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Kindle App

The Kindle app gives users the ability to read eBooks on a beautiful, easy-to-use interface. You may also read your book on your phone, tablet and Kindle e-Reader, and Amazon Whispersync will automatically sync your most recent page read, bookmarks, notes, and highlights, so you can pick up right where you left off.   What you’ll get: • Sample any eBook for free • Discover and download popular fiction, graphic novels and textbooks with high-res color images through direct purchase and Kindle Unlimited subscriptions. • A customizable reading experience with your choice of font style, size and more • Unique features like X-Ray, Whispersync, Print Replica, flashcards and more • Instant definitions without leaving the page • Comfortable reading experience with adjustable screen brightness and page color • Ability to make in-page highlights • Access to local library eBooks • Support for Text-to-Speech on devices running Mac OS X 10.10 or above.

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Kindle app reviews

  • Using Because I Have To 2/5

    By darknitemoon
    Cannot disable the “Do you want to go to Page ## alert”. Displays advertising splash screen every time it is launched. Forces ugly justified text and no option to use ragged right for easier reading. Cannot disable additional text added to clipboard when I copy small snippets. Uses nonstandard menu, so there is no Window -> Zoom, for example. You can only resize or go full screen. Table of contents list just changes entries when you scroll instead of scrolling smoothly which makes it difficult to keep track of items in the list.
  • counsume all of battery 2/5

    By mjeed1
    such a shame , amazone can’t create a stable a functioning verion of this app , the recent update consume all of the battery , shame on u amazone
  • Crash and Slow 1/5

    By Hgshvc1211
    The software is extremely unstable and flipping pages take ages. I am using the 2017, 15in Macbook pro and the performance of this software is horrible.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Jeffery Troutt
    I downloaded the latest version of this app and it will not register with my amazon account. It requires you input captcha that are unreadable, and continually refuses to log me in. The prior version would not download my book purchases, either on my mac or my ipad. And, of course, there is no way to contact Amazon customer service and communicate with a human being. Amazon’s a technologically competent company, and it’s hard to believe that they have built this app so incompetently for any reason other than to drive you to their device, and away from yoru mac. This is the last time I will ever buy anything ditigal from amazon. I buy a lot of physical products from them and they perform stellarly. But it is very frustrating to spend money on a digital product that, for professional reasons, I need right now, and discover that Amazon is incapable of delivering the product I purchased, and purposely fails to provide a way to obtain a refund.

    By soulascribe
    This is a very welcome update. Thanks Amazon. -A Grad Student
  • Crashes, crashes, crashes 2/5

    By Brian Clouse
    I spent the last three months purchasing and organizing dozens of my textbooks and other course readings in Kindle for Mac and iOS into collections. With the most recent upgrade, trying to open some books from within a collection causes the app to crash. I’m glad the flashcards feature is now in the Mac version, which is the only reason I didn’t rate this with one star. Please fix this bug and any other reported bugs so users can get back to being productive rather than launching and relaunching your app, sending feedback reports to the developer, and rating you poorly in the app store.
  • Used to work - Customer service blamed apple 1/5

    By philsantillan
    Kindle for Mac used to work until I got a new computer and now all it does is give me the “Regiseter Kindle” screen - and when I go to sign in it opens in a default browser. I called customer service and they told me that nothing is wrong with their app and that it’s a problem with apple. I’ve tried to use kindle for mac on 2 other macs and this recent update does not work. Really dissapointed. I utilize the "copy and paste" function for research papers and really saved a lot of time with the automatic citation.
  • Not so useful 1/5

    By DertolleMensch
    Whilst there are tons of features that could help a professional book reader or even a regular user, use this app to their desire they do not care about updating this app at all. In the last 2 years there has been only one update that was hugely dissapointing for the lack of anything great in it. Personally I would not use this app anymore, I would prefare to go with something that would: - Support my own books from outside of it’s store - Sync across devices - Sync notes, highlights,… - Supports tts - Supports web cliping or other options to import your stuff from the web, other books, pictures,…into the app I think Google in getting somewhere with it’s reader. Even evernote has better functionallities than amazon reader.
  • New update 1/5

    By Raesu
    broke split view. The app now has a minimum width and is not compatible for split views with many apps.
  • Don’t DL!!!!!!TERRIBLE Update!!!! 1/5

    By Theopneustos52
    Whoever is reading this, “DON’T INSTALL UPDATE…I REPEAT, DON’T INSTALL UPDATE”…. KEEP YOUR OLD VERSION! This update is killing me! First I can’t highlight with the 3-finger command and then I can’t use split-screen to read (& highlight) and then take notes on Pages…. Terrible update. Please fix ASAP. This app use to be one of my favorites, as it made reading and writing easy…. Now it has become one of the most frustrating applications to do read and do homework on. You guys can do better than this!!!
  • Broke highlighting 1/5

    By DrCrandall
    NEVER AGAIN will I do an update. Last update caused issues and now this one broke the highlighting. I’m told to uninstall/reinstall. Had to do that last time and then had to download all my books separately. I am so disgusted!!!
  • All Time Low 2/5

    By Tiberius Maximus
    This update shows how Amazon doesn’t care about customers. Not testing and breaking core functionality for macs is a slap in our face! Losing 3 finger highlighting makes this app useless for anything other than just reading. I’ve reported this bug to Amazon constantly which is why I never used their kindle version off and kept using the outdated Mac Store version. Now this version is terrible.
  • Cool new features - but broke highlighting VERY important old feature 1/5

    By Never2RUSTY
    The new features are cool, I like the flashcard concept but the developers broke the highlighting feature which is one of the most important features (more important than the flashcard feature) and makes the app very unusable as that’s one of the most common notetaking components. Please test these releases before releasing them because features like highlighting are critical to us users, and although you want to get quick feedback on the new features please don’t break things we actually enjoy and depend on. Guess i’ll be using my iPad for reading until this gets fixed. 1 star
  • . 3/5

    By Ryannjs
  • Latest Update Ruined Ability to Highlight/Annotate with Trackpad 3/5

    By Committee Fan
    Oh Joy! With you latest update, my 3 finger gesture will no longer allow me highlight text. What a PITA! And, yes, I do have the proper Settings in place in my System Preferences. COYG’s. You can do better.
  • cannot highlight or copy text! 1/5

    By Wittys
    I lost my ability to hightlight text. Cannot even SELECT text! PLEASE FIX THIS! Found a workaround. 1. Double-click a word, and the dictionary definition pops up. 2. Click the “more” button, but don’t select a sub-menu. 3. Click the “copy” button. 4. You can now swipe text while the definition box is still displayed. Once you start swiping text, the definition box disappears. This is painful.
  • rubbishware ! ? ! 1/5

    By Ananta_Androscoggin
    It's been several updates of Kindle for Mac now that crash during launch (or don't actually DO anything but display the kindle launching splash-image). I want all the money back I spent on books for reading on this proprietary nightmare.
  • Broken copy/paste 2/5

    By AZXCoder
    For the MacOS version: I download computer books with sample source code. Up until now, I was able to copy and paste that source code into XCode (for Apple development) and it would format perfectly. With this version, all the formatting has been removed (specifically returns and spacing). The resulting paste is just one long paragraph of code instead of an exact match of individual lines, forcing me to manually reformat the whole thing. This is absolutely a waste of time. I tested this with other text (besides code). Same problem. This was great feature of the app and now it’s ruined. Please fix it.
  • Unstable and unworkable 1/5

    By M.Christopher1970
    It looks nice. BUT, the HIGHLIGHT function is very unstable and only works part of the time. VERY FRUSTRATING. SOMETHING NOT RIGHT. I WANT THE OLD VERSION BACK. IT WORKED FINE.
  • Crashes constantly 1/5

    By jcowley
    Fresh install. It crashes every time I try to click on a collection. I finally deleted all my collections, then started to create new ones. Same problem.
  • Where is left-justification (“ragged-right”) for text? 3/5

    By Wheat Williams
    Kindle for macOS still fails to support the basic typographical principle of left-justification of text, even after all these years. Kindle has recently added this most basic, simple principle of proper typography as an option in some new physical Kindles and in the Kindle app for iOS. Come on, Amazon, You’ve been failing to support basic legible typography for years. Get with it.
  • It's back! 4/5

    By Basementjack
    This release brings the latest Kindle for mac back to the app store! If you've been using the app store version all this time, you'll notice a bunch of changes, there are more fonts now, single vs multi columns are handled differently now, and there are a few other minor UI changes. I really like the new table of contents view. Also I don't remember if the old mac app store version had higlighting/note taking, but this version does and it can be really handy for referring back to things, (this is especially true for technical books) Overall it's nice to see current version back on the app store!
  • Awful 1/5

    By q0q0q0
    And we’re stuck with it. There are no other alternatives. That is crazy. There is no way to export my collections or to tag the books, etc
  • There ARE updates to the app - here’s how to install them 3/5

    By Azbado
    There’s quite a few comments mentioning that the app hasn’t been updated for a couple of years and that it has issues. Amazon appears to have stopped supporting the app via the App Store. If you Google for Kindle For Mac downloads, you’ll find the link to a much newer version available directly from Amazon that you can install. You can uninstall the old App Store version, install the direct download version, and all of your books and data will still be available to you
  • Amazon abandonware - rejects login -- get the current Kindle Mac app direct from Amazon 1/5

    By TechStuff8000
    As others have said, it rejects valid logins. I verified that my email and password work fine on the same Mac through a web browser. Looks like Amazon abaondoned this app (still version 1.12 from 2015) and now just maintains one you can download from their web site -- currently 1.2 from 2017. Deleted this, downloaded their newer version and that works great. I wish Amazon would just remove the App Store version or make it clear so we don't have to waste our time on this old version.
  • Difficult to sign in 3/5

    By Just_Stella
    I use several readers and this is the first one that gave me problems signing in. Actual usage is yet to be determined but I like it on my iPad. If you are having problems find the drop-down menu at the bottom and change it to your Amazon.
  • Security Schmecurity 1/5

    By HMSS_007
    Downloaded the app and attempted to login and was given image challenges. After 2 dozen attempts I deleted the app off my machine. Do we need really need draconian measures on the Kindle app? #failingkindle
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By PorkRynd
    If I can’t login I can’t use the app. Worthless. It keeps teling me my email is invalid, but the same email and password work fine on the Amazon website.
  • BAD 1/5

    By Naro562
    Am I missing something? The UI appear to be lacking some basic functions, like dedicated arrows to flip pages and the ability to search and jump to desired pages. And, it is just too buggy on the MacBook. Very frustrating to use. The way this product operates is unethical. smh. What a piece of c$#@!.
  • Works Great 5/5

    By yangcenit
    I dont know what some people are commenting here, I do everything I do in my android phone, it works great. Thanks. I might take stars off the more I use it but for now, its good stuff
  • Very very bad app 1/5

    By HorustheHubris
    ? marks everywhere not able to read a word
  • Do not recommend 2/5

    By katj123456
    In this review, I will echo other people’s complaints with the Kindle App, in an effort to dissuade you from dowloading it. Keep in mind, my experience with this app is based on that of trying to study from a textbook. So, my experience would absolutely differ from one's experiece reading, say, a novel, which I have not attempted, and do not plan to do with this app. I downloaded it purely to read my newly-purchased, and inexpensive e-textbook. If I had known what a headache this app would be, I probably would have paid extra to purchase the physical book. That way, I’d at least have the ability and control to navigate chapters at my own pace, based on how fast or how slow I want to jump from one section to another. Or you know, turn pages. It’s not clear how to reference other sections quickly, the menus seem outdated and unintuitive. Page swipes are cumbersome, with slow response/feedback, and lack control or precision. It’s easy to lose your place with the brush of a finger against the mouse, and can be difficult, distracting, and time-wasting, to find your place again. This app is clunky, tired, and difficult to navigate, among its other downfalls. Every time I begrudginly open it, I can sense my laptop and soul groan. It feels like Kindle had a bad day, and is taking it out on me. I feel personally attacked by this app. I give it one star for serving the function of displaying words on a screen, and one star for its mediocre search function, without which navigation might be close to impossible.
  • Looks like something in the 20th century 2/5

    By zihao.wang1095
    It is like something in the 20th century, especially the login system. It reminded me of those great books and articles about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, and the 1990s and 2000s of the Silicon Valley. It reminded me of the growth of Oracle and the fall of Sun. Aftering seeing the login page, I was too scared to input my username/password. I thought it was a scam.
  • Poor Tools, Bad UI and Worst Controls 2/5

    By Ajinkya Virkar
    I downloaded this app to read one of my certification books by paying almost $70 for the book. Trusting that the app is provided by amazon I blindly purchased the kindle version of it. But to my surprise the app is nothing what I thought of. To start of with 1. Controls: The app has very poor controls in terms of navigating over a book. If you are using a laptop then it is very difficult to scroll through ur pages. The mouse or touch pad controls are so sensitive that you loose the track of the pages and sometimes get lost in the book. There is no topic level indexing which makes it extremly difficult for you to navigate to a particular topic. You have to literally remember every page. 2. UI: I cannot even define how poor the UI for this app is, I feel like I am in the stoneage while using it. There are no options to turn off the backlight or provide a backlight. This makes it very difficult to read it while travelling or reading post day light. The UI experience makes you close the book and switch to a hardcopy. 3. Tools: The tools provided by this app are very bad, Making notes is so difficult that you prefer using a notepad. No support to make notes on the page itself. To simplify everything it just makes you hate using the app.
  • helpful and useful for me 4/5

    By Andrew Ciliy
    it’s very helpful and useful for me especially when i wanna read some new books. Not very good looking for me.
  • Not updated since 2014!!! 3/5

    By H4XVJ
    app says last update was may 15, 2014. This thing desperately needs a refresh.
  • PLEASE fix page flipping 2/5

    By Dan7em
    There are many things wrong with this app, but the absolute worst is how page flipping is implemented. It has to be the most seamless functionality of a reading app, but it’s flipping a page can sometimes be an agony on a MacBook with trackpad. You start swiping gently, the page does not get flipped, you increase intensity, and suddenly you flip 50 pages. It’s like driving a car with manual transmission for the first time in your life, only 50 times worse. Please fix this, or at least include buttons to use instead of swipes.
  • Unpleasant to use notes, dictionary, etc. 2/5

    By Flengord
    Look, this app gets the job done for reading but it's more in need of an update than North Korean foriegn policy. Kindle for Mac suffers from serious usability problems, and has for a long time. None of them would be hard to fix, because the people making the iOS apps have already done so. Where those apps are slick this one is annoying. It altogether lacks some of the non-ancient features of the iOS apps, and trying to look up a word is pretty miserable. You'd better hope the word in question doesn't appear in quote marks or near any punctuation, because the internal dictionary will be completely stymied by those little dots and squiggles. (Serious readers will note that lots of words are within or adjacent to punctuation!) Copying even the smallest amount of text so you can look it up some other way copies a citation so long and intricate that even the stogiest library scientist will blush. Please folks, I'm a very loyal purcahser of Kindle e-books. Please spend a few developer hours on this thing so that I can enjoy the experience on my laptop.
  • So slow... 1/5

    By JeremyHX
    It has all the nice features we’re accustomed to on the iPad, but that doesn’t matter so much when the app is so slow it’s barely usable. It takes a few seconds to change page on my latest-gen, top-of-the-line, MacBook Pro. Not every feature is as slow but many have sluggish performance. Page sync between my iPad and Mac (both at home, on the same wifi network) takes a few HOURS, repeatedly. Guys, seriously, get the basics right before adding all the nice-to-have features… In the meantime, iBooks is the way to go.
  • Mac pro 1/5

    By Raciello
    I can’t log in to my amazon account. It wont let me.
  • Not up to date 1/5

    By sadex76
    If you want a version of the app that allowed you to rip the DRM off of your titles then this old piece of crap is whast you need. If you want the latest features of modern ebooks download the mac version from the amazon website.
  • When you want to read 4/5

    By Aunt Sue
    Simplicity of use is my primary concern and the Kindle app does that in spades. You open the app and you’ve opened a book. Click on the arrow on the right and your next page comes up; left arrow brings up the previous page. Hover over any icon and it’ll tell you what it is. Want a different book? Go to the library; the button’s right there! Take it from someone who wrote software for a living. Getting that “well duh!” effect takes some heavy lifting. I know this review sounds kintergardenish but the reason for it is to point out that many of the bad reviews are complaining about the lack of major bells and whistles. This is a free app, put together for the average book READER. Who doesn’t love bells and whistles? But it’s often the case that those extras come at the expense of ease of use. If you need power tools it’s time to pony up and spend some money for a study aid, or writing tool—not a digital library. I do have a cross to bear though. I’m one of those odd ducks who reads 3 or 4 books simultaneously. Kindle and Apple have forged a relationship strictly on the premise that nobody could possibly want two separate pieces of electronics to do two completely separate things. When I start a new book on my Kindle, turn a page or make a bookmark, it does the same thing on my Mac. I have yet to find the off switch for that which won’t switch off other vital functions. Now I have to have two different applications on the Mac to read my books. (ugh!)
  • Old Kindle software on App store 1/5

    By fredw208
    The version on the App store (1.12.4) needs to be updated. The version on Amazon’s website is newer (1.20.0) and is better.
  • Aviod this app where possible 1/5

    By austin67823098
    Does not allow side by side pages rendering the majority of the screen useless. Trying to scroll through pages is a nightmare as it skips around seemingly randomly. Not at all the type of application you expect from a big company like Amazon. I have to use it for a rental textbook from Amazon, but will be deleting as soon as the semester is over.
  • Text to speech counts as copying?!?!? 1/5

    By Coded Games
    I regularly use voiceover to have books read to my on my phone and it works fine. I thought it would work fine on my Mac and it did for a while untill it told me that I was running out of copies. I hadn’t copied anything so I thought that it was just a bug. A couple pages later and I can nolonger use voiceover to read the book AND I can’t copy anything if I want to cite a quote in the my paper. Incredibly annoying! Please add some way for text to speech work without copying text!
  • Genuinely Awful 1/5

    By ThisIsBa
    Many reviewers are requesting extra features, but honestly, I’d kill for basic functionality. The app is almost impossible to use comfortably. Scrolling is stepped and can’t be changed to be smooth. It has severe lag, making it incredibly jaring to move through pages. Page navigation is attrocious. Upon a swipe left or right, the book will advance three or four pages. Pinch to zoom is unsupported. It’s 2017 and Amazon is one of the largest companies on Earth and one claiming to be focused on good software. Why can’t they get this right? I’d rather just read my books in Preview. But thanks to DRM, even though I’ve purchased books, that’s not an option.
  • Best Reader for Mac I've Ever Used 5/5

    By FizzixGeenyus
    Just download it from Amazon directly. The negative reviews here are mostly from App-Store-brainwashed clueless mac owners.
  • Won’t even open 1/5

    By nuthinlikaZ06
    Deleted and reloaded the app 3 times and wouldn’t even get passed initializing. Never even gave me an opportunity to login. Defitely needs a lot of work. I’ll stick to my iPad.
  • Worst app on earth! But I think is Apples Fault 1/5

    By Ungaree
    Kindle is widly praised as a book reading app. It works perfect on Kindles, Google and Windows. But here in Apple world the app is flacky and unusable. What is one to do with there library of Kindle books. I love my MacBook, iPad and iPhone. But I HATE how Apple does these childish underhanded subversive don’t use anyone elses apps my Apples. And because that that attitude I use Word and Outlook!
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Cruziegirl
    I read pretty much only on my iPad and have never once had problems with the Kindle app. I can search, move easily from one chapter to another, x-ray for a particular word/character/whatever. Very easy to use.

Kindle app comments

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