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Get connected. Kik is way more than just messaging. It’s the easiest way to connect with your friends, stay in the loop, and explore – all through chat. No phone numbers, just pick a username. • Choose who to chat with one-on-one and in groups • Share pics, videos, gifs, games, and more • Meet new friends with similar interests Get on Kik now. Start chatting!

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  • Love the new update! 5/5

    By Trisha8585
    Five stars for listening to feedback!! I really like how the developers seem to listen and actually consider our feedback! I think it would be great if the app had a way to delete data/cache etc. there's no way to do that on iPhone unless I delete the app and reinstall it. Right now the app is using almost 1gb of space, being able to clear it everyone once in awhile would be great!
  • Group Chat Bug 3/5

    By Game 8 8
    There's a bug where my group chats randomly disappear. I'm still in them. But they just disappear from my chat list and don't reappear until someone else says something.
  • Don't get this 1/5

    By Jimboredwing
    Only thing that comes from kik is nudes and regret
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Leo the Wolf
    I love Kik I'm able to talk to my friends and now I'm able to do a video chat and it's just amazing
  • Really Great 5/5

    By Tabs58
    I have been using this app for about 3-4 years now, and I have to say it is really great
  • litty 5/5

    By LilSavii
    great way to contact my friends whitout using data
  • Amazing 👍👍 5/5

    By give me money😝
    U should let us customize our ring tones to different people we text
  • Everyone should have it 5/5

    By Masculine1412
    Kik is one of my favorite apps. The updates are great and you get the opportunity to connect with friends and more
  • Nice 5/5

    By Fadedxkills
    Good for texting.
  • Awesome 4/5

    By BlakeBrady
    My only complaint is that you can't change your username. Otherwise it is awesome!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Cowboy8mm
    Great app
  • Great! 5/5

    By Boops Starlight
    I love Kik!
  • Notifications are broke 3/5

    By Cherry_Pi3.14
    Fix it I either get too many notifications with no message or none at all. Seems like an issue with the latest download
  • A blast! 5/5

    By SerenityEG
    It is a really good app that lets you chat with other people and I am impressed.
  • Created by morons 1/5

    By F&@kOff
    Spam spam spam!! The creators of this app allow spam bots to flood your system and those who have the power to change this only enable it. Used to be fun but now kik will bombard you with tons of spam bots and the only way to remove them from your friend list is to block them. I have 28 spam bots blocked on mine right now. 28!! Must be a bunch of f'n liberals running the app. Oh! And the app deleted a bunch of my messages just because. Fix your BS app.
  • FaceTime Feature 5/5

    By Cipzhangerz
    I have recently got kik from a long not using it and when i got it there was a new feature "FaceTime" and i did not like were it was placed i pressed it multiple times when not wanting to and i overall don't like it. So over all I'm saying is not to remove the feature, but to add a disable button in the options ~ A Kik user
  • Best hook up app so far so good :) 5/5

    By OmarZone94
    Was looking for it now u get good .
  • Cant log in anymore 5/5

    I used a fake account for my kik (daniel.villanueva.) and i forgot my password. Now i cant log in. And i made another account, but i need contacts from my old account. Please help.
  • AWESOME!!! 5/5

    By SilencioBD187
    This app is gr8 it's my favorite messaging app thx a lot to the developers
  • Works good for private chats 5/5

    By Blue55x
    I like the group chat it's up batteries little bit on her phone but it's nice
  • add more colors 5/5

    By Lostandinsecure
    its a great app but you should make a customized color with the whole color wheel and you get to choose what color you want !! that would be so cool and better for the app. also you should make it where you can customize the boldness of the text and stuff like that !!
  • Inappropriate 1/5

    By Winnie the pou
    I've had this myself,and I only recommend this for at least to 18 and up!there are so many pervs!asking here and there for nudes! Kik needs to take consideration of how people can just randomly text you! I advise you to spread this message to kids family friends!!please be sure to know this is a very risky thing to get in!
  • Eh 3/5

    By Aaaaaafkkgkkf
    It's a good app, really simple and easy to use (And I use it often) but it takes up an awful lot of my phone's memory for some reason. Every month or so I have to uninstall and reinstall it to sort of reset it. I thought it was because I send lots of messages, but my friend who uses it only to talk to me says they also have a memory issue. Would like to see it fixed.
  • Thank goodness my troll pervs are gone! 5/5

    By Booksrgame
    The the recent update combined with a hiatus from the messaging platform has finally made it so I can use my account again. Thank you so much Kik interactive for making my experience with your system relatively free of sexual harassment.
  • Cool 5/5

    By Lunagamer2
    Cool app
  • Best instant messaging app 5/5

    By Mcsquidward33
    I used didn't use kik before but one of my friends told me to join it and I love using kik. Best app ever 👌🏻👍🏻🙂😀
  • TBH 5/5

    By KushupNgga
    I love this app so much
  • It's great and all. But...... 2/5

    By Naruto popster
    Tbh it is great but whenever I send like a pic or a message it goes on sent for a while and I would always have to shut my phone down in order to get the message delivered......they need to get that fixed......
  • Very bad Bug please Fix!!!!! 3/5

    By Chris w lee
    Anytime I receive a message it shows it at the bottom of all my chats so I have to scroll down every time to just see
  • Needs work 3/5

    By Yvngmisft
    I used to loooove this app ! Used it everyday but I stopped Bc whenever I needed to sign out it would delete all my messages. Recently I got a new phone and haven't installed Kik yet simply Bc I do not want those old messages being erased. Could you simply just fix it so that it doesn't erase the messages after signing out?? Then it'll be 5 stars 😊😊
  • Hmu 4/5

    By 😋⭐️❤️
    I'm a single country girl from Western Kentucky. I like to hunt and fish. I love animals and I live and work on my family farm. I'm 18🌸 so you country boys should hmu. My kik is Becca_Luce
  • Kik 5/5

    By Michaelxrz
    Awesome great way to find new friends and groups of friends
  • Fix please 3/5

    By xPurple_Weapons
    When someone messages me and I go to the app and wait it to load, it crashes. Then when I open it again their message doesn't show and my message that I've sent it to them before just says it's been delivered or received. I mostly use this app. Please fix
  • Not Impressed 2/5

    By Splinkster
    Not impressed We Chat much better and easier to use
  • Bored hmu ;) 5/5

    By Nella 🌺
    Add me @dope_babe420
  • Best group chat on kik 5/5

    By Emmasaaass
    I had no friends and then i joined #chatroom19 and met other adults my age who became close friends join for a great active chat
  • I like kik and all but 4/5

    By Candy pie
    One of the things that I missed about kik was when the admin had the ability to add people and remove people only. Bring that backkkkkkk
  • Amazing App! 4/5

    By Garrett Collier
    I love the app. I'm glad that Kik is very private when it comes to messaging. The one thing that upsets me, though, is that there are spammers — especially sexual — who try to sell you something, or tell you to look at their nude photos, etc, and it will give you a virus. Kik Faculty, please fix this. Thank you. - Garrett
  • Kik 5/5

    By Buffy'Posh
    I love kik every since I heard of it and it just seems to keep getting better and better. Hands down it's the best and the fastest.
  • Muting isn't working 4/5

    By Prettylittlebassgirl
    Whenever I mute a chat, I still get notifications. Please fix this.
  • Wth 1/5

    By Jam masta69
    Ever since your latest update has wiped out all my messages and I am still trying to figure out what went wrong. Smh nice job!!!
  • pretty good. 4/5

    By bri h. 🍾
    It's a pretty good app overall and is what I use to stay in contact with my friends, but I wish the video chat screen was so small.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Averybaddie
    Works great
  • Updating time👌🏾 5/5

    By Jiaya brown
    In the kik group conversations we should be able to see who reads our messages as they are sent. I don't know how you're going to do that. But please take this change into consideration.
  • Login issue 1/5

    By da_basshead
    I have the iPhone 7+ and I used to have Kik on my old devices. i have been trying to login with my account and i keep getting an error say that the login is taking longer than it should and to try again in a little. this has been an ongoing thing every day for a week. I also resorted to trying to reset my password. successfully did that, and still received the same error message. this is SEVERELY frustrating, and it needs to be addressed.
  • Time stamp of posts 4/5

    By Dreamieyz
    This is a great app, except the time stamp on the posts get weird. ex: Someone will send me a post at 10:36 pm and I'll send one in response as soon as I receive it and it has a time stamp of 10:24 pm.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Keybords
    Best app for when not paying your phone bill
  • Bien 5/5

    By Mor el
    Muy buena aplicación
  • Great 5/5

    By Trey Songz🔥
    It's good
  • Apple watch? 3/5

    By Xxdansaysxx
    Can't see notifications on my watch :(

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