Love this app because you can look up lab results and past doctor visit notes, make appointments and order prescription refills. Very easy to use.
  • App not working. 1/5

    By Doc 1803
    Was told today that the mobile app does not work. Do not understand why it would be upgraded so that is not capable of working on a mobile phone. The soul purpose of the mobile app is to use it for my mobile device and not a desktop.
  • access denied 1/5

    By May1310
    access denied on almost all services. ungiven reason
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By trashcompacted
    If you can’t pay the bill on here then what’s the point. Trash. Also their web app is worthless too.
  • Great App to Manage My Healthcare 5/5

    By Borkfield
    The app is simple to use. One stop shopping.
  • Very clunky 1/5

    By True Voice of Reason
    Doesn’t seem to work the way you’d like it. For starters, no support for iPhone X. It also needs to have your medical card configure with Apple Wallet. Very difficult to navigate and find the appropriate number to call. When you do find the number and click on it, it’ll take you to maps. Very confusing.
  • Appointments never work 3/5

    By Fmxgoofy
    Am I doing something wrong because I can never make a appointment with this app.
  • Easy to use as long as you find the right app 5/5

    By HLee 999
    I got another KP Washington app by mistake. Luckily, I got this one right on my second try. Figure print access is available. Digital card info stored. Easily set up appointment and check test results. Satisfied all my needs.
  • Junk for iPhone X users 1/5

    By itpro82
    I just got new update they do all these updates but yet they wont update the display for iPhone X. I wonder if they even know how to do it . Its very poor app.
  • Pretty but useless 1/5

    By EnigMoiD
    Was hoping I could use this app to store my insurance information instead of carrying my insurance card everywhere. But I can’t find the ID card feature that KP advertises prominently. This is baffling and makes the app useless, since I wouldn’t make appointments on my phone anyway. If the app had this feature, it would be great!
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By mandy~
    Please allow us to save the medical ID card to the wallet. My local kaiser has terrible signal strength (the front desk girl told me to not even bother with the app because it cannot load) making this ID useless. The reason I downloaded it was so I could use the card on the phone.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Endless Delight
    Apparently when I lost coverage I lost my ability to access my data so it makes this app useless
  • Annoying 1/5

    By Dark bird at night 😂😂😂
    I keep try to long in and it keeps telling me “system error. Please try again later” it’s been doing that the past 3 days.
  • Slowest app in the world 1/5

    By Kgogi
    This app is by far the slowest app by far. It takes a minute to go from one screen to another . This app does not even open when you are on kaiser permanente wifi. T
  • So useful 5/5

    By RiskyElven
    This app is great. I use it all the time to view test results, make appointments, and view test results. I use the other app to view my prescriptions, though this does that too. It even came in handy when I was in a different area in the ER and they were having trouble viewing my test results from home.
  • Need Self Reporting Ability 3/5

    By Doctor Zarkov
    This is a good app. I can get my lab results as soon as they become available. I can re-order my medications quickly and easily. What would really be nice is the ability to self report health data like weight, BP, blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels and so on. I’m trying to lose weight so I periodically weigh myself. Instead of some other app why can’t I keep that data here? I go to the Stanford blood bank and they compute my cholesterol level and take my BP. Why can’t I keep that data here? The data I enter could be tagged as “self reported” so a medical provider would know if the data was my measurement or if it was taken by a professional. Providing this capability could be a plus in a patient’s health care. Imagine an overweight patient with a blood sugar and cholesterol problem. Instead of only having data points from when they see a Kaiser professional (primary physician, physician’s assistant, nurse, dietician, etc) the health provider has as much data as possible. This could help reveal trends in health related behavior and thus better allow the provider to tailor treatment. Mobile computing could take health care to another level but health care providers like Kaiser are only scratching the surface. Hopefully someone at Kaiser will see these comments and will consider the enhancements I have suggested above.
  • I love it 5/5

    By Mikky~Bo
    This app is super easy to use. It’s very convenient and I have had no problems. Touch ID needs to be activated in settings.
  • App does not work 1/5

    By jonathangrubb
    This app is constantly broken and next to useless. It seems like it’s going to do what you need, but it always chokes at the end. Can’t schedule doctors, can’t submit to pharmacy, can’t retain basic login info.
  • Less information 3/5

    By Mnprncss88
    I used to be able to view the appointment information sheet under past visits. It was useful to see height, weight, Rx, etc especially for my kids. Disappointed now that I don’t have access to that info thru the app.
  • Update for iPhone X 2/5

    By PETERYanni
    Please update for the iPhone X screen’s aspect ratio.
  • Better 4/5

    By William Winters
    The app used to be bad. Now it’s okay.
  • Pointless 1/5

    By mrslawson09
    The app will not even let me log in. And yes, my login information is correct, I used it on the website to double check. The app just says "we're experiencing technical difficulties, try again later" but has said this for a week already!
  • Never worked once 1/5

    By Crust Crusher
    Constantly told I have no medical record. Triple checked all my entries and even have tried copy and paste my info from a KP email to the app and it always tells me I don’t exist and therefor cannot create a a profile to sign in. I always end up calling and making my entries with the robot on the phone and it always works. This has been going on for months. I deleted this stupid worthless app today. 👎🏼👋🏼

    By Lesiel
    Once you familiarize yourself with the app, it is easy and has all the info you need. I find it to be a perfect partner in my health care. I've been using the site for years and it keeps improving and becoming more user friendly.
  • Usless 1/5

    By Retdean
    The KP log in web site opens, but the ‘enter user name’ line is dead as is the enter ‘password’ line. If a member can’t log in this app is useless.
  • Signing in is a pain - Support is worse 1/5

    By 25 yrs kp member
    Every time I have to reset password because the system “forgets”. Try resetting password thru “forgot password, and 7 out of 10 you can’t because it won’t pull down the “Region tab” for you to select your region. And because you didn’t select a region, it won’t let you go further. Call Web Support? Be prepared to spend 10 minutes just to verify yourself, first thru a stupid voice recognition system which then does not pass on the info to the Rep. Then you go through the whole verification process again! Then after you state the problem, quiz them. You have to repeat three times for them to begin to address the issue you called for. By this time you’ve already spent 10-12 minutes! Then you get “boiler plate” email with lots of apologies but no solution! Other than that, the App is getting there!
  • Love it. 5/5

    By Theulysses
    I love this app, but the one annoying thing is that every time it is updated, I have to re-enable Touch ID. Not fun.
  • Apple wallet 3/5

    By Jw070310
    Put Kaiser card in the apple wallet!!! A little disappointed the preview shows you can see the medical is card but when you open the app it’s not there
  • Worst app 1/5

    By Brainiac 2
    This is worst app ever. When your kids turn 12 you can no longer make appointments for them order medication, is not worth for you to obtain this app. The worst part is dealing with their customer service which also is not great, it’s time to find a new medical establishment the. This one.
  • Needs to be updated 4/5

    By crazy894509
    This app is almost there! One thing that it needs is that you should be able to do questionnaires on the mobile app instead of having to log on to a regular pc. Then this app would be perfect. Other than that kaiser read the feedback and I’m sure I’m not the only one that thinks it’s a inconvenience!
  • Can’t clear notifications 2/5

    By Morgan313
    App won’t let me clear notifications. Also ordered from app to refill. And app never shows order has been refilled
  • Excellent responsiveness from my doctor 3/5

    By Miss-Claudia
    My doctor is super responsive via their messaging, that has saved me tons of money on what would have been office visits. Kaiser’s billing is a bit of a mystery, like all health care. I just landed on a page in this app where I was filling a prescription, and made it to the final Purchase page with the price stated as “N/A”. To me, that is insane! Where else in the world can you checkout without being told the price you’re paying?
  • Needs to store member card locally 2/5

    By Canonicalbrud
    This app is somewhat useful but its biggest flaw is that it has query from the cloud to retrieve the member ID card which takes forever and often doesn't work in the basement offices of KP facilities. Please change this so that the member ID card can be retrieved instantaneously.

Kaiser Permanente app comments


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