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Kindle App

The Kindle app gives users the ability to read eBooks on a beautiful, easy-to-use interface. You may also read your book on your phone, tablet and Kindle e-Reader, and Amazon Whispersync will automatically sync your most recent page read, bookmarks, notes, and highlights, so you can pick up right where you left off. What you’ll get: • Sample any eBook for free • Discover and download popular fiction, graphic novels and textbooks with high-res color images through direct purchase and Kindle Unlimited subscriptions. • A customizable reading experience with your choice of font style, size, line-spacing, text alignment and more • Unique features like X-Ray, Whispersync, Print Replica, flashcards and more • Instant definitions without leaving the page • Comfortable reading experience with adjustable screen brightness and page color • Ability to make in-page highlights • Access to local library eBooks • Support for Text-to-Speech on devices running Mac OS X 10.10 or above.


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Kindle app reviews

  • Awful Just Awful 1/5

    By DonVitox37
    This app is so bad. I cant blelieve how bad it is…. I needed to get it for a texbook for a class and it is SO BAD…. iBooks is where it’s at though… if you can get iBooks and don’t give those scam artists at amazon any money
  • Unable to zoom images 2/5

    By lovetongueattack
    Kindle is a lifesaver for storing, managing, and annotating the many technical books I need for writing my dissertation. The biggest problem with the mac application is that images can’t be zoomed or enlarged, rending entire sections of books that rely on diagrams totally useless. My iphone can zoom into the images in a book; why can’t the mac app? Please fix.
  • Poop Man’s Ibooks app 1/5

    By Guido666.666
    Kindle doesn’t even come close to the functionality of the ENhnaced iBooks. Of course, if you just want to read a book, it works bt for that you can also read a rpinted book.
  • Audio “play/pause” icon missing 1/5

    By John De C
    I built an ebook (for language education) with the Kindle textbook creator and added MP3 audio files. Images and text are good, and the audio worked in the previewer and on my Samsung smartphone. I downloaded the Kindle for Mac app onto my IMAC and MACBOOK, and the audio icons aren’t showing at all. Was referred to the “Audible” company for resolution, and was transferred to 7-8 different reps that didn’t have any idea what may be wrong. I’m surprised that Amazon has released an app that doesn’t work properly.
  • Please fix the page JUMPING! 1/5

    By Nvks911
    I bought a few textbooks to use in the Kindle app on my iMac. I thought this would be a great way to keep my textbooks together. However, the app is glitchy and jumps from page to page. It’s almost impossible to read through like a normal book or take notes or use for quizzes when it constantly jumps through a few pages forward and back automatically. PLEASE FIX THIS!!! I will NEVER waste my money on another Kindle book or textbook to use in the Kindle app until this is fixed.
  • Can not change the Chinese font, it is very inconvenient to read 2/5

    By 冷色的咖啡
    Can not change the Chinese font, it is very inconvenient to read
  • User Unfriendly 1/5

    By cbskpoweofe
    This version is terrible! On my Ipad mini I can’t switch from one book to another in my library. It’s taken me 20 minutes, multiple times, to just get to the book I’ve been reading on another device. I quit the app, turn off my device, try to exit the book etc. The app works better on my MacBook however it can’t sync from the place I’d left off in my book on my mini. And my mini can’t sync to my laptop. Also in looking up a word in the dictionary on my laptop the app will change me to 108 pages backward in the book. This has happened multiple times. The prior version was much, much better. I’d love to go back to that one! Could someone please explain as to why this is not possible. I’m tired of “new and improved" crappy apps.
  • No Magazine support…This should be a complete super dooper App. 1/5

    By makoola
    Good for reading. No Magazine support. No whispersync. No audible. This iMac App should be the best of all kindle apps as it is not confined by mobile phone limits. But, No. this is the most truncated App Kindle could possibly produce. Amazon, It’s time, to deliver this baby.
  • Needs to support VoiceOver and Accessibility 3/5

    By FTGabumon
    I really want to like Kindle for Mac, but it's biggest problem is that it does not support VoiceOver and Accessibility. What makes it worse is that Amazon seems to display no intention to fixing this. Yes, Kindle for iPad and iPhone and VoiceOver works fine, but when I am working on my computer, I do not want have to reach for my iPad or iPhone just to hear/read a passage in a book I need. Otherwise it is fine.
  • DRM Encumberance; Privacy problems 1/5

    By mistersquid
    Previously, I would disencumber the DRM on Kindle's .azw files and convert them to PDF so I could read my purchased item without Amazon tracking my activity, sharing my activity with its partners, and because I like the features of the application I use to read PDFs on my Mac and my iOS devices. Kindle versions higher than 1.17 break the ability to disencumber the DRM on .azw files which I understand in Amazon's perogative but it is also my perogative to detest this update. My solution was to revert to a Time Machine version of Kindle (1.12). Jeers to Amazon and their DRM. Seriously.
  • SO buggy 1/5

    By TheyCallTheWindMaria
    So buggy it’s unusable.
  • Everything works well but... 2/5

    By mryas234
    The ICON IS HUGE, shows how little they care about this particular app on apple devices if they cannot fix such a simple problem.
  • The icon is hideous 3/5

    By YR3242
    The icon is too big
  • Uttlerly and completely useless 1/5

    By Wendell Walker
    I normally give a product a thorough checkout before writing a negative review, and I’m normally enthusiastic about Amazon’s offerings, but this is ridiculous. I installed it from the App store, fired it up, and 24 hours later it’s still “initializing…” with no ability to Quit. When you have to Force Quit out of an app before getting it to do anything, that’s bad.
  • Trash. 1/5

    By Mike.1107
    I never write reviews so that should tell you something right there. I tried to save money by renting a book from Kindle but at this point im so tired of messing with the app on my mac that i almost wish i’d have shelled out the extra $100 to buy the book so i’d never have to use this app again. Books wont download, when the do its glitchy or crashes. If anyone ever reads this, just buy a paper copy of whatever book youre looking for.
  • Was great... 1/5

    By steelegolfing
    I liked to use Kindle to read my PDF textbooks becuase of the awesome highlighting and commenting abilities…. But now I can’t even depend on the appliciation to open. Computer science student here, and waiting 30 minutes for an application to “load” only for it to fail, clog up my processing, and forcing a hard shutdown of my entire system. Seriously, Amazon?
  • New update doesn’t work 1/5

    By Sang_Shin
    The login for the new update to the Kindle App doesn’t work, which makes this app useless.
  • Does exactly what it says 4/5

    By Mongoose1894
    I don’t know where the negative reviews are coming from, but this app does exactly what I need it to do separate from my actual kindle. And that is to pick up where I left off from my kindle whether it be on my MacBook Pro or iPad. If you are looking for an exact capability as a kindle…..then you need to get a kindle. This app does exactly what I envisioned it to do. Great job!
  • Can we give this thing negative stars? 1/5

    By H. Bryan
    As much as I like the product on my iPad, this version for OS X is junk. It isn’t even remotely feature compatible. The program can’t see my connected iPad, to sych my downloads and my collections. In addition, I can’t shuffle the contents of a collection around so that any series of books are in order. All and all, this is a bad program.
  • Cannot import collections 3/5

    By UserKkk
    It does not show collections automatically after sigining in. When I tried to do “import collections”, the window is “empty”. It does not show any devices I have, although it say to choose device to import..
  • App 3/5

    By AS990
    It’s not that bad. I’m able to read and highlight perfectly. I’m a student so i spend quite a bit of time on it. I has glitched on me, all i did was close the program and re opened it. Problem solved.
  • Vertical scrolling is cancer. 2/5

    By tealshift
    MacOS smooth scrolling has been absolutely mangled. All other features come second. Vertical scrolling inexplicably turns the page. Look, I’m trying to scroll to the bottom of the page. If I wanted the next page, I’d scroll horizontally. Ideally I’d get the option to have the pages stack vertically and scroll continuously, but that’s too much to ask for. MacOS Preview reader is amazing!! It’s really ironic that this app is so poor on this platform.
  • Jumpy, Unpredictable 1/5

    By Dantrino
    Kindle reader is great on ipad and on paperwhite. But on Mac, it’s horrible. Jumps all over the place. If you’re trying to select, it usually jumps off your selection and land 5 pages later. Every aspect of trying to use this stupid program is utterly frustrating.
  • Anti-aliasing keeps turning off 2/5

    By shinysilverbox
    The interface is ok; not as good as iBooks, but passable for basic reading. Images in the textbook I'm using are cut off at the ends slightly. Bookerly and Amazon Ember are great reading fonts, but the anti-aliasing on the text keeps turning off every 2 minutes or so, making everything extremely difficult to read, and very ugly to look at. Switching back and forth to full-screen mode fixes the issue, but only for a little while. Unless you have and use a Kindle, definitely look for the book on iBooks first.
  • Horible Design 1/5

    By That rad dude over there.
    This is a horibly designed App. It is terrible to use for reading text books. It will only advance to the next or previous page. It divides the text into small chunks, making it impossible to reference the page number in the text book. This App is so frusterating to use!
  • Just amazing. 5/5

    By Heir of the King1
    I dont’t know what would I do without this App, its great! I have never had trouble with it in any of my MacBook Pro computers. Thank you to whoever desiged it! I really appreciate y’all’s work.
  • collections 2/5

    By Michael the Monk
    I can seem to get a correct sync of my collections that are on my Kindle Paperwhite.
  • Not the whole enchilada... 1/5

    By ghokie
    I don’t buy books online, but I do subscribe to a magazine through Amazon. For some reason, Amazon doesn’t think that I would want to read the magazine on my Mac. So they don’t let me. I bet it’s not just me; they probably won’t let you either. So if you subscribe to periodicals, you’re going to be disappointed if you want to access them through Kindle for Mac. Interestingly, Amazon does allow access through i-devices. I just don’t want to hog up space on the iPad.
  • Useful and Convenient 5/5

    By 797555677
    I use this app on my phone, ipad, and Mac all the time. I love have mobile versious of books at my fingertips. Highlighting is great, and I love that I can get definitions for words. One of my most used apps.
  • Awful 1/5

    I regret buying a textbook to use on this platform. Its unbelievably annoying and has a mind of it’s own. Can’t believe I have to use this for an entire semester.
  • So, so, so very slow 1/5

    By Michael Prescott
    I just installed the latest version on my new iMac and there is something horribly wrong with this release of Kindle of MacOS. Resizing the window is extremely difficult. While all other apps are smooth and responsive, Kindle just hangs and stalls. Even turning pages on a book has nearly a 1 second delay. I’ve used this app since the beginning and never thought much of the negative reviews because it seemed to always work fine for me. Till now. It’s not using much CPU, but it does take nearly 1/2 GB of RAM to run, but that doesn’t explain why it is so laggy. It must be a bug.
  • Poor development on MACs 1/5

    By Leonardo09
    Based on the feedback from Amazon Customer Service, Kindle for Mac does not support syncing pf book Collections w/other devices and Amazon Cloud. You can’t even import manually collections from Amazon Cloud Unfortunately not only this information is not made public on the Amazon website, but nothing in the app says that this feature is not supported…. I received feedback after 40 mins on the phone with Amazon Customer Service. Unfortunately, MAC readers don’t seem to be the focus of Amazon Kindle development organization. Also some key Apple specific features are missing in Kindle for iPad. If you use Apple devices, you are better off using iBooks.
  • No vertical scrolling 1/5

    By Thalesian
    Many of us like to read books in a scroling mode, rather than as a skeumorphic page flip. If Amazon wants to lock books down on its applications, then it needs those applications to accomodate different reading stiles, or it will lose customers like me. Please add vertical scrolling in your reading apps for Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • Four stars is generous 4/5

    By Ralph123454321
    I’m not a student but I’m getting older and it would be nice to have the newer features found on a Kindle where I can click on a name or a word definition and have a synopsis of the character or a word definition now and then - yes, foreign as well. To read anything compicated requires offline research or placing a bookmark and scrolling around to find out who did what or worse yet, using Google! A dirty word to Amazon I’m sure. As someone noted, it’s the 21st century and Amazon’s not exactly a small company? C’mon! Spend a few bucks!
  • Switched to an iphone 3/5

    By KCheriseR
    I just recently got an iphone and I have been using the kindle app on my androids for years, I’m just wondering is there a reason that I can not purchase books in the app and am I the only one having this problem?
  • Needs Improvements. 1/5

    By A17294
    Features like highlighting, scaling, copying and pasting should be more seamless. When compared to iBook, "mac Kindle" felt like a downgrade in overall UX. Amazon does have a pretty good mobile Kindle app, mac version seems to be neglected. It needs some love too. Lately, It’s been crashing a lot. It doesn’t open.
  • As always Amazon is the best place to get and read books 4/5

    By ybalnashif
    As always, Amazon is the best place to get and read books. However, I will give them 4 stars just for not fixing the collections issue yet on the Mac. I still can’t sync my collections on different devices. For a person with huge number of books this is really annoying.
  • Not ideal for textbooks 1/5

    By syntheticpoetry
    Really, the only reason I wanted this version for my Mac was to use textbooks for school. Luckily, I downloaded some samples of the books first. The images are cut off, the tables too small and there does not appear to be any way to zoom in (or even click on them) to adjust. Whenever I try to it just selects text above or below the table. This may be fine for regular reading, but for an app on a computer I would have expected a bit more from it. Disappointed.
  • Good - needs 1 feature 3/5

    By luchionka
    I have Kindle on all devices, and love it!! It works flawlessly! The app for mac doesnt sync document (not book) locations though. I wish it did.
  • simple but lacks important features 3/5

    By LDoornbos11
    The app is simple to use but lacks important features that would make using it for an academic and research setting so much better 1. Ability to write margin notes is one of the biggest misses, the notes feature simple does not do what actual margin notes do..with the new apple pencil writing these kind of notes would be huge 2. There is a continual issue of bookshelf sycning across devices 3. a smaller note is a few more colors or an actual underline vs. highlight feature 4. Split screen on iOS devices, how can this not be? These few changes would probably end my paperbook days...
  • macbook- Looks and feels nice but lacking a lot of functionality 3/5

    By CrunchyMama1
    Can’t delete items from your kindle library, I have to go to amazon to do it. I can’t get any of my collections from my other apps, it gives an option to import collections but it doesn’t show any other devices or show me how to get them to show up there. If you do a search and then click on a book, when you go back it starts back from the beginning library. I can’t select a lot of books to add to a collection. Oh and you can’t alphabetize the collections once they are input it stays in that order. It is going to take forever to add them in the macbook ap compared to on my iphone ap. I can select and add multiple books there much easier. I really wish they gave us much more functionality and capabilities. I have over 1600 kindle books help me out amazon!
  • Frustrating device management 2/5

    By yyahn
    I have several inactive old kindle apps in old computers and phones. When I try to open a book that was opened in these other inactiven devices, the app complains that I should either deregister other devices or buy a new copy. However, there is no way to know which device that I should deregister to open this book. A much much better way to handle this problem would be to show all the devices with this book with the last date of activity for each device, so that I can easily identify all the inactive old devices and deregister them.
  • New Kindle App is a Disaster 2/5

    By Randi249
    The new Kindle app is awful. I use this app on my new iPhone 8 plus. When you go back to read an open books and click on it, it closes and you actaully have to reopen the Kindle app again. Then you have to tap on the little book at the bottom of your library. It opens and then closes and once again you have to start all over to open the app and click on the little book. Usually by the 2nd or 3rd try your book opens again. But if you stop reading and you want to read again a few minutes later, you have to start all over again. This is very annoying and frustrating. I called Amazon and they told me it was because of the new IOS upgrade and there was nothing they could do to help me. Please fix this. It was fine before, you didn’t make it better. I usually buy my books form iBooks, but when you don’t have it and I have to use Kindle I really want it to work.
  • Don’t Do it! DON’t UPGRADE TO THIS Throw Back. 1/5

    By Hana1080
    Awful UGLY UGLY UGLY .. cosmetically awkward and ugly … I’m searching for an OLD APP Kindle .. even WEIRD and cluttered with % posting of the cover of the book. I also lost 200 categorized books in the transition. HUGE MISTAKE I HATE IT and it keeps upgrading whether I want it or not.
  • trash 1/5

    By 1564mdhbb
    total trash
  • Can't register without cell email? 1/5

    By Alpine Meadows
    Kindle Mac 1.21.1 Won't let me register with my Amazon account email-not accepted. Insists on my email number for cell phone. I don't have one. Absolutely the worst. (Not to mention that registering via Amazon's site downloaded the previous version.
  • Simply does not work 1/5

    By gnocchi
    Running OSX 10.13.1 and the app just hangs upon startup. I’ve removed all supporting files and prefs, and re-installed the app. It still won’t start up.
  • Problems with the highlight feature and collections feature 1/5

    By Chuck3232
    Works OK for simply reading. However, the highlight feature is very buggy. Often it will jump pages when trying to highlight or it won’t let me highlight at all. Another issue is that creating Collections does not sinc up with ios, my Kindle nor the Collections feature on Kindle cloud. Lots of bugs in this app for Mac.
  • Splitscreen!!? 1/5

    By Apple507
    Truly frustrated with amazon… Still years later there is no splitscreen support for iPad. I, and others, have been constantly requesting for well over a year and still they fail to add a basic function to the program. Instead they focus on unnecessary and distracting updates to an otherwise simple and stable reader.
  • Immerse yourself in reading? Not with this. 1/5

    By TrickyOtis
    Pages jump uncontrollably at slightest touch on the mouse. You get insistent, unwanted presentations of the dictionary when you try to highlight a passage. Impossible to immerse oneself in reading when jolted repeatedly by such behavior.

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