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Kindle App

The Kindle app gives users the ability to read Kindle books on a beautiful, easy-to-use interface. You’ll have access to over 1,000,000* books in the Kindle Store, including best sellers and new releases. Amazon Whispersync automatically syncs your most recent page read, bookmarks, notes, and highlights across devices (including Kindle), so you can pick up where you left off on another device. Get the best reading experience available on your Mac: • Shop the Kindle Store for over 1,000,000* Kindle books, including New Releases. Over 610,000* of these books are $9.99 or less, including many of the New York Times Best Sellers. • Start reading immediately with three free books: Pride and Prejudice, Treasure Island, and Aesop’s Fables. Thousands more free classics are available in the Kindle Store. • Get free book samples – read the first chapter free before you decide to buy. • Customize your reading experience by choosing the background color and font size. • Instant dictionary word lookup with 250,000 entries and definitions. Select a word to view the definition. Use the Google and Wikipedia links to get more information. • Search inside the book to find a character, topic, or section you want to revisit. • Simply click on either side of the screen or press the arrow keys to turn pages. • You can also read your Kindle books on your Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage, Kindle 3G, Kindle DX, Amazon Fire Phone, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX, iPhone, iPad, PC, Android-based device, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone 7-based device. Our Whispersync technology syncs your last page read, notes, bookmarks, and highlights across devices, so you can pick up where you left off. * Selection and price of books in the Kindle Store may vary by country.

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Kindle app reviews

  • Not up to date 1/5

    By sadex76
    If you want a version of the app that allowed you to rip the DRM off of your titles then this old piece of crap is whast you need. If you want the latest features of modern ebooks download the mac version from the amazon website.
  • When you want to read 4/5

    By Aunt Sue
    Simplicity of use is my primary concern and the Kindle app does that in spades. You open the app and you’ve opened a book. Click on the arrow on the right and your next page comes up; left arrow brings up the previous page. Hover over any icon and it’ll tell you what it is. Want a different book? Go to the library; the button’s right there! Take it from someone who wrote software for a living. Getting that “well duh!” effect takes some heavy lifting. I know this review sounds kintergardenish but the reason for it is to point out that many of the bad reviews are complaining about the lack of major bells and whistles. This is a free app, put together for the average book READER. Who doesn’t love bells and whistles? But it’s often the case that those extras come at the expense of ease of use. If you need power tools it’s time to pony up and spend some money for a study aid, or writing tool—not a digital library. I do have a cross to bear though. I’m one of those odd ducks who reads 3 or 4 books simultaneously. Kindle and Apple have forged a relationship strictly on the premise that nobody could possibly want two separate pieces of electronics to do two completely separate things. When I start a new book on my Kindle, turn a page or make a bookmark, it does the same thing on my Mac. I have yet to find the off switch for that which won’t switch off other vital functions. Now I have to have two different applications on the Mac to read my books. (ugh!)
  • Old Kindle software on App store 1/5

    By fredw208
    The version on the App store (1.12.4) needs to be updated. The version on Amazon’s website is newer (1.20.0) and is better.
  • Aviod this app where possible 1/5

    By austin67823098
    Does not allow side by side pages rendering the majority of the screen useless. Trying to scroll through pages is a nightmare as it skips around seemingly randomly. Not at all the type of application you expect from a big company like Amazon. I have to use it for a rental textbook from Amazon, but will be deleting as soon as the semester is over.
  • Text to speech counts as copying?!?!? 1/5

    By Coded Games
    I regularly use voiceover to have books read to my on my phone and it works fine. I thought it would work fine on my Mac and it did for a while untill it told me that I was running out of copies. I hadn’t copied anything so I thought that it was just a bug. A couple pages later and I can nolonger use voiceover to read the book AND I can’t copy anything if I want to cite a quote in the my paper. Incredibly annoying! Please add some way for text to speech work without copying text!
  • Genuinely Awful 1/5

    By ThisIsBa
    Many reviewers are requesting extra features, but honestly, I’d kill for basic functionality. The app is almost impossible to use comfortably. Scrolling is stepped and can’t be changed to be smooth. It has severe lag, making it incredibly jaring to move through pages. Page navigation is attrocious. Upon a swipe left or right, the book will advance three or four pages. Pinch to zoom is unsupported. It’s 2017 and Amazon is one of the largest companies on Earth and one claiming to be focused on good software. Why can’t they get this right? I’d rather just read my books in Preview. But thanks to DRM, even though I’ve purchased books, that’s not an option.
  • Best Reader for Mac I've Ever Used 5/5

    By FizzixGeenyus
    Just download it from Amazon directly. The negative reviews here are mostly from App-Store-brainwashed clueless mac owners.
  • Won’t even open 1/5

    By nuthinlikaZ06
    Deleted and reloaded the app 3 times and wouldn’t even get passed initializing. Never even gave me an opportunity to login. Defitely needs a lot of work. I’ll stick to my iPad.
  • Worst app on earth! But I think is Apples Fault 1/5

    By Ungaree
    Kindle is widly praised as a book reading app. It works perfect on Kindles, Google and Windows. But here in Apple world the app is flacky and unusable. What is one to do with there library of Kindle books. I love my MacBook, iPad and iPhone. But I HATE how Apple does these childish underhanded subversive don’t use anyone elses apps my Apples. And because that that attitude I use Word and Outlook!
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Cruziegirl
    I read pretty much only on my iPad and have never once had problems with the Kindle app. I can search, move easily from one chapter to another, x-ray for a particular word/character/whatever. Very easy to use.
  • Not Syncing 1/5

    By bkstr12
    I hate to give an app that I truly enjoyed in the past a bad review, but until this is updated it is virtually useless to me. I have hundreds of books and this app only shows that I have a grand total of 25. It won’t sync for anything. I’ve gone so far as to uninstall it, remove it from my Kindle apps on my Amazon account, and then reinstall everything all over again. Did not work. I’m currently using the most recent version of macOS Sierra 10.12.4. PLEASE update and get rid of whatever bug it is that’s preventing this from syncing!!
  • For Academic reading: Slow UI, Clunky Scrolling, poor text selection 2/5

    By elChé_BDA
    Kudos to Amazon for having one of the largest libraries and almost all of the coursebooks I need at consistently lower prices than other sellers. However, this application is in serious need of an update. The screenshots don’t even match the UI anymore! The DRM is tiresome. One of my textbooks requires removing the book from the device and deactivating the account, before it can be accessed by another device. This makes switchig from the laptop to say a tablet or mobile phone an absolute pain as my password is generated by a password manager. The people trying to bootleg your content will generally always find a way…stop punishing your paying cutomers with annoying DRM! On a newer device screens with higher resolution, the app struggles to redraw pageviews, especially when scrolling while zoomed into an adequate maginifation for comfortable reading. The scrolling is THE WORST. I usually end up sticking to the arrow keys because the scroll acceleration isn’t linear…moving a few lines down th page is painfully slow…or you’re suddenly 2-20 pages ahead/behind your last page. There’s also something strange with text selection. You can generally only select whole words, but often that ends up including any punctuation as well. For highlighting, this proves to be less than ideal as often I want to highlight only a portion of a word (to highlight root meaning or acronyms for example) Having a feature to copy diagrams for note taking would also be useful as this is unfortuneately my primary source of college textbooks and many of the concepts that require notes are too complex for simple 1-2 line descriptions. The fact that it hasn’t been updated since 2015 is disappointing as it appears that Amazon is trying to force us into buying their eReaders…I already have a laptop, I don’t want to carry around another device in my bag just for a better UX while reading your books!
  • Update this app!! 1/5

    By Pneumatikon
    Kindle for the Mac is terrible. The bookmarks, notes, etc. are virtually unusable. Every time you try to open them the whole app locks up for at least a couple of minutes. Close them. Open them again right away… same problem. Even resizing it seems to be a chore. Is there a reason for this? Kindle for iOS works like a charm.
  • Faithfully Recreates the Kindle Experience 1/5

    All the frustrations of using a slow, non-responsive, ill-designed Bezos piece of junk, now in a larger, more cumbersome form factor.
  • Always Room for Improvement 4/5

    By E-Book Addict
    My only wish is that when I am done with a book 100% that the book goes to a “read” section. It is hard to keep track of books when you read about 70 a year. I want my "to be read", to truly be unread books.
  • Etremely slow 2/5

    By WhateverReviewMan
    There is no reason for this app to be so slow and unresponsive. Start over.
  • Outdated! There’s a NEWER version available 3/5

    By Alibek_14
    Kindle for Mac has gone a long way since 2015. It appears, that Amazon no longer manages its distribution via Mac App Store, so the only way to get latest and greatest versions is from their official website.
  • Incorporate Text-to-Speech/Audiobook functionality for MACs please 3/5

    By KenboY_est1985
    It definitely would be nice to be able to have the same Text-to-Speech & Audiobook listening capabilities implemented into this app (for our MACs) in the same exact way it is available for us to use on our Kindle E-readers. I appreciate the efforts in making Kindle available for all of us to read on our MACs (if we’re ever away from our Kindle readers or don’t have them with us), and just wanted to make a suggestion which could possibly solve the dillema of when someone really wants to read a book on their Kindle but simply can’t because they are not in a position to be able to use it. When working on my MAC, it would be amazing to be able to open up the Kindle app and then listen to a book via Text-to-Speech/Audiobook just like our Kindle's are able to provide us. Anyways, thank you for all that you’ve been providing us and once again, I just wanted to provide a thought to potentially begin thinking about implementing sometime down the road. Appreciate the opportunity to give you my feedback!
  • LOVE 5/5

    By DisneyDreamer95
    I love kindle. it gives me free books and I can rent and download all my textbooks on it. I love it especially the search feature for textbooks. It helps me study and pass!!
  • Won’t launch 1/5

    By johnmeister
    I installed it from Amazon. I installed it via Mac Store. App just crashes as soon as I double click. No trouble with any other application, just this one.
  • Useless on Mac 1/5

    By Confused Gerbil
    Fantastic app on iPhone, but for whatever reason, it wont even run on my Mac. Simply crashes everytime I try to open it.
  • Please give us mouse settings! 3/5

    By oopfoo
    I love the Kindle. I love the Kindle app on the iPad. But the lack of mouse settings in MacOS is a real drag. The slightest touch on the Magic Mouse makes the app run haywire, flipping pages back and forth like a crazed librarian. Please give us the ability to disable scrolling in this app, without having to disable it system-wide!
  • Tablet envy 2/5

    By Truchas7
    My MAJOR frustration with Kindle on my iMac is that the mouse response is so temperamental that I want to throw it at the screen. Unless you click and move the mouse with exaggerated care, the pages will scroll wildly. I have no problems with my iPad, which suggests the the program was written for a touch screen then hurriedly adapted to a mouse environment. Also, I can’t get my iMac and iPad to sync. The Mac version is a primitive inferior implementation of the program. If you’re not going to adequately support mouse use, give us keyboard commands, or admit the it is only for tablets, not desktops.
  • Orphaned, doesn’t belong in App Store 1/5

    By Brightshade
    More evidence of Amazon’s disrespect for users of Apple Macs: the last update in the Mac App Store was October 5, 2015, version 1.12.4 The latest version from Amazon’s web site has a file date of March 8, 2017, version 1.19.1 ==== earlier review ======== Competition more important to Amazon than customers Doesn’t work in Yosemite. Despite the fact that Yosemite betas were available to develoeprs since June 2014, Amazon couldn’t bother to update Kindle Reader to be compatible with Yosemite. Is disrespecting Apple more important to Amazon than customers who have bought Kindle-format books?
  • Helpful for special things 3/5

    By PrettyMagic149
    I use kindle for school books that I have to read. You get to pick a couple books in the beginning but from there you have to own a book on amazon to get more books. I like useing this instead of the real book but still it could improve by a lot.
  • Is it FREE or not? 2/5

    By Davekaaeinflorida
    I downloaded because it said FREE, but I got charged $7.99. What the hell?!?! I’m sure I’ll like the app but that’s not right.
  • There is an updated Version on the web 1/5

    By mil0o
    SO the mac app store has been forgotten by amazon. however, they have kept updating the kindle for mac app without letting the users know! so go to the website and download it. it also looks nicer with bigger font and titles.
  • So much potential. Poor usability. 2/5

    By Joshmg
    I use the Kindle for Mac app to copy text and quotes from ebooks into my notes. Copy and pasting is a nightmare. The app is very sensitive to clicking and especially highlighting- clearly most buggy here. I cannot copy and paste properly most times without jumping around pages when trying to highlight, or activating a menu by simply clicking a phrase. To make matters worse, pasting brings in an unwanted citation every time (this should be optional), as well as broken links. Yes, pasted links are broken and seperated by spaces. Please, please fix these bugs/inconveniences and you’ve got yourself a very useful app.
  • Just bad 1/5

    By GFLogic
    Don’t ever touch the scroll on your mouse button while over the Kindle app. If you do, go get a good book and start to read. The app goes crazy and scrolls and scrolls and srolls and… The interface is not great either. I am shocked at Amazon.
  • Get it on Amazon 2/5

    By kcairos
    This app is not updated it seems, but the one off the Amazon site is better. Grateful I found it because this app made me depressed, it’s that bad.
  • Cannot SCROLL between pages 2/5

    By Delta Frequent Flyer
    Horrible for reading on a laptop, particularly for textbooks. It is not possible to scroll from one page to the next like with Acrobat reader. Fortunately, most textbooks are also availalbe in PDF format and can be read in e.g. Adobe Digital Editions, which is a much mroe efficient and comfortable reader. Thankfully this version of Kindle doesn’t crash.
  • Can not even login. 1/5

    By IJF5
    When I go to I can login perfectly fine, on kindle, I cannot even access my account! So much for renting textbooks online next semester...
  • Horrible 1/5

    By frklein
    I am the purcheser of hundreds of ebooks. Most of them have been bought through Amazon. This app for the iMac is simply horrible. I can’t think of any other way to say it. For one it's not stable. The cursor causes the pages to hop around back and forth. Sometimes it will speed through the book at a super fast rate. The last update was 2014. It’s a shame Amazon doesn’t invest effort into making this app better. Just better!
  • Horrible. Captcha Got ya Stuck? 1/5

    By Dustin C.M.
    Entered the password correct. Still asked for an impossible to guess captcha. Dear Amazon, captchas are outdated and for robots, not humans. I could not log into this app.
  • Low quality app 2/5

    By hleenii
    Unfortunately, the app for macOS isn’t as good as the mobile version. For some reason, it’s very slow. By slow I mean that I wait for a page load after I hit the key to move to the next page (MacBook Pro 2016). Also, it’s hard to synchronize your *.mobi files that were bought not from the Kindle store. You have to install another Amazon app (it's not available in App Store) with a quite ugly interface to transfer books from your mac to Kindle app on other Apple devices. And in addition to all this, it can’t even render covers for some books.
  • Please please fix the log-in bug... 1/5

    By Sarah PF T.
    I have been trying to log in but continuously failed even I made a new password and used the correct one…Now, I cannot read the book on my mac…That’s frustrating…please fix this bug…thank you.
  • Wonderful! But…. 4/5

    By Nickname4567574765
    I have a kindle voyage, an iPhone, a Mac book pro, and many paperback books, and I am convinced reading on my laptop is my personal favorite. This is the best e-book platform out there. However, the “notebook” function is too limited as it can only come up as a sidebar. I would love to see the notebook full screen, but the app does not allow that, which is very frustrating when trying to read and go over long highlights and long notes in a tiny column that cannot be expanded over the page. I am aware that this can be done online, but viewing my kindle notes online is not even close to the same thing, because the color sorting that is done within the app is lost, so the highlights are no longer organized online, and the online User Interface is not even close to as aesthetic as the UI within the app. This app is great for reading, I just want to be able to see my notebook over the full page.
  • PLEASE bring us a scroll or ‘blog’ feature 3/5

    By scanaday
    I have children (and a husband) who OFTEN interrupt me when I read. When I’m reading online, on a blog or other such site, I am able to scroll, and keep my most current spot, right at the top of the screen or page, and it is much easier to find where I was, after my interruption is over. Kindle does not seem to be willing to add this option for readers. I do not understand why not. It would not have to be for EVERYONE, it could be an OPTION. I almost dislike reading on my kindle because of it, I’de rather read an actual book. I also often find myself, out of habit, trying to scroll down, once I’m past the first paragraph or so, and that jumps me to the next page. If Kindle would add this feature I would give it a hearty 5 star rating.
  • WTH? 1/5

    By Mattp6563
    Worst program EVER on a Mac. Trying to scroll through a textbook is nearly impossible. Looking through the reviews this isn’t the first time people have complained about this. Please fix this issue immediately!!!! I’m trying to read my textbook for school and I can’t becasue of this subpar app. Please Please Please!!!!! FIX!!!! You have more 1 star reviews than you do 2-5 put together, that usually tells you something guys. P.S. works great on iphone and ipad. It’s just the Mac app that is terrible. P.S. a year and a half later and it’s still terrible
  • Painfum to use 1/5

    By Lasergun
    Bugs and gliches everywhere, especially with trackpad support. If you think making an awful Mac app (and mediocre iPad app) is going to make me buy a kindle, you are dead wrong. In fact, it makes me want to do just the opposite. Guess I’ll find my textbooks elsewhere in the future.
  • Incredibly Frustrating 1/5

    By sarah78906
    This app is unacceptable for textbook use. Even scrolling through pages is made difficult. Also there is no page numbering system, which makes it largly inneffective in a college class. My biggest grievance is that I use it for a statistics textbook and the app is unable to correctly display the formulas, they are jumbled and the symbols disjuncted, meaning that I have paid $50 for a math book without legible formulas. Really surprising considering how profitable etextbooks are, and how so many other companies, or even simple PDFs are effective. If kindle does’nt fix this they’ll really lose a lot of business. I feel completely ripped off.
  • Kinda good 4/5

    By Jorge Chan V
    For the most part it is a handy app, but it would be nice if Amazon fixed the laggy UI
  • Deletes from my computer every other day 1/5

    By ryan928282828282
    I am not one to write reviews, but I need to say something. This app is trash. You cannot view two pages at once, which makes reading diagrams that span two pages almost impossible. It seems to me that the app somehow dissapears from my computer every other day, and I need to re-download it. Many glitches. Cool idea, but the developers clearly are not pragmatic.
  • Old version on App Store 5/5

    By icematrix
    The version on the App store is old. The latest version from Amazon’s site has a better look and feel.
  • Relax 4/5

    By 4 year student
    Reviews for this app are pretty terrible. i honestly dont understand why. Its free, minus the ebook cost of course. but it has all the functionality you need to pass your class or read a book. Highlighting, note taking, bookmarks, flash cards, built in dictionary. relax people it is perfectly fine. reason for -1 star is ui being a little meh.
  • Where’s Page Flip? 1/5

    By a guy who reviews stuff
    On all other incarnations of Kindle they have this super useful feature, and it would be great to be able to use it while discusssing readings in class without having to use a separate device. No idea why they wouldn’t bring support to the mac.
  • Time for OS X users to make some noise 1/5

    By Leonard Flier
    Amazon has done some nice things with the Kindle app for iOS. There are some new fonts, which are easier on the eyes, there are new ways to navigate through books, and the app has a nice up-to-date feel to it. Not surprisingly, it gets 5 stars from an overwhelming majority of reviewers. Just what you would expect from Amazon. The Kindle app for OS X, however, is another story. It has only one font, it lacks the new navigation features, and it hasn’t been updated since 2015. The vast majority of reviewers give it only 1 star. Not what you would expect from Amazon. What’s going on here? Is there a major update in the works? Or, has Amazon abandoned the app? Amazon is still a fairly responsive company. So maybe it’s time for OS X users to make some noise.
  • Fundamentally restricted, use mendeley app for your pdf needs. 1/5

    By tcsiwula
    I want to upload a pdf document into my kindle mac app. Is this possible? I already have the pdf on my iphone and the cloud, but the mac kindle app does not show it.
  • I hate that I have to use this app... 1/5

    By Peevedstudent
    Ya know, I wish your deveolpers would actually fix the bugs in this app for Mac. It constantly crashes, makes you have to re-download it, and then crashes some more. It’s difficult to use and makes studying eTextbooks a chore because scrolling causes it jump back and forth between pages. Slight scrolls send it jumping back to the top of the page so you lose your place, or the screen jerks aound uncontrollably while scrolling. Seriously, I wouldn’t use this app if I didn’t have to. It’s a cold comfort to know that Amazon's monopoly on ebooks prevents it from giving a sh*t.
  • immediately crashes when opened 1/5

    By Ken07115
    I was gonna rent a book from amazon but the app doesnt work at all.

Kindle app comments

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