KICK: Football Card Trader

KICK: Football Card Trader

  • Category: Sports
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  • Current Version: 8.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: The Topps Company, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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KICK: Football Card Trader App

Topps® KICK® 2018: Football Card Trader is the official digital card trading app of the Premier League, Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and Major League Soccer, with 70+ licensed clubs and over 700 players. Join fans from around the world for the KICK 2018 Season! New Features! • BEST XI - Collect, build, and play with your favorite football stars in KICK Best XI a new way to collect your favorite football stars in KICK 18. This brand new feature is a turn-based mini game that focuses on the tactics of moving the ball up and down the pitch and scoring goals. • COLLECTION CHASE - Collecting gets on form in KICK 18! Chase your favorite players to work your way up the ladder, unlocking new sets and earning progressive rewards as you go. This new way to collect promises an experience which is both deeply engaging and highly rewarding for rookies and seasoned veterans alike. • GOLDEN GOAL - Golden Goal is an all or nothing luck of the draw card game that allows you to win free coins and cards. Look for bigger coin rewards and collectible cards. Classic Features! • CONSISTENT RELEASE OF NEW CARDS: new series, artworks, and editions of cards released every week including limited cards that indicate the card circulation number. • Get FREE CARDS AND COINS every day! • LIVE CONTESTS: compete with other players to win rewards in contests that last from one match to an entire week. Our improved “flow of the game” scoring system allows users to predict momentum changes, swap cards in their starting XI, and feel the excitement of every touch, pass, tackle, shot, and goal. • CARD EXCHANGE: trade in low-level cards for a higher boosted variant of the same player! • STORE DESIGNS that hold unique offers and special packs. Collect nearly 100 different art styles and designs. • Join the best community of football card collectors in the world! CHAT WITH PLAYERS around the world in the Fan Feed and propose trades! KICK 2018 has the best football card collecting community in the world! Execute major trades between Premier League, Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and Major League Soccer. Collect Messi, Ronaldo, Pogba, Neymar, Wayne Rooney, Sergio Agüero, Thomas Muller or David Villa! *For the best experience, we recommend devices be updated to iOS 11.0.0 or later. * MORE INFO - Like us on Facebook: - Follow @ToppsKICK on Twitter - Follow @ToppsDigitalOfficial on Instagram -


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KICK: Football Card Trader app reviews

  • Unable to access account 1/5

    By Give us back are time
    Can’t login with my twitter... try logging in with Facebook or username and you’ll be greeted with another login error... I’m starting to remember why I don’t play this any more. Don’t waist your time, they don’t care about the app or the people who use it.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By BennyBlanks
    Crashes all the time ad then when you try to contact Topps the email is kicked back. I’ve been locked out for months. Can’t get on, dang contact anyone at Topps.
  • Nope 1/5

    By Nope Noper
    Pay to win. Just that simple. You thought EA were the bad bad guys... Angels in comparison. Had a good formula going but now every single pack you need to buy or else you get the most tasteless and depressing cards in the game. Don't get this app. It's a waste of time and money
  • Warning!! 1/5

    By theopolis
    If you are looking for frustrations and dissatisfaction in an app, you’ve come to the right place. Save your time, money and heartache by staying away.. Spender or not they sincerely don’t give a hoot about their customers. I’m sad to say this because the app needs new blood :(. Can’t recommend to anyone at this point.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By nurse wuffa
    1 used 1 point 2 million coins and I could not open a pack, it just says pack cards unretrefable or something and it takes my hard earned coins
  • Old cards 1/5

    By xKazuto25
    I would really like to be able to complete sets of cards from past years but there isn't even an option to see how much is left in the collection. I would also like to see old cars actually mean something I feel like I have all these old cards and can't even use them or trade them.
  • Buggy app 1/5

    By JohnnyStrife
  • Not showing my cards 1/5

    By Eharo827
    It is simply not working whenever I go into my cards it tells me “ERROR Server response was delayed. Please try your request again in a moment” at first I thought it was fine I said I’ll just play tommorow but it has been almost two weeks and it still shows up. I refreshed the app and even reinstalled it and nothing can a developer help me
  • Confusing, unfair, getting worse 2/5

    By Escuela brillamont
    The app is just confusing, also now you have to spend real money to open packs. The app is just getting worse, i still collect my coins just so that in case it does get better I have a lot of coins and i’m able to open packs.
  • Everything costs money 3/5

    By Henry Fayne
    I honestly think this game has gone downhill. Last game was a lot of fun when you could buy any pack you wanted by earning coins and buying packs. Now, you just have to pay for everything. Coins pretty much do nothing for you and I don’t want to spend money on this game. All I’m recommending is to not make everything cost money.
  • Don’t spend money 1/5

    By JrVolk
    Don’t spend a cent on this app. Tech is horrible. Constant servers errors and poor user experience.
  • Absolutely Dreadful 1/5

    By Light Beyond the Clouds
    Every year they redo the app. Every year they let us down. At the end of the day, this is a gambling app. Read Apple’s rating and description to back this up. It’s “pay to play”. It’s a great concept but poorly executed.
  • terrible 1/5

    By Supergreen682
    the game is terrible. they bribe people with useless coins to leave 5 star reviews and don’t even give out the coins. the game is now pay to win with stupid diamonds and if you don’t spend then everything you have is worthless. and now you can’t even sign in with twitter because the idiot developers can’t seem to link twitter to their apps. terrible honestly. used to be so much better. don’t waste your time on their apps.
  • Great Game 4/5

    By hdjrhdhud
    I had this game once about 2 years ago and I personally think now it is better. I like the games that let you easily get coins and it does not take to long to load the 50 tickets. I have read other reviews saying it does not work on some devices but on my 6s it works perfectly fine.
  • Bad!! 1/5

    By T25882
    It is just bad!
  • Battery Drainer 2/5

    By Aireshep
    I enjoy aspects of this app- collecting, trading, even the silly games. The app itself is not well designed. It looks fine, but the coding must be quite inefficient or the images are too huge, as my battery drains very fast when on this app. Several times faster than any app I’ve ever run. This means I have to either spend minimal time on it or run it while plugged in. Something needs to be changed.
  • Bad Servers 1/5

    By Charles Jude
    Fix your servers. While I was on the contest, I refreshed my page to see my rank and it says error and everyone on the comments said that Topps were resetting the servers. So I delted the app and I downloaded it again. I signed up with my facebook account and it couldnt let me log in ffs. Yes I did log in topps kick with my facebook account before so surely it would work but today it didn't. Also make an update so that it doesn't freeze when I search a player
  • Terrible Updates! Money Thieving! 2/5

    By Duckie_Freak
    Version 2.8.1. What can I say? I open the app up, and it tells me at least 4 times before I can get away from the home page that in-app purchases aren’t available. Duh, I have them disabled but why tell me when I’m just on the home page going for contests? It’s terrible. I upgraded to the iPhone 8Plus and it’s a nightmare to collect cards, do Golden Goal, etc. as I can hardly see the things! It’s far too stretched and the ticket counter (coins too) is covered by the battery. If I go to a contest, to get out of it the back button is hidden WAAAY in the corner under my WiFi. Takes many tries to get in and out of this app. It used to be great fun, but now with all the different collections of cards you’re ruining it. Making it work rather than fun. Plus the bugs? Woeful.
  • Horrible update! 1/5

    By Avoid Lloyd
    Took away golden goal tickets. Wish I never updated. Total trash now
  • New update stole my coin balance 1/5

    By irishr3d
    I had 200k + coin balance before the update. Now I have 40k Not that coins mean that much since Topps went with Diamond (astronomical real $) packs for any worthwhile chases.
  • You need a microscope to use this app 1/5

    By KeepsOnBurning
    The latest update made everything way too small for the average eye. Completely useless.
  • Don’t you test the app before releasing? 2/5

    By GreggA_SA
    Besides being a complete battery hog, this latest version looks a bit better. But opening packs has degraded, slow and poor swipes. Credit balance also stops updating, when opening packs. Keeps resetting the position on the store tab, super frustrating.
  • Terrible layout 1/5

    By Hondibam
    The current update is simply horrible. It changed from the base layout used by the rest of the Topps apps. Trading card apps are fun, but this one is now just frustrating.
  • Kick 2018 2/5

    By curtdogg12
    Disappointed in the new version! They have made it nearly impossible to collect cards without spending a bunch of money. If I'm gonna do that I may as well go to a card store buy them to have in real form.
  • I Think Kick is Great! 5/5

    By David Scott Pearce
    • October 28, 2017 • KICK Version 8.1.2 • iOS Version 11.0.3 I think this app is great! I’m just a new soccer fan. I got all the Topps card apps, BUNT, HUDDLE, & SKATE just to take my mind off that IDIOT in the White House. I’ve read the other reviews here, and frankly a lot seem like whining or just ignorant. Yes, you do pay real money for diamonds, although you can also cash in your coins for diamonds. I have bought a good deal of the MLS “Stadium Club” Chase, for example, scoring many valuable cards. But there comes a time when you have a lot of valuable duplicates. What to do, what to do?!! TRADE, people, TRADE! It’s a good way to make friends! I’ve made a couple of loyal trader friends, and it’s THE WAY to balance your collection, AND collect sold out cards or chases that you may have missed and are no longer available to buy with coins/diamonds. There has been a little bugginess in the game, I keep the cache emptied as they suggest, but far less problems than I experienced with BUNT earlier in the Baseball ⚾️ season. Right now, the only problem I have to contact Support to fix is three of my contests that have not awarded prizes, but announce “Contest not yet finished,” or something like that, when the Contest certainly IS INDEED finished. But I’ve found Support very helpful in rectifying problems and getting back to me quickly. I’m quite happy with the game. And I’m learning a heck of a lot about soccer around the world! I like it! ⚽️ 😎!
  • Can’t log in via Twitter 1/5

    By Spencer719
    Still can’t log in from my linked twitter account. Has been 2 weeks now, is their a fix coming?
  • Diamonds ruined this app... 1/5

    By Mobsta4Life3778
    I used to be a huge fan of this app until they implemented the two currency system. In my opinion, the new system is confusing and pointless. I also miss the old store. It’s now difficult to purchase cards. Not sure what they were thinking...
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By 1Lakersss
    Not what it used to be!
  • Won’t even let me log in. 2/5

    By Cobalt422
    I’m trying to use twitter to log in and it won’t do anything
  • Log In Again?!?!? 1/5

    By Curtis R. Shideler
    Player: CURTNEEDSARIDE2 Why can't the app ever remember my user name and password?!? Well, latest update makes the app A LOT LESS fun. Don't like the set up. AND since I forgot I'm supposed to log in with Facebook, I selected Twitter and now I'm logged in with my SWCT login. Not worth the hassle anymore. Done with this app.
  • Junk 1/5

    By 1star?coins!
    Like I said, junk!
  • It went downhill 1/5

    By Yorugua1950
    After they decided to change to the new format , everything changed for the worst, now it's impossible to collect cards. Well , at the end they did me a favor, not spending money on this app anymore. Thanks for ruining a good thing.
  • Lame 1/5

    By Abcdfhgerg
    App is superrrrrrr slow and laggy, also kills your battery quickly, really dumb, no need for constant updates
  • Fun, but causes overheating 2/5

    By E43Y
    Fun app, but hardly use anymore because it makes my iPhone 7+ overheat (on longer sessions it’s even caused my phone to shutdown). There’s no reason why a 2D trading card app should be pushing the hardware that much and lowering its lifespan. Please address.
  • Used to be much better and less confusing 2/5

    By Not satisfied 8 Ball player
    This app got much worse, 2 years ago it was a lot more straightforward and now it is just a lot more confusing than ever before.
  • Just bad 2/5

    By jmfalcon1
    Something totally useless would get 1 star. This gets a more star than useless because I like soccer and it’s only mostly useless. They added crystals, which cost real money, and that’s the best way to try and collect anything. Otherwise, you’re fighting awful odds to hope and unlock a card you want. They have now organized it by set you’re supposed to try and collect, but most of the time all the cards are sold out, but the set is still displayed. The app is confusing, buggy, and downright not fun to use. I still collect my coins every day, building up a hoard in the hopes that they’ll come to their senses and at least change the UI back to something that’s less terrible. Until then, don’t bother, they took the joy out of it.
  • Data mining app. Be prepared for calls and texts from Nigeria. 1/5

    By The ugly rice
    They will sell your data to anyone. You will get calls and texts from Nigeria. We may collect certain types of personally identifiable information, including your name, screen name, password, security question and answer, email address, postal address, telephone number, birthday, and debit or credit card information. To provide you with a more personalized experience, we may also collect other personally identifiable information, including your interests, preferences, and demographic (e.g., age and gender) information. We also may collect certain non-personally identifiable information, including, but not limited to: the Internet protocol (IP) address and the type of computer operating system you are using (e.g., Microsoft Windows or Mac OS), the location from which you are using the Apps, the type of browser you are using (e.g., Firefox, Internet Explorer), the domain name of the Internet service provider, your activities while using our Apps, and the content you accessed.
  • Cards 3/5

    By Wampanoag 256812663574
    It's too difficult to locate the place to open card packs
  • Battery drainer 1/5

    By Yung bro
    Played the game for 4 min with 50% by the end of the 4 minutes I was at 27%
  • What have they done? 1/5

    By murfcat
    What a mess! Don't even know where to begin to say how horrible this new version is. Fix it now.
  • Free robux watch the inquisitor master 1/5

    By mairakittycat
    I got for free robux its ok 😌 but I honestly don't really like this game but at least they worked hard making it!
  • acts 1/5

    By Kieteeto
  • 3.5 stars 3/5

    By Cutter_321
    Glad they fixed a problem with the tutorial. The game still isn't really up to par with what it could be, but is still fun. The new game modes feel a little over done for what they are.
  • Was okay 1/5

    By crashy crasherson
    Since 2018 update, app crashes before i can get thru the tutorial which means i can do nothing. Same thing happens on my sons phone. Fix it! Why is tutorial mandatory to do anything anyway? Now this app drains my battery at 10% a minute. Insane.
  • Meh 3/5

    By JJay GD
    It's fine but not too interesting
  • Account Reset 1/5

    By Jjroth166
    Did my account actually reset? I lost tons of saved coins and all my cards when it went to kick 18. Is this just a glitch? Love the app but I lost all of my progress. My account still exists but all my progress is gone.
  • 😵 1/5

    By MCANNON 72
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By jb25432
    The new format started cute and fun, but I have pretty much lost interest because some sets are almost impossible. You buy 50 packs in a row on A 1:8 and you get none??? Very very disappointed. And that's happened more than once. Then you end up with 20 dups of the same base and no way to trade them up like other topps apps. Just to frustrating.
  • Fix pls 1/5

    By thesummr
    Locks me out of my account on my own phone saying it's already on a similar device.
  • Only here for appnana 1/5

    By Billy Bobby Joe Jr. The. Third
    Thx for the nanas btw

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