Khan Academy: you can learn anything

Khan Academy: you can learn anything

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  • Current Version: 4.2.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Khan Academy
  • Compatibility: Android
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Khan Academy: you can learn anything App

Khan Academy allows you to learn almost anything for free. In our iPhone app: - You can learn anything – for free: Over 10,000 videos and explanations at your fingertips in math, science, economics, history, and much, much more - Sharpen your skills: over 40,000 interactive Common Core aligned practice questions are included with instant feedback and step-by-step hints. Follow along with what you’re learning in school or practice at your own pace - Quickly find what you need: Redesigned navigation and search make it faster to find what you want - Keep learning even when you’re offline: Bookmark your favorite content to “Your List” for easy access, and download it to keep learning even when you’re not connected to the internet. - Pick up where you left off: Your learning syncs between your iPhone and, so your progress is always up-to-date In our iPad app, you can also: - Flex your muscles: the app adjusts to give you interactive exercise recommendations that are tailored just for you through the world of math. - Show your work: the app harnesses the power of writing down your thoughts as you problem-solve with a beautiful, expansive scratchpad. Once you have your answer, just write it in, and we’ll recognize your handwriting (powered by MyScript)! Learn using videos, interactive exercises, and in-depth articles in math (arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, calculus, linear algebra), science (biology, chemistry, physics), economics, and even the humanities with playlists on art history, civics, finance, and more. Spend an afternoon brushing up on statistics. Discover how the Krebs cycle works. Learn about the fundamentals of music notation. Prepare for the upcoming SAT, GMAT, or MCAT. Or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, learn how fire stick farming changed the landscape of Australia. It doesn't matter if you are a student, teacher, home-schooler, principal, adult returning to the classroom after 20 years, or a friendly alien just trying to get a leg up in earthly biology—Khan Academy's materials and resources are available to you completely free of charge. Head over to to learn more."Khan Academy allows you to learn almost anything for free.

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Khan Academy: you can learn anything app reviews

  • 📈👍😄EMOJIS ARE FUN 5/5

    By U 🍕=👎😡😤😡
    I personally LOVE this app. It has so many subjects and levels that if you have it, you have no excuse to fail school. I've never been one to get bad grades; I mean I'm at the point where a B is a terrible grade, and I can maintain that using this app. If there's ever anything I don't understand or if I have to study for a test (especially finals) this is the first place I go. My little brother really struggles in school and my parents don't have the money for a tutor so I showed them this and now they want to get him using it. It's really helpful wether you struggle in school overall or there's just something that doesn't quite 'click'. Best part: it's free. The only thing I would change is adding an explanation of common core. My parents want to help my brother with his homework, but they can't since they don't understand common core. We've got crappy Internet , so we can't always access the videos and I can't always help because I have tons of homework, track, marching band, and a social life. If they had common core explanation videos, that would be great.
  • Great For A Knowledge Base 5/5

    By Chris L.R.
    This app is FREE! KhanA is great for adding subjects to your knowledge base and expanding your circle of competence.
  • Doesn't work the way I need it to 2/5

    By Dtgvjuygvhjiokk
    I don't know if it is just me, but I have coaches that assign work and I can't find a way to get to it on the app
  • I hate This 1/5

    By Socbqy
    My teacher is making me do this and I hate it
  • Not what I expected 3/5

    By expo8Rocks
    Well, overall, the website is better than the app. But I still love it!
  • Best reference source for knowledge-thirsty people! 5/5

    By Aizaz Arif
    Khan Academy proves to be the best source for students to enhance their thinking skills as well as to build up a gigantic pool of knowledge. It covers every aspect of a subject with great lucidity and offers a marvellous reading experience. Not only can it be useful as a source of reference for curricular reading but also for fun reading. I totally love the app and I recommend it to everyone who is thirsty for accurate and relevant knowledge.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By ScottPowers
    Education should be free and accessible to everyone! Khan Academy has it right; Invest in the future of the human race. Download this app, share it with your friends!
  • Glitches 1/5

    By Dnewt66
    Three errors in last hour between not being able to click to check an answer to not being able to click on "next exercise". App can't let you pickup from where you were last time. Also feedback doesn't submit. Will stick with website. Too bad. Really wanted to like it but disappointed.
  • Life saver 5/5

    By 949)6
    Khan academy has helped me so much in school! Sal Khan is amazing at explaining math and has helped me succeed in school!
  • Great App!!! Love it!! 5/5

    By Suk Mike Hock
    I really love this app!! However, I'm having a minor issue on it. Every time I try downloading my bookmarks it always crashes for no reason. Hopefully, it can be fixed.
  • Best friend in school!!! Thank you so much. 5/5

    By SuperXBen
    It's not possible to understand everything in class in school, and it's also impossible to let instructors to present the same things one more time if you don't get it. However, this app acts like your personal tutors after class. It's extremely helpful. I am so thankful.
  • "Report a Problem" Does Not Work 3/5

    By jch1939
    The ability to "Report a Problem" has become a problem itself. "Report a Problem" control no longer functions properly to allow students to report bugs in exercises. I have found this situation in several course subjects. The Academy will never eliminate / reduce bugs unless students are able to report them to the software development team!
  • Who cannot get behind this? 5/5

    By Nicky Beaird
    Great update. Enjoy the bookmarks section and adding Pixar's Art of Storytelling
  • The finger drawing answers is unbearable for Math sections 1/5

    By Kram Sivam
    I want to change this review to 5 stars in the future because I love everything about this app other then this one part and that is the using of your finger tip to enter answers. It literally is stopping me from using this app because it takes me 20minutes to enter 1 polynomial and quadratic equations answer correctly. It is a nightmare!!! Drawing with your finger tip is soooooo unnatural feeling. Why don't you have a bunch of mathematical buttons much like a calculator and also a notepad like text edition where you could type you work line by line to solve the problem and then you can just type in the answer when you find it. Typing is so much quicker then finger tip writing! Example A. It took me 2 minutes to write this review and I'm pretty positive I wouldn't even be able to finger tip writing this in my lifetime!!! Please change this. I would love to use this app but I can't more forward any farther in the mathematics courses on the iPad app because of this!
  • Aggravatingly close 3/5

    By Cheayo
    It seems to be more or less working these days, which is an improvement. But the interface is just close enough to good without actually being good that it's infuriating. My latest frustration: being asked to graph sine between .5 and -.5 on a graph that's 20 units by 20 units, using two fiddly sliders. If the designers spent a day or two using the apps I'm sure they could clean it up.
  • The reason why i passed alot of subjects 5/5

    By Momen basel
    An exam-saver app.
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By Seadog16
    Helps you with anything you need and gives a clear description of everything. Taught me in 10 minutes.
  • No lie it is so amazing 5/5

    By Hope Hope Taylor
    I struggle in math. This app makes it easy because it has everything you need to know and it is easy to understand it explains the answers
  • Anonymous 5/5

    By Ggjxhshwbs banscnbehddffgj
    THANKYOU so much this was so helpful!!! I finally understand math now❤
  • Life saver! 5/5

    By Shalynne1
    Sal has saved my life time and time again since high school, but I just discovered the app! It's so great that I can bookmark my progress and find things so easily. His explanations make incredibly complicated topics that my textbooks and teachers can't seem to explain seem so simple! He takes his time and goes through examples so we can understand topics thoroughly. I am incredibly grateful and eternally indebted to this man.
  • 👋🏾👋🏾 4/5

    By Fmghfhhfgg
    It is a little annoying when it freezes but otherwise I love it
  • Cleverbot1 5/5

    By 😀Cleverbot1😀
    This is useful app
  • It ok 3/5

    By Megandakota
    I think it needs more quizzes over what you watch or read.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Marc D
    Absolutely love this app. Sal Khan truly doesn't get enough recognition for what he's done to further education in the U.S. Regardless, I'm in a higher-level engineering math course and I needed to review a few expansions for the MacLaurin series and not only did this app help refresh my memory, but it elaborated on aspects I never understood in Calc II. My Calc II teacher never delved into WHY the series expand in such a way and I found myself simply memorizing them in hopes that I'd never see them again (dumb assumption as an EE major). I can happily say that I actually understand their general form and could derive the expansions a few different ways now, and I owe that to Khan Academy.
  • Riddled with bugs 2/5

    By C J Olson
    Prepare for your educational efforts to be hampered by the stress of an application that routinely freezes, crashes, and is otherwise very buggy. These problems occur on all iOS devices. If half the issues are resolved, this is a 4 star app. 95+% resolved—it'd be an easy 5 star.
  • Buggy Battery Drain 1/5

    By Rackmore
    Used to decent. Now it's just a buggy battery drain that crashes a lot on the iPod. I've never written a negative review for an app until now.
  • From educational to frustrating 1/5

    By FunkyPanda004
    This app used to be my go to when I needed to brush up on math or even to study before a test. Recently there are so many glitches that either restrict video play or refuse submission of an equation. How can this be of use if you aren't able to do just that?
  • Poor App 1/5

    By Copeknight
    The service is very good. The iPad app is not. There is no sound on videos for me (and sound is fine elsewhere). Some lessons appear to have no way to input answers. An update is needed or the app should be retired.
  • Not for ASD moderate with language delayed F rating 1/5

    By Ackids
    The app failed to be inclusive when it comes to Autism population. F- for ELA context not user friendly and failed to give you an option for grade level. They are pretty much pushing for STEM subject mostly coding. How a child who is behind in ELA and have language delayed be able to access a " complex verbal teaching in pre-school /elementary school/middle school? To many distraction to access content. Very disappointed...
  • This made me cry 1/5

    By Odkckkff
  • The website on laptop is better 1/5

    By Jason Pruitt
    I have no idea where I am in my progress from using the app. It's confusing. Very much prefer the website. I would like to use my phone but instead I must use my laptop. Really hope they change this
  • Crashes and bugs 2/5

    By IphoneUser453
    iPad version has so much potential but lots of issues. The app often gets into states where it won't allow you to submit an answer - forcing you to force quit the app. You can't submit feedback via the app as it replies with "there is a problem". The videos associated with 8th grade math are all wrong. Love the concept, I really hope they fix the issues and have an update soon.
  • Love it 4/5

    By Geico Offline
    I use this app to help me understand concepts. The videos are very good at explaining and are reasonably lengthed. However, multitasking on iOS 10 is not supported and I would love to take notes on my iPad while learning
  • Needs work 3/5

    By Mikesbbehe
    It is nearly impossible to make a parenthetical mark "(" please make a keyboard available along with the drawing mechanism. (Math) Crashes a lot.
  • Wow 5/5

    By jdeem83
    I haven't dabbled to much in math it was my most hated subject but it was probably my teachers rushed through the lesson. I'm more of a hands on learner and I had ADD which didn't help. Teachers thought I had a learning disability that was not salvageable. So I struggled with math forever. After I got out of high school I avoided it like the plague. After using this app I found that I actually like math and they break it down so I can understand it. Plus the exercises help me a lot since it's hands on. I mostly wrote a review on here to thank the creators of this app for restoring my confidence in myself, my self esteem is at an all time high and now I'm able to go to college without anything blocking my path. Thank you so much!!! 😄
  • Please add AirPlay 5/5

    By CGieg
    Please add an airplay button in the video player options
  • More frequent updates 3/5

    By LearningLikesLearning
    iPhone version. Does not save progress or track it by changing the star color. This is useful and meaningful to me. Please make more frequent updates to the app to improve these performance issues. Many thanks :)
  • PLEASE 4/5

    By ALroumimd
    Please fix the bug that causes it to crash every time I complete a mastery test! Other than that the app is perfect and beneficial ! Thanks
  • Life saver! 5/5

    By jschroll87
    Khan academy is definitely a life saver!!
  • Doesn't track progress 1/5

    By Brian Hixon
    My kids can't continue where they left off, so it's unusable for my purposes per se.
  • Latest update seems to have a LOT of bugs! 1/5

    By Mr.BootsGoGo
    Kahn updated a couple days ago and it keeps crashing. The problems sections freeze up and thereafter the app ceases to work correctly. I have to keep deleting the app and reloading it. Frustrating!
  • A true blessing 5/5

    By Tjsqueak
    Khan academy has had a profound impact on my life, and I couldn't be more grateful for what Sal Khan has done for this world.
  • Yes! 5/5

    By Pupper58
    This is amazing! So helpful!
  • Dosent track my progress anymore 1/5

    By Sickofthizmess
    I use my iPad to watch the videos and after it would show blue for the courses you've watch but it dosent do that anymore. So I have to write down which one I watch that way I'm not watching the same ones over and over. When I log into the desktop version it dosent show I watch it either. So if I watch a vid on my iPad I have to watch it over again on my desktop to show that I've watched it. So annoying
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Nababa12
    Love it❤️ It helps so much when i have problems with math
  • Amazing 4/5

    By Gamotria
    This app contains so much information and it is presented in an easy to learn way. However there are a few bugs (dropped sound, unresponsive buttons). If these problems were fixed it would be perfect.
  • What happened to AP Art History? 2/5

    By AP Art History Student
    The Khan Academy app lacks the sufficient resources for AP art history course. What happened to, you can learn anything you want? I guess that means anything but AP art history. I implore Khan Academy to fix this problem.My fellow classmates and I are currently in a fit of vexation over the abject conditions of AP Art History on the Khan Academy App. If Khan Academy is going to advertise AP Art History than have the resources. False advertising is never acceptable. In conclusion, Khan Academy App having resources for AP Art History is an alternative fact. PLEASE FIX THE PROBLEM!!!!
  • Great 5/5

    By TheRevi3w3r
    Learning things have never been easier
  • Khan Academy 5/5

    By Diamond💎Star⭐️
    This is amazing this helps me when I have problems in math
  • Needs a way to play next video 3/5

    By SVC-2027
    If this app actually played the next video like the web version, then it would be wonderful.

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