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Kardia App

Kardia works with the FDA-cleared KardiaMobile or KardiaBand ECG devices— the most clinically-validated mobile EKG solution on the market. Just touch the sensors on your Kardia EKG device for 30 seconds to capture a medical-grade EKG anytime, anywhere - no probes or wires necessary. Get an immediate result from Kardia's Instant Analysis of Normal, Possible AF, or Unclassified. Additionally you can choose to send the recording to your physician or to one of our partners for a paid Clinician Review. (Clinician review available in U.S., U.K., Ireland, and Australia only). New U.S. accounts will have their first EKG sent to our partners for review by a U.S. board-certified cardiologist free of charge (a $19 value within the app). You will be blocked for up to 24 hours from EKG features until the review is complete. This will only happen with your first EKG, all future EKGs on your account will give you a Kardia Instant Analysis, and allow you to review your EKG immediately. The Kardia app, paired with Kardia Mobile, is recommended by leading cardiologists and used by people around the world for accurate electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) recordings.Record your heart health data with the medical accuracy your doctor can trust. NOTE: Requires KardiaMobile or KardiaBand hardware to record an ECG


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Kardia app reviews

  • Love It 5/5

    By gadgetta
    The watch band and app work very well. I am able to track my heart rate all day and check my EKG as often as I feel. I at intermittent times have irregular pulse, and AFib (of course never while I am in the doctor’s office) and the recordings have been great to share with the doctor.
  • Totally Useless Without Premium 2/5

    By Howardnewkirk
    The hardware works but the recording isn’t saved unless you have premium. That cost $10 per month or $100 per year. If you actually have a-fib it might be worth it, but if you have any other heart/rhythm problems or are just trying to watch your health the device is useless without the added expense. Too bad they don’t have a program for less money that saves maybe a week locally on your device.
  • Easy. Accurate. Helpful monitoring. 5/5

    By LoneAF
    Don’t ignore symptoms. Don’t settle for guesswork. Keep track. Make notes. Consult your cardiologist.
  • Cardiologist loved it 5/5

    By keep ticking
    My doctor had never heard of Kardia, but he loved the information I printed out for him. I even ran my own reading right after the EKG and we compared the two, the Dr.’s response was “looks very accurate”.
  • Monthly fee is too much 1/5

    By Ch173648393947
    The monthly fee is too much, there is really little benefit to paying the monthly fee. For $10/month it lets you store your EKGs on the app. If you don’t pay, you can still email your EKG to yourself and save them that way. The $10/month program needs more benefits, like 1 free EKG cardiologist review or something.
  • Hope to find evidence for excessive heart rate 5/5

    By Stevedw52
    I have intermittent periods of feeling like I will pass out and have done so in the past. I had first a one-day then a 7-day Holter monitor that have not captured my heart rhythm when I was having the problem. I am hopeful that with Kardia I will finally get an answer.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By xenocog
    Use this for my 87-year old mother who has afib. Works great. I take data to her cardiologist on appointments, which he finds useful.
  • Bp 4/5

    By Damaxc
    Needs to allow entry of blood pressure.
  • Great Health Aid! 5/5

    By Sifu Jim
    This device is easy to use, reliable, affordable, and helps you stop worrying about your heart. My doctor was very appreciative of my information. It helped us have iron lad proof of the need for surgery. The price seems steep for the service, but the peace of mind is worth it and proof is ready at hand.
  • Life Saver 5/5

    By Shan1960
    After having episodes of racing heart for over for 17 years, Kardia Mobile showed the first proof of my Arrhythmia. I had worn the Holter monitor and had stress tests in the past, but did not experience episodes of racing heart during that time. I decided to purchase Kardia Mobile. A month ago, my doctor reviewed my Kardia report summary which contained 38 EKGs recorded during my episodes. He diagnosed me with SVT on the spot. After a bit more testing, I quickly underwent a procedure to have it fixed. I am so grateful to AlivCor, to finally have received a diagnosis, so I could get the treatment I needed. Now I no longer have to live with the discomfort of SVT! Thank you!
  • No worries 5/5

    By klminbi
    I Love the fact I know where I stand in my health without leaving home
  • A cute device 5/5

    By Jjlike77
    Accurate results
  • Great item 5/5

    By Depot brad
    I use it daily. I have Afib and other things with my heart and it gives me a sense of comfort. I also send reports to my Dr. I highly recommend this product . Brad Cullen
  • No Support UPDATE 5-Stars! 5/5

    By Mr Ring Gun
    Update: Company got back to me and explained iPhone X model I had was in conflict with APP and equipment and they “offered refund”. I was able to use Kardia on my wife’s iPhone X model so I Kept it. They said they would let me know when the issue was resolved and I could use the App and equipment. They emailed me today (January 30th) and told me new IOS would correct issue. They were right and now I am able to use Kardia on my iPhone X!! Kudos to AliveCor Support for keeping “my” issue on the back burner and get back to me when the issue was resolved. Upgraded support to 5-Stars!!! Called when they had phone number listed and lady had me do a bunch of steps to try and make it work with my iPhone X. No dice. She said they will look into it and get back with me. You guessed it, no one called after month. I had to email (few times) and asked for phone call, and all I got a response that basically had me do same things lady had me do. They paid NO ATTENTION to what I had written, only gave me a list of preprogrammed things to do. I wrote again asking for call/Support, no response.
  • Awesome Tool 5/5

    By acsmason1
    Easy to set up and use in managing AFIB. Would highly recommend.
  • Fine but I want to be able to look at the time 3/5

    By Chepe Quique
    I have been using the app for a week with the Apple Watch, and seems to work fine. The only problem is the annoying fact that the app takes over the Watch, and every time I want to look at the time, the Kardia app comes out. I feel like I’m at the hospital bed all the time. Is there a way to let the app run on the background? By the way support didn’t help at all. They told me to ask Apple.
  • Unbelievable app and sensor! 5/5

    By Greygeek77
    My wife had her second Mitral valve replacement. Her BP is between 125-110/60-40 and her HR ranged between 35 and 65. She has occasional PVCs and AFibs. She still has a mild leak of her aortic valve, a leak around her Mitral peri annular ring and a moderate leak of her tricuspid valve. Taking Amiodarone, Metropolol and Warfarin we need to be alert for a variety of potential heart problems. I am able to take Lead I, II and III (pericardial) measurements. The green bars on the upper left side of the record option tells you how good your fingers or skin is making contact. Sometimes a little spit reduces contact resistance. I was a runner and for years my resting HR was 55 and even at 74 my BP is 120/80. That is until a month ago. I woke up with a funny feeling in my chest, one I had never felt before. My ALiveCore showed a heart rate of 95 with AFibs. By noon the HR was 144 and the EKG was showing atrial flutter. Now I am taking Metropolol and Warfarin. This device is worth its weight in Gold. Edit. An update 22 hrs ago (9/18/17) disconnected two years of EKGs (52Mb) But, other than that the update is working great! 2nd Edit: following advice of support I rebooted my phone and the two years of data came back. The only problem I have now is the inability to change my email address, making it impossible to get email returns of requested EKG analyses that I’ve paid for. 3rd Edit: 1/19/2018. Apparently the last iOS update disabled the sensor. Even with a new battery the app fails to connect to the finger pads. I haven’t been able to record an EKG since 12/31/2017. 4th Edit 1/21/2018. I remembered when a previous iOS disconnected my history. Support recommended powering down the phone. I did that a few minutes ago and I can report that the device is working again! Since I bought this device before Kardia’s pricing changes I’ve wondered if I would buy it at $100 + $10/mo Probably. 33 cents per EKG, if I took 1 per day, is a bargain
  • Must have premium service 1/5

    By DatBadWolf
    Kardia band only works with app IF you buy premium service. Not worth it.
  • User 2/5

    By kardiuser
    App seems ok, been using it for almost a week now. However, unless and until the app stops popping up on my watch every time I want to know what time it is, I will not use it. Wondering why the developers won’t fix that annoying issue? Or I am doing something wrong? UPDATE: no one in support cares about app issues. Will not respond to simple request for help This app is getting worse and worse by the minute. Can it be rated zero stars? Update #2. Got help on previous issue. However, band does not pick up PVCs- obvious PVCs are shown on ekg, but shows normal- which it ain’t. be careful relying on this to tell you whether PVCs are present. You have to know what they look like on ekg, because band says all is normal when it’s not
  • Poor customer service 2/5

    By walker1127
    The watch band was a Christmas gift and I installed this app the day after Christmas. The very first thing I noticed was only 8 days left in my trial period, they advertised a 30 day trial. About me, my heart function due several heart attacks and ultimate quad bypass surgery. Every EKG done on my heart SHOWS AS ABNORMAL DUE TO THE DAMAGE. Every ekg done with the app shows a normal result which was very suspicious. I contacted support twice asking about the accuracy of their app, each time i was referred to my doctor. My doctor has nothing to do with your app or Apple Watch band. In my opinion if in fact this was an ekg done on my heart it should have at least show that my heart is in fact damaged but the app always says normal which leaves me to believe only normal is all the app is capable of displaying. Normal is NOT a word associated with my heart owing that my heart function is less than %30. My heart damage is caused by exposure to agent orange while is south vietnam. Now the trial period, in my opinion the trial period should start when the watch and app are installed not when the bans was purchased. As stated i had a 7 day trial, not near enough time for a fair or valid assessment of the app or watch band. If the app and band are even close to accurate it would show an abnormal EKG. THIS SYSTEM IS DANGEROUS and not very well thought out. And once more 7 days not near enough time for a proper evaluation . Dewey Pollock in central Florida
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Cheryl in Dallas
    I have had device for two days and I am so disappointed. My heart rate is normally around 100 and I have occasional aFib. I purchased this device to determine if I am in aFib or not. However since my heart rate it out of the normal range everyone of my readings is unclassified because my heart rate is over 100. This limitation was not revealed during my analysis before purchase. This will probably be returned unless someone with customer service can change something. Also the unit heart rate is always 5-6 points higher than my finger monitor and blood pressure monitor. Why is that??
  • They own your data 1/5

    By Soundingon
    Just downloaded the app and while trying to make an account, I get a message that by signing up, I allow this company to disclose my data??? I don't understand why companies always want to go the extra length to own everything you do. All your data and information. I don't trust it. Not using this.
  • Watch app doesn’t work in basic mode 1/5

    By TechnoDoc
    Everything worked great for the first 30 days, and is supposed to work in “basic” mode afterwards. Ever since the premium trial ended, the Watch app does not work for even the basic functions. Update: I have contacted the company via the support links on their website, and after nearly a week I have not received either a reply or even an acknowledgement of my inquiry. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app on both the phone and watch, and it still doesn’t work in “basic” mode as was advertised by the company. After browsing the reviews, it seems that this is a common problem, and their poor responsiveness to inquiries is also well documented.
  • Awful app and device is nearly useless without expensive paid subscription 1/5

    By Phillip U.
    The app is practically nothing but an effort to get you to upgrade to a premium membership. There is no way to turn off the ads in the app except to pay $10/month or $99/year. Also, something I think would be a critical feature - the ability to store your own health records on your device - is not available. You can only store the history of your heart rate and EKG if you pay for the aforementioned premium membership and are willing to store the data in the cloud. So you can't share the history of your recordings with your doctor unless you pay extra. Very disappointed. I recommend getting a HeartCheck device instead.
  • Useless unless you pay for premium 1/5

    By mattreviewsu
    I purchased the Kardia band for my Apple watch for $200. I was very happy with it's performance during the initial premium trial. Then it became a $200 standard rubber watch band. It is not useable if you don't continue to pay them for premium service. When you invest that much in a band for a specific feature I would expect that at least basic functionality is a feature that would be important to include.
  • Only works if paying for service 1/5

    By MikeMeg
    This app only works for paying members, did my trial membership now it does not work. You’re supposed to get basic service with a non-pay membership. I paid $200 for this wristband and now I’ve got nothing app on Watch because I am in no longer a premium member. Tried to contact them but still no response after one week. They seem to only care about their paying members. Don’t seem to care that I paid $200 for this piece of junk. During the trial membership the app controls the whole watch you do not see your watch dial. The cardio app on the watch only shows a very small clock. It would be nice with the app things you need to do an EKG that it buzzes the watch.
  • Paid for premium then found out could have paid $15 through doctor 2/5

    By Watch1904
    My doctors could not figure out why I needed he 12 digit code - turned out I paid for premium right off the bat and only needed to pay &15 for doctor who had portal access and sets me up. And the ECG was working about 10 times - now each time when I really need it - it says unreadable. No help at all.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By GJS in ABQ
    Fairly fresh out of CABG, I’m in & out of AFib. I also had bouts of flutter (fixed by an ablation). This device & the app are so handy to have! There are times when I’m not sure if it’s regular (sinus) or even what the rate is (pulse ox wasn’t picking up the rapid weak pulsation & couldn’t display a rate). Even if you’re not comfortable looking at an EKG, the app makes it so so simple to email the whole 30 second recording to anybody. This is simple to use & VERY worthwhile for anyone with potential rhythm problems.
  • Heart smart 5/5

    By Big Bari
    I love the Kardia app! It’s very easy to use!The premium feature is great! I like being able to share information with my doctor.
  • A little finicky, but it works. 4/5

    By KiroKatashi
    While you can't save in the app without paying, you can email a pdf to yourself or your doctor. Sometimes it can take a few tries for it to get a reading that isn't "unrecognizable".
  • Could Improve Displays 4/5

    By Marian in Eau Claire
    The app is great overall but there are some annoyances. The afib message covers up the heart rate number. So annoying. Also why is the ad for the Apple Watch feature always there? I don’t even have an Apple Watch but this apparently permanent ad covers half my screen.
  • Great Ap - when it works 2/5

    By Taxmann
    Used to work like a charm but past couple of weeks it doesn’t record. It looks like it is about to buy then never starts. Really frustrating.
  • Watch Band 2/5

    By Compaq38
    Not sure what these folks are up to. The Apple Watch band first sold with free basic reading functions. The email I got says all functions now $99 per year. With not a single free reading function.
  • Must have if A Fib 5/5

    By Bear's fan
    I went for three years after my initial A Fib episode without a reoccurrence. At times I would wonder if this app and device really worked. Then right before I was going to be leaving town for two weeks I felt a little different and the app told me I was having A Fib. I checked it several times over the next hour and then called my cardiologist and emailed him through the app. I then met him at the emergency room and he did a cardio Version and thanks to this device an app I was able to leave town with a clear mind instead of dealing with this in a strange city. To be able to know on my own what is going on with my heart is worth way more than the price of this incredible device and app
  • Not so good 2/5

    By nicerthanthat
    Catches a fib feature is great! Heart rhythm monitor eats the battery fast while it also turns on workout leading to fill your activity monitor incorrectly. After the premium trial is over the watch locks up and you can’t open the afib catching feature that comes in the basic feature. No aspirin 81 mg selection in Meds.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By RickT123
    The devices fails to establish signal with my iPhone 8. Very unreliable. No iPad app...and iPhone app won’t work on iPad. App is designed to make it very difficult to submit an email (or any contact) for support. It routes the user in circles back and forth between the app and web site FAQ’s, purposely making it difficult to initiate contact Very disappointing.
  • Excelente 5/5

    By jaime el de la musica
    Muy útil para quienes hemos padecido Afib.
  • Tutored 40 40 5/5

    By Will 40 40
    I have been using Kardia for less than a month don't know all the ins and outs but I think it is going to be very beneficial. I am certainly impressed with its capability.
  • Unclassified, Unclassified, Unclassified 2/5

    By Frankw1
    That about says it all with this device. Don’t waste your $99.
  • Nice App but needs work 3/5

    By Johan-UAE
    Nice but I cannot add medications that are not in the list. Further it does not sync with the Omron monitor even though I followed all instructions and tried many times. If those issues can be resolved I will give you 5 stars. Till then only 3
  • Went from great to horrible 1/5

    By Nonotn
    this app used to be great would show me my EKGs whether I was in afib or not, and now they’ve updated the app they require Logins, not very helpful if the situation seems urgent. It’s gone from being a good app to being a terrible app. hate it.
  • Bait & Switch: Downgraded to useless without premium subscription 1/5

    By Nai-De
    I bought the Kardia band to be able to take ECG on the Apple Watch; with the new version, all the watch app does is display a screen saying “This is a premium feature...” What a joke! The whole point of buying the band was that feature. If they want to offer subscriptions to evaluations by physicians, etc. that’s fine; changing basic functionality into premium subscription-only functionality after a purchase has been made, that’s unacceptable. Apple should have strict rules against that in its AppStore terms.
  • Watch APP is full of bugs 2/5

    By Dunzag
    If you have a Kardia Band you will come to know that you are taking over 200,000 steps a day and covering a distance of 50+miles. That is obviously wrong. FIX IT!
  • Joyce Randall 5/5

    By Joyce32224
    Super easy to use. Reports for the cardiologist makes it extremely useful as a medical tool.
  • Need to fix integration with Apple Health 4/5

    By donmeek
    Love the new watch app and constant heart rate monitoring with a couple of noted issues: 1) The watch app in its default exercise mode constantly shows that you are fully exercising every second you wear the watch in the Apple Health app so that your daily exercise totals show that you basically run a marathon every single day even if you do no more than walk to and from your car and around the office. 2) The Apple Health app records your heart rate every couple of seconds all day long and the data can not easily be erased and grows substantially in size on your iPhone. In a few months of daily use the data storage will grow into a size which will likely become unwieldy, slow down the Apple Health app, and occupy a great deal of space on capacity-limited iPhones. I don’t know if it’s possible but somehow the Kardia app needs to stop (or limit) communications with Apple Health - it already makes the exercise monitoring functions mostly useless and will ultimately overwhelm the storage in most iPhones by recording tens of thousands of heart rate readings each day.
  • Don't spend on the extras 2/5

    By CaveManStand
    This app is great for getting EKG on the spot with the band. They have an option to pay for Dr in depth detail in your EKG for 19.99. I submitted one that liked extremely crazy, nothing like a normal sinus rhythm. The only detail I got back was "Normal sinus rhythm". The app already told me that, I wanted to know why it looked so crazy. This app has now stolen $20 dollars from me. Don't let them steal from you too!
  • Not working with iPhone X 1/5

    By iKathy
    Used to work great on iPhone 7, now the app crashes when opening, please fix soon!
  • Really helped my cardiologist 5/5

    By The Pedator
    This works very well. It helped my cardiologist find the right solution for my intermittent Afib. I have been normal now ever since. He was very impressed with the data supplied by Kardia that I obtained in the comfort of my own home. Definitely worth the small investment if you have rhythm issues. I feel awesome now! Thanks Kardia! John
  • App constantly opens on Apple Watch 1/5

    By Trism lover
    Every time I look at my watch the Kardia app is open reminding me to record my ecg, even after I have recorded my ecg. Very frustrating. Please fix as I love your previous version and don’t want to have to remove it.
  • Reassuring Feedback 5/5

    By donnaarnp
    I have lived with Atrial Fib for years but it’s been out of control for several months. I just went through another cardiac procedure last month and being able to check my heart status is so reassuring. The ability to get a professional assessment is a great service. Also being able to compile summary reports is so important! This was a great purchase and worth every cent!!!

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