Keepsafe Calculator Photo Vault

Keepsafe Calculator Photo Vault

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 7.17.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: KeepSafe Software, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Keepsafe Calculator Photo Vault App

Download Calculator Vault to join the millions of people who have entrusted over a billion photos to Keepsafe: the security apps you know and trust. What makes Keepsafe Calculator Vault different from other photo locker apps? • Award-winning photo locker used by millions • Beautiful design and UX. Easy to upload, view & organize photos • Smooth scrolling for photo viewing on all devices Don’t risk your private pictures, secret videos or photo albums falling into the wrong hands or being deleted! Use Keepsafe Calculator for: - Preserving special memories - Protecting copies of your driver’s license, ID cards, and credit cards - Organizing important documents Keepsafe Calculator keeps your personal photos and videos private by locking them behind a calculator with an easy-to-use PIN pad, giving you control over who sees what. Your friends, family, and coworkers will be able to look at your public photo gallery, but NOT what is in your Keepsafe Calculator. Take control of your privacy! Keepsafe Premium Calculator’s Exclusive Features: Protect Privacy • Album Lock: Assign individual PIN codes to access particular albums • Break-In Alerts: Takes photos of intruders and tracks break-in attempts • Fake Pin: Creates a decoy Keepsafe with a separate PIN code Manage Photos • Private Cloud: Stores up to 5,000 items in Keepsafe Calculator • Space Saver: Compresses photos and saves originals to the Cloud • Trash Recovery: Retrieves photos you’ve mistakenly deleted Personalize It • Ad-Free: Keeps your photo-viewing experience distraction-free • Custom Album Covers: Sets album thumbnails to a specific image Help & Support -- Problems or questions? - Visit Keepsafe’s support site at - Send a ticket from inside Keepsafe (best for troubleshooting) - Contact us at FAQ Q: What happens when I import photos into Keepsafe Calculator? A: Keepsafe Calculator encrypts and moves your photos and locks them behind the PIN pad. You can then safely delete them from your photo gallery. Q: How can I make sure I always have access to my photos once they are in Keepsafe Calculator? A: Sign-up with your primary email account so you can re-set your PIN if you forget. Auto-update new versions of Keepsafe Calculator. Don’t delete photos from Keepsafe Calculator that aren’t backed up. Q: How can I retrieve my PIN? A: Open Keepsafe Calculator, then long-press on the Keepsafe logo to request a PIN reset. Q: Can I take pictures out of Keepsafe Calculator? A: Yes, you can export pictures back to your device with only a couple of taps. You can find your photos where they resided before importing them into Keepsafe Calculator. Keepsafe Premium Subscription ======================== 12-month subscription Subscriptions automatically renew every year unless they are turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period in account settings. Renewals are charged within 24-hours preceding the end of the current period. Payment is charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions are managed by the user. 1-month subscription Subscriptions automatically renew every month unless they are turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period in account settings. Renewals are charged within 24-hours preceding the end of the current period. Payment is charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions are managed by the user. Lifetime subscription A one-time purchase that provides a lifetime of Keepsafe Premium. Links ======================== - Terms of Service: - Privacy: - Keepsafe Calculator Basic is ad supported:


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Keepsafe Calculator Photo Vault app reviews

  • Can't import into calculator 3/5

    By G the stud
    I have the premium version or whatever everything is fine but I can't import things from my camera roll into calculator
  • TERRIBLE NOW!!!!!!!!! 1/5

    By Mani2You
    The new update makes this app horrible! And I'm not just talking about the obvious color🙄 but I can't even get into, even though I'm sure I'm putting in the right pin. And many of my pictures are gone... this app needs to be removed period. Do not get this app !!!!!!
  • New Cover 3/5

    By KingMonto
    It's good just bring back the old cover, with the new cover I can't fool my friends anymore ☹️☹️
  • Color swap makes it easy to notice. 2/5

    By MrPinney
    A month or two ago this app had the same color scheme as the normal apple calculator but now it's in all black in white for the calculator portion and it makes it easy to notice that it isn't the normal calculator and that it's a fake. Other then that the app is fine for me.
  • Password 1/5

    By Matt2611118293729292
    My password doesn't work. I cannot get in.
  • Deleted pictures 1/5

    By Abeln7
    All of my pictures were deleted after the update and you cannot recover pictures from trash without paying $20. They should either make recovering pictures free or at least make it a reasonable price. Overall it needs to be fixed ASAP
  • PLEASE HELP (p.2) 2/5

    By vloodmist
    oka so i redownload the app but only 60 photos saved outta like 1,000. but I've been wondering is there like a way to chose which one i wanna save because I'm sure 60 is the photo saving limit. please help
  • Help 1/5

    By Gmakelley
    all of my pictures were deleted and i can only recover them if i get premium which is way too expensive what do i do?
  • Deletes Pictures 1/5

    By Wes Laugh
    Several of my photos were deleted after I updated my app. I asked support for help but never got an answer or a solution. The deleted pictures are in the "trash" and are recoverable but only if you have premium, which I don't.
  • Trash 3/5

    By jay-reala
    It keeps duplicating my pictures I have in there
  • They never got back to me 1/5

    By A555l222i111
    I had a bunch of pictures on here and one day I noticed there were copies of 90% of them so I went to delete the copies and it glitched out I guess because it ended up deleting all of the pictures. So now I have like 5 pictures left. I tried to contact them and they didn't respond. I am not going to pay for premium just so I can get my pictures from the trash when it's the app that had a glitch. This is bull.
  • Password 2/5

    By Wubbzy101
    I can't get into my vault, and I'm pretty sure I've been putting the right pin in. Unless I forgot it but either way it's not like I can change it there's no option for it.
  • Not happy with color change 4/5

    By Dorettaburns
    I love the app but the color change makes no sense. Change it back or at least offer an option. If the color was an Apple requirement use different colors. Grey is terrible and obvious.
  • Love this but... 5/5

    By Subscri
    Love this calculator but agree with the rest. Bring back the orange color. And why do I have to send videos to my google drive and then import them. Why can't I import directly from my photos and videos on my camera the same way I can with photos. All my videos duplicated why? And if Apple doesn't allow the colors should be a way to hide the app
  • Trouble getting to options 2/5

    By stanelesssteel
    I can't get to my options
  • awful!!! 1/5

    By Natalie31500
    duplicates photos for whatever reason? & once you delete the "duplicate" it deleted both & the only way to get them back is to pay for premium. accident or sad way to make money. it is also very glitchy & tries to make it difficult to remove your pictures from the app
  • Black and white?! 2/5

    By Andus99
    We need to the colors that matched the stock calculator! If it's black and white it makes it looks like it's something you'd hide stuff in! Bring back the colors!
  • Cant view photos 2/5

    By Gaghsjdh
    Ive had the app for a few months now and it has been working great! Ever since the most recent update, i cannot view the photos in my vault! Each of my folders say i have content in them but i cannot view them... very frustrating
  • Have an issue 4/5

    By WolfHunter888
    I like the app it's creative and great but ever since I switched to basic and deleted som photos that were duplicated it just says "back up" but they are blank and I want my photos back please how do I fix this?? (New edit) the website for support is blank and on the app it is also blank?? Can you help me please
  • Color 1/5

    By BriSwag523
    Bring back the orange color.😤
  • So my problem has been fixed, but 4/5

    Why do you keep taking the colors out of the app, it makes it look like an app that would hide stuff. And I don't want people to know that it hides some of my things, so please bring back the colors for the app, and not just white and grey
  • COLOR 1/5

    By Jazzyosorio12356383
    The colors don't blend with the home page. Please bring back the orange
  • Was great before update 1/5

    By Service Drop
    I hate the color change first off. It was best when it matched the stock calculator. Also ever since the update I'm having trouble with pictures duplicating and not deleting.
  • Going downhill 1/5

    By Jsmiggles
    I initially gave this app a great review months ago, but now it's screwing up. Duplicates of all my photos appeared in my albums, and when i erase 1, they BOTH get erased. Now it is taking up TWICE the memory!! I have contacted customer support 3 times & never received a single response! Not once. FURIOUS.
  • Please 2/5

    By Coolbeans726462883
    can you bring back the other colors ? like the orange and grey not just alllll grey? it looks noticeable now and I wanted something that looked normal.
  • This app being tricky, be aware! 1/5

    They purposely double few photos you saved. When you removed the duplicates, actually deleted both photos. They will ask you to upgrade to recover those deleted photos from the trash folders. How sneaky to do business like this, I removed this app completely😂
  • Colour Change 1/5

    By haroon_0292
    We need that same colour of app monogram back again. The new black & white colour is noticeable.
  • Didn't help 3/5

    By Mike Dankowsi
    The update didn't fix the duplication problem.
  • Awesome app. 4/5

    By J.beast7777777777
    Great features. Only thing I'd change would be the addition of video support.
  • 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 5/5

    By badadobabie
    This app is amazing because if your like me, my parents know everything I do so I need to hide stuff sometimes ya know?
  • Safe Keep 5/5

    By Sleezy-O Brim
    This app does it's job. Keep personals things from the eyes of the unwanted. I absolutely love this app. I got pictures and videos from lady friends that I would have to normally delete. With this app you can keep your private life private.
  • best app 5/5

    By amir app
    best app
  • Not very responsive 2/5

    By Itz andrew1234
    Love the layout of the app but it is very disfunctional. I have contacted support twice already and still no response.
  • Crap! 1/5

    By Djsbxjeoaksn
    Good for like, 70 pics. Won't let you get premium, complete waste of time. Maybe if they actually made anything work on it I'd be at all satisfied with this app.
  • Lost photos 4/5

    By garrison4444
    The most recent update doubled all of my photos and i deleted the extras but it deleted all of them. Its not really clear how to contact support either.
  • It does the job 5/5

    By Jgirl56
    I really like this :)
  • Great app love it 5/5

    By ᏋmᎲlᎩ
    It's a great app at least for now I will wait until the premium is done
  • Duplication problem 2/5

    By kxb gaming youtube
  • Eh 3/5

    By Smiffdx
    It's been great until I updated it and then all of my pictures got deleted like they all whited out and had the full payed version and it still deleted but I got them back after hours and other than that it's good
  • Great app but the update needs to have a fix 5/5

    By Kickassunicorn91
    I think a lot of my photos were duplicated and when I deleted the duplicates both of them disappeared now A LOT of them are gone can you guys get them back?
  • Upgrade 4/5

    By Tete1349
    I'm trying to upgrade from the basic version to the premium to recover my photos, but it just has the loading circle for over 5 minutes and never brings anything up. I really want my pictures back and would love to upgrade, but have no way of doing so. Love the app. Just need help.
  • Unhappy 1/5

    By Hootiebootiethethird
    This app lost many of my photos
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Tapapp321-787
    Duplicates photos, loses photos, extremely buggy
  • Not great 1/5

    Would be better if it supported live pictures. And keeps duplicating my pictures which is super annoying. Please fix and I'll be happy to upgrade
  • Pro 4/5

    By Golfer 4
    Really good app for the most part. Having problems with duplicating and the I had pictures in there that I did not want to loose the most. I couldn't see them and then I logged out and logged back in and they were all gone now I only have 3. Any way you can get those back?
  • Great up but... 5/5

    By Ashley5521
    This is a great app but my pictures got duplicated and now it deleted almost all of my pictures that I know cannot get back sadly without upgrading. And even when I go to upgrade it won't let me.

    By Pandaz Test gems
    THIS IS THE BEST ALL YOU PICK A CODE AND YOU TYPE IT IN THE CALCULATOR TO GET INTO A SECRETE VAUlT... THE CALCULATOR ALSO WORKS SO ITS NOT OBVIOUS ITS FAKE!!! AND THE NAME OF THE APP WHEN YOU DOWNLOAD IT IS CALCULATOR KNOW ONE WILL EVER GEUSS! and theirs no glitches!!! I put my phone number and emails info in it so I don't forget I recommend you get it instead of a normal photo vault app
  • I'm getting duplicates and weird names like {Album Name} 2/5

    By Gdgxvdhxjsbvx
    So looks like many others are experiencing this. please fix this and I am willing to change my review
  • Update messed up some things 4/5

    By Donato R
    I love this app but the last update messed up a few things. I have duplicates of many photos and when I try to organize them by creation date it goes into random orders. I also have a suggestion, there should be a shuffle feature to purposely randomize the photos
  • I couldn't get my pictures 1/5

    By matthew the 4th
    One day after the update I look and all my pictures were duplicated. So I deleted the duplicates but when I did that it turned the normal pictures blank. So I lost about 100 pictures and I could have gotten them out of the trash but I had to upgrade it to get them. Worst vault I ever used.

Keepsafe Calculator Photo Vault app comments


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