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Khan Academy allows you to learn almost anything for free. In our iPhone app: - You can learn anything – for free: Over 10,000 videos and explanations at your fingertips in math, science, economics, history, and much, much more - Sharpen your skills: over 40,000 interactive Common Core aligned practice questions are included with instant feedback and step-by-step hints. Follow along with what you’re learning in school or practice at your own pace - Quickly find what you need: Redesigned navigation and search make it faster to find what you want - Keep learning even when you’re offline: Bookmark your favorite content to “Your List” for easy access, and download it to keep learning even when you’re not connected to the internet. - Pick up where you left off: Your learning syncs between your iPhone and, so your progress is always up-to-date In our iPad app, you can also: - Flex your muscles: the app adjusts to give you interactive exercise recommendations that are tailored just for you through the world of math. - Show your work: the app harnesses the power of writing down your thoughts as you problem-solve with a beautiful, expansive scratchpad. Once you have your answer, just write it in, and we’ll recognize your handwriting (powered by MyScript)! Learn using videos, interactive exercises, and in-depth articles in math (arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, calculus, linear algebra), science (biology, chemistry, physics), economics, and even the humanities with playlists on art history, civics, finance, and more. Spend an afternoon brushing up on statistics. Discover how the Krebs cycle works. Learn about the fundamentals of music notation. Prepare for the upcoming SAT, GMAT, or MCAT. Or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, learn how fire stick farming changed the landscape of Australia. It doesn't matter if you are a student, teacher, home-schooler, principal, adult returning to the classroom after 20 years, or a friendly alien just trying to get a leg up in earthly biology—Khan Academy's materials and resources are available to you completely free of charge. Head over to to learn more."Khan Academy allows you to learn almost anything for free.


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Khan Academy app reviews

  • I love khan academy needs more. 5/5

    By the hulu lover.
    This app is amazing where is programming and some more.
  • Khan Academy is the best! 5/5

    By Seth_Patrick67
    Couldn’t make it through school without these videos. Super informative, and 9 times out of 10, their explanations for concepts are better than my teachers in college.
  • Glitching out 3/5

    By KLM4444
    This app 69% of the time doesn't load, saying there's no internet connections.
  • This app would always crash when every I tried to use it. 1/5

    By Debra the cool
    This app is not very nice. It used to work well and now whenever I try and learn something it doesn’t load and says there is an error.
  • Teacher 3/5

    By Cmarieeee3
    It’d be great if there was a feature to access as a teacher to assign to students.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Brown Obama
    Wow Khan Academy is the best! I’ve used this app for physiology, microbiology and even for my NCLEX review. I love the amount of content this app and website has. I’m surprised it only has so many reviews considering the vast amount of content available for free. I guess people will rather be busy rating entertainment apps than learning apps
  • Buggy and not really too helpful 3/5

    By NonStopHamilton
  • Helps a lot 5/5

    By Farmer2lover
  • I love it, but it's crashing a lot 3/5

    By Review master twentytwo
    Every time I try to learn the simplify fractions skill in arithmetic essentials, it crashes. I need to learn this stuff! Update 10/16/17: this app is still a bug infested mess.. I love the idea of khan academy and it’s a great help, but having to restart the app all the time is frustrating.
  • Good app for on-the-go learning 3/5

    By Gfbabbitt
    I don’t get the full functionality of the web site, but that’s not as big a deal to me as not being able to get audio from Sal’s videos. I’m not sure how to make that happen.
  • Can't download bookmarks and really slow 3/5

    By IwanttolearnASL
    I love Khan Academy, and I really want to give it more stars, but the app is very slow and for some reason I get an error message every time I try to download even just one of my bookmarks. It's really frustrating because it uses my cell data to watch the videos when I'm not at home. Edit: I use an iPhone 5C, which iOS 11 wasn't released on, so that may have something to do with download problem. I wish they would make it so people without iOS 11 could download the videos.
  • Good website, horrible glitches on app 3/5

    By youNower
    I’m a big fan of Khan Academy. It’s always been helpful and a good tool to have. I have an iPad 5th generation and this app can never work more than 30 minutes for me before glitching. This morning I log on to do some math and the audio for my lecture cut off. Leaving me with only subtitles and no sound. It also wouldn’t allow me to exit my worksheet after I completed it. This app has been glitching on us iPad users for months now, I ask that these glitches be taken into account for the next update. This is getting ridiculous. I will continue to use the website until then. I hope someone sees this, Thanks. -Lady
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Mememememememmemememelord4665
    I keep getting the answer wrong and when I want help it doesn’t let me get help lease fix this and navigation is terrible for this
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Nurse Jason
    I love coming on here each day to re-learn what I learned in high school. I'm able to set higher goals this time however. Calculus, quantum physics and the science of the sun will all be new to me! This is definitely much more interesting than wasting time on Facebook all day.
  • Khan academy is a god sent 5/5

    By jaden edgerton
    Currently getting through college with the help of this app. It's never too late to start! Best resource/app I've ever got. Cannot believe that it's free
  • Navigation Issues 4/5

    By BroadwayDude1
    This is an amazing app! It totally works in every way and the glitches that bothered me so much in the past. Just one minor fix so that I could give this app five stars. We need a menu button in our videos and tests. I watch a bunch of videos straight, with tests and stuff, and then If I wan’t to go back to the course, I have to press the back button a million times and go through every single lesson i watched and every test I’ve completed. But the one thing that bothered me the most is that when I encounter one of those articles, I’m just stuck. I enter one, I complete the mini tests, i read the article, and there’s no next button or previous button to go to. I have to double tap and swipe the app and get back on it. But that’s about it. Those two things. And that’s about it. Oh wait, if you can make the profile a bit more manageable like in the computer, that would be great. Thanks!
  • Needed feature 1/5

    By otatinu wobniar
    I was excited to download the Khan Academy app. It would be good to have all of these videos and practices easily accessible on my mobile devices. I was surprised, however, to see how little options of courses there were. Later, I realize this was simply because my phone was in Spanish, so Khan Academy defaulted to only courses offered in Spanish. Upon further research I found out that there was recently word about an option to choose your language in the app, but this was only for Androids. As an iOS user, I should not be forced to change the language of my mobile devices just to be able to use the app in its entirety.
  • "Grammar" section disappeared with update 4/5

    By Куйройдз
    I recently updated the app to the latest version, but the "grammar" section disappeared. It is still available on the website but not on the app. Could you please fix this?
  • Makes the complicated , simple. 5/5

    By IKoIL
    This is my go to, whenever I am unsure about anything my teachers have lectured. I frequently find that Sal does a much better job than any of my teachers, And more and more I am seeing my professors use videos from Khan Academy in their lectures. Keep it up guys you are awesome! I started using this app for math specifically, But have since found it has history and science and chemistry and other stuff. You really can learn anything.
  • Good App, But Small Issues, Big Annoyance 3/5

    By Master Johnsen
    I love Khan Academy. They have helped in learning trigonometry and I started learning about Cryptography on the app and was excited! However, I got through the first lesson and the second one started off with an article. No issue, right? Unfortunately, there is. There are no ways to navigate except to other videos that are hyperlinked in the article so I’m forced to go to the home screen of my iPad 2, kill the app, then go back into it. Again, I’m all for Khan Academy, but oversight on small things like this can really annoy and sometimes infuriate people.
  • Absolutely amazing app. You are able to learn so many thing that are so easy to access 5/5

    By A person 18461841
    After going on this app I have learned so many things! I have learned some computer science, coding, grammar, history, psychology, etc. There are so many subjects you can receive help on and learn about. This app is so helpful and you get to learn so many interesting things that you may not learn in school, or you have to wait to learn it when you’re in a higher grade. I highly recommend downloading this app! It’s awesome!!
  • It’s helps in my homework alot👨🏽‍🎓 5/5

    By Mahir Mahdi
    It’s helps in my homework alot👨🏽‍🎓
  • I It's Fine 4/5

    By Satisied Person
    It's a great app but maybe we could type the answer instead of write, can we have an option? For the most part I enjoyed it though, also how the majority of the answer I got wrong were because you mistaken my 7 and as a 2, mistaken my decimal point as a 0 or plan old forgot it; etc, so if you can will you please changed the sensitivity level?
  • I would like to rate it 5 stars 2/5

    By Eugene Ku
    For the concept and the arrangement of valuable material. And I will, once it is rid of the annoying glitches (most of which are connected with the inability of the writing identification algorithm to detect for instance that I’m trying to input O instead of 0, thus leading to incorrect solutions, or the nth root or many other). The app also freezes every now and then. And also it’s impossible to exit review sections (marked with the newspaper icon) other than shutting down and restarting the app. Also 0.5 and 1/2 are the same numbers, but the app accepts usually only one of the options. Etc. The app also doesn’t allow to send in app feedback, - the send button simply doesn’t react.
  • Hopes dashed 1/5

    By Evo7289592717494
    My kid is using duck duck moose games to learn math (also developed by khan academy), and they looked amazing. I decided to brush up on my own math skills using this app. Big let down. I get stuck in lessons, literally no way to move forward or back. If I answer a question wrong in a quiz, there's no way to learn what I'm missing. I don't think the development team has actually spent 5 minutes using the app because these ui/ux issues are egregious.
  • So Glitchy it’s Broken 2/5

    By Farmermouse
    I badly want to give this more stars. When it works, it works really well... I mean it’s really cool to use on my IPad Pro with the pencil. I’ve been attempting to review and re-learn all the basic arithmetic, geometry, algebra, and statistics in preparation for the Praxis Core test. Too often I am unable to complete a task due to malfunctions. This makes it impossible to be consistent with my studies. There is a feedback function within each task which could be very helpful to send messages to the developers on what specific issues to fix. Unfortunately, the feedback function hasn’t been functional since I started using the app. Currently, I have reached an impass within the Arithmetic section. Mastery...not working...individual practice sections...not working. Please fix!
  • Handwriting Broken, App Crashes 1/5

    By Usernamblblabla
    I can sometimes answer a few questions before I get stuck on one where I can’t write the answer in the input field no matter how many times I try. There is no option to use the keyboard to input answers. You can only use your finger or an Apple Pen. I crashed the app trying to submit feedback. This has consistently been my experience with the app for about a month (I’m not sure how long exactly). Unfortunately the app is completely unusable for me at this time. 😭☹️😭😞 Some examples of things that I can sometimes or never write in the text field: Exponents ^ this symbol to indicate exponents Multiplication sign The variable t Addition sign The variable x Parentheses
  • Amazing app!! 5/5

    By AceQ262626
    I am not able to open the app or website what so ever and I was using this app to study for my classes!!!! Please fix this ASAP!!! Edit: I love this app so much! And they even took care of the issue immediately! I can now study for my homework again :). Thank you Sal and app developers! Request: I was just curious if you guys could add college algebra into the mathematics section. I know it is probably technically already there but mixed with trig and algebra 2 and statistics but could you guys make a college algebra option?
  • Update 5/5

    By Liina1
    Thank you! The app is working great!!!
  • Grate app 4/5

    By BigB3004
    The crash is fixed and it is fine now
  • Great app 4/5

    By J-sahn
    Thanks to the developers and all that helped to make this a success. I've been using this app for the past 6month and I can assure that it's 100% useful. My only problem is, it won't open after the last update, I had to uninstall and reinstall to have it moving again. Once again a big thanks.
  • Best app for studying in school 5/5

    By Oly360!!!
    Love khan academy, free learning a great for studying. Thanks for the fix developers!
  • Yay 5/5

    By CreeprKing
    I can do my homework
  • UPDATED - iOS 11 Login Issue 4/5

    By mtstapleton12
    This function has been fixed. App crashes when trying to login using Google login after updating to iOS 11.
  • Bug fixed yay 5/5

    By Bammer2009
    It use to crash on start up now it’s fixed.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Cccccxcccc
    This is a wonderful service with great material. I would highly recommend it. Only thing I really wish they had was an in-app calculator and an in-app workspace (like scratch paper) so I didn't have to track down a pen and a notebook to work with. Also a periodic table and formula sheets would be nice. I can google them or open my calculator app, but switching apps just shuts down all of my momentum. Credit to the software team: I had a glitch, they fixed it.
  • Can't sign in 1/5

    By gerrygj
    I can't sign into the app since the last update. I can only sign into a browser.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Lazarococ
    Best way to learn math.
  • Can’t enter app 2/5

    By The Chloe you know
    I love learning, and this app is spectacular, but suddenly whenever I click the app, I can’t get in.
  • Everything is perfect but practice questions ? 4/5

    By Ömer Faruk Sevim
    The app is amazing and I find it very convenient. Videos are so clear for understanding of the topics. I have one strong suggestion; Wouldn’t it be perfect if there were practice question after each video?? looking forward :)
  • Bite me 5/5

    By gobaad
    It is really an awesome app.
  • App closing 2/5

    By Mercedes La'Diamond C. ❣
    App closes out as soon as I click something on the app.. I have to delete the app and re - install it since it won’t open back up once it closes out by itself.
  • ugh 2/5

    By mavyly
    i’m really upset that you guys took away the personalized learning paths for all the subjects on mobile. now whenever i wanna complete pre calculus i need to bring my humongous laptop onto my tiny desk and learn in a squished environment. thanks a lot. ☹️ the app works great though, just give back the mastery challenges and missions and stuff
  • App crashes 3/5

    By jayrad3678
    Awesome information but the app crashes every time I open it. Please fix and I will give 5 stars
  • Excellent 5/5

    By MagyarFan
    Not that the crashing had been fixed (thank you!), I'm back to loving the app.
  • Amazing 4/5

    By 🎵👾🎮🎮boo
    I use it to brush up on old subjects and to understand whatever I didn’t get on my lectures, I often learn subtle thing that my professors might miss that make big differences. I love the current selection but it’d be nice to see you guys teach photography as well as programming languages like swift and python. Recently I noticed that the app will often crash when I attempt to access bookmarks which is quite annoying, aside from that the app is great.
  • So trash 1/5

    By okkdjcjfjdjd
    Opens and immediately crashes. Garbage
  • I can't open the app 4/5

    By Maxim2678
    I'm not sure what happened but it worked very well for the first couple days, but now every time I try to use it the app tries to open but nothing works. I really enjoy the structure of how easy the app is to use and the videos are easy to follow.
  • Some design issues 3/5

    By Yada yada yada yada yada
    There seriously needs to be a night mode/dark theme, the app could have a compact view for small screens, the videos could have built in captions instead of reading the transcript, and whenever you swipe back, it takes you to the beginning of a subject, instead of where the precious chapter was. Other than that, it is really useful.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Deanna Ramirez
    It’s really helpful and isn’t crashing anymore

Khan Academy app comments


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