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Get connected. Kik is way more than just messaging. It’s the easiest way to connect with your friends, stay in the loop, and explore – all through chat. No phone numbers, just pick a username. • Choose who to chat with one-on-one and in groups • Share pics, videos, gifs, games, and more • Meet new friends with similar interests Get on Kik now. Start chatting!

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  • Disappointed 3/5

    By Ghostdoc
    Push notification not working with the new update

    By Oreosandpepssi
    My Kik hasn't let me log in for 2 months at least. I've tried to reset my password, but it doesn't work. Please fix this. Update: Still won't let me log in. Please kik, fix this login issue. Update: Hi, still patiently waiting for you guys to fix the login issue please and thank you!
  • I love Kik it's great but.. 4/5

    By cyndaa
    There's only like minor flaws or little issues I have with it which is when I get a text it takes forever to connect even tho my wifi/data is quick and everything is up to date and there's this other little issues is it keeps saying unseen message no matter how many times I click on it or restart and all other than that it's all good
  • New Idea 4/5

    By Dtn.jayyy
    You guys should make the profile videos available like Facebook does
  • I'm so happy with kik 5/5

    By Kissthesheep
    I only use kik, I hardly use texting/iMessage I love being able to change the chat color and picture and name!! I've had kik for a couple years and I'm truly satisfied with the last update so much that I had to write a review, love that I can see the time of each message now! It's so handy thank you kik
  • Icons 3/5

    By sourtang
    whenever someone changes their icon, i can't see their new one. they stay the same as the were before and it's really getting annoying.
  • Great 5/5

    By Mynameisjasonv
    HMU if you just wanna talk Anyone is welcome Ask me anything you'd like too Im 20 from LA and a guy jst wanting to talk Kik at mynameisjasonv
  • Photos 2/5

    By Stranger_99
    Crashes everytime I try to use the camera. Also has the annoying "unseen messages" bubble pop open each time I open a chat but I've seen them.
  • Great 5/5

    By Loveey dovey
    Great app
  • Useful and Free of Issue 4/5

    By GlennFamily
    It does exactly what's advertised. It is an easily used and well organized messaging app for groups or person-to-person. Free of glitches and updates are reasonably far apart. Only issue is it can occasionally take up a lot of stored data space, but this can be remedied by deleting and reinstalling, at which time all of your chats are reopened.
  • Can use some tuneup 4/5

    By Yard gnome
    Try to look at a picture and a pop up shows up with can't view the picture. What's up with that? Also. Is there somewhere that you can underline , bold give different color to a word
  • Live Profile Pictures 4/5

    By Alonzo Keon H
    The app is great but we are missing live profile pics at least make it like Snapchat. Maybe you guys can add a dark mode or background
  • Video Messages 3/5

    By Dude foo of the hizzy
    I would rate higher if they would just start fixing their app.
  • Fix the bugs 2/5

    By scantily_clad
    Conversations constantly have 'unread messages' even though ive read every message and it takes five minutes for messages to appear after notification that one have been received.
  • It's okay but... 5/5

    By NotTodayNeverEver
    This app is great! But there is one thing that would make me love it more. Logging in and out without deleting all your messages. This is a struggle that sometimes annoys me, and I always am logging in and out for some reasons. But every time I log back in, I can't read the messages my friends sent me during a group chat or Private Messaging. It would really be a pleasure if this was removed, thank you Kik!
  • Bots 1/5

    By Allie223ddred
    Plz dont Download this app if your under the age of 14, Becuase of Inappropriate Images and Bots this is a real concern to parents... This app is great for people who like to talk :D
  • Phone calls 1/5

    By Rawan_17
    I been using Kik for more than 3 years and been always waiting for them to add phone calls service just like other apps but probably they won't and I'll have to use a different app now.
  • Opening the app 2/5

    By Axlxexixsaldkdjfn
    This app is okay but every time I open the app it stays on a white screen for a very long time.. I've tried resetting my phone & re launching the app several times but it still doesn't open.
  • Latest update for this app 1/5

    By 4Ireland1
    The latest update for this app said, "Supersize it! Pinch to zoom before taking a photo or drag to zoom while recording a video." When I opened the app on my phone, all of my chats were deleted, and the group chat had said I was the only one in the group. If it were just me in the group, how have my friends been able to message me still from that chat? I am extremely upset that my chats were deleted after this new update, and I'm considering deleting this app.
  • 😐 1/5

    By Lithium97
    This app is getting disappointing, after the update, my Kik has been acting weird, I'm not receiving messages like I used to. Whenever I delete and reinstall the app, it's not restoring my messages and it keeps crashing. It's never done this before, please fix it...
  • ! 2/5

    By Mhazic
    There's a problem in the connection!
  • Unhappy. 3/5

    By Bobo The Kitty
    Would've given a higher rating, but it keeps crashing, and when it does, it deletes unread messages and it seems like it just doesn't update that you've received a message or that the other person you're talking to has even read your message, even though they just sent one.

    By Savage.x
    Stop wasting time on some dumb updates and do something big like NOT DELETING MESSAGES I like kik but I hate how when you log out everything deletes or the conversations of days ago starts to erase like WHY df come on now do better instead of doing some stupid assss updates like fix that problem first and then continue with your pointless updates just saying love ya though 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
  • Advice 4/5

    By Rosieluvschu
    I think you should move the video call it's annoying constantly accidentally pressing it. It should be on the profile where you have to go through it and click on it since it's always in the way :)
  • Veiw 5/5

    By Ugly stank
    I love this app
  • Small bugs 3/5

    By Binak97
    I keep having an issue where the app sends or receives messages twice, and the app keeps lagging and not showing when new messages come in.
  • Kik 2/5

    By Rico1880
    Freezes all the time😩
  • Don't download this app if you are kid 1/5

    By Spencer3e433
    Don't download this app if you kid because of naked pictures
  • Kik is Amazing 5/5

    By Ashes🥀
    Kik is a really good app, but I think you guys should also add a night mode (dark background) for users that may use Kik in the dark. There should also be an option where you can log out without all your messages deleting automatically, instead just leave it there until the person decides to delete the chat. Keep up the good work.
  • Annoying bug 1/5

    By Space_Dino
    It keeps kicking me out of the conversation every time the person sends me a message. Also, the blue dot stays next to the chat even when I've read all the messages.
  • Messages 4/5

    By Daddy 2k04 send n00dz
    Would be nice if you can go back and see older conversations from like a month ago
  • KIK . 4/5

    By Cellogirl2421 😎
    Pretty good. Runs smoothly. I like the faded "D" for when it hasn't been fully delivered and the "S" for sending, "R" for read. Clever. Video chat is a nice addition, although wish you could clear group chat history without physically leaving the chat. Other than that, it's good.
  • New Update is HORRIBLE 1/5

    By soccergirl28399
    My kik deleted all of my messages and now they won't even show up on my home screen. Someone has to type in the chat in order for it to even show up. It also says I'm the only person "Just You" in a conversation when I know that I'm not. didn't update my kik, it did it automatically, and I'm furious. I'm one click away from uninstalling this application after six years. Just keeps getting worse and worse.
  • Please fix the pictures 1/5

    By Dana214
    For months and months I get a picture then as soon as I close the app, it disappears. My friend that I chat with on kik can't open pictures or videos. I don't understand why this is still happening after many updates. PLEASE FIX!! Many updates later and still no fix to this. When do you plan on making this app work again with pictures and videos?!
  • Camera issue 1/5

    By noodleslurper8
    before all these new updates kik worked perfect but now every single time without fail when I try to take a picture or video, the whole app crashes. it's so frustrating. kinda wants to make me bash my head in. pls fix this and my rating will go back to 5 stars!
  • Rate 5/5

    By Mido848484
    Was good
  • Lacking 3/5

    By millionhou
    I think this platform could be pretty good if it allowed for a tad bit more info in the user profiles. A limited character space could keep down the space needed to hold the extra data but I think it could greatly improve the user interaction. Even allowing users to add links to a photo platform like flicker to get away from your own storage of multiple images is they wanted to share them would be cool. All in all I'm all about the games when they are working that is.
  • Coolio 5/5

    By Billary Binton
  • 😩💯 5/5

    By Gzthjjvf
    Omg 😱😱😱
  • Crashes And Lags After Extended Use 3/5

    By SantaClaws11
    The app is great. I connect to a lot of my friends over Kik and I thoroughly enjoy it. However, over the last few months I find that I crash and lag a lot more frequently than before. I hope I gets better soon.
  • Video chat 4/5

    By Johnny upgrade
    Video chat is a nice feature and all, but I have my volume all the way down, and it sounds like it's max volume. You could say to put on headphones, but I feel that it's an inconvenience and I have a 7 plus and I lost the headphone to iPhone charger converter so, I can't plug in headphones
  • Love this 5/5

    By Michae1 B.
    No explanation required
  • Good 5/5

    By Not 4.5 but 5stars
  • Good 4/5

    By OliviaSimeneta
    I love this messanger app but I really really wish that u could FaceTime/Call 🙂
  • Notifications 4/5

    By Lilibeth004
    When I scroll down on my phone to see a preview on the messages, it always slows down and this only happens when it's under kik. So please fix this bug it's annoying and sometimes when I've already read the chat it keeps coming back
  • Ok. 3/5

    By Green Day trash baby
    Usually works but lately had been deleting messages on my side and crashing upon opening. Freezes sometimes as well. Also very slow to open.
  • fair/good 4/5

    By Marius1021
    should make an album view for picture and video downloads for easier selection
  • Boys 2/5

    By Jfjdjdfrjfj
    I like the app but it has so many bots it's not even funny
  • cool 5/5

    By Sam84Sam
  • Nickname! please read!! 5/5

    By howingtonn
    just like you can rename your contacts on your phone, snapchat, and other apps, you should make it where we can rename our contacts on kik please because i know a lot of people with the same name on kik and it's confusing but also add the feature because it's fun ((:

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