Kindara: Fertility Tracker

Kindara: Fertility Tracker

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Kindara: Fertility Tracker App

Get pregnant faster, avoid pregnancy naturally, or better understand your body with one of the first and most trusted digital fertility charting systems. Kindara, the world’s best fertility app, employs proven science giving you pinpoint accuracy to help you understand your cycle. Join over 1.5 million satisfied women who have downloaded and are enjoying Kindara. WHY KINDARA? + Proven pinpoint ovulation accuracy + Trusted by over 1.4+ million women around the world + The only app that has Wink, a wireless Basal Body Temp (BBT) Thermometer, to make charting easy and hassle free + The quickest and easiest way to take control of your fertility + Community: Connect with women who share your fertility goal + Intuitive and easy-to-use interface + Technology based on the proven science of the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) + Industry-leading charts, which are straightforward and easy to understand WHAT OUR COMMUNITY IS SAYING “Kindara has changed my outlook on fertility and empowered my relationship with my body. I would count this app amongst one of my favorite things in the world right now...charting and watching my body's natural shifts throughout this month have been absolutely amazing!" - Kindara User "After a few months of unsuccessfully trying to conceive, my OB/GYN suggested I start using Kindara. I was a little reluctant to download yet another fertility monitoring app but I'm glad she did because I find Kindara very well thought out and easy to use - trust me, I have tried more than a few! " - Kindara User "Kindara is the best app on the market." - Kindara User “I continue to refer all my clients to your app :-)” Katinka Locascio, Herbalist, Doula, & Women’s Health Practitioner ENGAGED & SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY + Expand your FAMily and make friends with supportive women who share your fertility goals + Receive feedback and support from fellow community members and FAM enthusiasts + Get help interpreting your temperature shifts, ovulation timing and cervical fluid peak days + Continue to learn from our extensive Knowledge Base and insightful Blog posts KEY FEATURES + Accurately predict your fertile days, ovulation and menstruation through the calendar and fertility chart + Share your chart with your partner and/or healthcare practitioner to proactively facilitate the best care for you + Enter menstruation data to gain better insight about your period + Use Kindara Charts for customized input such as: intercourse/insemination, ovulation predictor kit results, cervical changes, PMS symptoms, spotting, pregnancy tests, alternative birth control used, cervix height/firmness and more + Keep daily record of your cervical fluid type (including peak days) + Track your moods, doctor visits, eating and exercise habits through daily journal entries + Custom data fields so you can track what is important to you! + Understand more about your body during times of change: discontinuing hormonal birth control, experiencing anovulation, PCOS, perimenopause and menopause + Record basal body temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius To make charting even faster and easier, Kindara pairs with our sophisticated Bluetooth Basal Body Thermometer, Wink. Learn more about Wink now at: KEEP IN TOUCH TO KEEP LEARNING Web - Facebook - Twitter - @Kindara_Inc Instagram - @kindara_fertility Based in Boulder, Colorado, our mission is to offer women the tools, knowledge, and support to understand how their fertility works, take ownership of their reproductive health, and meet their fertility goals. Questions? Email us at


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Kindara: Fertility Tracker app reviews

  • Love it!! 5/5

    By Annawideman
    I've been charting for years on paper charts. Kindara is so much easier. I love all the options it has, such as a space for second bar on my fertility moniter. I also like the community where you can share your charts and get help. So convenient!!!
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Wozniz
    Interface is easy to use and the app is packed with useful features. You can customize the fields to track symptoms and there's a journal feature to record notes. Knowledge base is useful, and the community is active and supportive.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By None16863574
    Great fertility tracking app, has everything you need in one place, plus lots of good info
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By MissyLag
    Been using it for years.
  • So much better! 5/5

    By DIY mama
    I used Kindara to get pregnant with my first and now planning using it for my second. There are new features I appreciate but the best is that you can mark days as insemination days, rather than "sex" which made me feel much better about using it.
  • Helped so much with infertility 5/5

    By Cristeeeeeeena
    My husband and I were trying for months to get pregnant and knew something was wrong bc my chart. Once I had gone on meds, I was able to track my luteal phase and predict I was pregnant!
  • Too many glitches 2/5

    By MamaDS10
    The update is great and the app would be helpful if it didn't have so many glitches along with the new update. I loved that I could type in my temps BUT I can't actually save them because as soon as I select "done", the app closes itself. When I open the app again, none of my data is saved.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Usrkreed
    Functional, beautiful, and they're always making improvements.
  • Helped me stay on track! 5/5

    By KelevinT
    I have no idea what I’m doing when trying to conceive and this app gave me all the tools to feel like I did! Three months after tracking my period - and one month after really trying - I’m pregnant! Highly recommend
  • Fertility tracking made easy 4/5

    By Dogdogmama
    I started using this app when we were trying to conceive. It made basal temp charting super easy, and there are so many other symptoms to track too. I love that you can add your own custom symptoms too. Now I use it to just track my cycle so I know when to expect my period. It has crashed on me a few times over the years, but what app hasn't?
  • Great health tracking app 5/5

    By Gelle89
    Used it for the past four years and it's great for me.
  • 5 stars 5/5

    By stonebabe
    Awesome app
  • Life changing 5/5

    By Sashawitz
    I absolutely adore this app. I have been able to learn so much about my body in an effortless way thanks to Kindara's clear vision and focused UX. Bonus points: The community is so welcoming and helpful whenever I need a little help and guidance. Keep up the great work Kindara!!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Smallcityprincess
    It's really helped me
  • Great app, visual charts are helpful 4/5

    By hbdance
    I enjoyed using this app. It was gratifying after a while to see the patterns of temperatures and other cycle indicators. It was helpful to keep my mind focused on what is going on instead of worried or frustrated about trying to conceive.
  • Love Love Love 5/5

    By Whitclay
    Of all the apps this is the one that is easiest to read and I love the knowledge base! Pregnant my first month using TTC Baby #2!
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Southernbelle1982
    I’ve used this app for both of my pregnancies. The first time I got pregnant after 6 mths of trying and the 2 nd time it took 2 mths or so. I have regular cycles which makes a big difference but this app just helped me keep up with so many different things. I like it a lot!
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By FastJog
    Have used this app to get pregnant twice now. So helpful!
  • The Best 5/5

    By Alimo81
    Easy to use and love the community aspect!
  • Great app. 5/5

    By Kabekah
    Much more intuitive than others, good integration with peripherals.
  • Best FAM app 5/5

    By earlyriserpro
    Meticulously designed with a vibrant community. Love this app and have used it every day for the past four years. Perfect for avoiding pregnancy naturally or helping to aid conception. Simply the best.
  • Easy to Use, Easy to Read 5/5

    By Sunshinebunny19
    Customizable, no instructions needed. Like the different views, even the standard NFP look. Great app!
  • Kindara and Wink work!! 5/5

    By KatieInSB
    As soon as I started using Wink with Kindara and understanding my cycles better, we got pregnant! We had been trying for over a year. Thank you!!!
  • Good App ever 5/5

    By Carl_yssa
    Best app ever. 👍🏼 i get pregnant since i begin to us it.
  • Good overall 4/5

    By myapplebox
    Like the new design and improved usability. Thanks!
  • Best app of its kind out there 5/5

    By CRLane
    Amazing! Highly recommend! Easy to use! Educational (learn while you chart)!
  • Wonderful App!! 5/5

    By Karilynne1991
    This Ap is a wonderful way for me to track my ovulation period and when I can expect to be the most fertile. No complaints whats so ever!
  • Excellent app! 5/5

    By Jinoliway
    I have been using Wink for almost one year and half. Together with Kindara app, it helps me keep on track perfectly!
  • Wonderful TTC App 5/5

    By Mikeyp515878
    Kindara is a great app to track everything during your TTC journey. So organized and easy to use. Highly recommend it.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Shanewkcumms
    Works well with other things I have going on such as vitamins and things like that.
  • AWESOME 5/5

    By Ekota559
    This app and Wink made is SO easy to track my cycle. Getting the Wink made all the difference; I highly highly recommend it.
  • Great app for natural family planning!! 5/5

    By MrsMcLain
    I've been using the Kindara app for years and love it! I also purchased a Wink from the kickstarter and it's been a wonderful addition to my natural cycle charting routine... it makes it easy to test temperature first thing in the morning when you're groggy. It's clear they put a lot of thought and effort into it! The winkie face in the morning is sweet and the device itself is sleek and sophisticated. I never have used pharmaceutical birth control... and when we were ready to get pregnant with our son, I consulted the app for when I was ovulating... literally 2.5 weeks later I was looking at a positive pregnancy test! Now that we've decided to wait for more babies, the app has been an invaluable tool for helping me map out my cycle. When I told the doctor my form of birth control is the ovulation method, he jokingly said it was a good way to get pregnant... but here we are going 5+ years strong! I credit that in large part to the Kindara app helping me to keep everything together and know my body better. As a Registered Nurse, I recommend this app to friends and family as a much safer (and equally effective) method of birth control and family planning. Thanks Kindara for all that you've done to make a fantastic app that has helped me personally to have better understanding of my fertility and for our family to be able to plan ahead. No form of pregnancy control or planning is perfect, but Kindara comes pretty close! 😉
  • Best pregnancy App 5/5

    By d23w9994567
    I tried 3 apps over the course of 5 months, this one was the best.
  • Insight to womanhood 5/5

    By ElliesToast
    Kindara has taught me sooo much about my cycle. Their knowledge base is clear, concise, and empowering! I am now able to track when I am ovulating or not to avoid pregnancy. I love that I have another option other than "the pill" to help my husband and I plan when we'd like to have a child. I love that my cycle is free to be natural and I get to observe and learn what my body is like. You'll know what I mean once you begin to learn about the way your fertility works with Kindara💕🎊
  • Best Birth control out there 5/5

    By CarolineSoDivine
    Not only have I never become pregnant unexpectedly by using this method of contraception but I have discovered so much about my body as well. The app is pretty user friendly especially with the new update. I come from a very holistic family so birth control pills were never really an option. This app has made reaching my goals in life that much easier without worrying that "could" get pregnant, now I KNOW that I would and when I WOULD NOT conceive. I have had accidents but thanks to the app I knew what my chances were and acted accordingly by taking plan b. It takes commitment and discipline but it's so worth it to live life freely with peace of mind and avoiding ruining my body with unnecessary hormones. Thanks Kindara and to all the wonderful people in our community.
  • Best Fertility Tracking App Available 5/5

    By Kims2cute
    This app makes fertility charting a super easy option for FAM users. They keep updating, streamlining, and improving on an already amazing app! Been charting for over 4 years and this is the best app available. Easy to put in info and see what's going on in the chart at a glance. If you ask them a question, they get back to you very quickly. Lots of additional info/education available through the app. They have cervix tracking, cervical fluid tracking, temp, custom info and you can put in as little or as much info as you want. I have used this app for birth control, getting pregnant (twice🎉), and charting through lactation amenorrhea.
  • Love this app so much!! 5/5

    By kirmo
    Has everything I want and need for TTC and a wonderful network of supportive ladies to connect with! I've even found a local TTC buddy that I'm going to connect with in person. Thank you for all you do Kindara!
  • FAM made easy 5/5

    By Chickyboomboooooom
    Highly recommend
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Daisy Mae Mae Gurl
    Easy to use.
  • Pregnant (naturally) at 46!!! 5/5

    By L Tucker
    Great and efficient program. Helped me determine fertile days. Used it once and got pregnant first time.
  • Accurate Tracking 5/5

    By JL20117984
    I found Kindara to be the best tracker and most accurate for my fertile days and predicting my period.
  • Great way to track my cycles 5/5

    By Sharonest
    I have been using this app for a couple of years and find it to be easy to use. When I first started it took me a couple of months to really learn how to track everything. But now it has become a regular part of my daily routine. Just like brushing my teeth.
  • Just what I was looking for! 5/5

    By Kmajor816
    Offers everything that I needed. You have to know a bit about your body and how it works, but the app is reliable and easy to follow. The help files are extensive and well written. Updates have been reliable and added great new features.
  • Newbie 5/5

    By TanyaSoares
    I'm still new to the Fertility Awareness Method and this app has made it so easy to remember to take my temperature and self check. So glad I gave it a shot as really feel like I'm learning more about my body with this method.
  • Who needs big pharm? 5/5

    By Beau Zach
    Never have I felt so in tune with my body. Being new to charting, Kindara has been an excellent resource for me. All of my information stored neatly and conveniently in one spot. The community is super supportive and offers tons of links for questions and learning. After 12 yrs on hormonal birth control I am now 7 months clean :D I feel like I have been liberated! I don't think I would have had the confidence to get ditch the pill if there wasn't an excellent app like Kindara. I've been telling all my gal pals about it. Hope this review will inspire someone to explore all that Kindara has to offer. **update still loving Kindara! I have been successfully avoiding pregnancy for almost 3 years now. :) bye big pharm!
  • Great app ! 5/5

    By smtthatsme
    Great app !
  • Love this update! 5/5

    By breezy1010
    This app is perfect and now has all the features I could ever want.
  • Would NOT USE if I didn’t have Wink 1/5

    By mzprissycake
    This app needs SERIOUS HELP. You cannot change previously set settings due to the apps inability to unglitch itself to make the change. Started off by wanting to edit the personal extra settings I had on the chart such as adding a dot on “prenatals” if I had taken them that day etc,- which it wouldn’t let me do so I had to completely delete each entry and readd it all in. Then when it came to updating my “temperature reminder” alarm, which to this day after a week of messing with it, STILL WONT UPDATE from 4:30am to 6am. Finally decided to just turn off that alarm and use the one on my iPhone. Uninstalled the app and reinstalled it hoping it would fix the issue..but NOPE! Instead none of my previous data entries synced right and instead show up blank so then I had to go in and re-edit all of my personal settings again. This app is a mess. Still waiting to hear back from support. Lastly the Wink rarely syncs with my phone (iPhone 7plus with current update), causing me to have to open the Wink again in the morning, unlock my phone and have the app open for 2-5 minutes for it to get it together. Remind you this is a $150 dollar “hi-tech” thermometer. Wound up just shelling out the $50 for Fertility Friend and manually inputting the temperature results in there. Just a massive expensive headache. 🤦🏼‍♀️
  • The best app ever !! 5/5

    By Marita2009
    The best ever I like it
  • pregnant on first try 5/5

    By nealiiih
    this app and all the info works !

Kindara: Fertility Tracker app comments


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