Kinsa Smart Thermometer

Kinsa Smart Thermometer

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  • Current Version: 6.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Kinsa
  • Compatibility: Android
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Kinsa Smart Thermometer App

Let Kinsa guide you from the first sign of sickness through recovery and beyond! As seen in Apple’s “Parenthood” commercial. Record fevers, symptoms, medications and other important notes for each family member. Temperature data integrates seamlessly with the Health app. Get real-time, age-based guidance on what to do next, medication reminders and dosages when you need them, and even information about what illnesses are circulating your child’s school. The free Kinsa app works best with one of Kinsa’s award-winning, pediatrician-recommended thermometers, available for purchase in-app with Apple Pay or at your local Apple store.


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Kinsa Smart Thermometer app reviews

  • Fun taking temperature 3/5

    By R Lut
    I like this app overall. The features are great. The bubble popping is a huge hit with my kids while they wait for their temperature. Update: So we've had this thermometer for 7 months now and when it's working, it's great. When it's not, it's frustrating. I think it more of an app problem. The first problem was my phone wouldn't register when the thermometer was plugged in until I turned my phone off and on. That bug got fixed I guess bc it doesn't do that anymore. Now it doesn't show the temperature when the reading is done. I have to exit out of the app and the temperature is there on the temperature list with past readings. Although I don't think my thermometer is working this time as well. It says my son doesn't have a temp but when I use a normal thermometer he does. He also feels warm and is acting sick. So I'm trusting the regular thermometer now. It's a little frustrating.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By Shelly1184
    Edit: so annoyed still. It won’t log any temperatures if I can even get past the location services issue. This worked perfectly fine when I got the thermometer but now the app does nothing. Just buy a standard thermometer from Walgreens. Not worth the $$ anymore. I got the new iPhone 8.. I’m sitting here so frustrated trying to connect this thermometer and it won’t leave the page that asks you to turn on location services. So frustrated that this is no longer working on my phone. Waste of product now. I can go back to using a standard thermometer that is way cheaper.
  • Basically a pack of Speedstick 1/5

    By Jhan330
    Like Speedstick it should say on the package "Does Not Work". It gave me three wildly different temperature readings in the space of 30 seconds. I'm not sure which reading, if any, I can trust. Then the temperature reading doesn't show up in the app. What is the point? I remember it working before the "update". Does anyone have a suggestion on another thermometer that I can trust? I have the option of taking this one back still.
  • Much easier to set up than I expected 5/5

    By TLC Believes
    I got this on a free trial last year but I hadn't tried it yet. Last night after struggling to hold the traditional thermometer under a sleeping boys arm for 3 minutes I decided to try it. The set up was so easy and fast. It worked fine on my iPad . I also didn't know it had the extension cord which was helpful. I felt is was accurate as I got to test it at several different stages of a fever and against the old mercury thermometer. Much better than the last digital we bought for cheap at the big box store that was several degrees off. I like the feature that says what to do for treatment at different fever levels and different complaints. Also it was easy to turn off the location services if you don't want that. The only problem I can see right now is that the device will need to be charged. I will still want to keep a regular thermometer around for backup.
  • New update is awful 1/5

    By Crazyhelp76
    Loved this until it got updated, now it won't even give a temperature readout
  • Used to be my go to temp reader 1/5

    By Irisheyes17
    I used to use this app as my go to for taking my kids temps. But ever since the latest update you seem to have an issue with it not displaying the temperature after it takes. I know I am not alone with this issue as I saw other reports of this issue and a developer comments that some phones causing this. Clearly this is not an issue with the phones but the app. So disappointing. Roll back or back out your change to solve the issue.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By CRinTexas
    This app used to work fine, but now it doesn't immediately give me the temperature after taking my oral temperature. I first have to close out the app and reopen it before it gives me a reading.
  • Won’t start up 1/5

    By mm3962
    I used to love this! Yet I got a newer phone & now it won’t work! It just keeps saying it’s starting up. I’ve tried everything but doesn’t work
  • Use to love 2/5

    By Kfelber
    I absolutely use to love this tool. The new updates are awful and it glitches when I try taking temps with it. What is going on?!? I am also very frustrated because I deleted app and re got it thinking it might help. Don't know where the darn black start up tool is and I need it tonight because I have a sick kid. Beyond frustrated!!!
  • Glitchy and doesn't work anymore! 1/5

    By Breatheslower
    After new update my thermometer won't work- it acts like it's working but then it shuts out and won't even give me a result... very frustrating when you have a sick kid. Have restarted it over and over with same result. New app isn't an improvement at all.
  • It works then its updated and it doesn't 2/5

    By fitguy2012
    Love the idea behind this thermometer and I use it daily. But every so often its updated and suddenly it doesn't work anymore like now. Please fix the app yet again
  • Doesn't work anymore :( 1/5

    By Claphappyd
    I have no idea why but it stopped working and now says I need to turn the thermometer on and the take temperature icon is gone. I am just gonna have to throw it out. So disappointed
  • Help! 1/5

    By Babsie78
    Every since the newest update my app crashes right before it's done taking my daughters temperature. I don't know what to do to fix it and customer service was NO HELP at all.
  • Super inconsistent 1/5

    By redsox021384
    Update: still the worst device ever made. Never works. Original review: Shows 90 degrees one time and 115 degrees the next! Not accurate at all!
  • I use to love it 1/5

    By momoftwotoddlera
    I use to love this app with a passion and using it was complete easy & uncomplicated . They recently updated it and it’s horrible . I have two children with they made harder to switch back and forth from both profiles . So that’s a bust, second is now it glitches when taking a temp . I rely on the temp reading after my sons seizures. This product and app use to ease my mind , I still worry now . Looking into a different product as we speak , if they changed the app back to how it was & created a log in to store information I would continue to use them but they haven’t done so in the two years that I’ve used this product .
  • Works how I expected 5/5

    By h greed
    Works well for me. I hope the keep coming w/ products. I’m really interested in a way to check my blood pressure whenever I like. The stick works well on the 7+.
  • Had a problem but they blew me away with their fix 5/5

    By pizzabucks
    My kinsa ear stop pairing with my phone and tried everything I was frustrated to no end and end up writing a scathing review Next day there team reached out with a solution that fixed all my concerns Thank you for standing behind your product
  • Love! 5/5

    By Nmarustad
    Love this thermometer! Love this app! It is simple easy to use and inexpensive. Great product for a great price 👍
  • Fast and Easy! 5/5

    By Schneidogg99
    Wow this gadget is cool. It took seconds to set up and a few more to read my temperature. Spot-on 98.6 degrees. The on-screen steps walked me through the process for taking my temperature - it could even detect when I had inserted it into my mouth. I Love this new thermometer.
  • Unable to calibrate 1/5

    By IT.Phil
    Dose not work with iPhone7 plus even with adapter :(
  • Love this app, but needs sharing 3/5

    By DChew
    This app is almost perfect. The only thing I need is the ability to share my daughter's profile with my wife so we can each view and edit temperature readings, symptoms and medications. Is that on the road map?
  • Does not send data 5/5

    By Scutmud
    I am changing my review from one star to five. I was frustrated with the thermometer with syncing issues. After post a review they immediately contacted my. Turns out that it was defective and they sent me a new one quickly. Seems to be working as expected. Really appreciated the 5 star customer service.
  • Love this whole concept but.... 3/5

    By Landenhunter's mom
    I would love to rate this app as 5 star but there are some def needed improvements. Such as options for sickness and also for meds that your child may be taking. I know there could be such a vast amount of possibilities but just adding "other" as an option with a way to fill in what "other" is. Like a symptom my son has with his viral infection which is not an option I could choose is Hives. And I would have loved to been able to document a viral infection for diagnosis and a symptom of it was hives. Then he was put on a steroid and an antibiotic. That's were the option of "other" would come in handy to document for meds as well. We have made two trips to the dr in 4 days. I loved being able to show my son's Dr. his temp time stamps and some pics of his hives at certain times. So that's a plus! Please please make these improvements to make this whole app/thermometer a much better item!
  • Wish I could return 1/5

    By Jayantop
    Piece of GARBAGE! Do not buy this. It worked the first time, and never worked again. I only get a message telling me to plug the thing in, and it is already plugged in. I have tried recalibration that doesn't work either. Huge SCAM. Stay away from this junk.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Scott Shaun
    Won't pair to iPhone 7 Plus.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By itsoberman
    The best thermometer I ever used it is very helpful and fast!
  • User twice so far 5/5

    By OH badger
    Set up was easy. Like audio plus text instructions. Used it twice and compared to my standard thermometer. They were the same. Used with iPhone 6.
  • Return your Kinsa and buy a regular ol' digital thermometer 1/5

    By Nick575
    After several attempts to calibrate I kept encountering the error message saying my thermometer could not be calibrated due to my L/R audio not being centered. I checked and re-checked that my settings were exactly what the Kinsa help menu suggested but I was still unable to calibrate. I reset the phone and the app but still nothing...which is exactly what you want to happen in the middle of the night when your kid is sick and you're just trying to get a temperature. Would have made this a 0 star review but apparently 1 is the lowest I can go.
  • Will not calibrate to IP7 plus 1/5

    By Mrzfuhrman
    Will not calibrate to IP7 plus
  • F you Kinsa 1/5

    By DocDionne
    3:30am my kid is sick and the thermometer won't connect to my phone. We had a better thermometer but it got medicine in the barrel and quit working.
  • Great tool! 5/5

    By FroggiB
    A friend gave this to us ages ago and it lay forgotten in a drawer till I couldn't find our regular thermometer. It worked perfectly and set up was a breeze. The tracking feature will be super helpful at our dr appointment.
  • Health app syncing broken 1/5

    By Little Lar
    The latest update broke syncing with the health app (again). This on again/off again syncing is aggravating. Other than that the app woks ok, but since what I want is the syncing I will only give this app 1 star until they fix it.
  • Was 5 star before update! 1/5

    By bmcc88
    Ever since the update it only shows one profile. Even when I hit the profile button at the bottom it only shows the one profile I had 4! Hopefully it gets fixed soon. I loved this app and was great for keeping track of my kids symptoms and temperatures.
  • Great app 5/5

    By AppStoreLuvah
    Does what I need and has great support.
  • App is worthless 1/5

    By Tired of app crashing
    I love the idea of Kinsa but hate the app. At first I hate the stick thermometer and it was great until it stopped working. I could not get my phone to recognize when it was connected. Instead of purchasing another stick, I purchased the ear thermometer. Once again, it was great until it stopped connecting to the app. I've tried on two different phone but cannot get pass the "pairing you thermometer" screen. I'm tried of dealing with this. I loved it when it worked but it's way more trouble than its worth.
  • No family support hobbles this app 2/5

    By courageouscoward
    Great if you're a single parent or the only techie in the family. There is no syncing with other devices or users, so parents must create redundant entries m, once for each device, or only one parent is tasked with entering all data. Nice idea, but sharing safely is absolutely essential for any app with any aim toward family usage. When my wife and I can both enter data from our own phone and the other person see it, then I can give this app my full support.
  • Having issues 2/5

    By Keishamama
    The thermometer/app have been working great until lately. It will read a temp (with questionable accuracy) but freezes on the screen to record symptoms and save the temp to a profile. I've closed the app, unplugged the thermometer, and started over to get a temp reading that's 2° different from the previous reading a minute earlier.
  • Great idea but app is awful and not well thought out. 2/5

    By Bloss82
    I already hate the app after only a few minutes. The temperature tracking is great but if I want to input other symptoms or notes and make a mistake it won't let me delete history making it inaccurate and therefore not at all helpful for record keeping. Plus it's incredibly irritating knowing it's wrong and you can't change it
  • Great thermometer! 5/5

    By JMP228
    This thermometer has been great to use so far. The readings come out super fast and it's really intuitive to use. Having the thermometer linked to the app is a bonus because you can easily keep track of history for the whole family. The Sesame Street feature is great for my toddler! Thank you to the weeSpring parent panel for sending me this thermometer to review!
  • Hot Thermometer 5/5

    By lolliepop427
    Love this thermometer!!! It save time, temp, and the individuals symptoms. There are many excellent features to this app and thermometer, I haven't even used them all. I'm buying one for all my grown child for Christmas. It's that great!
  • App won't open 1/5

    By Vandria
    It shuts down immediately. Please update.
  • The best thermometer! 5/5

    By GabbyG716
    I love this thermometer. So easy to use and I love that I can keep track of my daughters temp when she is sick. Thank you for upgrading it so it now works with my iPhone 7!!
  • Useful for tracking sickness episodes 5/5

    By cocoonlover
    We use this to log every time we get sick, even if we don't have a fever. Quite useful, love it
  • Love love love 5/5

    By AustinMoo
    Best app ever for tired mom w multiple kids who are always picking up something. Makes me feel like a better parent!
  • Pos 1/5

    By Lextormania
  • Returning to the store 1/5

    By TheProfTexas
    After three attempts to obtain a valid calibration all it does is repeatedly give the same readings which are not at all accurate. I will buy something more traditional. It is just gadgetry for gadgetries sake.
  • I love this app! 5/5

    By MetMars8
    It makes taking temperature easy and remembering past reading even easier.
  • Fantastic app for the whole family 5/5

    By TheNurturingDoula
    I love how many options the app has. It's nice to be able to take my children's temperature, put in symptoms and medication all at the same time so I don't have to remember. It will also remind you to give medication.
  • Pointless and awful 1/5

    By Esteebowie
    Needlessly complicated, useless waste of time and effort. I have a I Phone 6, and after repeatedly trying to set it up and being unsuccessful I checked reviews, to find that many people with the same phone as me are having problems. Waste of time and money. Ridiculous.
  • Love it but not for iPhone 7 3/5

    By Hollgirl
    Please update to make it compatible with iPhone 7 Plus! I love the thermometer and the app is great for keeping track of temps, even for multiple family members. Unfortunately now that I've upgraded my phone the thermometer and app are useless. Hoping for an update very soon as I'd love to continue using it!!

Kinsa Smart Thermometer app comments


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