Keto Diet Tracker

Keto Diet Tracker

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Keto Diet Tracker App

How it Works -Personalize your macro goals to your specific body type and activity level. -Goals include losing weight, maintaining weight, or gaining mass. -View and record nutrition goals, so you can consume the right amount of calories, protein, fat, and net carbs (app can count total carbs optionally). -Use our simple search engine to input food and beverages, or scan the product’s barcode. -Search suggestions mark foods to avoid maintaining your daily goal. Key Features - Try it for free! A subscription is needed only if you want to count more than 5 foods per day. - No subscription needed if you make a one-time purchase in the app. - Create your own Meals and Recipes. - Track meals altogether or separate by Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks. - Synchronize with Apple’s Health app, including export of your nutrition data. Purchase a PRO Subscription to get the most out of your nutrition tracker, while saving money. PRO Subscriptions are available for three different time periods: -1 month for USD $2.99 -3 months for USD $5.99 -12 months for USD $11.99 A PRO membership is also available for a one-time payment of USD $24.99, which includes all PRO features and lifetime access. If you choose to subscribe to a PRO membership, the purchase will be charged to your iTunes account. The subscription will be auto-renewed 24 hours prior to it running out, and you can manage it from the User Settings in iTunes after purchase. You have the capability to cancel the auto-renewing subscription in your iTunes settings. Terms and Privacy Policy: Download Keto Diet Tracker today to achieve your health and fitness goals!


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Keto Diet Tracker app reviews

  • Scam Don’t Purchase 1/5

    By Wee Lindsey Lass
    This app is great until you hit the cap amount of ingredients and they try to make you purchase pro. Not practical and too many free apps can be adapted to fit your keto needs. I’m going back to fitness pal.
  • Annoying Sales Tactic 1/5

    By Chic in SFL
    If you don’t upgrade to pro then you can’t use the app. What’s the point of having a free app if you’re not going to allow it to be used for free with the option of purchasing?? Every time I added something, it kept asking me to upgrade. I didn’t even fully use the app yet to decide if I wanted to!! I ended up just purchasing just so I could at least see what the app is like. So far I like it but I don’t like the aggressive sales tactic on the app.
  • Misleading 1/5

    By Vanessa Peltier
    The app stops giving information on individual items before you subscribe to receive a meal plan in less than a day. Too bad. They should at least let you use it for a week before asking for a subscription or buying it. This way, I could not even tell if it was useful or not. Find another app.
  • Macro Tracking 4/5

    By Rxc573
    Stay healthy, stay woke. It's helpful.
  • Not free btw 1/5

    By 7morgan8577
    Must have a subscription to enter a full day of food.
  • Trial period way too short 1/5

    By Tboom26
    Hard to test the app when the trial portion is so short and quick. Only able to add a few items before needing to pay. I will “try” other apps that will allow me to actually test them before deciding to make a purchase
  • Highly disappointed 1/5

    By saperryrn
    I’ve been counting ‘net carbs’ for 4 years and thought I would do better tracking. This app takes the total carb count, which is not net carbs. Spent $12 and now not going to be using it. 👎🏼

    By AuthenticationRequired
    You have NOT provided explicit instructions on how to cancel the auto renew of the subscription of the app. How do you cancel it!?!?!
  • Annoying 2/5

    By Shelleybeanc
    So annoying...used the app for two days before suddenly I am forced to subscribe or not be able to add additional foods. Makes me angry to not have this be very clear from the start. DELETE!! There are plenty of other apps that do the same thing!
  • Calorie goal food suggestions? 5/5

    By SiiKaMoRe
    Sometimes it’s hard meeting my calorie goal. Can we get a food suggestion tab.
  • Needs to update 3/5

    By Susieannak
    I got this as a newbie and didnt realize how to count net carbs correctly. Keto Diet NEEDS TO UPDATE this feature. Items subtracted from total carbs body doesn’t absorb them! 1. Erythritol 2. Sugar alcohol 3. Allulose - new and in “KNOW” cookies/foods * Essentially, allulose has one tenth the calories and carbohydrates of table sugar. Where 10g of sugar has 40 calories, and 10g of carbs--10g of allulose has 1 calorie and 1g of carbs. 4. Keto diet needs to update these and other items so pro users like myself are compensated for paying 5. Have a section on how to count net carbs and what’s allowed to be aubtracted like dietary fiber, sugar alcohol, allulose. Also what about the SUGAR?!? Some items like dressing has 1-2g of sugar - please fix. Keto diet only focuses on Fat, protein, carbs, calories, and forgetting other ingredients that raise Blood sugar. in my opinion KD should offer more options, but customizable like current screen. Especially for those who pay! my fitness pal seems to be the better paid option since it addressed most of these concerns.
  • Helping me on my journey 4/5

    By Cmhfjljh
    Edited to add: I appreciate that the developers reached out to me to explain the crashing (which stopped fairly quickly after) and ask about the brands. The app is a solid 4/5 for sure. The last thing I’m missing is being able to change the measurements for servings. But highly recommend the app! So when I jumped into keto I started with this app. I ended up just buying the life version so I wouldn’t have any limitations. I’ve been using the app for two months now and a couple things. + I like that it’s controlled (some apps allow anyone to add nutrition and it gets out of hand and not correct) - what I don’t like is the limit on (brands) what is able to be tracked. Certain pretty popular “keto brands” are not found but you can find cheeseburgers with buns.. I’m thinking maybe it would be good to allow people to contribute info with pictures of nutrition labels (for approval) to help expand the database. - also not a fan of not being able to change serving sizes on things. So for example my cheese serving is 3 slices and I use 4. So instead of putting 4, I have to put 1.33 and that gets old fast. So far it’s kept me on track. I also like you have the ability to choose between net or total carbs (hopefully calculated correct because I haven’t checked into that) Tonight though it’s crashing on me and I’m not happy. I try to scan a label to add for dinner and it crashes and closes..multiple times. Not a happy camper when I paid what I did (only two months ago).
  • Excited for improvement. 5/5

    By Lucid_dreams_
    I’m new to keto and this is definitely helping, I can’t wait to see the improvements in restaurant selection ex. Cheddars, Aubrey’s, etc. and easier day to day logging, it seemed as though this morning added foods from yesterday.
  • Free app isn’t 1/5

    By Aplogsoln
    Never ending efforts to force you to upgrade
  • Can’t get a refund for a mistaken purchase! 1/5

    By emoothart
    I purchased a year subscription a couple of weeks ago by mistake. I immediately attempted to cancel it. However, it was not canceled and I was charged and not refunded. I have attempted to resolve this through Apple iTunes but without success. Very unhappy that I can’t get a basic refund handled. :(
  • Cancel is impossible 1/5

    By Frustrated and Annoyed 1237654
    I paid for a month because I wanted to test it out. Now I can’t find how to cancel. There are no instructions or directions. AWFUL.
  • Meh 1/5

    By Dillingerjohn
    I had this app for not even a day. It’s not super user friendly and you have to pay to even add a food to your day.
  • Love this app!!!!! 5/5

    By Amylee44
    Best app I have ever used for tracking food!! It scans food as well. I just love it!!!
  • Don’t do it! 1/5

    By 63920H
    Free version allows you to begin using the app and then forces you to purchase to continue using. I was unable to bypass this requirement, so delete and write a poor review to warn others! I submitted feedback within the app, but am unwilling to wait around for what will be an unacceptable response for dishonest business practices. Thanks for the the unacceptable response as predicted. You DO NOT disclose price until you dig into the app. If you were using TRULY honest business practices, I would not be able to download the app until I paid for it. You do not indicate there is a “free demo”, instead you allow the download and then restrict use after a very short period of time, requiring a subscription to continue. Apple needs to dump you!
  • Keto App 5/5

    By KG 2016
    Just found this app on the recommendation of a friend. I love the circles that create an immediate visual of where you stand on your daily macros. Great find
  • Great Concept That’s Incomplete 2/5

    By TerryKM
    This app certainly makes tracking you macros a lot easier. This is by fast the best app I’ve seen for managing the the Keto diet. The areas where this app fails will make you want your money back. I discover food that has inaccurate nutritional information all the time. I find myself having to enter food in manually which is a little annoying. Scanning bar codes seems to work less than half the time. Either the food hasn’t been entered into the app yet or it actually pulls up the wrong food. The app does not accept user entries which probably is why it is missing so many foods. If they don’t fix this I don’t ever imagine this app remaining in use very long.
  • Great overall but double check everything 3/5

    By vitac1315
    Great tool in general but there is some inaccuracies with some items specifically any atkins’s type snack bars. Food items with sugar alcohols do not get calculated correctly. Just double check any snack items like that. Hopefully it will be corrected. Otherwise a good app.
  • Great concept - poor application 1/5

    By cardiocms
    The concept is good and I like the macro countdown at the top of the ap however it won’t allow you to add more than two or three meals before defaulting to a paid subscription which is very frustrating and disappointing . Don’t bother learning this ap - you will have to delete in before the day is over
  • Not a good data base 3/5

    By Chicanyc
    It was difficult to scan a new product
  • Freeze issues seem to have been fixed 4/5

    By DEEliteFULL1
    Edit #2- all seems well ! apparently freezes were caused by server overload with lots of new members. They changed their servers ( according to my response from their FB page) and it has been good Overall it’s a great little app Edit —-3rd time search is down in one week. How do I get my money back. I paid for a year Just purchased the pro version last week. The search version reads error no matter what I search ... useless! Wasted $12. Not happy ☹️
  • App crashing 3/5

    By K. Schroeder
    The app keeps crashing and losing my saved bar scans. Otherwise it seems like an awesome app.
  • To bad 1/5

    By ccaulkins
    It’s my first day of using this app and every time I try and scan in an item it’s wanting me to sign up for a pro user account. I just wanted to try it out before I spent any money.
  • Not free after a few days 1/5

    By Not really feew
    I was staring to really like this app. It was a very simple keto meal counting app but after a few days of consistent use, I can no longer enter things in without being forced to an upgrade screen
  • Tricks 1/5

    By anna's heart
    Sounded nice but. Not easy to navigate then you can’t enter more than 5 ingredients per day without subscribing. No it’s not very expensive but I don’t like dishonesty.
  • Might work well 3/5

    By Marmaleopard
    This app lets you put in 5 food entries, then insists you go pro in order to continue logging foods. With only 5 entries , I really didn’t have time to evaluate the app well, and wouldn’t consider buying an app unless I am sure it will do what I need.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Axeluti
    Good UI, most foods are in system.
  • Have to pay to use properly 2/5

    By PSCU App Review
    It’s not really a free app, you have to subscribe to be able to scan and search for foods.
  • Unclear Meal Separation 3/5

    By Phillip LaFon
    I would like it to be a little more like MyFitnessPal where you create Breakfast, Lunch and Supper. Also database doesn’t seem as wide as other apps. Maybe the Pro version will be better.
  • TERRIBLE! App is NOT free! 1/5

    By Kel54321
    After you add a few ingredients or meals, it blocks you and sends you to buy the Pro version. You have to subscribe and pay $1-$3 per month!
  • Quick and easy! 5/5

    By gpennington
    Easy to see and track.
  • Meh 3/5

    By Tommy mommy
    I like it enough but honestly, it’s annoying when you recalculate and all of your saved meals or scanned items delete.
  • Used to be awesome 4/5

    By LPeggy
    I have had this app for about a week now. Up until yesterday morning this app was amazing and so helpful. As of yesterday every time I try to scan an item it kicks me out. If I try to type in a food, it pops up an error message. The app has totally crapped out. If I wasn’t paying money for it, I wouldn’t be as upset. But because I am, I would like someone to look into this ASAP please. UPDATE: The glitches have been fixed so far and I am continuing to use the app!!! It’s working very very well. Thanks so much for your speedy help and your email.
  • Great app, but keeps crashing! 4/5

    By Melgoesketo
    Every time I try to scan an item using the barcode scanner it crashes. The try to upload the food manually and says unknown error occurred. Please fix this!
  • App has too many glitches 1/5

    By TLewis86
    It’s nice to get the visual of what your eating and what it’s going towards, however several times I can’t scan or look up an item because the app has too many glitches.
  • Search doesn’t work 1/5

    By Yell85
    The food search doesn’t work...keep getting an “unknown error.” Kind of important!
  • Worked for one meal 1/5

    By jcat's iTunes
    Well I thought it was going to be great. I recorded one day of meals-all was good. Came back the next day and no matter what I did it kept saying “unknown error”. It would add anything. I’m deleting and sticking with the other app I have.
  • Mediocre 3/5

    By mayatsujimoto
    I was definitely interested in this app because of the net carb calculation MyFitnessPal didn’t offer. App was smooth sailing for about a week and then an “unknown error” started popping up when trying to add recipes or search for food. This is incredibly frustrating since I paid for the subscription-I expect for me to at least be able to track the simple foods I’m eating!! Please fix this issue!!
  • Started out great but....... 2/5

    By jenbraught
    I thought this was going to be so helpful in my new keto journey but for the second day in a row, whenever I go to enter food, I get “unknown error has occurred”. A little frustrating that it doesn’t seem to work much of the time. I’ll be deleting and trying a different app
  • Great App, but it’s down right now 5/5

    By Chad Dutcher
    Send UPDATES!
  • Good app, when it works... 2/5

    By Duffer007
    While I like the way this app tracks daily consumption, I’ve been pretty frustrated over the course of the past 24 hours with its consistency. Both my wife and I upgraded to the Pro service and numerous times over the past 24 hours, the app has quit for both of us when trying to scan labels or produced an “unknown error occurred” message when searching for a food. Please fix these bugs or we’ll be requesting a refund and will go with a different app.
  • Great app for diet 5/5

    By Shellpas
    Very helpful
  • Keeps timing out and crashing 2/5

    By Jenkay1972
    Worked ok for about a week then once I became a subscriber started timing out during food searches and crashing. I’ve done everything I know to do for an app when it does this. Still won’t work. Don’t waste your money!
  • App crashing 1/5

    By Trey Thomason
    Worked fine all week but now every time I try to scan a barcode to add food the app crashes. I’m not sure what is going on but I just purchased premium and a day later the app doesn’t work. PLEASE FIX
  • Flawed 1/5

    By Oak1976
    Used the app for one day. I paid for the 3 month subscription and was optimistic that I purchased a good app. At dinner time the first day using it I kept getting “an unknown error occurred” whenever I attempt to look up food. Disappointed and out of $6. FYI...I have read a few people not knowing how to cancel. If you are trying to cancel your subscription like I did, go to the subscription conformation email from apple and click on “review your subscription”. You can cancel there.
  • Rating 1/5

    By Lfulwood
    Was using regular app when asked if wanted to upgrade to pro. It would not continue unless I upgraded.

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