Kindle – Read eBooks, Magazines & Textbooks

Kindle – Read eBooks, Magazines & Textbooks

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Kindle – Read eBooks, Magazines & Textbooks App

Turn your iPhone or iPad into a Kindle with the free Kindle app, and carry all your eBooks with you, wherever you go. eBooks (including those with narration) that you have purchased on Amazon will automatically appear in your app.  Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime members can select and download eBooks directly in the app.   What you’ll get: • Sample any eBook for free • Magazines, newspapers, graphic novels and textbooks with high-res color images • A customizable reading experience with your choice of font style, size and more • Comfortable reading day and night with adjustable screen brightness and page color • Discover and download Kindle Unlimited eBooks and magazines • Unique features like X-Ray, Whispersync, Page Flip, Print Replica, flashcards and more • Instant translations and definitions, without leaving the page • Ability to make and share in-page highlights • Bold font and text size options • Access to local library eBooks

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Kindle – Read eBooks, Magazines & Textbooks app reviews

  • A love this app but I have a suggestion 5/5

    By Slimming sugar mamma
    This app is great, in my opinion it is superior to any other reading app out there. The only problem is that I buy so many books that it's hard to remember them all. Sometimes when I'm looking to reread a book I already own it's hard to choose because I have to go through over a thousand books. It would be MUCH easier if there was a way to rate the books (not for just a star system for our own libraries). My suggestion would be that we be able to give our individual books a star level1-5. Then they could add a 4th sort option (along with author, recent and title) were the books would be listed most stars first. This would help me tremendously
  • Wonderful and almost outstanding 4/5

    By Birdm2fr
    I love reading, I practically inhale books so it stands to reason that I need an app that can keep up with my voracious tastes. I enjoy this app however, recently it has been crashing randomly and refuses to open. I would appreciate a fix to this problem, otherwise the app is awesome.
  • Annoying 1/5

    By strongboy390123
  • Updates repeatedly 1/5

    By bapalive
    Never fully installed. Never opens.
  • Would Like to Underline too 5/5

    By Marezeedotes
    I love this app. I just wish that we can underline as another option besides highlighting text. I use underline in iBooks and it works great! I can underline in red and the text really stands out which is what I like. I sure wish Kindle had it too!! Underlining in green would be okay too - just as long as it's visible enough to catch my attention! Colors sure brighten up my day!
  • Crashes every few months 2/5

    By Becki63
    I never had any problems with this app until they started with the updates. Ever since then it crashed and nobody had access to it for awhile they have kept messing with it and trying to make it better. But every few months it just crashes and I just have to delete it and reinstall it. The major problem is that when this happens, I lose my InstaFreebies. I still have a lot of the InstaFreebie emails and I'm going to see if I can put them in my iBooks because kindle just isn't trust worthy any more. Here's to ya Amazon! You can't make me dump my Free Books again! I just had to reinstall the Kindle App AGAIN. First, I go to turn a page of book, and it won't turn. Then I try to scroll down through my collections, and the App is frozen. But today I added some books and try as I might, I could not get them to download, even though my WiFi connection was working fine. In fact, I was at a doctor's office, so I had tried to download these books using 2 different WiFi networks to no avail. But when I reinstalled the Kindle App, the books automatically downloaded. What is up with Amazon? Not only do they have an inadequate App, but they have a corner on the market for most of the decent books. So people like me are basically forced to used the Kindle App and just keep downloading it over and over again. If I had a chance, I would move every single book that means anything to me to my iBooks app. It never crashes. Amazon should take a page from Apple's book. 01/14/17 My kindle app just started crashing repeatedly AGAIN. So here I am, reinstalling it AGAIN. What REALLY upsets me this time is that the book that I'm reading is one of my InstaFreebies. And there is no way to save my place in it. There is absolutely no use in calling Amazon. I think that they hire Special Education Drop Outs. I was having problems with the website a few months ago and one of their "techs" told me that the problem was in my iPad and told me to go to APP STORE to clear my cookies. I hung up on him and he called me back 7 times. I finally had to threaten him with harassment charges if he didn't stop calling me. If Amazon didn't have a monopoly on books, I wouldn't even deal with them. 2/19/17 I can't even count the number of times I have reinstalled this app. But since almost all of my books are from Amazon, I'm kind of chained to the kindle app. It takes forever to open, and is constantly crashing.
  • You get one star until you enable split-screen viewing 1/5

    By Ka!Pow
    I know Amazon has the resources to the develop their app to enable split-screen viewing for iPad. I take electronic notes when I'm reading. Not allowing this feature is a huge hinderance. lame
  • Why not with ios6 1/5

    By Why not with ios6?
    I don't know why u abbandonate the system of iOS 6, it didn't work with it!
  • Audio Narrator continues to be a problem 2/5

    By Tmeari
    I recently starting using Kindle app for ipad instead of audible because I wanted to have a book that I read and listen to. It reinforces the material I am reading. The book purchased started without a problem with the audio narration. That was short lived and to date I've requested support from Amazon without avail. I've also search google for from "user" assistance. Tried everything from deleting app, removing book, deleting book from iCloud, deregistering kindle, turning ipad on and off after all of this to reboot. That has not help at all. Wish this problem would be fixed.
  • Good app 4/5

    By Gunner Beal
    But the only reason I use this is because iBooks is only available on Apple products. You guys need to make it so that you can directly purchase books from the Kindle app.
  • New update for Kindle 2/5

    By Dzword
    I hate the new update. Every time I barley touch the corners of my iPad the screen goes into small open books pages. Really annoying.
  • Update Issues 3/5

    By Stormer3228
    I'm unable to access the app since the latest update. Please fix immediately!!!
  • Suggestion for Kindle app developer 4/5

    By Deni-in-denim
    I have never owned a Kindle reader The Kindle app contains my dozens of books for enlightenment, entertainment, spiritual compass, and research—on iPhone, iPad, & desktop. Not knowing what readers do that the app does not, I have one suggestion for the app developers: a "back" button similar to what Facebook gives us to return to our location when we've clicked on a link. Kindle book annotations that take the reader to the end of the book make refinding your reading location difficult and time consuming if you haven't made a mental note of your page/location. A "back" button would fix all of that!
  • Multitask support!!! 2/5

    By Nitla1216
    I'm not a programmer YET! So idk how hard this is, but come on! Please please please include multitask iPad Pro support ASAP. It would really help with note taking. ありがとう。^_^
  • Another terrible update 2/5

    By Peaceful40
    Normally, I delay installing new Kindle App updates until it appears all the bugs have been worked out. Unfortunately, my last Ipad update went awry and I was forced to restore my device, which forced me to reinstall all my books. After several attempts and crashes I managed to stabilize the app enough to read a book, but I've only been able to install a handful of books and the app still takes a long time to open and it takes forever to respond to commands, including downloads. Sometimes I really hate this app.
  • Latest update broke my app 4/5

    By Dantarius
    I was using the previous version of kindle without any problems, and today (after the latest update) I couldn't even open the app. It would sit at the Kindle logo for several minutes and then crash...! Not cool... Update: 1 up to 4 stars. Had to delete the app and re-download it and it seemed to fix the app crashing. Works well now
  • Fix accessibility reader 2/5

    By Boo boo duggy
    The app won't continue to read to you if you lock your phone. This is extremely inconvenient. I hope it's not a scheme to get you to buy audible books.
  • Kindle 5/5

    By Kialynne
    I love the kindle app. It since with my kindle so whether I read on my kindle or my phone it keeps bookmarks and you start where you left off last at the furthest point whether it was on the phone or the kindle. It's awesome and I suggest it to anyone who has the kindle.
  • Worst update ever 1/5

    By Dannyrio
    Nothing is working properly. Full definition takes you to the wrong place, indexing's not working, app is excruciatingly slow and crashes all the time. Not even whispersync seems to be working. No wonder people are backing up their ebooks in other reading apps. Please fix all of this, and please let us Amazon customers know you are aware of the problems and working hard on them.
  • Can't delete periodicals 4/5

    By Schmeltz
    All good but holds too much memory as there seems to be no way to delete old newspapers. I have 120 using up storage.
  • Keeps crashing! 2/5

    By Strgzr
    Cannot open with LTE OR WIFI - it shows names of downloaded books then screen disappears (crashes). I have newest vs too.
  • Still useless! 1/5

    By Ami25
    Congrats for messing things up even more with this latest update! Now it doesn't download anything! It just freezes and/or crashes! Time to fire all the useless programmers AND management and go back to square one. I have thousands of books and now I can't do anything with them with this app! How is it that iBooks and Nook are able to have apps that work?! I want my money back for all my books that I cannot access with a brand spanking new updated with everything tablet!!
  • It works but... 3/5

    By Pfe516
    This Kindle app works and syncs with your Amazon books as expected. However I don't find it to be nearly as polished and easy to use as the real Kindle Fire sold by Amazon. This app and you can certainly read your Amazon books using it in an iPad. But for my money I'd prefer to spend less on a real Kindle Fire HD to read books. If your an Apple purist this app will work though.
  • Great reader but really needs Split View support 3/5

    By RFson
    Come on Kindle! It's time to push out an update that supports Split View.

    By Anackoh
    I can read my books anywhere I go! This app is also VERY reliable.
  • Dictionary broken 1/5

    By Lbluetucker
    Your latest update broke the dictionary interface. Can no longer look up full definitions. Please fix ASAP.
  • 2 Things... 4/5

    By cala18
    I use this app a lot. Like a lot. Lol. 2 things would make it perfect. If you didn't have to leave the app to purchase books and if you offered "scrolling view".
  • Super Disappointed 1/5

    By Crybabydoll0214
    I had not used kindle for quite some time, and when I chose to pick it up again I hated it!! Why am I no longer allowed to purchase straight from the app? Can't purchase from the amazon mobile app either. Has to be straight from website. Very disappointed, has been deleted.
  • Great......but...... 3/5

    By Candice A
    I would like an update to incorporate Apple Pencil so that I can annotate the books I purchase. It would be nice to write directly on the pages the same way you could with a real book. Sometimes my college textbooks are available as Ebola and this would be very helpful.
  • bad update 1/5

    By babek45
    a lot of problem after update.fix it. i have ios 10.2.1 ipad pro 9.7. Fix it.
  • Latest Update Broke the "Full Definition" Feature 2/5

    By Traveler to Holland
    I second KindleforPat's complaint about the bug in the dictionary in the latest update. When you click on "full definition" you are no longer taken to the full dictionary at the location for the word you just looked up. It takes you to some arbitrary location in the middle of the dictionary. It's very annoying and significantly impact the usefulness of the dictionary. Please fix it!
  • Not working right! 1/5

    By Zippyinfl
    The app is saying that the book is synced with all devices but that is wrong! This used to work great but not working anymore. Support is oblivious! Please fix it!
  • Very nice 4/5

    By Reedax
    I like how you can change the fonts and colors. It really helps me read easier. Also. The audio isn't a robot which is nice but the person reading has a very clear voice.
  • This app is even close to perfect! But I request one more feature dedicated to iPad Pro. 4/5

    By HughDKim
    I love using kindle app for reading books and even viewing PDF files. I purchased several kindle edition textbooks from amazon. I love viewing experience on this app, but it would be much better if it provides split screen multitasking since I want to read the textbook while I am doing my note taking on my other apps. Overall, this app is really great and everyone who loves reading must get it !
  • Crashing 3/5

    By Celestina01224
    For the past two weeks my app crashes anytime I try and open it. I normally have no issues, but this is frustrating.
  • Bad Updates Broke a Function. 2/5

    By Kindle4Pat
    The dictionary function stopped working properly with the recent updates. When you hit "Full Definition", it now takes you to the spot you were last at before closing the dictionary instead of taking you to the definition of the word you just selected, so you have to manually search for that word within the dictionary yourself. I look up words all the time and this greatly affects my reading enjoyment. Please fix this ASAP.
  • Fix crashing App 2/5

    By soundtrackcollector
    I have previous used the Kindle App before to read books and textbooks with no problems. I can access my anatomy textbook with no issues. However, when I switch between my anatomy textbook to my microbiology textbook, and try to read the textbook the app crashes. It's starting to get frustrating because I can not access my microbiology textbook without getting kicked-off. I have spent too much money on the textbook to not be able to use it. Please, please fix.
  • Buggy, frequent crashes 1/5

    By No_name_given
    Nags to spam your connections and unnecessary ads when you finish a book. Adequate, but buggy. It crashes frequently if you resume reading a book, or try to go back to home screen.
  • Very useful 5/5

    By Mbell708
    Would enjoy it if you could read the pages vertically by swiping up. Overall still a great app.
  • Can't purchase all ebooks 2/5

    By SamboDeluxed2000
    It's a good app that allows you to read anywhere on the move. But my problem is the store, I can't purchase many books. I only see the sample book option. I have to sign in through my computer to make the purchase and then sync my smartphone which is very inconvenient. Older updates was not like this.
  • Fav Reading App.. 4/5

    By Pawl24
    But we really do need to add a better sorting function. Perhaps automatically sort books by genre, or by "read and unread" and the like..
  • Poor compared to other reading apps 2/5

    By Pregosocal
    I read a lot at night and I can't find a way to dim the app to make it easier on my eyes. Is it so hard to create an app that is easy to dim or otherwise customize the reading experience like Marvin? Disappointing and I'm stuck with reading this one book on it. Last time I buy a kindle book.
  • Still waiting for split Screen? 3/5

    By Robbie dm54
    Dear Amazon. I bought the paper light kindle. I buy many of your books in kindle format. If you make the app splitscreenable so I can take notes while I read I will give you even more money! Please hurry, before I find a different e-reading app. Thanks
  • Please add Vocabulary Builder to Reading app 4/5

    By SJO15
    Please add the vocabulary builder for the ios app -- it is the only thing missing. I love this app and use it on 2 Macs and 2 ios devices. The syncing between devices is effortless, and the instant gratification of getting a book through Amazon is a great feature. I have stopped using the kindle paper white device because the ability to underline, copy and paste from books and transfer with citation included to a Word document, or email is very useful.
  • Good and bad 4/5

    By squalamack
    The app is very good, and the Kindle ecosystem is excellent. I'm a very big fan of the new send to kindle iOS extension. However, there are still two big problems that I can think of. First, this app has some major accessibility problems. Apple' iBooks app, when in Speak Screen mode, will highlight words as they are read, and turn to the next page even when the screen is off. But the Kindle app only highlights entire page at a time, and doesn't advance to the next page when the screen is off. Second, kindle still doesn't suppor epubs. It really should!
  • Great if you only have a few books 2/5

    By Synology Fan 00000
    No way to sort books by whether you have read them or by genre. If this is a digital library it should be able to sort through books effectively. A private rating system would be great, so I can recall notes and thoughts on a book. I do not want my opinions shared with the world.
  • Need to see the clock 5/5

    By Jaredberger2
    The app is great. Would it be possible to provide the option to select the time to be displayed while reading? And for those who would not like to have the time available would have the option to not select the time.
  • Full definition not going to the right place on iPad 2/5

    By Rtyughh
    Full definition not going to the right place on iPad.
  • Love this App! 5/5

    By Jasiu45
    Great way to read your favorite book on your phone ! No complaints !
  • 7 Plus, iOS 10.x 4/5

    By downgrad3r
    Prime benefits via iOS were long overdue. Thanks for adding long last.

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