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Amazon Kindle App

Turn your iPhone or iPad into a Kindle with the free Kindle app, and carry all your eBooks with you, wherever you go. eBooks (including those with narration) that you have purchased on Amazon will automatically appear in your app.  Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime members can select and download eBooks directly in the app.   What you’ll get: • With your newsfeed you can discover what the readers you trust are reviewing and rating highly to find your next great read, and discuss the books, passages and ideas that inspire you while only being one tap away from diving back into your book. • Sample any eBook for free • Magazines, newspapers, graphic novels and textbooks with high-res color images • A customizable reading experience with your choice of font style, size and more • Comfortable reading day and night with adjustable screen brightness and page color • Discover and download Kindle Unlimited eBooks and magazines • Unique features like X-Ray, Whispersync, Page Flip, Print Replica, flashcards and more • Instant translations and definitions, without leaving the page • Ability to make and share in-page highlights • Bold font and text size options • Access to local library eBooks


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Amazon Kindle app reviews

  • Great ecosystem, poor app. No split screen or easy cut/paste. 2/5

    By HeavyLoader
    I’ll start by saying that the Kindle ecosystem is fantastic. It’s the best I’ve tried, and I’ve used many of them both for leisure and professional reading. Features like Xray and whispersync are awesome. I love you can easily add audio narration and just pick right up where you left off across devices, and I use many devices. I get that the App Store pricing/revenue model won’t allow for easy in-app purchases of books, and I accept that. I don’t even discount a star for the minor inconvenience. That’s on Apple. What I can’t stand is the difficulty note-taking which is mostly due to a lack of split screen support! I read for a variety of reasons and sometimes I’m reading with a need to take notes. The inability to split-screen makes this near impossible. I have tried note taking in the book itself and cut/pasting the notes from the amazon website but this is really cumbersome and not really accessible for routine quick reference. I use Evernote for all my notes and I like the quick reference ability. Switching into and out of the app can be cumbersome as well, and there is no easy cut/paste solution. So the bottom line is there is no good way to take notes outside of the app. It’s great for leisure reading, but for technical reading it’s tough. For those still reading, I am aware of a work-around: open book in Safari and then use split screen. Then this functionality is possible. But then for the purposes of this App review, it’s completely subverting the app and giving up on it. You also need an internet connection. Bottom line: Kindle ecosystem 5 stars. Kindle iOS app 2 stars.
  • Beyond dismal 1/5

    By Macobb
    This app is horrible. If you have a large existing library that you have already purchased books for I suppose it's great. However, I am only able to purchase books with in the app and even more frustrating is the regular Amazon app itself doesn't give me the option to purchase the Kindle version of their books. It shows where I can send the book but I can never get to the purchase step. Not a good business model when you can't sell the product through the device. I now remember why I deleted this app over a year ago. Oh well, back to iBooks. I am deleting the kindle app once again.
  • Love it but... 3/5

    By marissa anne
    I love the Kindle app. I often use it when I don’t have my Kindle Paperwhite. Only feature I really wish was there is some type of “Mark as Read” option or “Finished” banner along the bottom. I read so often, I sometimes forget which books i’ve read.
  • Upgrade stinks 1/5

    By cozumelpecas
    Moving from years of a solid five star rating to one star because of recent update. So frustrated. Cannot access my library, only the last book that was open and I can’t navigate within the book. I can’t access table of contents etc. Very frustrating as I am reading several books and one is due back at the library in a few days. Unfortunately that’s not the one the app is “stuck” on.
  • Good but slow 2/5

    By Flick500
    I love this app and it works great except for one thing: sooo much load time! Five stars once it can speed up faster like iBooks and similar apps.
  • WHO DUN-IT? 1/5

    By Bridge Fun
    I loved using Kindle on my IPAD but some idiot changed the site and it is awful.
  • Whispersync has gone out of sync... 4/5

    By Doccola
    I’ve had and used Kindle for years and never had an issue with Whispersync across any of my devices until recently. Now I can no longer open the app on my iPad or IPhone and have the app sync to the furthest read page on any book. It’s highly disappointing but not a deal breaker for me. Please fix it though. Thank you.
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    By zezedeezaRr
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  • So many problems since update 1/5

    By Pilates2
    App used to be great. So many problems since update.
  • Needs iPhone X comparability. 2/5

    By Michie22
    I expected iPhone X comparability on the last two updates but still nothing. It’s past time Kindle.
  • Updating Locations Across Devices Is Broken 2/5

    By Moonbat88
    I have been a kindle user since the second generation device back in 2007/2008. I switched to iPad some years ago since I’m a Mac & iPhone user. This was a 4-star app until this upgrade. I only give it 2-stars now since my favorite feature - the ability to seamlessly pickup where I left off across my devices - is now broken. I don’t know if this is an Apple problem (doubtful) or an Amazon quality lapse (likely), it is very annoying. Wherever the fault lies, it simply should not have happened and certainly should have been fixed by now.
  • Please update for iPhone X! 3/5

    By CCMompa
    Love the Kindle platform, but really disappointed that this app has not been updated to take advantage of the larger screen resolution of the iPhone X. The whole reason I bought the phone was because I thought it would be easier to read on, but sadly that’s currently not the case :-(
  • iPhone X 1/5

    By ahmed904
    It’s useless to use in I phone X , updating is urgently needed .
  • iPhone X, Hello anyone home? 2/5

    By Mimmi92
    By now I expect that every major app is optimized for the new screen size
  • Latest version crashes on footnotes 1/5

    By Dale_Courtney
    On both the iPhone and iPad, when I click on a footnote, the application crashes. And when restarted, it does not know my last reading location. The same thing occurs occasionally while highlighting.
  • Crashes almost every time I open it! 1/5

    By ElleEmAyche
    This is easily my most used app, but after I switched to the iPhone X and updated the app it crashes almost every time I open it. Very frustrating!!!
  • iPhone X Support When? 3/5

    By Nostalgia4Infinity
    App hasn’t been updated to accommodate most recent model iPhone
  • “All new” app broke sync 2/5

    By DickF@smugmug
    The new version of the app broke sync among my devices. It’s okay as a reader but don’t expect downloads to one device to show up on another one.
  • Sentences cut off 1/5

    By stevanabB
    The latest iteration is NOT an improvement. On my iPhone 6 the last sentence of every page is cit in half horizontally so that the top half appears on the page and the bottom half appears on the next page. Takes the fun out of reading with this app.
  • TOTAL SCAM 1/5

    By Howard goldstein
    this thing is a total scam. I bought the book Crenshaw and it only lets you read the first 4 chapters. I thought that when I bought this that I would be getting free books. But I did not. Instead I got a TOTAL SCAM . Do not waste your time on the s app it is so stupid.
  • Newest update stinks. 1/5

    By elyssany
    The newest update stinks. It’s not responsive in that if I press a book to open up, it doesn’t. It takes numerous tries and closing and opening the Kindle app until it works. It is unreliable and creates an unenjoyable reading experience, if you’re able to even get the app to work. Amazon should fix this soon.
  • Error 1/5

    By Mrcfgdjdylbdwwoh4734368
    Downloaded it in hopes to be able to read some books on the go. But all I get is error messages saying delete and re download the book. Not gonna keep doing that.
  • Not optimized for iPhone X. 3/5

    By ivieisme
    Still not optimized for iPhone X wasting so much space top and bottom. I wish you could turn page flip off. Needs more options for larger fonts (more size increments).
  • Hate the updated app 1/5

    By Pinky's Mom
    Hate the updated app. It is too slow opening up your book you are reading. Fix it please!
  • Update not friendly 2/5

    By Blppep
    I can't get this to sync properly since updated and I find it almost impossible to switch between books. Very frustrating. When it does sync with my other devices, it's always many pages off from the actual. I am trying to load a new book to my iPad and it's no where to get. help please. Fix this fix!!!
  • Love My Kindle and Kindle App 5/5

    By Donna-H
    I downloaded the Kindle app to my iPhone and iPad. Since I am an avid reader, I never have to worry about whether I have the most current book that I am reading with me. I also have a Kindle device, but I usually leave it at home as I have the app on my phone. Thank you Kindle for being so reliable and consistent across my various devices.
  • Book marks 1/5

    By Rkckdk
    There is no book mark list.
  • Won’t stay open!! 1/5

    By M-Orlando
    Since the upgrade the app keeps going back to iPhone homepage. Can’t read a thing now!!!!
  • Great, use all the time but... 2/5

    By Knvhc
    I'm literally always using this app. I always have a book I'm reading. My one and only problem is that I can't rate a book from the app anymore. I can't give it a review or anything and I HATE that. It's so inconvenient to have to go out of the app, then to Amazon, then find the book and give it a rating. If they would fix this issue, I'd rate a full five stars. Edited 3/17/17: Ever since the update to the newest iOS, this app is always freezing. I have to restart my phone in order to get it to work properly, then if even the lighting changes in the room or I step outside, it freezes up again. Please fix this as well as bring back the ability to rate books from the app and somehow be able to rate books on goodreads at the same time? I’ll totally update this with 5 stars if you can fix these issues.
  • In response to very recent complaints 3/5

    By digitalneurosis
    I saw a review from Aaron Storms that was written a few days ago about the recent problems after updating the app. I ran into what I think was the same problem and was becoming frustrated. I decided to try something which seems to have fixed my problem, or at least for the moment. I double tapped my home button to bring up the running apps to switch between them and swiped up on the Kindle box to close the program, then opened the app again and finally I was able to get the missing and broken functionality to come up and work. Hopefully others can try and have it help out. It is a shame that the upgrade didn't "just work" like Apple products and content should, but at least this workaround helped me out for now. And since I am going to have to leave a star rating in order to submit my review I will finish by justifying it that I find it perplexing that all the functionality isn't in the Apple app like not being able to purchase books. Now that I'm thinking about it I don't think the ability to even save a potential interesting book off to a Wish List is available. Who knows what else is missing.
  • Update awful! 1/5

    By Grimmhappy
    I can no longer access my library on the kindle app. Called Kindle and they were no help at all. Did everything they asked me to do and it still doesn’t work. What am I paying for prime when I can’t access the books unless it’s by the internet?
  • Fix the update 3/5

    By Kmac4567788
    Since the October update the app keeps shutting off on me at random times. I could be reading for two minutes to two hours and bam it shuts down. Super annoying.
  • Ugh 1/5

    By Cup4drw
    Notifications are so annoying. Allow an opt out
  • Ads, obnoxious “before you go” 1/5

    By No_name_given
    I bought books and want to read them. This app serves ads and pop-overs “before you go”
  • No iPhone X support 2/5

    By hleenii
    No iPhone X support
  • Why cant I print a recipe from a cookbook in my Kindle 2/5

    By Sophie's buddy too
    I cant print recipes from my Kindle when using my ipad. Am I missing something? I can print recipes from other apps but not this one.
  • No longer working properly 1/5

    By amandakeh
    This app was great, but it and my Kindle device no longer sync.
  • Not working 2/5

    By Kate87@
    Update keeps crashing and books aren’t downloading even with 4G signal
  • Limitations and Glitches 2/5

    By ClicheName
    I would like to preface this with the app has enormous potential to be great but falls short due to just a few key issues. Pros: -Can read my textbook for study -Interface is not too bad -Plenty of superfluous features like flashcards that I don't use but can respect their utility -Able to change background to a softer yellow for easier long-term reading Cons: -Does not support split view on iPad Pro -Constantly freezes resulting in me having to completely exit out and relaunch the app -Does not allow for easy linking from page-to-page (Such as definitions highlighted in my textbook. These do not seamlessly transition and leave me lost looking where I left off) -Unable to transfer my books to iBooks where it would be much easier to study -Unable to have books on my PC, iPhone, and iPad (limited to 2 devices) All-in-all, an app that I can use but more out of necessity than desire. The biggest letdown is the lack of split view. If I could have been able to have my notes on one small section of my screen and my book on the other, studying would be a breeze. I recognize my "first-world-problem" type of complaint, but it's just silly that a fitness app like MyFitnessPal (that doesn't need split view) can support it, but a book application that I could use with notes side-by-side to study with is a bit strange.
  • Syncing Issues with Newest Update 2/5

    By DiscreetPuppet
    I love the new look of the app along with the new features but it won’t sync across all devices. The pages I read on my iPad don’t appear as the furthest pages when I get back to my kindle.
  • Separation of Cloud and Device 2/5

    By cnang
    The latest update that took away the ability to separate what is on device from what is on the cloud is abominable. Please bring back this feature. Showing only the whole Library is not only annoying but makes finding things more difficult than it needs to be.
  • Good lord, fix this thing already! 1/5

    By numberslover
    I am writing this because the app has frozen up on me AGAIN. I can’t get to my kindle unlimited, and it is having trouble syncing with audio. The new cover is pretty but not worth the slower time to open. Never been aggravated with this app before. Please fix it!
  • What Happened!!! 1/5

    By Skmotxko
    This app was fine until the new update. Now it freezes or just turns itself off ... it horrible. It needs a fix and fast!!
  • Does not keep screen lit up while reading 2/5

    By MoehrkStar
    This doesn't make any sense to me; when I'm using the Kindle app my screen dims after a minute of my not interacting with the screen to turn a page. This is incredibly frustrating.
  • New release 3/5

    By Marc0828
    I have been using Kindle app for years...I use my IPad to manage my library, I use my Kindle device to read..I am not a huge fan of the new layout. I have 100s of books in my library..I used to be able to remove from device what I had already I have to open up books to remind myself. I might buy a number of books at a time and the old layout was more user friendly..
  • Why is X-Ray hidden?? 1/5

    By Mirolator
    I use X-Ray all the time when reading. Now it is hidden in a drop down menu requiring a couple extra taps to access. It really breaks the reading flow. Bring it back front and center! Also when using the night mode, and reading in the dark, the % remaining is extremely dim. Unreadable without turning up brightness. Please make the (% remaining, page number, etc) same brightness or brighter than the text being read. Perhaps it already is the same brightness but because the text is small, it is not legible.
  • Last Update Sync Issue 2/5

    By TexasBAD
    Yes whisper sync is turned on. Books will not sync across devices. Extremely irritating!!!
  • Too Many Updates 2/5

    By Beloved Lake
    I love the convenience of reading on my phone, but could do without the constant updates. Half of the time the update makes the app glitchier.
  • I guess there is one reason why android is better than Apple... 3/5

    By glb5311995
    I love the idea of speed reading, and Amazon has come out with a great feature called speed reader. It rapidly shows one word at a time as a means of reading fast while reducing eye strain. However, this feature is not on the iOS version even though it has been readily available on the android version for over a year. Otherwise the two apps are nearly identical, it just doesn’t make sense why they don’t include this feature.
  • Please allow split screen! 2/5

    By Lisa Bennett Bass
    As a student, I need to be able to split my book and my note taking apps. Without this feature, the $1000’s of dollars that I have spent on kindle books over the years are wasted. Almost easier to screen shot at this point and work of photos!

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