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KING 5 App

Get award-winning coverage of local news, weather, sports and traffic with the KING 5 app. Enjoy up-to-the-minute coverage of the important news and events in Western Washington and Puget Sound region, including Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, Everett and Bremerton. Watch livestream newscasts, receive notifications on breaking news and follow your favorite Seattle sports teams with statistics, rosters and schedules. You will also get the latest from Evening Magazine, New Day Northwest and more. KING 5 features: > Breaking news and news notifications > Livestream newscasts > Seattle forecast and weather conditions > Location-based weather > Futurecast radar > Sports news, stats, schedules and more > Video stores from the newscasts and other KING TV broadcasts > Location-based traffic maps and reports > Share articles via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter > Submit photos, videos and news tips


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KING 5 app reviews

  • I love the notifications! Great app! 5/5

    By _Linny_
    I get notifications on my phone from several sources and this one is by far the best! And the articles they link to are short but adequately detailed to give me the information that I want to know!
  • Liberal Bullhorn 1/5

    By stukarudel
    Fake news. Typical Seattle liberal news outlet, they don’t even try to be impartial.
  • Still closes without warning. 4/5

    By Mame L
    I love the app but it will just close without warning on occasion which can be very frustrating. Fix that and it would be perfect!
  • Very noisy notifications 1/5

    By kelxia
    This app sends too many notifications with no way to select what kind I want to receive. I get national news from another app so I don't need King5 to send me duplicates of those notifications. Also, some of the "breaking news" alerts really aren't that breaking, and why are you bugging me about new conferences that's are starting?
  • Good App. However... 3/5

    By The real BzzzBzzz
    I’ve noticed that while using this app, my phone very quickly, gets intensely hot and the battery drains really fast (a few percentage points in just a couple minutes of use) forcing me to close it down. It’s a shame, because otherwise I like the app a lot. I’m using an iPhone 7 Plus on iOS 11.2.2
  • Used to work 1/5

    By Coinfan
    Latest update doesn’t get past ad to view article.
  • Still crashes 2/5

    By JGTT$$
    Still crashes. Like it when it works.
  • Pastor 4/5

    Train damage Rain Roads best of all local news Tops world news
  • Slow 1/5

    By DGodecke
    Slow to update as news breaks and slow to update news as it changes. Cumbersome to navigate through on a phone.
  • To many ads 2/5

    By jules788
    I understand they need their ad revenue but I find the news on this application to be almost unreadable at times due to the number of adds that pop up often covering 100% of the content you are trying to see.
  • Decent, ditch the ads! 2/5

    By Big B Wheezy
    I’d like the app better if videos worked on a regular basis & if half way through the story I didn’t have close the APP because some stupid ad opened up.
  • 3 minute ads 1/5

    By Jerr7719M
    3 minute ads before my news video plays. FIX IT.
  • It doesn't work well at all! 1/5

    By Bill In Seattle
    Still a terrible app. Technical and content quality NOT up to what it should be from major media outlet (K5). Buggy, spastic, content is poor. Hard to navigate. Crashes. Transition from ads to stories poor. Out of date content.
  • Poor execution and old news 1/5

    By Drude 100
    App works poorly most of time. Video downloads can be extremely slow or just don’t download. Worst of all most of the news is really old. Updating is extremely poor.
  • Don’t like the boxes 3/5

    By Bubs59
    I like all the stories laid out so I can choose. The weather and traffic separated would be good. But all the other news would be better found if listed like other news channels.
  • Incredibly annoying Yahoo App Store pop-ups make this app unusable 1/5

    By Kirk-O
    It is just unbelievable how this app works now. It used to be quite good. I practically cannot use it now. Trying to get through one story often has three “takeover pop-ups” that redirect you to the App Store and a Yahoo product. Mail, finance, etc. I’ve sent in trouble reports to no avail. Sad
  • Poor app 1/5

    By Mollynmaia
    Very buggy app. As one review says good luck in trying to read a story without it crashing. Not occasionally crashing, but constantly crashing. They just changed the format again and maybe some improvement. But would not count on it. Content is ok, but frequently USA Today unless local. Probably Tegna owns both.
  • It used to be better 1/5

    By Bluemidgetbear
    I get redirected to the App Store frequently in the middle of reading articles.
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By SA-6
    Since they added ads within each story I have a hard time navigating through reading. I don’t like it now at all!
  • Keeping me informed 5/5

    By Jeanette100
    Love being able to check traffic and weather anytime I need this information.
  • Keeps Me Up To Date 4/5

    By Aloha.boy
    I use the app strictly for updates on local news, weather, and traffic. It does not disappoint.
  • Still crashing 2/5

    By Issaquah13
    The content and organization are fine but this app still crashes. I’d rather just read news elsewhere than deal with the crashes.
  • Crashes a LOT 2/5

    By Equus42
    Since the 30 August update, the app crashes VERY frequently. Makes it almost impossible to watch live streams. Made worse by the fact that you have to watch a 30-60 ad (that sometimes takes 2-3 minutes to play) to relaunch streaming. Hoping for an update that fixes this UPDATE: With the current version, now the iPhone reboots during live streams. Guess this bug isn’t important
  • Worst update ever 2/5

    By Sucking_the_life
    Laggy, takes forever to load, swipe feature between stories barely functions. Only rated 2stars because I prefer King 5 to other local stations.
  • Push notifications 2/5

    By Allege nicknamesaretaken
    Not really an issue with the app but whomever manages the content. I want push notification for news alerts not stupid stories or advertisements for stupid stories. Limit your notifications to real news please!!!
  • New version is very problematic 1/5

    By Jcpsychobilly
    The newest version of this App is essentially unusable. Every time I go to a news story, it takes me to the App Store to download some sponsored other apps. Not to mention, it randomly crashes. I will be deleting this app and finding another source for local news. If you haven’t downloaded this app, I suggest you don’t. If you have it, I feel sorry for you.
  • Advertisements? 1/5

    By DMb1234567812
    Pretty annoying every time I visit a story and it sends me to the App Store. Making me hate your app.
  • It works great if you like to get mad 1/5

    By Brphcliff
    I used to love this app-I would read it all the time till..... everything I looked at shot me to an add in the App Store. Either fix the issue or I’ll be using Komo..eeewweww
  • Keeps sending me to paid advertising 1/5

    By Whvjdfgko
    Don’t know what you did to the app, but your news feed is unreadable because it keeps sending me to the App Store for your paid advertising, guess I’ll find the local news via another agency!
  • Videos don't work on any iOS device. 1/5

    By Carpemac10
    This app has gotten worse over the years. Almost all the videos don't play and have horribly long ads. The weather and radar is all I use it for now. This has to be the worst app I have ever used. From the videos barely ever working to the app always glitching and sending me to the App Store all the time.
  • No iPhone X support still. 3/5

    By FiercePants
    His app still does not support iPhone X.
  • Auto opens ads and won’t stop unless you close the app 1/5

    By Idahorexi
    Lately the app auto-opens ads without clicking on anything. Closing the ad and returning to the app just re-opens the ad. Closing and re-opening the app sometimes helps. I reputable news app shouldn’t feel like I’ve clicked on a virus infested site.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Agaric2
    While their content appears very good, good luck trying to see it. Many stories don't load, or if they do it is longer than the several minutes I have tried waiting. Scrolling is frustratingly slow, and often I just get bounced out of the app entirely. I've tried emailing and calling the station but never ever hear back and nothing ever changes. Obviously, they don't care. I think the stations new ownership is running it on interns who change frequently. They are trying for a new new but it is not working.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Crybaby911
    Has everything I need, I love how fast I get alerts for things that are happening. I don't have time to watch tv so this app in comparison to other news apps is the best by far for local news. I have the iPhone 7 and before I had the iPhone 6s.
  • Needs attention, better implementation 1/5

    By No Nickers
    1) Stories overlap between subheadings; what's the point of having separate subheadings? 2) Sports needs it's own subheading. 3) National and World news need to be broken out into their own subheadings. 8/27/15 Obviously the above observations are w/out merit & every one wants to have 5 opportunities to see redundant articles, . . . figures! 11/01/17 The last update has rendered the application so crash prone its lost 3 notches in my news apps, it is in last place.
  • Sharing Issues 2/5

    By DerSchenkMeister
    Can't share all stories, only select ones. Am retired journalist who uses my FB Page to keep friends informed in a spectrum of topics.
  • Rate 2/5

    By One-tastey
    There is too much advertising. A story pops up that you want to read and you have to wait for several ads to keep loading and by the time it's done you forgot what you were going to read about. Then you get frustrated and close it all out. And you might as well forget about trying to watch a video story, it locks everything up and it ain't going to happen!
  • King news 4/5

    By POINT 7
    They cover all the issues well but need live coverage improvements
  • newscast, needs fixing/update 1/5

    By Live news
    The live newscast glitches, after watching for about 10 minutes or so, it exits from the app, needs update/fix
  • Crash test dummy 2/5

    By Killacrabtree
    This app crashes on every third story. It also constantly tries to get you to leave the app and go to their website to read a story or watch a video.
  • Repeating... 3/5

    By nwscout
    I love listening to you when I’m on the go. A lot of times I’m not at home or even out of the country. Lately what it has been doing is repeating. It will repeat the same sound bite 2 or 3 times before moving on. And when it does move on I have missed that story. A couple of times I really wanted to hear it. I hope you can get that bug fixed.
  • Decent app, bad writing 1/5

    By Jayhawk14121412
    I love watching King 5 news every morning. I downloaded the app because I love your coverage so much. But stop sending me push notifications all day with worthless information. Only send me actual news, not every story you write.
  • Thank you! 5/5

    By Susija1
    Love this APP! I can’t figure out why the low rating. I love being in the loop, getting a recap of each story and the option for video. Also love the traffic alerts. Keep up the good job!
  • Crappy, Liberal Rag 1/5

    By JJJSMSgt
    Journalistic nightmare where no effort is made to provide an objective, spin-free opinion.
  • Video still buggy 2/5

    By --D2
    New version seems to still have trouble transitioning from the paid advertisement video (which always seems to play) and the actual video story. This is an ongoing issue that has not been repaired. I thought that perhaps it was my iPad or perhaps the iOS. Both my device and the operating system are new. Until the app gets the video transition fixed between commercials and the actual story, I would say you are wasting time trying to watch a video story. Since this is not a new problem, it appears we will need to wait and see if the developers can solve the problem. Other competing apps seem to not have the problem.
  • Slow and full of ads 1/5

    By Bankei
    Takes forever to load, and anything you want comes with an ad. Quits unexpectedly and comes back at some different point. No longer worth the trouble - KIRO will fill the gap.
  • I like it 4/5

    By King TV watcher
    I like to keep up with the news when I travel. I have not had the crashing issue
  • Drops out 2/5

    By Solojat
    The version issued on August 30th drops out regularly on my iPad. This maybe be a Tegna wide issue because I have the same problem with the KGW Portland app.
  • Keeps me updated 5/5

    By Chizenista51
    I love the app for the breaking news without having to open up the app.
  • Crashes a lot, but good access to items of local interest 3/5

    By Squirrelly18
    I use a national news source to access world and national news. King 5 just crashes a lot for me on my iPad, and it's frustrating that it just stops working, on average, one in five visits. I download all of the updates, too....

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